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Love is a Shade of Lilac

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Don’t you get it?


I love you!


I always have!


So...please...just this once...




Catra’s vision snapped back into focus as she felt Adora’s arm gently place itself around her waist. Clearly she had lost track of time staring at herself in the mirror, trying to fix her appearance. She was still far from being in love with the messy, shorter haircut that Prime had given her, but Adora thought it was cute and, well, happy wife, happy life, as they say. Or rather, happy girlfriend, happy....something that rhymed with girlfriend. Shmrilfriend. Happy Shmrilfriend. Screw it.

“Is something wrong?” Adora rested her chin on her partner’s shoulder, admiring Catra’s reflection and her new outfit. While Adora was certainly a fan of Catra’s suit with the adorable boob window from after their adventures in space, that red dress shirt and black pants did was sharp, to say the least.


“No! Everything’s fine, it’s just…” Catra’s ears drooped down from their alert, upright alignment. It would be a long time before people sneaking up on her didn’t freak her out, but there was a warmth and comfort with knowing that Adora was here, by her side, and that she wasn’t going anywhere. “This is all so weird, you know? Being at Bright Moon, the Horde being gone...waking up next to you.” Catra felt her face turning red at that last remark.


“Good weird though, right?” Adora smiled as she squeezed the feline woman.


“Of course, you big dummy!” Catra turned on her heels, grabbing Adora by the waist, spinning her around the room, dipping the muscular Princess low and flashing her trademark toothy grin. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Now it was Adora’s turn to feel flushed, unable to look anywhere else but straight into those beautiful multicolored eyes.  The savior of Etheria’s breath hitched as she felt Catra let out a low purr, her dark tail brushing against Adora’s calf. 

Before Adora could make a move to one-up and out-lesbian Catra, the door to their room began to creak open, causing Catra to yank her up, the two former soldiers instinctually assuming the rigid stances that their Horde upbringing had instilled in them. To their relief, their unexpected guest was the ever-jolly Bow, tech master and inseparable member of the Best Friend Squad. 


“Hey! I just thought I’d let you guys know the meeting is about to start, so we should probably get a move on.” Bow turned his attention to Catra, “First time, right? You nervous?” From the other side of the couple’s room, Melog, the shapeshifting alien big cat psychically linked to Catra, dropped its invisibility, letting out a deep, reverberating mewl. 


“What they said.” Catra said with a smirk. Bow and Adora both exchanged a confused look before staring at the cat girl quizzically. “Oh, uh, right, you guys...can’t hear what Melog says.” She rubbed the back of her neck, chuckling sheepishly. “Well, the point is I’m ready as I’ll ever be!” 


“That’s what I like to hear, you got this!” Bow fist-pumped the air before turning around to head out to the War Room. “The Best Friends Squad is back in action!” 


“He’s right, you got this.” Adora’s words were calm, full of light, a kind of relaxation Catra had never seen in all the years they had spent growing up together. It was...nice...if not a little disarming. But maybe she could get used to this. “In fact, we got this.” Wrapping her fingers around Catra’s, Adora started to pull her girlfriend out of the room so they could trail bow. Catra was ready to let out one of her reflexive protests, but something about being pulled so close by Adora just made her feel at ease. Melog hopped off the pillow they rested on, pacing after the two.


“Is it...weird to feel nervous about all of this?” Feeling her palms get sweaty, Catra’s eyes darted around the hallway, taking a moment to admire all of the tapestries lining the halls of the ancient battles of Bright Moon and the Rebellion. True, the Rebellion had emerged victorious and ended Horde Prime’s reign of terror on the known galaxy, but the Princesses and generals hadn’t met formally since the battle for the Heart of Etheria, and Catra had a sinking feeling most of them would be holding grudges against her for totally valid reasons like commanding a genocidal army of robots or ripping apart the fabric of space and time with Hordak’s portal. “I’m just worried that they’re all gonna, like, hate me or whatever.”


“Of course it’s normal!” Adora reassured her, squeezing her hand tight. “It was a crazy time and we all did things we aren’t proud of. Besides, the first time I met Bow and Glimmer, they tried to take me in as a prisoner, so I wouldn’t worry too much about first impressions.”




“Yeah, you know at the Whispering Woods and then Thaymor, I thought they were gonna torture me or something, hehe.” 


“And they’re your--our best friends now?”


“Of course! Don’t worry about it, that’s how most of us met. Like when we first met Sea Hawk, he took us to a ship graveyard on purpose so we could do battle with a giant sea monster.”


“He what ?!” 


“Don’t worry, I beat it up as She-Ra. Or there was the All-Princess Ball, where I called Frosta a ten year old and then got kicked out cause I--” Adora’s giddy expression turned into a devilish smirk, “because I tackled you through an ice sculpture during the dance!”


“Oh yeah, I remember that one.” Catra shuddered, “I think I had a giant purple bruise on my ass for like a week or two after that night.” The two stopped dead in their tracks, bursting out in laughter, clutching each other for support. Melog turned their head, their ears fluttering a bit before they let out a echoey pantomime of Catra’s classic squeaky laugh. 


“Phew, good times, good times.” Adora composed herself as she wiped a tear from her eye. “Just kidding, that was the worst .”



For the first time in generations, Bright Moon’s war room felt truly packed. King Micah, his daughter Queen Glimmer, her fiancé and master strategist Bow, Adora, Catra, their respective animal companions Swift Wind and Melog, Frosta of Snows, Mermista of Salineas and her ‘ride’ Sea Hawk, Perfuma of Plumeria, Scorpia of the Fright Zone, Entrapta of Dryl, Netossa and Spinerella, Huntara of the Crimson Waste, Castaspella of Mystacor and the Bright Moon General had all gathered to discuss the plans going forward for the reformation of a still hurting Etheria and the undoubtedly chaotic state of the rest of the universe. Indeed, only one chair was unoccupied at the present time, separating Glimmer from her father.


Queen Angella. It might have been a small hole in the Princess Alliance’s round-table, but it felt like a massive gaping wound no time nor magic could heal over. Catra had never met Angella personally outside of the brief time they fought on opposite sides of the battle at Bright Moon. And although the weight of her loss couldn’t possibly be as heavy on her shoulders as the likes of Micah or Glimmer,  Catra felt a pit in her stomach open up whenever her vision drifted towards the empty chair. After all, it was her fault Angella wasn’t here; if Catra hadn’t opened Hordak’s portal generator with the Sword of Protection no one would have had to close it from the other side. Catra did her best to push these thoughts out and focus back on the meeting at hand, tuning back in at the end of Huntara’s report. 


“To make a long story short,” The gruff reformed bandit shuffled through a stack of dog-eared and stained papers, clearly a bit of a fish out of water in the world of proper documentation, “With the new systems we have for harvesting water from the recent explosion of cactus growth, thanks in no small part to Flower Girl over there,” she nodded to Perfuma, who smiled and waved back, “The Crimson Waste is well on it’s way to become a hospitable environment.”


“Excellent work, people.” Micah nodded to himself, “We’re one step closer to undoing the damage caused by the Horde.” With that, Huntara sat down and Micah glanced at the electronic display. “Next up, we have...Entrapta. Any updates for us?”


“I’m glad you asked!” The nasally technomancer lifted herself up from her chair with her prehensile lavender twintails, pressing a button on her console and projecting a holographic model of Etheria and the surrounding quadrants of the nearby universe. “Ever since our escape from Prime’s fleet, the Hordaks and I have been hard at work preparing for our next journey into the cold, black , murderous void of SPACE!” The Princess Alliance collectively raised an eyebrow before Entrapta coughed before continuing. “For, uh, diplomatic missions of course and not solely for the sake of exploring the depths of the cosmos all willy-nilly, eheheh. However!” With the push of a button, the map zooms into a small, unoccupied plot of space relatively close to the planet known as Etheria. “Darla’s stellar cartographic algorithms have revealed something most fascinating .” Amidst the grids of the map and the darkness, a faintly glowing triangle appears.


“Aaaaaand what exactly are we supposed to be looking at?” Mermista quipped, her tone dry as ever.

“That, my hydrokinetic friend, is a rift in the fabric of space-time. So tiny, so imperceptible, I would haven’t spotted it if I didn’t have a similar energy reading in my data logs already.” Another image blipped up on the holographic display centered on the War Room table, this time a schematic: the circular Portal Generator crafted by Hordak and Entrapta. Catra’s eyes widened in disbelief, her slit irises becoming as thin as pin needles.


“No way.” Catra’s throat had gone dry, and all could come out was a raspy whisper-like tone. She glanced over to make sure Adora was alright, seeing an equally panic stricken Adora. Catra fumbled a bit, but eventually managed to place a shaky hand on Adora’s leg. 


“Yes ‘way’, as it turns out.” Entrapta continued, her expression ecstatic as ever. “This rift is practically identical to the portal we opened when Hordak, Catra and I tried to bring Prime to Despondos! Which I’m now realizing would have been a HUGE disaster even if it hadn’t ripped all of reality apart, so I guess there are some positives to Catra activating it prematurely. “ The cat girl in question was unable to decide whether to take that as a compliment or not, so she simply chose to cast her gaze downwards. 


“Just for the record,” Scorpia raised her hand--or rather, her pincer, “I am totally one hundred percent clear all on this science stuff, but for everybody else, what does this mean for us?”


“It means that the dimensional limbo, the space between spaces, that Etheria was getting erased by might still be accessible by us, and we wouldn’t even have to open a portal again! And that means--”


“My mom is alive.” 


Every member of the Alliance turned to face Glimmer, who at this point had been dead silent. The pink, sparkling woman took a deep breath before looking up at the rest of the team. 


“It’s...just a hunch, but she was immortal, right? So if there’s any chance that space still exists..” Glimmer stopped mid-thought, obviously perturbed by the idea of saying how she felt.  


“She might still be in there.” Micah reached over the small gap between them and placed his hand on Glimmer’s, causing Bow to take the other. “My daughter is right, we can’t rule out the possibility that Angie--that Angella is alive and well in limbo.” 


Once again, a thick silence fell over the congregation of warriors, sorcerers and adventurers. Catra and Adora locked eyes, sharing a wordless conversation. Melog poked their head in the space between the lover’s chairs. 


“Huh.” Entrapta cut through the silence as she rubbed her chin with one of her ‘hair-fists’. “I hadn’t even considered that option. Buuuuuut it makes a very good piece of supporting evidence for my experiment!” Once again, all eyes were on the master technician of Etheria. “I propose that using Darla, we send a small team to investigate and possibly explore the dimensional rift! Of course I’ll need to be there, as well as the Hordaks cause they help with me just about everything nowadays, but I’m open to suggest--”


“I’m going!” Glimmer stood up, slamming her fists on the table, the sound of her resolution echoing throughout the spacious chamber. “I have to believe there’s a chance we can get her back. There’s no way I’m sitting this one out.” The rest of the Alliance looked around at each other before nodding and whispering for a few seconds before Bow rose from his chair.


“Count me in too.” Putting a strong, toned arm around Glimmer, Bow beamed with his winning smile. “Wherever this one goes, I’m right by her side.” With that, Adora jumped up, striking a classic heroic pose. 


“The Best Friends Squad is on the case! Angella sacrificed herself so I could close the portal, so it’s time for me to pay back the debt.” The Alliance began to cheer and clap, a morale-boosting uproar filling the room as Sea Hawk cried out about ‘ADVENTURE!’ and Perfuma and Scorpia hugged each other in excitement. King Micah looked tired and apprehensive, but smiled nonetheless. Of course he was afraid, scared out of his mind for what could happen to the daughter he only just been reunited with, but the hope that Angie was still out there pushed him forward. Besides, he had resigned himself to the fact that Glimmer took after him enough that if he tried to stop her she would find a way around him. 


One more figure still needed to stand up from her chair. 


“Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, right?” Catra proclaimed as she rose up, accompanied by a glowing blue Melog. 


“Wait, seriously?” Adora turned in surprise. “I mean…” She clasped Catra’s hand in both of her strong palms, and just for a moment, the rest of the room faded away. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. I know how messed up everything was the last time we went.” Catra laughed in response


“You must be an even bigger idiot than I thought if you really think I’m gonna let my best friends and m, uh, .more-than-friend go on the badass space rescue mission without me there to save your asses and take the credit.” Catra’s gaze shifted over towards Glimmer. “Besides, It’s my fault know...Sparkles’ mom is in there, so  let me make it up to her!” She felt herself tearing up, visions of the atrocities she committed in the Horde and her corruption from the portal flashing by. “I know I can’t undo any of that messed up shit I did back in the Horde but just let me try to do the right thing, okay?!” 


Glimmer’s fist balled up. In a split second she vanished in a flash of pink light and stardust. Catra braced herself for the slugging of a lifetime, shutting her eyes and bringing up her fists to shield her face as she felt Melog get riled up and hiss. To her surprise, she instead felt something warm and...soft. Slowly, she opened her eyes, only to see the young Queen of Bright Moon embracing the feline. 


“Thank you.” Glimmer mumbled, holding Catra tight. Before Catra could stumble her way through some kind of response, the two young women were squished as Bow and Adora joined the hug from either side. 


“I’d better get the ship ready!” Entrapta called to no one in particular as she rushed out of the hall and to wherever she was keeping Darla. Meanwhile, the Alliance had erupted into applause, a truly triumphant and heroic feeling had overcome the group. Adora’s striking, one of a kind eyes locked with Catra’s amidst the fervor.


I love you, too.



“I’m really proud of you!” 


“Eh? For what?” Catra’s tail swayed idly as she sat cross legged on their shared bed behind Adora, brushing her recently trimmed blonde locks.


“You know, for saying that stuff to Glimmer. That was really sweet of you, babe.” Adora tilted her face to meet Catra’s eyes. The First One’s white shirt clung tightly to her toned back, something Catra could only describe as delightful. Or sexy. Or the best thing ever. Actually, the more thought she gave it, the more colorful language Catra found she could apply to her buff ass girlfriend. Adora had always been fit since they were young Horde cadets, certainly compared the lithe and limber physique Catra sported, but she was almost certain that following Adora’s re-awakening as She-Ra during their escape from Prime’s ship, Adora had gotten more jacked. Not that she minded. “Like what you see?” Adora recognized that distinct, adorable face Catra made whenever she was admiring her form. 


“Pfft, you wish!” Catra scoffed, giving Adora a playful shove. The Princess of Power responded in kind, forgetting for a moment about her strength and nearly sending Catra tumbling off the side of the bed.




Before that could happen, she grabbed Catra by her shirt collar and yanked her back to safety, suddenly hovering over her with her hands on either side.


“Nice save, princess.” 


“Aw, stuff it, you know you like it!” Adora leaned closer in, her face only inches away from Catra’s. “You don’t miss getting picked up and pinned against a wall by She-Ra?”


“I don’t miss getting chucked into boulders and shit, that’s for sure.” Her tone was snarky, but the soft, involuntary purring gave away her true feelings. She was...happy, absolutely thrilled to get to be like this with Adora, but a certain wave of uneasiness washed over Catra as she looked up at her. “Hey, can I ask you something stupid?” She asked bashfully, dropping that aggressive facade for a moment. Adora nodded, a strand of hair falling between her brows. “Those...those days are over, right? We don’t have to fight each other any more, do we?” 


For a moment, Adora furrowed her brow, staring at Catra, confused for a moment, as if the thought had never crossed her mind. 


“Of course!” Adora’s expression softened. Cautiously, she put her hand on Catra’s cheek, stroking it, afraid of accidentally losing control of her strength “...Of course. No more fighting, no more pulling each other out from the darkness. This time we’re here for each other and it’s gonna stay that way.”


Catra’s worried look eased into a soft smile.


“You promise?”


Adora bridged the miniscule space between the two, their lips finally brushing against each other’s.





When Catra came to, darkness had fallen over Bright Moon castle. If she had to guess, it must have been the middle of the night. She would have liked to have gotten a full night’s sleep, but she’d gladly take this restlessness over waking up in a cold sweat after another nightmare. Even now, months after everything had ended, Catra still found herself forced to relive the memories that left scars deep in her subconscious: The stinging magic of the Black Garnet when Shadow Weaver would paralyze her, the sense of losing herself when she was submerged in Prime’s ‘light’, the unending pain of being ripped apart by the unstable portal machine. Just thinking about it made her sick.


Pushing those thoughts to the dark corners of her mind, Catra turned on her side. Right next to her, glistening in a mixture of moonlight and the glow of the nearby Runestone, Adora was sound asleep. Her breaths were slow and deep like the ocean, lips curled into the hint of a smile that indicated she was in the midst of a pleasant dream. In this dim lighting, Catra could just barely make out the darker streaks on the nude chest, back and arms of Adora that made up her scars, most notably the long slashes across her back given to her by Catra at the Battle Of Bright Moon. Since they had started being an item and Catra had gotten used to seeing Adora in...various states of undress, she had apologized profusely for those lifelong marks. Adora, being...well, being Adora, would just chuckle and wrap Catra up in those beefy arms of hers, gently telling her that she forgave her and that it didn’t bother her a bit. To be fair, that overpowered healing magic of hers had saved Adora from having a lot more scars. Still, it was hard for her not to feel a certain stomach-churning guilt. 


The thing that really got to Catra on nights like these was the silence. The Fright Zone was never quiet. There was always the sound of war machines being built, corrupted magical energy coursing through the walls, the low thrum of never-ending work. No matter the time, no matter the occasion, someone was always slaving away, carrying out the Horde’s twisted whims. But here, all throughout the castle, not a single sound could be heard, save the rhythmic inhales and exhales of the sleeping princess beside her. It was unnerving. 


So she resolved to go for a walk, tucker herself out and try to put this anxiety back out of the spotlight long enough for her to get some more sleep. Catra crept out of the plush bed, careful not to do anything that might disturb her beloved’s rest. Once she was on her feet, Catra squinted at the pile of clothes on the ground. Like Adora, she was naked, and although she didn’t expect to be up, she would really rather not risk getting caught in the nude. Throwing on Adora’s shirt and her own shorts, she slipped through the door without a sound and began wandering through the halls. 


After a few paces, Catra heard a familiar shimmering sound, and from the darkness two blue eyes made themselves seen. 


“There you are.” She whispered, petting Melog’s mane, who gave a low meow in response. “Yeah, me too buddy.”


Catra’s stroll through the quiet, empty corridors of Bright Moon was insightful, in a way. All of these murals of the Rebellion’s greatest heroes: Micah, Angella, the Princesses and She-Ra. She wondered if she really had a place among these figures. Would there ever be a painting of herself standing next to Adora? 


“Trouble sleeping, wildcat ?”


Catra nearly jumped out of her skin, shocked at how she failed to spot Scorpia, the towering giant of a Princess, sneaking up into her peripheral vision.


“Anybody ever tell you you’re way too light on your feet for a girl your size?” As Catra spoke, Melog brushed up against Scorpia, cooling down from its agitated red state to its normal blue shade. 


“A fact I’m very proud of.” The scorpion-humanoid grinned from ear to ear, “It’s all in the tail sway.” Her red, barbed tail swung lazily for dramatic effect. 


“So what are you doing up at this hour, huh?” Catra mimicked Scorpia’s movements with her own tail, looking up and down at her fellow former Force Captain. 


“Ah, you know how it is.” Scorpia scratched the back of her neck with one of her powerful pincers. Even in the darkness, her face beamed with joy. In the old days, it made Catra want to puke, but now, after everything that had happened between them and everyone else, she could really appreciate that relentless, almost spiteful positivity. “The castle’s way too quiet for me to stay still, and I didn’t wanna wake up Perfuma so I figured I’d go for a walk and clear my he--”


Catra cut her off with a raspy snicker.


“Huh? Did I say something funny?” Scorpia looked around, half expecting someone to be behind her. 


“No, no, it’s just…” Catra took a moment to collect her wits, “It’s weird to hear my exact thoughts coming out of your mouth, that’s all.” 


“Wait, what? Why would you need to worry about waking up Perfuma?” Scorpia responded with an incredulous look.


Catra’s eye twitched a bit.


“I--wh--you--I’m talking about waking up Adora , you knucklehead!” 


“Ooooooohhhhh. Yeah, see that makes a lot more sense.” Scorpia nodded to herself before putting a claw around Catra’s comparatively tiny shoulder. “But look at you, thinking about other people! My wildcat’s all grown up!” 


“Ah, knock it off!” Once she was done acting snippy, Catra awkwardly embraced Scorpia. “I just...think she deserves the rest, you know. Back when we were cadets, Adora would never sleep like that. She was always tossing and turning, fighting some kind of invisible battle. So I don’t wanna take that calmness away from her, you know?” 


Catra looked up to see Scorpia’s eyes closed, seemingly deep in thought. 


“That’s really sweet of you, Catra.” Scorpia finally broke the silence. Clasping Catra’s hand, she began to walk down the hallway. “Come on, there’s something I wanna show you.” Another jaunty stroll through the ever expansive Bright Moon castle and Catra, now with her ‘Super Pal’ in tow (and Melog, of course, but it was less like having a follower and more like having a pet that’s...vaguely around...), arrived at some sort of open balcony. Scorpia motioned for Catra to follow her outside


A cool breeze ruffled Catra’s hair as she stepped into the moonlit terrace. To her surprise, almost every inch of this space was covered in dense, carefully cultivated foliage.


“Wow.” Catra said under her breath. 


It wasn’t as if she had never seen a garden or greenery before, but this time was different. To give herself some credit, Catra had seen most of the biodiversity native to Etheria, but never like this. Whether it was the mystic, always changing landscape of the Whispering Woods, the abrasive yet beautiful Crimson Waste, or even the overgrown and ancient First Ones ruins, she always had distractions. Catra was always on a mission, always one bad day away from a complete nervous breakdown. Never before had she been able to just...admire this sort of thing. Tranquility was an alien feeling to her, but not one she was unwilling to embrace.


“It’s nice right?” Scorpia smiled, watching her crouch down near one of the bushes. Catra stared at the purple flowers sprouting from the green stems, unsure if she had ever seen them before on her journey. She would have liked to know their name. “You wanna know the really crazy part?”


“What?” Catra looked up, craning her neck to meet Scorpia's gaze. 


“Guess who’s garden this was.”


“Uh....Sparkles’ mom?”








“Shit, I don’t know...Perfuma?”


“Not even close.”


“Alright then, who?”


“Shadow Weaver.”


“You’re shitting me.” Catra shot up to attention at just the mere mention of her name. Melog, who was sniffing the daisies, suddenly arched its back, letting out a hiss.


“Listen, I wouldn’t have believed it either if I didn’t see it myself. Scorpia joined Catra in the corner, “Back when Emily and I ran away from the Fright Zone, I found her here, tending to this bush right here!” She pointed at the flowers Catra was looking at, pausing for a moment. “Okay, I lied, I don’t know which bush it was specifically, but you get the point. This was her garden.”


Catra slowly panned around the beautifully cultivated garden, eyes wide. Never in all the years that she spent growing up under her could she have ever fathomed that crazy old witch had a green thumb. Even now, her mind’s eye was incapable of creating a scene of Shadow Weaver, all crooked and shrouded in darkness, planting daisies on the balcony.


“So why’d you really bring me here, huh?” Catra narrowed her eyes at Scorpia, “What’s your point?”


“Oh, that’s easy.” Scorpia stood up slowly, dusting off her pajama pants. “My point is that if Shadow Weaver, as greedy and heartless as she was, could make something as beautiful as this garden, then you can be a hero. You can have a place here, with Adora, with me, with everyone else. You can be a better person than she ever was.”


Catra said nothing, simply closing her eyes and letting the weight of those words wash over her. After a deep breath, she took a step forward and embraced Scorpia, who responded with a bear hug.


In pale moonlight, her silence became solace.



Adora’s eyes fluttered open, a beam of sunshine peeking through the adjacent window blinding her until she sat up, blinking a few times in confusion when the side of the bed she expected Catra to be in was empty.  


“Hey Adora.” Catra spoke in a sing-song fashion, seated at the coffee table across the room. “I made you some tea.” 


“Yaaaaaayyyy.” Adora's voice was monotone and strained, but she truly was grateful to have a girlfriend like Catra. After a few seconds of stupor, Adora heaved herself out of bed, looking down at herself in confusion. “Where’d my clothes go?” She looked over to see Catra still wearing her shirt, causing the two to erupt in fits of laughter. 


After a few minutes and some ridiculous exchanges, the two women had swapped into some new clothes and were now enjoying breakfast. 


“You are literally everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman.” Adora praised her beloved between bites of croissant. 


“I don’t know whether to feel flattered or ashamed that your bar has been set so low. Also, chew!”


“No time, food’s too good!” Adora inhaled the rest of her breakfast into the bottomless pit she called a stomach (there was definitely some science behind being She-Ra and having a monster appetite, she just hadn’t proved it yet). As she sipped on her tea, she noticed something new out of the corner of her eye: a potted plant by the window sill, housing a small, vibrant lilac shrub. “Hey, did you put that there?” 


“Huh? Oh! Yeah, I just thought it would liven up the room a bit, you know?” 


“I think it’s cute!” Adora gave her a doofy smile, causing Catra to blush ever so slightly. 


“You really think so?” Catra’s heart skipped a beat, her ears fluttering with excitement.


“Yeah.” Adora leaned in and planted a quick kiss on Catra’s lips. “Just like you!” Before Catra could react, Adora jumped to her feet. “Alright, come on kitty, we gotta start getting ready for this mission. Race to Darla!” The princess sprinting out of the room.


“Hey, wait up!” Catra called out, jumping off the love seat and landing on all fours. Before she bolted out after her designated Battle Bimbo™, Catra found herself briefly looking at the lilac one last time.


“I’m gonna make this work, you know.”