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Variety of lewd scenes

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Cynthia was obviously beautiful. When Leaf had laid eyes on the gorgeous Cynthia for the first time, Leaf wanted to fuck the champion. Leaf was nervous at first, but eventually asked Cynthia out on a date. Cynthia had accepted the date, much to Leaf's surprise. Afterwards, Leaf had learned that Cynthia had recently broken up with a trainer from Twinleaf Town. After a lovely date between Cynthia and Leaf, the latter was invited to the former's place. There, they had gotten it on. The frenching, the pussy-to-pussy contact, the ass-grab from Cynthia, all hot, all wonderful. Cynthia and Leaf were the perfect pair for each other.

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Finally. Marley and Caitlin's reunion was emotional, with them sharing a hug. Years ago, Marley and Caitlin had started dating each other in Sinnoh. Caitlin had eventually left Sinnoh to Unova, with Marley not minding her girlfriend's decision, thus turning their relationship into a distance relationship. After Caitlin's emotional hug with Marley, she had shown Marley everything around Unova, including its common trainers. After that, they had sex for the first time in years. Their favorite sexual activity? Tribadism, with the older Marley always doing the work. 

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Dahlia and Argenta were always separate during daytime, due to their mandatory roles as Frontier Brains. But at night, there was another mandatory thing that had they to do, and it was their love towards one another, their special relationship. On their bed, their eyes were closed, their tongues had made contact, and their breasts were goosing on one another. Their ass-grabbing was also a special thing to do to each other, especially in Argenta's case. Not only was Dahlia a tremendously beautiful woman, but her ass, a nice, smooth one, was the best ass Argenta had ever seen in her life.


Ice-type moves were obviously super effective against most Dragon-types depending on the Dragon-types' secondary typing. Ice over Dragon was an interesting case between Lorelei and Clair's lesbian relationship, with Lorelei being the dominant partner despite her slightly lesser size. But their lesbian relationship was healthy overall. Their favorite sex position? Doggy style, a common sex position. Outside of sex, they were always seen together in public, and many had assumed that they were sisters.



Posing for her Lorelei. Being dominated by Lorelei wasn't the only thing that Clair had loved while being naked, but posing for Lorelei was another special trait. Whenever it was always time for Lorelei to come back home, Clair had done a variety of poses while waiting for her love, especially with her upper legs spreading and her lower legs crossing, her number one favorite pose.



Hunter J was alive all along! She had to quit her lifestyle as a criminal and lay low. But where? A quiet and small place in Kanto, Pallet Town. In that place, Hunter J had met Delia, Ash's mother, for the first time, and Hunter J had fallen in love with her. Although she had found out that Delia was Ash's mother, she wanted to become Delia's girlfriend. One day, Delia had invited Hunter J over for a cup of tea and a friendly chat. Shortly after entering inside Delia's house, Hunter J had surprised Delia with a peck on the lips. Hunter J had apologized, but Delia said that she didn't mind, revealing herself as a bisexual woman. With that being said, Delia had told Hunter J to carry her upstairs, and Hunter J followed her command. In Delia's room, Hunter J was all over Delia, licking her cheek, grabbing her breast, and finger-fucking her cute little vagina. Delia was enjoying this so much, with her fondling Hunter J's hair.




In Pokemon battles, Ghost and Fighting-type moves were a special combination, being the only type to hit each and every Pokemon. Maylene and Fantina, a Fighting-type Gym Leader and a Ghost-type Gym Leader, respectively, had participated in Double Battles and won each and every one of them, thanks to their amazing and unstoppable Ghost/Fighting techniques. Outside of that, they always had sex three times a week. Fantina's ladybits were enjoyable for Maylene to suck, lick, kiss, and finger. But as a whole, Fantina was an amazing woman and Pokemon/romantic partner for Maylene, due to the latter loving older women.

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Fennel and Bianca had known each other a long time ago, back when Bianca was growing up in the small Nuvema Town. Two years ago, Bianca had blossomed into a prepossessing girl, and Fennel had fallen in love. Shortly after the events of Pokemon Black and White, Fennel had admitted her feelings towards Bianca, and Bianca confessed that she had always admired and loved Fennel. In the present, right now, Fennel and Bianca were busy with each other, dancing alone, locking eyes, smiling. It wasn't the best-looking dance in the world, but it was very romantic nonetheless.



Team Rocket was gone forever, and all ex-Rockets had moved on with different lives. Ariana, herself, had moved to Unova, and that's where she had met Iris, the current Champion. Ariana had thought that Iris was an amazing looking girl despite the latter's age. Thanks to Iris' status as the champion, Ariana had grown stronger compared to her time in Team Rocket, but the thought of Ariana wanting to revive Team Rocket was ignored. Also, Ariana had gotten better in bed. As for now, the age difference couple were holding on each other, ready for a passionate kiss.

According to many, DJ Mary and Karen were meant to be together. Why? Because they were annoying as hell. DJ Mary was known as a high-pitched, fast talker that wouldn't shut up. As for Karen, she was infamous for her "Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainer should try to win with their favorites." quote. Despite the complaining towards them, DJ Mary and Karen didn't care how much people had said about them. Although they were a couple, DJ Mary and Karen didn't have sex much, but recently, they had a wonderful sex scene together, with DJ Mary riding on Karen's strap-on.

Janine and Falkner had argued a lot, even during their time in the Pokemon World Tournament, and in that place, they had gotten some trainers' attention, including Roxie. One afternoon, Roxie had come up to them and asked them if they were secretly in love. Both Janine and Falkner had denied their love towards one another. But the next day, they were caught making out in an alley by Roxie. Roxie was surprised by this, and Janine and Falkner had finally admitted their love towards each other. Roxie wasn't sure if the two non-Unova trainers would accept this, but she had asked them for a threesome. It was accepted. During the sex, Janine was in the middle, with her smooching with Roxie and her getting fucked from behind.

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Rock-type moves had obvious advantage over Flying-type Pokemon minus a few like Skarmory. Roxanne and Winona had never fought against each other in Pokemon battles because of a predictable outcome, Roxanne over Winona. But in the nude, however, it was technically the same, with Roxanne spanking Winona's beautiful, bubbly ass once a week. In every spanking session, Winona had enjoyed each and every second of it; it had always lasted for a minute or two. Outside of spanking sessions, Roxanne had always greeted Winona with a slap on the latter's ass, even in public.

Jupiter was very fortunate to get out of prison very early, but the only reason why she had gotten out of prison so early was because of good behavior. She had settled in Snowpoint City, one of the coldest places on Earth. Sometime later, Jupiter and Zoey had unintentionally bumped into each other in public, but immediately fallen in love with each other. Jupiter was invited over to Zoey's place, where they had hot coffee and a friendly chat about their past lives. Despite being under the same roof with an ex-convict, Zoey had wanted to eat Jupiter out later at night, so Jupiter was lured into Zoey's room, and things had gotten very hot, with Zoey tasting Jupiter's kitty. After sex, Zoey had nicknamed Jupiter's pussy "Tasty Kitty", and Jupiter accepted it 100%.

Sheena and Allegra were involved in a few notable incidents, right before they had met each other. Sheena was in a previous relationship with Kevin, but later cheated on him with Allegra behind his back; Kevin was heartbroken after discovering the secret affair between Sheena and Allegra. It was uncommon for Sheena and Allegra to have sex with one another, but they had memorable sex scenes, such as them pleasuring each other's tight vaginas.

If someone from Kalos had wanted to know any odd relationships around the region and the world as a whole, people would mention Drasna and Malva, both 20-30 years apart, as a couple. Opposite personalities collide! Drasna was a kind-hearted woman, while Malva was a mean one. As a bonus for the latter, she was a former member of the now-defunct Team Flare. Antithesis personas aside, Malva and Drasna were a cute couple. Them kissing, their favorite activity, was even cuter.

Dawn's so-called "relationship" with Cynthia had turned out to be a waste of time, but Dawn wasn't to blame. Dawn had treated Cynthia like a real girlfriend, even giving her gifts and paying expensive dates for both. Before witnessing the unexpected, Dawn had purchased a $50,000 bouquet, the highest amount in the Pokemon world. And when Dawn had entered Cynthia's room, she had dropped the bouquet in shock, betrayed. That was how their relationship had ended, a cheating scene of Cynthia and Leaf greeting each other's special areas.

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Ouch. A sharp, painful ouch. Tears were rolling down Dawn's cheeks, after catching Cynthia cheating on her with Leaf.

Zinnia had moved on from her past. Her life had gotten better, thanks to her lesbian relationship with Lisia, a popular Hoenn native. Ironically enough, the size of their shorts were very similar and they were the same height, but they were a great lesbian duo overall. Zinnia had always paid Lisia a sexual visit in Lisia's private room, before and after Lisia's work. 

Poor Dawn. She was a very unlucky one, with her being alone during the holidays. Like Dawn, Leaf was holding a mistletoe, but unlike Dawn, Leaf was having so much fun with Sinnoh's champion, Cynthia, a tall woman that Dawn had known. What would happen next year? Would Dawn be able to find true love under the same, important holiday? Probably. Or probably not.

Mega Lucario and Mega Gardevoir, two Mega Evolutions that Korrina, Kalos' Fighting-type Gym Leader, and Diantha, Kalos' current champion, had owned, respectively. Not only were Korrina and Diantha powerful trainers, but a power couple, one of the biggest ever. Sure, they were many years apart, but they weren meant for each other. Korrina had commonly worn skates during sexy time with Diantha, which was pretty uncommon for a human to do during sex.

Ragyo. Lovely name. Striking and powerful woman. Sensational voice. Alluring body. Whoever had gotten involved in Ragyo's world was a lucky bastard or bitch, relative or not. And speaking of which, Ragyo had two gorgeous daughters, Ryuko and Satsuki, her artificial creation, Nui, and her closest friend, Rei, all in her world. There was one special thing they had always done to each other everyday. Sex.

Ryuko, Satsuki, Nui, and Rei were all over Ragyo's body. Ryuko and Satsuki were sucking on Ragyo's nipples, Nui was eating her out, and Rei was licking Ragyo's tight anus, but the latter had to take her time, due to an unpleasant taste. Ragyo had a perverted look on her face, enjoying each and every lick from her ladybits. The background behind the ladies was an unique one, known as the string of fate, Ragyo's world.

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Mako and Nonon didn't need Ryuko and Satsuki, their respective ex-girlfriends, anyway. They had each other. Prior to their relationship, Mako and Nonon had dated Ryuko and Satsuki, respectively, but Nonon hated Mako. However, Ryuko and Satsuki had sex with Ragyo, Rei, and Nui and even each other behind Nonon and Mako's backs, and one day, the former five were finally caught having an orgy together in Ragyo's massive hot tub, with Nonon and Mako being extremely heartbroken and betrayed. Sometime later, Nonon had met Mako for the first time since the shocking discovering, apologized to Mako for being mean to her, and kissed her.

Fast forward to the present, Mako from taken from behind by Nonon, with both enjoying the sex. Nonon was in her Nudist Beach uniform, which was an appropriate uniform to wear during sex. Her strap-on dildo's color was pink, matching her hair. Mako and Nonon's lesbian relationship was still new, but their future was bright. They could do all sorts of things when it comes to sex, maybe even having fun with Sukuyo, Mako's mother.

The power couple was at it again. Before this, they just had a very competitive and tight battle against each other. Who had won it? Diantha, all thanks to her Mega Gardevoir dodging Mega Lucario's STAB Bullet Punch, a 40 base power move that was super effective against Fairy-types like Mega Gardevoir. Anyway, their scene was fantastic. Korrina had her hands wrapped behind Diantha's neck, Diantha was giving Korrina a nice ass-grab with her hands, and they were french-kissing. It was common for Korrina to wear skates during sexy time with Diantha, but this time, she didn't wear them, which was extremely rare for her to do.

Alexa and Viola didn't care that they were blood-related. They had deeply fallen in love with each other since they were kids, a lengthy lesbian-incest relationship from them. As kids, they had always licked and rubbed each other's vaginas before bedtime, and they had always played with each other sexually under the table during dinner time. Over the years, especially as adults, the two had rejected other girls that tried to date them. Unlike most relationships around the world, their relationship was a secret.

Shauntal had always wanted to be with Caitlin ever since the latter had moved from Sinnoh to Unova. But after Marley had moved to Unova to stay with Caitlin forever, Shauntal had displayed jealousy. Marley had realized Shauntal's jealousy towards her and Caitlin as a couple, so Marley had to come up with a plan to make Shauntal even more jealous and angry. The next day, Shauntal was reading her own well-written literature in the nude. Marley and Caitlin, who really didn't want to rub Shauntal the wrong way, had disrupted the reading, holding each other's hands, having their fingers inside each other's vaginas, touching each other's breasts and faces, and looking at each other. That plan had worked very well, with Shauntal crossing her arms and displaying a very angry and jealous look on her face.

Alice was finally in a new relationship, but with a girl, and that girl's name was Melody. Alice and Melody were cute names, making their relationship more special. Another special thing was Alice pumping Melody in a missionary position, and by the look on Melody's face, she truly loved it. Although the two were in a relationship for a while, Melody hadn't fucked Alice yet. However, Alice had some interesting plans in the near future, and her getting fucked by Melody was a big part of it.

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Team Flare was disbanded, and Bryony, Celosia, Mable, and Aliana were finally all free, and they could do whatever they want. Most common trainers like Gym Leaders had refused to forgive them, due to their past crimes, but Serena and Shauna were one of the few to accept them, thus forming a relationship with the four. Every night, the girls had always slept together naked in the same order: Bryony > Serena > Celosia > Mable > Shauna > Aliana. 

Lucy and Greta. The former was tall, and the latter was short. Both Frontier Brains had difficult stipulations in their own places, but neither weren't as horribly frustrating as Brandon's. But unlike Brendan, neither Lucy or Greta had a legendary Pokemon in their party. Whenever Lucy and Greta were alone, they'd usually do a few things. They'd talk about other trainers' opinions on their places, mostly negative, the other brains' recent activities, and/or other things. But an interesting thing they had done to other recently was sex. However, they were fully committed on nipple suckling.

Double Penetration La Double Penetration. From the looks of it, there was sex instead of fighting, with both Nui and Satsuki double penetrating Ryuko; Nui had taken care of Ryuko's anus, while Satsuki handled Ryuko's vagina. Ragyo was sexually aroused by this, wanting more and more from Nui and her daughters. As for Rei, she was filming the sex, worth watching over and over again.

Having intercourse with a Champion, Kalos' Champion. Ash was a lucky fuck for having the perfect opportunity to bang Diantha's brains out. He had missed out on fucking Cynthia in Sinnoh and even in Unova, but in Kalos, Diantha was available. Diantha was all his. Ash had creampied Diantha's vagina during intercourse, but Diantha didn't care. She had wanted to be with someone like Ash to begin with, anyway. 

Katherine, Kali, Linnea, and Blossom were all tied by the haiku-speaking and futanari Olympia. Even worse, they were forced to watch their favorite Fairy-type trainer, Valerie, getting fucked by Olympia. When the Furisode girls had first met Olympia, they thought that Olympia was kind and nice. But in reality, Olympia had wanted to steal Valerie away from them forever. Olympia's plan had fully worked because Valerie was enjoying each and every thrust from her fellow Gym Leader.

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Although Lenora was married to Hawes, she had some bisexual in her, being interested in girls. But despite her sexuality, she never had sex with a girl throughout her life. But this week in Mauville City, a suggested vacation city for her and Hawes, she had decided to have finally sex with one. At night, Lenora had ditched the sleepy Hawes and went to a gay bar for women. Lenora hadn't found the right woman until she bumped into a Lady Trainer. Both women had found each other attractive, leading them into intense lesbian sex in Lady Trainer's own home.

Ryuko and Satsuki were angry, and I mean very, very angry! Anyone without any mad and crazy survival techniques shouldn't mess with them, unless they were foolish and stupid enough to do so. Silly Mako and short-tempered Nonon had pissed them off, intentionally. It was something that they should've never done, but they couldn't help it. They couldn't help making love to each other.

Dawn had finally found a girlfriend, and it was none other than ex-Team Galactic Mars! Last Christmas, Dawn was all alone, with Cynthia and Leaf having fun right next to her. But now, Mars was all hers. And speaking of Cynthia and Leaf, they had made a return, kissing next to Dawn and Mars. Right now, this Christmas was the best Dawn ever had in her life. 

Two Elesas. One Skyla. Time paradox. There wasn't a proper explanation from this odd, but sexy situation, but at the end, it didn't matter. What mattered was the sexy treatment Skyla was getting, with the two Elesas double-penetrating her tight private areas. If the three, let's say, had gotten caught in public together, many would assume that Elesa had a secret twin all along.

Zelda and Samus had fought way too many of their Super Smash Bros. breathen. Mario, Luigi, Duck Hunt Duo, Cloud, Mewtwo, Ryu, Pikachu, Rosalina and Luma, Donkey Kong, Ganondorf, Bowser, Peach, Daisy, you name it. So, they had taken a break, a very long one and rightfully so, and they were in their own little world, passionately kissing each other. But they were unaware of Female Wii Fit Trainer peeping on them like a lesbian pervert.

Kuvira was finally out of prison? But how did she get out so early? One reason. Good behavior. Korra and Asami weren't happy to see Kuriva because the latter had done antagonist-related things in the past, but Kuvira had claimed to be a changed woman. In one afternoon, Korra and Asami had caught Kuvira masturbating, with the latter being fully nude. Kuvira's pussy had caught Korra and Asami's attention, and the latter two agreed to lick it together, much to Kuriva's surprise. And so, they had done it, and Kuvira loved it. Kuvira was hoping that the two would eventually become her friend because she had a lot in mind for her, Korra, and Asami, having their own little adventures.

Prostitute La Prostitute! Ryuko and Satsuki didn't like their mother's new direction, but they had no other choice but to tag along with her, Nui, and Rei. Ragyo, the female pimp, was already filthy rich. Inflating the prices for customers to have sex with her four girls was a bit too much, but at the same time, it was worth wasting a lot of money on them because of their looks. Nui was an interesting case, wanting a customer to take care of her tight asshole free of charge as long as either Ryuko and Satsuki were bought. Speaking of the sisters, they had wanted both to be bought together, mostly because of Nui's perverted desires.

Stripper La Stripper! Mako and Nonon as strippers was one of best decisions they had ever made. They had earned loads and loads of money, living the big life compared to many, many others. Not only that they had attracted many males and even females, but they had attracted, Uzu, Houka, and Ira, MDT (Monkey, Dog, and Toad, nicknamed by Nonon), as well. 

DJ Mary and Karen had an amazing welcome party thanks to Fran, Penelo, and two of Fran's sisters, but Fran and Penelo had to show Karen and DJ Mary more of their world. After days of touring with DJ Mary and Karen, Fran and Penelo had suggested going to the beach, and the four relaxed there, with lesbianism involved. The Johto chicks didn't want to leave their new sexy friends. Forever, at least.

Like in the RSE timeline, Roxanne loved Winona's ass very much. 

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Previously, Female Wii Fit Trainer were peeping on Zelda and Samus. The couple had caught her peeping eventually, but they didn't tell her to get lost. Instead, they had let her in for some sexy time. After some days had passed, the three had confirmed to their Super Smash Bros. brethren that they were a trio couple, but asshole characters like Cloud and Mewtwo didn't give a shit. Since then, the trio were commonly seen together in battles, always winning over any opponent. 

Lorelei and Clair had to do something different in their lesbian relationship, and there it was.

A sharp dagger had deeply went inside Kathi Lee's heart, after she had caught Diantha cheating on her with the younger and much hotter Korrina. As Diantha's manager over the years, Kathi Lee had done a lot a hard work for Diantha, including marvelous sex. But at the end, Diantha had betrayed her. Oh, well. There were other fish in the sea waiting for the now-single Kathi Lee.

Kuvira was finally friends with Korra and Asami. And with that, they had their own little adventures, seducing various men around their own universe and the crossover galaxy, trying to find the right one. After having fun with over thirty men, the LOK trio had finally found the right man, Cheren, a Pokemon character in the Pokemon universe, also a Gym Leader. They were truly in love with Cheren, especially Kuvira.

Clemont and Korrina weren't complete strangers to each other. Along with Ash, Bonnie, and Serena, they had some adventures together, whether some parts of their adventure were normal or insane. Sometime after Ash and Pikachu had left Kalos for Alola, Clemont and Korrina had confessed to each other, about their feelings towards one another. Not only was that the start of their relationship, but sex, too.

Just an all-around orgy between ex-members of evil teams and their younger girls. The ones that had come up with the sexy idea were Ariana and Iris, after Iris had planned on letting Dawn, Zoey, and their girlfriends stay over at their Opelucid home for a few weeks. The orgy overall was great and all, but there was something strange between Mars and Ariana's looks. Where they somehow related? Where they related to Silver? Other than that, Dawn and Iris sorta had the same looks.

This was Alice's plan all along, a lesbian-only orgy. Before this, one of Alice's friends, Allegra, was lonely and needed a girlfriend, but Allegra had met Sheena a few hours before the orgy. Kidd and Bianca, a couple who were on vacation, were randomly asked by Alice for a lesbian orgy, and the couple had agreed. Allegra and Sheena had quickly shown their love towards one another, Alice and Melody were being all lovey-dovey, and Kidd and Bianca were being themselves.

Professor Burnet and Brigette were scientific nerds, with their IQ level being reasonably high. Experminents, Pokemon, Chemistry, Electricity, Physics, Biology, Astronomy, Plants, the Pokemon Dream Radar, and Storage Systems were common scientific-related topics for them, but other than science, another common thing they had done was sex.


Maidel, a compelling combo name. Before permanently ditching Shu and Pilaf and meeting the younger Videl, Mai had done many criminal things during the events of Dragon Ball, where she had failed overall. Speaking of Videl, she had changed Mai's life, after accepting a date from Mai. Sure, Mai was the around the same age group as the goofy Mr. Satan, but what mattered the most was true love between Mai and Videl.

A delightful mother-daughter-daughter's girlfriend orgy. Hilda and Rosa, both female protagonists, were double-penetrated by their mothers and girlfriends in a captivating way. Unlike Rosa and Yancy as a couple, Hilda and Aurea were years apart, with Aurea being around her future mother-in-law's age. But Hilda wasn't going to have two mommies in the future. All she had was one mom and one older girlfriend.

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Meicer, a fantastic duo, a great pair in any battle. Mei freezing an opponent was easy enough for Tracer to land rapid headshots, easily murdering 200/250 heroes and severely weakening any Tank hero. Tracer's Ultimate, her Pulse Bomb, was a great fit for Mei's Ultimate, Blizzard, or generally freezing, as well. Even Mei's Ice Wall was deadly, preventing a weaken opponent from escaping and allowing the fast Tracer to finish them off. After Athena had said the word, "Victory", Tracer and Mei were off to play with each other's ladybits. Tracer's titty-suck and finger-fuck was amazing, a common sex combination for her to do to Mei.

Cucked. Right infront of his own face. A mega shocker for Gohan. During the early days of their romantic relationship, Gohan and Videl had promised to not cheat on each other for many years to come. But it was all a big fat lie. Future Mai was so extremely irresistible, Videl couldn't keep her mind off the alluring and taller woman. Videl had to come up with a lie after getting caught, claiming that she had tried to "fight off" the scissoring. Pan didn't give two shits about Videl cheating on her own dad with Future Mai, but what Pan had said was true, though. Gohan was a boring sex partner compared to Future Mai.

In a deleted and explicit scene of Dragon Ball Super, Future Mai and Videl were having fun, with the latter not having to worry about Gohan being gone for a while.

Serena, Hilda, Selene, Dawn, Crystal, Lyra, and May had missed out on giving Cynthia their gifts, especially Dawn, who was shown with a very pissed off look on her face, all beaten by Leaf, Cynthia's #1 pick. Leaf didn't have any presents on her because all she had was her amazing looking body and face, hence why Cynthia had chosen her over the other female protagonists. 

Time traveling was common in the Dragon Ball universe, and here, we had Future Mai, Dragon Ball Super Videl, and Dragon Ball GT Pan, all under the same scene. When DBS Videl had first encountered GT Pan, DBS Videl couldn't believe that her baby Pan had blossomed into a beautiful girl. Right now, DBS Videl and GT Pan double-teaming Future Mai's nipples was a pleasant mother-daughter scene, but they were other mother-daughter scenes waiting to be done.

More time traveling stuff. DBS Bulma had to travel to the the DBZ timeline, the safer years. After visiting DBZ Chi-Chi, DBS Bulma had to tell her about the wild events from the Dragon Ball Super timeline. Afterwards, DBZ Chi-Chi had reminded DBS Bulma that she had sex with DBZ Bulma here a week ago, and DBS Bulma had remembered that day. And so, the same lesbian sex scene had happened again, but with a different Bulma. To DBZ Chi-Chi, that sex position had never gotten old.

During May's ORAS adventures, Shelly, Zinnia, Lisia, and Courtney had all fallen in love with her. However, Gym Leader Misty, a Kanto native, was the first to smooch naked with May. Courtney, Shelly, Lisia, and Zinnia's expressions were priceless; Shelly was furious, Zinnia had a scary look on her face, Courtney was facepalming, and Lisia was shedding tears. Would they move on from May?

Who knew that Android 18 and Maron were into girls? Well, Krillin hadn't known about their bisexuality, yet. And speaking of one of the strongest human fighters in Dragon Ball history, 18 and Maron were talking about him during sex. From the looks of it, 18 and Maron were going to have a secret lesbian affair, but the ironic thing about this was that Maron and Marron, Krillin and 18's daughter, were identical names.

Odd. A very odd scene of the short Hotaru spanking the much taller Setsuna. Hotaru wasn't really the dominant partner of her relationship with Setsuna, though. If so, then it would be the weirdest thing in any normal relationship. Setsuna didn't mind getting spanked like this. Hell, she didn't mind getting fucked by Hotaru. She was willing to do anything for her Hotaru. 

Triple Crossover, the girlfriends of a common male trainer from Unova. While their boyfriend and eight of their female partners were out shopping, Linda, Usagi, and Lady Kayura had each other for the time being. Usagi was handling the double-penetration from Linda and Lady Kayura like a true champ. What would they do next after this? Either they were going to have more sex or talk about how amazing their boyfriend was.

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Shelly, Courtney, Lisia, and Zinnia hadn't moved on from May, and it was a blessing, with them having a big lesbian orgy with May and Misty. The way that they had done with was sensational; Misty and May were frenching, Lisia and Courtney were fucking Misty and May, respectively, and finally, Zinnia and Shelly were fucking Lisia and Courtney, respectively. 

Brigette was the caretaker of Burnet and Kukui's wife-husband marriage, a great one. Like Burnet, Brigette was bisexual, but was she more into women than men. If either Kukui or Burnet would leave for a couple of hours, Brigette could take care of them sexually, especially Burnet. But if both were to stay at home all day and night, then both would be available for Brigette.

Two lucky, generic-looking kids had bumped into two hot women, Lorelei and Tiki, and their luck had gotten bigger after getting secuded by the hot women. They were in a place where no one could possibly catch them. Was this going to end up as a friends with benefits deal or a romantic relationship? Whatever it might be, the kids' luck would stay the same for a long time.

The freckled-faced, red-headed Emily from King's Row had found out that she was cheated on, via text, something that she didn't expect from Tracer. But for months, Tracer was more into Mei than Emily, secretly having sex with each other. Emily was left hurt and heartbroken, but only a known Talon member, a female with a different skin-tone, had witnessed the sad Emily. Could she help Emily feel better?

More of Hilbert's, a.k.a. Chadbert, women, the rest of the Sailor Scouts. Rei, Makoto, Ami, Minako, Setsuna, Hotaru, Michiru, and Haruka. All naked. Lady Kayura and Linda were absent in this scene because they were in the closet, making out in the nude. The Sailor Scouts were into Hilbert so much, they'd feed him a lot of food, those naughty girls. 

Rei and Ami were the only ones not to give him food at this scene, though; Ami was giving Hilbert a seductive look and a smile on her face, while Rei was pleasuring his erected shaft. Hilbert had thought that his Sailor Scouts were over-feeding him, but at the same time, he was about to cum. Chadbert, Lady Kayura, Linda, and the nine Sailor Scouts all deserved each other.

Emily had felt a lot better, all thanks to her new girlfriend, Widowmaker, the same female Talon member. It didn't matter that they had barely met each other, and it didn't matter that Widowmaker was connected to a criminal organization, even though Tracer and Mei were under an organization that was currently illegal. Even better for Emily, Widowmaker had fucked her brians out, with Emily forgetting about Tracer and Mei.

It was the power couple's first time having lesbian sex in public, but in the right kind of place.

Two blondes, a older and a younger one. The two had a friendly encounter not too long ago, and before this, Mina had promised Lillie to paint a pose of her. But first, Mina and Lillie had done this to each other, vagina-rubbing. Mina would get to the painting part very soon, but after that stuff, Lillie wanted to show Lusamine her new girlfriend. Mina was the type of girl that'd get Lusamine turned on.

Dawn had looked very cute while dressing up as Cynthia. Speaking of Cynthia, she had promised Dawn that she'd dress like her. Dawn dressing up as Cynthia was a waste at the end, because the new and hot female trainer, Leaf, had taken over the cosplay scene, with her dressing up as Cynthia and Cynthia dressing up as Leaf. Also, Leaf had looked way cute than Dawn in Cynthia's clothing.

All girls had served interesting roles in the anime; Casey was involved in sports, Giselle used to be a bully, Aya was Koga's little sister, and Tyra was a member of a biker gang. Despite the two being born in different regions, Casey and Giselle were a good lesbian match for each other. Tyra and Aya, another good match, were rumored to be sisters, but a quick DNA test had proved that they weren't related at all, debunking the rumor.

Chapter Text

Millis was previously in a chocolate business with her father, Argus, while Merilyn was previously in a marriage with Riot. Both women had grown bored of their new lives, so they ditched their loved ones and tried to find a new life. There were strong rumors of Red having a large cock, and those rumors had attracted Millis and especially Merilyn, due to the latter's ex-husband having a tiny cock. The rumors had turned out to be true, after Merilyn and Millis had successfully seduced Red. Not only were they sharing Red's cock, but showed some bisexuality to one another.

In this orgy scene, Usagi was the center of attention. Lady Kayura and Linda were pinching her nipples, Rei was touching her shoulder and holding a part of her hair, and the best of it all, Hilbert was fucking her. And from the looks on their faces, Hilbert and Usagi were enjoying this a helluva lot. After enough thrusts towards Usagi's pussy, Hilbert had creampied Usagi, possibly impregnating her. A pregnant Usagi was great for Hilbert and the rest of his girls, but bad for Mamoru and Chibiusa, with the latter two still not knowing about Usagi's involvement with Hilbert and company.


Cheren was more of a lucky bastard when Suzie, who just had a previous relationship with Zane, had entered his life, but four hot women were enough for the Unova Gym Leader. Here, Suzie and Kuvira were fondling his chest, and Asami and Korra were sharing his cock while making out. What was next for Cheren and his gorgeous harem? Impregnating them all? 


Ash was like a son to Kukui. But alas, that father-son type of relationship was broken eventually thanks to Burnet cheating on him with Ash. What's also worse for Kukui was Brigette, a woman, being involved with Burnet's life. Ash and Brigette didn't care that they had to double-penetrate Burnet's love holes right in front of the saddened Kukui. Lanette was only there to film each and every second of the scene.


During Dawn's adventures on Pokemon Platinum, she had bumped into Maylene and Candice several times, but Dawn wasn't the only one. The other ones bumping into Candice and Maylene had assumed that the latter two were girlfriend and girlfriend, which was true. Maylene and Candice being alone in Dawn's big villa was also more evident. But the lesbian love between Candice and Maylene had eventually come to an end on Valentine's Day, which was the wrong day for someone to get their heart shattered. All those gifts Candice had purchased for Maylene. Wasted. Fantina was really Maylene's true love.

Chapter Text

In this alternative universe of the Brave Fencer Musashi game, Fillet had betrayed Musashi and her other allies and sided with Bubbles, Gingerelle, Topo, and the latter three's allies. The main reason why Fillet had betrayed Musashi and her other allies, even her parents, was because of her strong love towards Topo. And speaking of Musashi, he was murdered by Gingerelle, after he had watched Topo and Fillet making sweet love while being held by gunpoint. 

With Fillet controlling her own kingdom, her new allies were allowed to do whatever the hell they want. At night, Topo, Fillet, Bubbles, and Gingerelle were out drinking, kissing, and having sex; Bubbles and Gingerelle were giving each other some good old sisterly love, and Topo and Fillet were sharing a two-way green dildo. And the way that Topo and Fillet were looking at each other was romantic. 

Ki and Ishtar were imprisoned in Druaga's tower. Druaga was on floor fifty-nine, waiting for Gil to show up so he could have an unfair fight against the protagonist. As for Ki and Ishtar, they were on floor sixty, and not only they were waiting for Gil to rescue them, but they were having many rounds of lesbian sex. After Druaga was defeated, Gil had caught Ki and Ishtar having lesbian sex. Afterwards, Ki, Gil, and Ishtar had escaped from Druaga's crumbling and collapsing tower, then they had a safe threesome in their own little world.

Mercy and Moira, two main healers, were giving out free milk for D.Va and Sombra, their respective girlfriends. Breast milk wasn't really an alternative way for healing, but the way that Mercy and Moira were doing, it was all about romance and love towards their girlfriends. Interesting enough, the two pairs were eighteen years apart, the same age gap. 

There were some lucky bastards in the Pokemon universe, and Brendan was one of them. Three Oracles, Din, Nayru, and Farore, were very interested in Brendan and wanted to have sex with him. Although Farore was less attractive than Din and Nayru, she had gotten the big one, Brendan's cock. As for Din and Nayru, they had gotten Brendan's fingers instead, but they were enjoying the thrusts from Brendan's fingers. After sex, Din and Nayru had guided Brendan to their sexy and tall mistress' place, with Farore following them. 

Dildo La Dildo. The way that Ragyo, Rei, Satsuki, Ryuko, and Nui had done this was unique and well-executed.

Leaf and Cynthia were currently in a lesbian relationship with each other, but they were continuing to have sex with their male Pokemon. Later, both had agreed to have their first ever threesome with one of their male Pokemon, and Mega Garchomp was the winner. Both of Cynthia's holes were filled with a strapon dildo and a monster cock, and to her, that experience was very enjoyable.

Ms. Frizzle was a weird and absorbing individual. She had taken her class to each and every field trip. Most of them were strange, but the rest were normal. The next field trip, an after-school field trip, was inside Ms. Frizzle's home, but it was a girls' only field trip. Ms. Frizzle's male students were disappointed that they weren't able to go, but the female students, Phoebe, Wanda, Keesha, and Dorothy Ann, were happy. The field trip had made the girls more happy, wanting to do it again and again and again. That was something Ms. Frizzle would allow for days to come.

Leslie and Joni, Cluefinders girls, were very similiar to Merilyn and Millis, wanting to move on from their past lives; Leslie and Joni had grown tired of school-related adventures. Merilyn and Millis were cock-thieves, but Leslie and Joni themselves were cock-finders. Ultimately, they had found Red, who was waiting for Merilyn and Millis to come back from the movies, alone. Assuming that Red had a large cock, Leslie and Joni had sweetly asked Red to play with them, and Red strongly agreed, since he needed more than two women in his life. After a game of heads and tails, Joni, the winner, had Red's cock stuffing her vagina, with Leslie having a strapon dildo up Joni's ass.

Olivia and Kahili were having a great time with their younger girlfriends, with the latter two licking their vaginas. In relation, Hapu and Acerola couldn't resist licking their girlfriends' vaginas. They had other special parts, the nipples, anus, and tongue, to lick, but the vagina was the most important part to them. Olivia and Kahili were going to lick their girlfriends' vaginas next, but when? 

The Team Flare scientist chicks were being very nice to Serena and Shauna; to Mable and Aliana, Shauna had a nice ass, and to Bryony and Celosia, Serena had nice tits. Moreover, Serena and Shauna were invited over at the scientists' secret science room. Aliana and Mable had their own kiss marks on Shauna's ass, with them double-penetrating Shauna's ass, something that Shauna was enjoying as well. But Celosia and Bryony were all crazy for Serena, leaving kiss marks all over her tits and the rest of her body. 

Chapter Text

Ami was very happy that she had her Chadbert's large cock up her vagina, but Makoto had made her moment a lot better, shoving a strapon dildo up her ass. Not just those two moments, but a lesbian kiss between Ami and Makoto, and Hilbert loved it when any of his girls were making out together. Minako was able to get some of Hilbert, licking his cheek repetitively. 

Before the real beginning of Hilbert's new life with all of his eleven girlfriends, Michiru and Haruka were the last two to join Hilbert's harem, after they had admitted that they were bisexual and wanted Hilbert themselves. The more, the merrier. Cliche words, but important for a lucky fuck like Hilbert. Haruka and Michiru were feeding Hilbert whipped cream, and Hilbert was watching more of his girls, Setsuna and Hotaru, make out, with Hotaru and Setsuna sharing some whipped cream and Hotaru beating off his cock. Setsuna holding Hotaru's arm was also added, showing more of the relationship between the two.

Bulbasaur was the second male Pokemon to have a threesome with Cynthia and Leaf. But a room or the Pokemon League weren't chosen as places for the threesome. Instead, a tub, along with a bubble bath. The only penetration that had happened was Bulbasaur giving Leaf anal sex, but there was some scrubbing from Bulbasaur and Cynthia, with Leaf getting her hair and back scrubbed simultaneously. The best part? Leaf sucking on Cynthia's nipple. 

Veran was revived somehow! But not Onox or any of her other allies. Din and Nayru were the first to see the revived Veran. The two were angry at Veran because of all the horrible things Veran had done, but Veran had claimed to be a changed women. Din and Nayru didn't believe her, but over the next few months, Veran had done a lot of nice things for Din, Nayru, Farore, and Holodrum and Labrynna combined, and she was accepted 100%. 

A few weeks later, Din and Nayru had developed a crush on Veran before telling her. After learning that Veran was into girls herself, Din and Nayru had wanted to become sex slaves for Veran, with a double-leash in the mix. At first, Veran had rejected that idea because of her past. But Din and Nayru said that them being Veran's sex slaves had nothing to do with the past. 

Afterwards, Din and Nayru had officially become sex slaves for Veran, but a threesome couple as well. Their first threesome was glorious; Din and Nayru were sucking on Veran's nipples, Din and Nayru had dildos, the same colors as their hairs, up their pussies, Veran had her legs crossed, and Din and Nayru were looking at Veran, with Veran looking at them. More weeks later, the three had decided to add something new, and that was having a male involved in their lives. 

Lucio and Symmetra weren't friends in the slightest. They were sworn enemies. Even when they were on the same team, they continued to show their hate towards one another. On the Hollywood level, shortly before the battle had gotten started, Pharah had heard a short but heated conversation between Lucio and Symmetra. Pharah had wanted both Lucio and Symmetra to get along, but the two refused to do such a thing. 

However, Pharah had made a deal, saying if she, Lucio, Symmetra, and the rest of their team were to succeed on Defend, the first point, the former three would have a threesome. Despite Pharah's deal, Lucio and Symmetra didn't throw the game, only winning for their team but not for each other. On Attack, Lucio, Pharah, and Symmetra had the threesome, with Lucio and Symmetra enjoying it in a non-romantic way; by the look on Pharah's face, Pharah was into Lucio. This was great, but at the end, it had costed them and their team a Draw.

Selene was having a lot of fun here; her mouth and anus were taken care of by Plumeria and Ash's tongues, something that was uncommon in threesomes. Speaking of Ash, he was just about to leave Alola with his Pikachu, but a lesbian moment between Plumeria and Selene had distracted him. Right now, Pikachu was waiting for Ash, but how long would the mascot Pokemon have to wait?

Without a Hybrid battle going on, it was safe for Ingrid to go to Eichenwalde with her daughter and future daughter-in-law, Brigitte and Zarya, and have fun with them, but they shouldn't stay too long, though. Brigitte was the special one here, hence why a double-penetration scene had happened first. Also, Brigitte's birthday was in a few weeks, meaning that she'd get more special treatment.

Futanaris were sorta common, but futanaris with two cocks were very rare. Fortunately for Cynthia and Leaf, they had met in a futanari club and showed each other their two cocks. And shortly after that, they had gotten out of the futanari club to have double-penetration sex with one another. Leaf was the first to get her pussy and anus filled by two futanari cocks, loving it very much. There was some mess afterwards, but Leaf and Cynthia didn't care.

The Sailor Scouts were going out at night, leaving Lady Kayura, Linda, and Hilbert all by themselves. But even without the Sailor Scouts for the time being, a threesome between them would happen. Ami and Usagi were the first two girls to have their pussies filled up by Hilbert and his giant cock, so Lady Kayura became the third girl to have her pussy filled up. That expression from Lady Kayura. It was impeccable. Hilbert's cock was the best one she ever had, infinite times better than her ex-boyfriend's cock. She had also enjoyed Linda's tit-sucking.

Mamoru and Chibiusa had finally found out about Usagi's secret new life. Mamoru was obviously hurt, with tears rolling down his cheeks. But Chibiusa was hurt even worse because if Usagi were to ditch Mamoru and fuck another guy, Chibiusa would cease to exist, unless Chibiusa was somehow related to Hilbert and not Mamoru all along. No one would miss Chibiusa except for Mamoru. She was very annoying, after all.

Rei, Hilbert, and Usagi were expected to bring their babies into this Sailor Moon universe very soon.

Chapter Text

Now, it was Cynthia's turn to get double-penetrated by two futanari dicks, but Cynthia didn't want to get fucked in her own home. But instead, the forest, the usual place for anybody to have any type of sex. Leaf was on top of Cynthia, fucking the latter's pussy and anus doggy-style. Previously, Cynthia had come inside Leaf, so Leaf had done the same thing to Cynthia today. One of the would likely get pregnant. It was true that futanari could get pregnant, as long as they had a pussy.

Mina had kept her word, painting a pose of Lillie. Lillie had many poses to choose, but the one she was doing right now was the right type of pose, spreading her legs and vagina at the same time. Mina was masturbating while painting a pose for Lillie, getting paint on her vagina. But Mina could fix that with a later yuri shower. However, a shower was needed regardless because Mina and Lillie had to go and visit Lusamine soon.

Mako La Nonon at the beach. They still had the world to themselves.

It had been months since Emily and Widowmaker were together. Today, the pairing had paid to relax and have lesbian sex in an expensive erotic place in the rebuilding King's Row. They were by themselves, until Tracer and Mei had appeared unexpectedly. Well. This was an awkward but captivating scene at the same time. Widowmaker and Emily were still unaware of Mei and Tracer's staggering presence, though. 

Brigitte's birthday was extended for the remaining night. She had received extra gifts, a double-penetration from her girlfriend, Zarya, and her godfather, Reinhardt, a double breast grab from Zarya and her mother, Ingrid, and a sweet and tasty homemade pie from Ingrid. Their constantly noise had caused Torbjorn to wake up, and things had gotten worse for Torbjorn, seeing the unthinkable.

A prequel of Karen and DJ Mary visiting the Final Fantasy XII universe. Fran, Penelo, Jote, and Mjrn were the first common Final Fantasy XII characters to encounter the newcomers, and because of Karen and DJ Mary's looks, the four FFXII girls had toured the two to this place, and that's where the orgy had begun. Fran, Jote, and Mjrn, three sisters that were in their fifties, were all on DJ Mary, but DJ Mary seemed to enjoy it. Penelo was busy with Karen, fucking and kissing her.

Cynthia and Leaf had tried someone new with each other's double futanari dicks, a 69 position. Cynthia had managed to put two of Leaf's futanari dicks inside her mouth, but Leaf couldn't do the same to Cynthia's futanari dicks.

Finally, Mina had met Lusasmine, but Mina had met Wicke as well. As predicted, Lusamine was into Mina, but Wicke liked her, too. With the introduction out of the way, the girls had jumped straight to a lesbian orgy. Lillie was the star of the scene; Lusamine and Wicke were grabbing her breasts from behind, and Mina was pounding her pussy with a thick strapon dildo. Overall, it was a nice idea of Mina and Lillie to expand their relationship.

Leaf vs. Dawn, right infront of Cynthia and a large ass crowd. "Winner Take Cynthia!" was a top priority for Leaf and Dawn, wanting Cynthia forever. The Leaf vs. Dawn fight was tight for a few minutes, but when Leaf had caught Dawn with an aggressive punch towards the cheek, it was all over for the latter. With Leaf being winner, she had to fuck her permanent prize infront of everybody.

Cynthia was the one that ended up pregnant. For the safety of their baby, Leaf and Cynthia had to take a break on the sex. A kiss wouldn't hurt.

Chapter Text

Leaf and Cynthia's double futanari cock daugher, Angela, had aged rapidly, like a kid character from a soap opera show filled with plot holes and inconsistent writing. But thanks to Angela's rapid-aging, she was more pretty than ever. She was mixed with Leaf and Cynthia's appearances, having Cynthia's hair and face and Leaf's hair color. As of now, Leaf, Cynthia, and Angela were having their fourth love train of the week, with Cynthia fucking Angela and Cynthia getting fucked by Leaf.

Dawn was led to a trap, which had her getting double-penetrated and raped by Leaf and Cynthia. Angela wasn't physically involved in this, but she was filming the rape scene while masturbating. However, Angela would get her turn. Soon. Because Leaf had planted her love seeds inside Dawn's vagina, it was possible that Dawn would never be free from Leaf, Cynthia, and Angela. Suck to be her.

Previously, Mei and Tracer had caught Emily and Widowmaker being together, after Emily and Widowmaker's scissor session, they had noticed Mei and Tracer standing right next to them. But much later, the two pairs had made up, thus planning an orgy together. The hot orgy had taken place in Antarctica, but the orgy was intense enough to make the girls warm. Emily, especially. 

While masturbating, Mia Koji, one of the few female Ronin Warriors characters, was thinking about having some fun sexual adventures with a male Ronin Warriors character, but who was it?

Benga and Chibiusa, an unexpected crossover pair. But the way this scene was going, Chibiusa and Benga were really into each other, vowing to stay with each other forever and ever. 

Today was Dawn's birthday, but unlike her previous birthdays, this one was over-the-top special. Only four girls, May, Misty, Caroline, and Mars, Dawn's red-headed girlfriend, were invited and no one else. Dawn's biggest present, the best biggest present ever, was double-penetration from Johanna and Mars, a super sexy one. Dawn groping Mars' breasts were added, for more hotness. May was getting double-penetrated, too, but it wasn't her birthday. Still hot, though.

Maidel in GT. Mai's old version of the series was there, but who needed her? The younger version was much better, more of a lesbian partner for Videl, who was hiding this from Gohan, Pan, and the rest of her family and friends. 

Linda was the last to feel Hilbert's monster cock. Also, she had a blue dildo up her ass, courtesy of Lady Kayura, who was obviously pregnant with Hilbert's child. Hilbert's Sailor Scouts had either already gotten pregnant or given birth to more of Hilbert's children, showing how much of a Chad Hilbert really was. Due to Linda getting a creampie, she'd likely get pregnant by Hilbert, the eleventh and final girl. Had Hilbert struggled with child support? Not really. He was already mad rich during his time as a Pokemon trainer.

Like Widowmaker, Hanzo and Ashe were annoying, long-range sniper. Ashe wasn't really classified as a sniper, though, but still annoying to deal with. Hanzo and Ashe were a powerful duo overall, but the one thing that would counter them was the opposing team running G.O.A.T.S. or Dive, which hadn't happened against them yet. Hanzo and Ashe rarely had sex after victory. 

Inuyasha and Kagome were together. Miroku and Sango were also together and had kids. But even before that stuff, Kagome and Sango had a secret lesbian relationship, making it the female and lesbian version of the movie Brokeback Mountain. Their secret lesbian relationship had continued years later, with Kagome's hot mom putting herself in the mix. They were later caught by Inuyasha and Miroku in a predictable fashion.

Chapter Text

Hunter J was enjoying her new life with Delia a lot more.

The hot tub orgy scene, the same scene where Mako and Nonon had caught Satsuki and Ryuko cheating on them with Ragyo, Rei, and Nui. Mako and Nonon had shouted out their lover's names in total shock, but Ryuko and Satsuki didn't pay any attention of them. Nui, Rei, and Ragyo hadn't paid attention to Nonon and Mako as well. Ragyo was the special one here, getting double-teamed by her own daughters. 

This was true love here, but Rottytops and Sky, Shantae's now ex-girlfriends, had said otherwise. What's more insulting to Sky and Rottytops was Shantae giving them the middle finger, telling them to fuck off forever. Mega ouch. Shantae x Risky Boots. Used to be sworn enemies. Now, lovers. Since this scene had happened, the crime rate had plummeted, which was extremely great news.

This Let's Play Pokemon: Pikachu/Eevee version of Leaf was a crazy lesbian. Her main plan was to capture the perfect girl no matter what. After Cynthia and Dawn, a couple currently on vacation, had entered Cerulean Cave, Leaf was immediately in love with the Sinnoh Champion. She had introduced herself to Cynthia and Dawn before going crazy, tying up Dawn and stripping Cynthia naked. She had fucked Cynthia, and Cynthia had loved it, wanting to be with Leaf forever, much to Dawn's shock.

This was called for an orgy, after a hard-fought victory on the Paris map. 76 had the most special treatment, thanks to him racking a lot of eliminations, 30.

Even anime heroes had gotten cucked, and Rowen was an unfortunate case, with his relationship with Lady Kayura ending up nowhere. But to Lady Kayura, Rowen wasn't much of a man compared to Hilbert, who had given her everything she had wanted. Also, Hilbert's cock was a lot bigger. Linda, the first woman in Hilbert's harem, had given Lady Kayura everything, too. Lady Kayura's pussy was meant for Hilbert and Linda, according to one of her reasons for her decision.

Now, it was Mai's turn to get double-stuffed.

Lisia and Zinnia didn't mind having a man around in their lives. Aarune, ironically, was the lucky one involved.

Cynthia had gotten herself a worthy Valentine's Day gift, which was Leaf.

Finally, Candice had found some true love, Gardenia, who had admitted to Candice that she had a crush on her during her time with Maylene, currently with Fantina. For their Valentine's date, the Gym Leaders had went on a Valentine's Day boat ride, which was very expensive, in the nude. Candice and Gardenia didn't have any romantic stuff with them such as flowers and candy, but they had each other.

Chapter Text

This Psychic Cupid version of Shauntal was friendly with Caitlin and Marley, making them fall in love with each other.

Lady Kayura and Linda just had two orgies with their Sailor Scout girlfriends, except for Minako, who was with Hilbert, in just one day, amazing ones. Ami, Makoto, Rei, and Usagi were involved in the first orgy, and Haruka, Setsuna, Hotaru, and Michiru were involved in the second one. The first one had three dildos and kissing involved. The second orgy only had one, but it also had tit-sucking and fingering.

Ingrid, Brigitte, and Zarya had been together for a while, but the only thing that they hadn't done yet was Ingrid getting all the love. Well, that had happened today. Ana, Pharah, and Symmetra were another recent mother-daughter-daughter's girlfriend couple in the Overwatch universe. They weren't just a couple, but a great trio in battle. How? Symmetra's Ultimate, Photon Barrier, was always used to protect Pharah (and her other teammates), Ana had Nano Boost, her Ultimate that could boost damage and restore some health, for Pharah, and a Nano Boosted Pharah had commonly used Rocket Barrage, arguably one of the worst Ultimate moves if not used properly, behind Symmetra's Photon Barrier.  

Hilbert had never planned on ditching his beloved harem, always being there for them.

Months ago, Brendan had impregnated Farore first, then Veran. Din and Naryu were next, but not right now. The love train here was pretty unique; Nayru and Din were looking at each other, Veran was pounding Nayru and Din's vaginas with a double-strapon dildo, Brendan was banging Veran from behind, and Farore was right behind Brendan. Brendan didn't have to worry about fucking the pregnant Veran because Veran had some safe magic to protect her unborn baby and Farore's unborn baby.

What a magical moment for Hilbert. All of his eleven girls, Usagi, Rei, Michiru, Haruka, Setsuna, Hotaru, Linda, Lady Kayura, Ami, Makoto, and Minako, were right next to him. 

Mai and Videl were celebrating the Easter holidays with their playboy bunny outfits, easter eggs, and chocolate bunny candies. Yummy.

Like Nonon and Mako, Sky and Rottytops had eventually dated each other. For this Mother's Day, Sky and Mako had dragged their hot mothers to a hot springs place, one that costed a load of money. There, the mothers and daughters were sharing the daughters' girlfriends. Sukuyo's fingering was as good as her cooking, and Nonon had wanted more from Sukuyo's lesbianism. Mako, having her hands all over Nonon's breasts, was looking at the fingering below and thought that was very sexy. Rottytops was always into anal sex, so Sky's mother had given it to her, leaving Rottytops' nice looking pussy untouched from now. Sky was only sucking on Rottytops' nipples, with them making eye contact.

Lana and Selene had to meet their girlfriends' mother on Mother's Day, and at the end, it was a worthy visit. Two double-penetration scenes had occurred, one with strapon dildos and the other one with fingers. Lana and Lana's mother had given each other a high-five, showing their affection towards the horny Mallow and each other. Selene was looking at Plumeria and her mother, both making out. Overall, Selene was happy at the two for getting to know each other very well.

A very remarkable Mother's Day for Ragyo, all thanks to her girls.

Chapter Text

Mia had a massive crush on Yuli ever since they had met each other for the first time. After Mia had recently thought about Yuli, she had come up to him and admitted her feelings to him. In return, Yuli had said that he loved her, too. Afterwards, Mia had told Yuli to go on some adventures with her, and Yuli strongly agreed. This was the real beginning of a triple crossover series.

The two had first laid eyes on Bayonetta, a suitable woman for Yuli. After a lovely conversation between the three, they had went straight to a threesome. Bayonetta was the first woman to take away Yuli's virginity, but at the same time, Yuli had his sperm inside her. At first, Bayonetta didn't want any kids, but had later changed her mind before meeting Yuli and Mia. Shortly after that threesome, the three had jumped into another one. Both Yuli and Bayonetta had fucked Mia at the same time, with Yuli storing his love seeds inside Mia's pussy.

Five more women were needed to be added in Yuli's harem. Both Mia and Bayonetta had suggested the Kill La Kill universe, one of the most bizarre universes ever, so they and Yuli had went there. On his own from now, Yuli had encountered Ragyo and Rei first, which had led to Ragyo and Rei giving him creepy, but lovely looks. Next, Ragyo had told Yuli that she and her four girls now needed a male in their lives. 

Despite Ragyo's creepiness, Yuli had agreed by giving the older character a slap on the ass. That was quick. Rei and Yuli had sex while standing next to each other and kissing each other, with Ragyo groping both of their asses. That smile and creepy look on Ragyo's face. It was the same look when Ragyo had first met Yuli. Ragyo was the next Kill La Kill chick to get fucked hard, and like Rei, she got creampied. After the sex, Ragyo and Rei had given Ryuko, Satsuki, and Nui's location to Yuli. 

Ryuko, Satsuki, and Nui's threesome was unintentionally interrupted by Yuli. But before Yuli could say anything, he was ganged up by Satsuki, Nui, and Ryuko in a sexual way; Ragyo and Rei had already called the three and told them that the perfect male was on his way to fuck them. Yuli had fucked Ryuko La Satsuki first, but it wasn't hard for him. After they were fucked and creampied, Ryuko La Satsuki shared a kiss, with Nui sitting on Yuli's cock. Nui, too, was creampied. In total, Yuli had creampied seven women, but seven was enough anyway.

Fast forward, Ragyo, Nui, Rei, Bayonetta, Mia, Satsuki, and Ryuko all had a lesbian orgy, with Yuli watching it. The Ronin Warriors x Kill La Kill x Bayonetta triple crossover series had really begun.

Leaf and Cynthia were massaging each other's breasts and asses at the beach.

Two hot female professors going at it. 

Chapter Text

Poor Dawn. She had to suffer more.

Yuli had expected all of his women to get pregnant, but normally, it was unrealistic for a little child like him to get seven women, hot ass women, pregnant. The weirdest part about this was Yuli being the father of Ragyo, Ryuko, and Satsuki's babies, fucking their family tree up extremely bad. That, too, was unrealistic. But realism had nothing to do with Yuli and his harem. Wait, what about Yuli paying child support? His girls, especially Ragyo, could take care of that part.

Two goddesses, both under the same place. Their sexy encounter had hotness written all over it, with Cetrion sitting on Palutena's face and the latter licking the former's vagina. Palutena playing with herself and Palutena and Cetrion making eye contact were also added. Was this going to be their only sexy encounter? Or would they have other sexy plans for each other in the near future?

Well, that escalated quickly. But four girls were good enough for Red. In their first ever orgy in Red's Kanto home, Millis was the first to get fucked by Red's hardened cock, but up the ass. Merilyn, Leslie, and Joni didn't mind waiting, but they had done other things during the orgy, with lesbian and bisexualism in the mix. Red's mom just had to butt in, but she was sexually aroused by this, and because of that, she had started recording the orgy while masturbating to it, technically counting it as Mother x Son incest.

Lucky Ash, scoring the gorgeous and super popular Bowsette. Ash was also lucky with Lanette and Rosalina.

Hilda was betrayed! Before Hilbert had cheated on Hilda with Linda, a woman that Hilda had despised a lot, Hilda had wanted Hilbert and herself to explore more and have fun with the women, including her own mom and her girlfriend, Aurea Juniper, around Unova except for Linda. But instead of agreeing with Hilda, Hilbert had started going out with Linda, who had thought about cheating on her now ex-boyfriend, Charles, then Hilbert and Linda had went out with Lady Kayura. Rowen was the first to see a Hilbert x Lady Kayura x Linda moment, then Charles, and finally, Hilda, with Hilda screaming, "I hate you forever, Hilbert!". 

Ironically, Rowen and Hilda had went out together, due to their ex-lovers being together. Also, Rowen had strongly agreed with Hilda to go around Unova and have fun with the women, minus Linda, obviously, there. The first women to have fun with Rowen were Rosa, Rosa's mother, Yancy, Aurea, Hilda's mother, and Hilda herself. Yancy, Rosa's mother, and Rosa were all on Rowen, while Aurea, Hilda, and Hilda's mother were fucked and finger-fucked by Rowen.

Brigette, Burnet, Fennel, and Bianca, four hot science nerds, were the next women for Rowen. Speaking of Brigette, she wasn't an Unova native, but the reason she was involved in this 100% was because of Burnet being her older girlfriend. In this scenery scientific scene, Bianca and Brigette were licking Rowen's cock, and Fennel and Burnet were smashing their girlfriends' wet vaginas.

Joker, Pit, or Jeanne, especially, should've had the opportunity to sharing their romantic feelings to Bayonetta. But Yuli and Mia had taken Bayonetta first, and they were very astounded to see Mia and Yuli sucking on Bayonetta's nipples like little babies. Their unexpected appearances had shocked Bayonetta. This scene had happened a day before Bayonetta, Yuli, and Mia had traveled to the Kill La Kill universe.

Emily was on a whole new slut journey. Her first lesbian target was Yuko, who was mysteriously revived. But Yuko was happy that she didn't have to deal with her hellhole of a universe anymore, and you shouldn't blame her for it.

Chapter Text

Hilbert had MANY great days with his eleven girlfriends, but this day, Valentine's Day, was Top 3 worthy. Haruka, Michiru, Ami, Makoto, Minako, Setsuna, and Hotaru had Valentine's Day gifts for Hilbert. Linda, Rei, and Usagi also had theirs for their man, although the gifts weren't with them. Hilbert was tasting and licking his permanent Valentine's Day gift, and it was Lady Kayura's pussy, a true romantic moment on a special holiday.

Dawn was dumped very hard! But she had later found her true love, Mars.

Marnie hadn't done anything wrong to Gloria. Marnie had done everything for Gloria, but at the end, Gloria had fallen in love with Melony. Much, much older, bigger boobs, MILF, sexy voice, a nice, round ass, smooth, beautiful hair, and sexier than Marnie. Marnie couldn't compare herself to a sexy goddess like Melony. Another person that was seeing this hot scissoring action between Gloria and Melony was Gloria's mom, smiling at it. Melony and Gloria's mom were around the same age, but that didn't really matter.


Hilbert, Setsuna, Hotaru, Usagi, Rei, Ami, Makoto, Minako, Lady Kayura, Linda, Haruka, and Michiru were going to the beach! When they had gotten to the beach, no one else was there. But even if a couple of other people were already at the beach, Hilbert and his girlfriends still would've done what they were planning on doing. The plan? Having an orgy!

Haruka, Makoto, Setsuna, Linda, and Usagi had beach towels matching their eyes, but in Lady Kayura's case, the color of her beach towel had matched the color of her former and long gone evil streaks. Strapon dildos, a beach umbrella, and a basket were also brought here. Minako, Michiru, Hilbert, Hotaru, Rei, and Ami were doing the fucking on their partners, but fucking wasn't the only thing that was done. Michiru was grabbing Haruka's ass, Hilbert was groping Michiru and Hotaru's breasts, Hotaru was grabbing Setsuna's ass, Lady Kayura and Linda were making out and trailing saliva, and Rei was grabbing Usagi's ass. Overall, a fantastic time at the beach for the twelve.

Sonia and Oleana. Nothing was going to stop them from being together. Not even Rose or Leon.

The strong relationship between Yuli, Ragyo, Rei, Bayonetta, Satsuki, Ryuko, Mia, and Nui was getting better and better. Creepier and Creepier, for Ragyo's perspective. Today, Mia and Bayonetta had given Yuli a double-titjob, with the Kill La Kill girls watching it; Nui was filming it, Rei was masturbating to it, and the creepy Ragyo and her daughters had commenced their usual incest shtick at the same time. 

A bit later in the same day, Bayonetta was strip-dancing for all of her seven lovers, an obvious private one. Mia, Rei, and Nui had thrown all of their money to Bayonetta, wanting her to do more dances, Yuli was jacking off while holding all of his money, and Satsuki, Ragyo, and Ryuko were at it with their incest shtick again, with Ryuko smiling at the strip-dancing.

Wow, Burnet. Way to act like a total bitch towards your soon-to-be-ex.

The older Pauline had way bigger boobs, and Peachette wanted to touched them just a bit. Surprise! Pauline didn't predict that would happen, but she enjoyed it.

Happy Mother's Day! In the Mortal Kombat universe? One of the most dangerous universes in video game history? It was dangerous, yes, but it didn't stop Sonya, Sindel, Kitana, and Cassie from having a comfortable Mother's Day moment. This scene was a fun one; Sindel and Sonya were smooching and groping each other's breasts, Kitana was tasting Sonya's vagina, Cassie was tasting Sindel's vagina, and Kitana and Cassie were holding each other's hands. Only an idiot with little or zero fighting experience would disrupt this.

Chapter Text

Jeanne had gotten over Bayonetta choosing Yuli and Mia over her, thanks to a new and healthy relationship with Ash and Lanette. 

In an alternative universe where Mallow's mother was alive, she, Mallow, Lana, and Lana's mother were everybody's quadruple team, but the four were other than just a team. They were lesbians. Huge, perverted lesbians. Also, Lana and Mallow's mother were a couple, and Lana's mother and Mallow were a couple. Strange, due to in-law stuff, but hot at the same time.

On Mother's Day, a special day for lesbian mothers and their lesbian daughters, the younger ones had fucked their older girlfriends on the bed, with both Mallow's mother and Lana's mother making out. It was the first time that the four had done something like this, and it was on a beloved and highly-popular holiday. What would happen between the four on the next Mother's Day?

100% Game over for Musashi.

Cheren had knocked Suzie, Kuvira, Korra, and Asami up, but despite all of that, the five continued to have sex. Risky, but worth it, to them.

Pokemon Masters, a game where trainers could take breaks as well. Cynthia and Leaf, in their Sygna suits, were currently on break, a sweet one.

Pokemon characters meeting Final Fantasy VII. What had happened afterwards was Ash creating a harem, with Tifa being a notable member.

Cynthia, Leaf, and Green, a crazy time paradox threesome relationship. Green and Leaf were really the same person, just a slightly different hairstyle. Anyway, Green, Leaf, and Cynthia were fooling around in public, touching each other's love-parts. Things had gotten even crazier at the Pokemon Center, with Leaf and Green licking Cynthia's love holes at the side of the stairs, in the nude. Nurse Joy, or anyone else hadn't caught them... yet.

Emily had to show more of her slutiness in the Final Fantasy VII universe, and Shiva was the first to have fun with her. To Shiva, Emily was a fun lesbian, so because of Emily's nature as a fun lesbian, Shiva had given Emily a great opportunity of becoming a summoner. Emily liked that idea, but Emily would only summon Shiva in some lesbian activities, including orgies.

Emily wasn't afraid to have some lesbian fun in a dangerous universe like Mortal Kombat. She also wasn't afraid of Cetrion, one of the most powerful Mortal Kombat characters throughout its dangerous history. Cetrion was impressed that a powerless lesbian character like Emily had to do some sexy lesbian stuff with her, but again, Emily wasn't afraid. She wasn't afraid of anything. All she had cared about was her having lesbian sex with as many girls as possible.

In the Super Mario Bros. universe, Bowsette was obviously a villain, but villains like her needed attention and love, and that's what Emily had given her, at the beach. Well, it wasn't much, but Bowsette sitting on Emily while oiling up her breasts was lovely, worth watching as a perverted lesbian lover. Bowsette and Emily could do other lesbian things after this, but like what?

Chapter Text

Emily had to explore more of the FF7 world, and she had thought about having a lesbian-only harem, but who would be in it? Anyway, Emily had went to Sector 5 and encountered the sweet, lovely, and extremely attractive Aerith. It didn't take Emily and Aerith long to get to know one another. Afterwards, they had laid on top of each other, with Emily on the bottom and Aerith on top, breast to breast contact.

Shinra and his team as a whole were no more, freeing Midgar from their pitiful corruption. However, only one ex-member had gotten a second chance, and that ex-member was Scarlet, who was now living with Madam M, her girlfriend. When Emily had first laid eyes on them, she wanted to have a threesome with them, something that Madam M and Scarlet had strongly agreed on doing. Between Scarlet and Madam M, Emily was taking the double penetration like a true lesbian champ. 

After the threesome with Madam M and Scarlet, Emily had traveled to Sector 7 and had some fun with Jessie and Tifa, the hottest girls in that Sector. A day later, Emily had brought Widowmaker, who had amazing sex with Emily and wanted to take a lengthy break of doing Talon-related objectives, with her before setting up an important meeting between her, Widowmaker Aerith, Jessie, Tifa, Madam M, and Scarlet.

The meeting was about a sex video and the FF7 internet. Shortly after that meeting, the girls had jumped straight into the action. Aerith was filming it, Emily was finger-fucking both Jessie and Tifa's vaginas, Widowmaker was fondling Emily's breasts from behind, and Scarlet and Madam M were enjoying the lesbian scene while holding each other's hands. An hour later, the video was uploaded on FF7's Pornhub. After a few days, the video had over 2.7 million views and 90%, which was golden. Right now, Emily had gorgeous women in her FF7 harem, but she wasn't done yet. There were more pretty FF7 girls out there.

Chapter Text

I'm back! Well, not really because this story is still on hold. However, on my 30th birthday, which is today, I have a lot, and I really mean a lot, to say about the early days in the NSFW porn world, my livelihood as a commissioner, and all the stuff I've paid over the years, in two chapters. I was planning on doing this all the way in 2023, the year I've promised to retire from paying commissions, but that's a long way. Hell, I'm not sure if there's even going to be a 2023, due to the thousands of idiots running rampant without masks in real life, constantly spreading their germs non-stop and committing mass-manslaughter towards other people with underlying health conditions, even towards their love-ones. Right now, it's worse here in the U.S. compared to the rest of the world, but I'll continue to live smart.

Anyway, the year 2002 was the first time that I'd seen cartoon/anime porn, and the first few franchises I'd seen was Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon. Adding on, the first crossover I'd seen was Dragon Ball Z x Sailor Moon, also known as DragonMoon, a website. The website obviously no longer exists, but there's a collection of each and every pic on e.g. hentai or whatever the fuckin' website is called.

After DragonMoon, I had seen some Dragon Ball Z art such as Bulma x Vegeta. Then, the next franchise was Pokemon. Also, 2002 was the year that I had gotten more into Pokemon compared to the late 90s. Ash x Misty was all over the place, even in the fanfiction world, most notably Love in the Forest (it's still around the internet, thank God). Another very old fanfiction piece I'd loved was Misty x Horsea, via tit-sucking. I'd remembered seeing some Pokemon having orgies (most revolved around Pikachu), a lot of Jessie porn, and this odd-looking Mew x Mewtwo pic. There were a few Pokemon comics I'd seen, and one of the them was weird as fuck. One had a somewhat-dark setting, with Misty running for her life in the woods or whatever. Fuck, I can't really remember the entire story, but moving on! And the second one? Just the ending. Jessie, James, Brock, Ash, and Misty had an orgy, and Meowth was eating a watermelon or whatever the fuck it was. My first ever pairing was Ash x Misty. Then, Brock x Sabrina, Brock x Erika, and Brock x Sabrina x Erika.

Back to Sailor Moon, more art of the franchise was made by Sirkowski, who was known for creating a successful project called Miss Dynamite. Speaking of Miss Dynamite, I had enjoyed the series except for one part, which involved in an spaceship invasion. The spaceship invasion was about some pirates fucking the spaceship women. Everything was great, until the fucking ending. Man, it really, really pissed me off. The ending? The spaceship women's killer female robot had committed mass-murder towards the pirates, and only one had successfully escaped. Afterwards, the angry women had destroyed their own robot, and they were left with disappointed looks on their faces. However, I'll take that ending over ANY atrocious ending from some Toomics comics any day. Funny enough, I had started reading that spaceship invasion story a year after WWF's infamous Invasion storyline.

Back to Sailor Moon again, I was sorta addicted to the Sirkowski pics and other artists' pics, but the one character that bothered me was Chibiusa. Yeah, I know I paid a pic of her being happy in 2018, but she wasn't really my type. Although this pairing is currently non-existent in my current projects, I didn't mind Usagi x Mamoru. However, there were a few. Overall, a lot of NSFW porn lovers don't give a fuck about Usagi x Mamoru, both past and present. That's really a blessing because the NSFW fanart world is supposed to be about independence, not restricted bullshit like "canon" bullshit. Ah, right, I want to mention this, and this is heavily related to DragonMoon. A lot had loved Usagi x Goku in the past, NSFW or not. Moreover, Chi-Chi was despised character-wise.

2003-2004 was a very strange time in the NSFW fanart world, especially in the Disney crossover section. I had only seen a few more Dragon Ball pics, with me seeing Pan for the first time. The Disney crossover part? It was bigger compared to DragonMoon in 2002, but I wasn't enjoying the pics. Non-Disney characters were involved in the mega Disney crossover, and the one I didn't like the most was a bunch of Disney characters, all with creepy, strange, and scary smiles on their faces, getting ready to chop off Homer Simpson's dick with a guillotine, with a bunch of dicks below Homer. Recently, I had read strong rumors that in the early days of porn, Disney had tried to destroy the Disney NSFW fanart world for two years and failed.

Other than Disney, Mortal Kombat and Legend of Zelda was introduced, and so were South Park and Teen Titans. The Mortal Kombat ones were strange as shit, the South Park stuff was strange (still today), too, but as for Legend of Zelda, I was extremely disappointed that Din and Nayru weren't drawn yet, due to the two's slutty and beautiful appearances. However, I did enjoy the lesbian Zelda pics. Teen Titans NSFW art in 2003-2004 was weird, btw. Later on, I had bumped in the WWOEC website, currently dead, and saw a variety of artists and a variety of cartoon/anime art, especially Disney. Those Disney pics didn't satisfy me, especially that weird Melody x Shanti piece, the catfight one. But the worst offender was the Tram Pararam world. Worst NSFW art I've ever seen.

After October 27, 2004, the same date that one of my two baseballs teams, the Boston Red Sox, had won the World Series over the St. Louis Cardinals 4-0, Drawn Together porn had come to life. Of all the NSFW pics in the past, the Drawn Together ones were easily remembered. For the rest of the 2000s, I had seen more franchises, including Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear Solid, Super Mario Bros., more Legend of Zelda (especially Ocarina of Time), Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 12 (mainly Fran x Penelo), Resident Evil 4, and the like. Speaking of Final Fantasy 7, its characters, Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Aerith, and Yuffie, were often paired with Pokemon and Digimon characters in the Palcomix world. I'll mention this Pokemon-related site in bit, but there was this site called The name of the site was obviously a spoiler, throwing shit towards Sephorith murdering Aerith in the original FF7 game.

My favorite one was the Oracina of Time orgy pic between Link, Zelda, Impa, Ruto, Malon, Saria, and Nabooru. Other than that and the other franchises I've mentioned, I want to talk about the expanded part of the Pokemon NSFW world, AGNPH. It was a poor man's Rule34, but it was enjoyable as a whole. Also, they were some weird ass people in that site, especially this Yaoi/Ash fanboy that had constantly used dialogue in most Ash pics, even one where Misty, unseen, had called Ash and another male character (I forgot his name) faggots, but I'll admit, that one had made me laugh. Oh, and there was another guy that had constantly spammed about that same Yaoi/Ash fanboy's taste, and someone else had told the other guy, "We get it!". Another memorable stuff was the two lesbian Machokes with tails and Giovanni raping Mewtwo, with the latter being "controversial" or whatever. AGNPH had died some years later before coming back to life in 2013. But what about its Alexa ranking? 1,911,962, a real shocker. I had expected it to be around the 100,000s, but damn, 1,911,962 is an insane ranking. Both rule34 sites, Nhentai, and even Deviantart had killed it for good. Fanart-central was similar to AGNPH, but Deviantart, too, had completely murdered fanart-central despite Deviantart's constant changes.

2009-2011. Oh, boy. IMO, those years, especially 2010, were the most depressing years I'd ever experienced in the NSFW fanart world. I hadn't said this in this site or other sites yet, but 2009-2011 were the years that I had ALMOST walked out on the NSFW fanart world for good. One main reason. Which is it? Some of you already know (especially the ones from the Rule34 sites or the ones reading Super Mario Kart: Pokemon), but it's obviously Cynthia x Dawn. I've already explained why I became a commissioner in the first place, but IMO, the Cynthia x Dawn pairing is a perfect example of a bad influence in the NSFW fanart world. "Canon" and canontard pairings as a whole are AWFUL influences.

Before I continue with the subject, I just want to mention the first time of me seeing Bayonetta porn in 2009-2010. I remembered seeing Bayonetta in a commercial, and thought that she was fuckin' beautiful. Also, I was hoping that some Bayonetta porn would exist. When I had finally saw porn of Bayonetta and Jeanne, I was like "Okay...". Yeah, I didn't really like the early Bayonetta porn pics.

In 2010, I was legitimately frustrated towards the Yuri side of the Pokemon NSFW world. Some people had thought that I had legitimately hated Yuri until 2012 (after seeing my first ever paid pic, Cynthia x Leaf, in that year), where they had realized that I hated some pairings like Cynthia x Dawn, the real offender of my frustration. But unfortunately, a few people think that I still hate Yuri today, but it's safe to say that they're closeted, butthurt Cynthia x Dawn fantards.

Well, that's it for this chapter! In the next chapter, I'll explain my livelihood as a commissioner, the pics I've paid, the backstories of those pics, and my original/scrapped plans in the commission world. BTW, I don't hate the mentioned artists and their style of art as a whole. I respect them for putting much effort into spreading their freedom of expression and I respect them for entertaining their fans and their fans' tastes. I'm out.

Chapter Text

Okay, I am back for the second bonus chapter! Today is still my birthday, but I've promised to talk about my livelihood as a commissioner, the pics I've paid, the backstories of those pics, and my original/scrapped plans in the commission world.

During the very early days as a commissioner, I was very, very nervous, thinking that my paid pics wouldn't come to life. But they did! After a NSFW pic had completed, I uploaded it and told everybody that I had paid it. In rare cases, I had uploaded two paid pics twice, which wasn't a problem. But on May 7, this year's May, I had uploaded ELEVEN paid pics on the same day, and fuck, my anxiety and stress levels were raised through the roof, thinking that someone else had already uploaded some of them, especially the Final Fantasy VII ones. I promise, I won't do that shit ever again. Two is enough for one fuckin' day.

My relationship with the artists I had hired before? Good and great, except for two, both on Tumblr. I had unintentionally driven one away after wanting to know whether commissions were reopened or not. As for the other artist, the same one that had drawn that same Kalos pic I had mentioned way early, she was a fuckin' cunt ass bitch, an SJW, so I had to ditch her permanently. On Deviantart, some artists had wanted me to hire them, but I had rejected almost every one of them. And on both R34 sites, some people had asked for requests, wanting me to pay for the things they want to see. Some were accepted, but some were rejected at the same time. Right now, I'm done with requests because I want to focus on my current projects.

Overall, my livelihood as a commissioner is good. The only people that "criticize" me for paying commissions are fuckin' Cynthia x Dawn fantards and the closeted ones. However, a few other people had attacked me. Not too long ago, this one asshole had attacked me for paying that big Overwatch x Final Fantasy VII pic. Why? Because he thought that Palcomix's art was shit, and he thought that Overwatch was overrated, due to the lack of a single player campaign mode. Also, I had already mentioned the same former Diantha x Korrina guy that had told me to "grow up" in a Rowen x Unova pic.

Anyway, I'm gonna talk more about the stuff I've paid. Cynthia x Leaf is the first ever series, and man, I'm glad to say that it's a successful one! Overall, there are only four Cynthia x Leaf series. Cynthia x Leaf (including a few threesomes), Heartbroken Dawn, Double Futanari, and Time Paradox. After the final paid Jadenkaiba pic will come to life, the Heartbroken Dawn series will end on a good note. However, if Diamond/Pearl remakes come next year or whatever, I'll reopen it for a few months. The Double Futanari series will be reopened next year. And the Time Paradox one will continue either late this year or next year.

Overall, I've paid 25 Cynthia x Leaf pics, the most under my livelihood as a commissioner. The only Cynthia x Leaf idea I had ended up scrapping was a coronavirus/social distance-related one, with them having strong immunity (which is obviously impossible against the coronavirus) and them having sex infront of an infected/self-isolated and crying Dawn. I had ditched that idea because it was over-the-top extreme. Some coronavirus pics on exist, but still. The only years I hadn't paid a Cynthia x Leaf pic were 2013 and 2017, and I regretted my decisions on ignoring it in those years.

Marley x Caitlin had to be done because of fuckin' Shauntal x Caitlin from 2010 and 2011. Marley x Caitlin will continue, but one will happen under the Rowen x Unova series, due to Caitlin jumping from Sinnoh to Unova. Shauntal and Amanita will also get involved. I forgot to mention this a while ago, but in 2013, I had requested a Marley x Caitlin pic despite being a commissioner, and surprisingly, it was accepted.

The Dahlia x Argenta pic and the Maylene x Fantina pic from 2012 had to be paid because of Dahlia x Fantina being a fuckin' nuisance in 2009 and 2010. But only one Dahlia x Fantina pic had existed since 2012. But even before 2012, two Maylene x Fantina pics had existed, and after 2012, one, minus the paid one from 2018, had existed. I didn't mention this, but the Maylene x Fantina piece from 2018 was originally planned all the way back in 2009, due to the villa bullshit from Pokemon Platinum. The Candice x Gardenia pic from 2019 was planned to happen the year after.

Lorelei x Clair, two pics, had existed even before 2012. I was gonna pay Lorelei x Clair x Lance in 2018, but I had abandoned the idea. The Clair piece was requested. Delia x Hunter J was planned way back in 2008, and in that year, I had predicted that Delia would interact with Hunter J in the anime, but it never happened. But anyway, a Delia x Hunter J x Ash pic will happen in 2021. I had also predicted that a Zoey-Jupiter interaction would happen in the anime, but that, too, didn't happen, hence why the two Zoey x Jupiter pics had existed. Almost every paid Mars x Dawn pic were planned except for the one from Palcomix. That one wasn't supposed to exist, but thanks to a review that upsetted me (the person that reviewed the Cynthia x Leaf Valentine's Day pic from 2020 had wanted to see a threesome between them and the heartbroken Dawn), it was paid in a hurry. I had always thought that Iris and Ariana needed each other. But a third paid pic between them will happen, with them sharing Rowen together and each other.

Fennel x Bianca (Unova) had to be paid because of fuckin' Aurea Juniper x Fennel and Hilda x Bianca (Unova), to a lesser extent, in 2010, and the pairing was an auto-lock in the Rowen x Unova series. I might pair Fennel and Bianca (Unova) with Rowen again, a pregnant harem pic or whatever. I had paired DJ Mary and Karen way back in 2008, and in 2009, Fran x Penelo had become my first favorite Final Fantasy pairing. In late 2013, a DJ Mary x Karen x Fran x Penelo commission was planned because of real life college basketball; a conference called WCC (West Coast Conference) had two teams called St. Mary's Gaels and San Francisco Dons, both Bay Area rivals. The 2018 one, the same one where Jote and Mjrn had gotten involved, was planned because in Grand Theft Auto 2: Pokemon, DJ Mary and Karen, Fran and Penelo, and Jote and Mjrn had merged their gangs together storyline wise, even though DJ Mary and Karen and Fran and Penelo's gangs were already merged together.

In Pokemon SoulSilver, I was heavily invested in the Janine-Falkner interaction, but two years later, in 2012, I was into Janine x Roxie. That's why the Janine x Roxie x Falkner pic had existed. Another one was planned to happen. But instead, I'll pay Janine x Rowen x Roxie, due to Roxie being an Unova native. Only one Roxanne x Winona art had existed before 2013, a black and white sketch. But after 2016, someone had paid Roxanne x Winona x Flannery, which had shocked me. I'm only into six Pokemon movie girls, Bianca, Kidd, Melody, Alice, Sheena, and Allegra. I had requested a Melody x Alice piece from a Melody fan, but it was rejected. But if it was accepted, that Melody x Alice piece from NPCxxx/NPCZoey would've never existed. A non-NSFW version of Bianca x Kidd, along with Latias as a ride, was paid in 2014. And finally, that crazy Bianca x Kidd x Melody x Alice x Sheena x Allegra orgy pic was planned. It's not the best orgy pic I've ever paid, but a lot of people like it, especially the dialogue version.

Drasna x Malva. A few non-commission pics exist. A mild-NSFW pic was paid by me. I even did a story between them and it wasn't great despite a lot of views and some people liking it. Will Drasna x Malva happen for the third time? Definitely, but in an all-out Kalos lesbian orgy. Lisia x Zinnia had to happen a couple of times, due to fuckin' May x Courtney, May x Shelly, May x Zinnia, and May x Lisia being all over the place in 2014-2018, being Cynthia x Dawn all over again. Surprisingly, one mild-NSFW pic of Lisia x Zinnia had recently existed on Deviantart. Between 2013 and 2017, I had paid a variety of artists to see Diantha x Korrina, NSFW or not. But since 2018, the pairing's been on hold. It'll eventually return.

Although plenty of Nonon x Mako pics had existed before 2015, I had to pay some. But really, though, I strongly despised Nonon x Satsuki and Mako x Ryuko, and I also despise the swap (Nonon x Ryuko and Mako x Satsuki) bullshit. Nonon x Mako won't come in late 2020, but I'll pay a sequel of the Shantae x Kill La Kill crossover. I had always thought that Alexa and Viola were meant for each other. The pairing will make a return in the Kalos lesbian orgy. And speaking of which, Bryony, Serena, Celosia, Mable, Shauna, and Aliana will have their own Kalos lesbian orgy, but I might let an artist add Grace. That sleepover pic isn't enough, and the separate pics of Bryony x Serena x Celosia and Mable x Shauna x Aliana aren't enough as well.

The Lucy x Greta pic had to be shoehorned under my paid commission world because because one non-paid piece had existed. The Ash x Diantha piece wouldn't exist if not for an anon requesting it. The reason why I had accepted it was because I knew it'd get loads of love after it's release. Olympia fucking Valerie infront of Katherine, Kali, Linnea, and Blossom was never planned, but after reading about Valerie x Katherine x Kali x Linnea x Blossom being "canon", I had to get it over with. Lenora x Lady Trainer, too, wouldn't exist if not for a request. The BW Elesa x Skyla x B2W2 Elesa pic was already planned. Ah, right, I forgot to mention this in that chapter, but that paid pic had a lot of downvotes on the main R34 site, 7 or 8. The current score is 7.

Zelda x Samus and Samus x Female Wii Fit Trainer were very common pairings during the Super Smash Bros. Wii/3Ds era. My original plan was to pay to see Female Wii Fit Trainer getting extremely jealous towards Zelda and Samus as a couple, but I'm glad that didn't happen. A Brendan x Female Wii Fit Trainer x Zelda x Samus quadruple crossover paid pic will happen late this year. It's heavily related to the Pokemon x Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons series.

I have a lot to say about the Pokemon x Legend of Korra crossover. I'm glad I had invested a lot in it during the Grand Theft Auto 2: Pokemon days, in A03. It hadn't existed in (during 2014), the original and unfinished version. While writing the revamped version of the story, I had to think of some characters being potentional antagonists. Madame Boss, Christopher (Pokemon), Ragyo, KLK Rei, Satsuki, Ryuko, and Nui were already locked as antagonists. Before Chapter 3, the chapter where some Final Fantasy characters and Rosalina were introduced, Sephiroth, Aerith, and Rosalina were next in line as antagonists. A bit later, I had thought about giving Kuvira, Korra, and Asami a big chance, and with that being said, they were added as antagonists, super dangerous antagonists.

Continuing on, Kuvira was untouchable and unkillable until the near end of the story. She had a massive crush on Cheren, being obsessed with him and wanting Suzie dead for being Cheren's fuck buddy. At one point, she NEARLY murdered Ash because Ash had insulted the hell out of her for being obsessed with Cheren and Suzie. Korra and Asami were killed by Cheren, with the latter freeing Korra and Asami's imprisoned country. Before the final mission, Kuvira was defeated by Cheren, Cheren had admitted his love towards Kuvira, both Cheren and Suzie had forgiven Kuvira, and Kuvira had wanted Cheren to murder her after their kiss, to complete his mission.

Fast forward to Grand Theft Auto 5: Pokemon, Kuvira was revived along with Team Ragyo (Mia and Yuli were on Team Ragyo in the GTA stories, but they hadn't had any romantic moments with Ragyo and Ragyo's girls), but she and some other characters had immediately jumped ship to Team Selene (originally Team Valerie and Olympia in GTA 2 and the early and mid parts in GTA 5). Korra and Asami had later jumped ship to Team Selene, after learning about Ragyo not giving a shit about almost every ally of hers. Sometime after Ragyo and Professor Willow (the final antagonist) had died, Kuvira, Suzie, and Cheren had sex with each other regularly, and Korra and Asami had later joined Cheren's harem.

Wow, that's a lot! The reason why Suzie was added was because she was one of the few good minor characters in the early Pokemon seasons. There was this one idea I had dropped in late 2018. It was Cheren, Suzie, and Kuvira having a threesome infront of Baatar Jr. and Zane. The reason why it was dropped was because a lot of Legend of Korra fans never gave a shit about Kuvira x Baatar Jr. in the NSFW world. Also, there are plenty of Yaoi Baatar Jr. pics. Anyway, one more Cheren x Suzy x Kuvira x Korra x Asami will come in 2022.

The Clemont x Korrina piece, again, was requested by the same anon that told me to "grow up" on the main R34 site. I'm not gonna regret paying it for him, though. A hot animated pic between Mai and Videl from 2011 had gotten me into the pairing in 2016. The Maidel series will continue next year and the year after that one. By the way, a Kill La Kill x Dragon Ball series between Ragyo, Nui, KLK Rei, Pan, Mai, Videl, Satsuki, and Ryuko was supposed to happen in 2018, due to their time together in the Grand Theft Auto: Pokemon series. But while writing GTA 8, Ragyo and her girls had went up against Mai, Videl, and Pan and revealed her true feelings towards the Dragon Ball girls. That means I had ditched the idea and later thought about a Ronin Warriors x Kill La Kill x Bayonetta series the following year, which was a true blessing. Come to think of it, a Kill La Kill x Dragon Ball series between the same characters would've had less popularity compared to the Ronin Warriors x Kill La Kill x Bayonetta series.

The Aurea Juniper x Hilda x Hilda's mother and Yancy x Rosa x Rosa's mother pic was already planned in early 2016, and the one with them and Rowen was planned before late 2019. The last Rowen x Unova pic in 2022 will be about Rowen, Hilda, Rosa, Yancy, Aurea Juniper, Hilda's mother, and Rosa's mother, with the latter six being pregnant. Since May 2016, Overwatch had, many, MANY porn pics, including some Tracer x Mei pics. Despite me seeing plenty of Meicer, I had paid NPCZoey to see one. Oh, and the only two pairings I loved during the early days of Overwatch were Junkrat x Mei and Mei x Tracer. I had to expand more on the Dragon Ball series, with Chi Chi x Bulma and Android 18 x Maron in the mix; the latter was enjoyable to pay.

Plumeria x Selene had to be paid because of Lillie x Selene, although a few Plumeria x Selene pieces had existed before and after the paid one. The Hotaru x Setsuna piece is sorta involved in the Pokemon x Sailor Moon x Ronin Warriors series, which I'd get into the next chapter, but I had to pay it because Hotaru x Setsuna was kinda uncommon in the Sailor Moon world despite the two being very close. I don't regret paying the Kukui x Burnet x Brigette piece, but again, I fuckin' hate Kukui x Burnet. I had thought about paying a pic of Burnet and Brigette disrespectfully having sex near Kukui's tomb in 2022, but at the end, I decided not to. Instead, Kukui will have a Alola harem next month (the story will continue to be on hold during that month). The Lorelei x Tiki x two shota pic was requested.

Again, I used to hate Emily, and that was the reason why that paid pic of her getting heartbroken had existed in the first place. Following that, the Widowmaker x Emily piece was planned due to Tracer x Widowmaker being a common pairing back in mid-late 2016, and a few more Widowmaker x Emily love had existed. Like Plumeria x Selene, Mina x Lillie had to exist a few times (along with Lusamine and Wicke in the latest one), but I'm super happy that Game Freak had allowed Mina and Lillie to interact with one another in USUM. Casey x Giselle and Tyra x Aya had existed because of Grand Theft Auto 7: Pokemon, but even before that, I had written an old mega Yuri Pokemon story called An Adventure of Fluffy Love, with Casey and Giselle as a couple. The story wasn't good overall, but I enjoyed writing it.

I had already mentioned why the Red x Millis x Merilyn and Red x Leslie x Joni pics had existed (Grand Theft Auto 3: Pokemon), but I forgot to mention that Red's mom was tragically murdered by Millis in GTA 3 (Merilyn had planned it), and I forgot to mention that Red's mom was revived during Selene's seven wishes at the end of the last mission (Millis and Merilyn had suggested the final wish to Selene, due to them deeply regretting murdering Red's mom). I might or might not pay this in late 2020 depending on real life shit, but I'll pay a pic of Red impregnating his own mother infront of his happy and pregnant harem, the last one in the Pokemon x Cluefinders series. Ah, wait a minute! Here's another reason. Red x Blue around late 2016, the same year that a lot of canontards that made shit assumptions about the two having a "Gay-cation" in Alola. I'm glad that shit had died for good.

I forgot to mention this in the previous bonus chapter, but I had only seen one Brave Fencer Musashi pic in 2006, and it was a Fillet x Topo piece. It's no longer on the internet, but I've made up for it by paying two pieces, both planned. One more will arrive in 2022, but I might throw Bubbles x Gingerelle in it as well. The Druaga piece wasn't planned at first, but after recently viewing some Ki and Ishtar pieces, I had to pay a Ki x Ishtar piece. A Ki x Ishtar x Gil piece, along with Druaga's corpse on floor fifty-nine, was supposed to happen this year, but couldn't make it. I'll wait until 2022 to finally pay it. Mercy x D.Va had a lot of NSFW art, but I had to pair them with Moira x Sombra in a tit-sucking fest.

The Pokemon x Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons heavily reflects GTA Pokemon and Super Mario Kart: Pokemon, but overall, it's a Pokemon x Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons x Legend of Zelda x Metroid x Wii x Teen Titans x Michiko to Hatchin harem series, the largest series. Again, a Brendan x Zelda x Samus x Female Wii Fit Trainer pic will exist late this year, but I'll add more into the large series next year. The Magic School Bus piece was planned way back in 2002, but it's strange that a fivesome yuri action between Frizzle, Wanda, Keesha, Dorothy Ann, and Phoebe had never happened before 2018. I had to mash Hapu x Olivia and Acerola x Kahili together. But the two couples will become a part of Kukui's harem.

The Lucio x Symmetra x Pharah piece is sorta similar to Janine x Roxie x Falkner. Also, it was planned, after someone from Gamefaqs had said that Lucio and Symmetra should just have hate sex already. Ingrid, beautiful and underrated, had lacked some R34 art, so I had to pair her with Brigitte and Zarya a few times. I didn't mention this, too, but Benga x Chibiusa had happened in Grand Theft Auto 4: Pokemon and 5. At first, I hadn't thought about the idea of them as a couple, but near the end of 4, I did. Misty x May x Caroline and Mars x Dawn x Johanna, the same birthday commission, had to be paid, to throw shit towards Cynthia x Dawn x Johanna. It's mega popular, by the way, thank fuckin' God.

Shortly after Ashe was introduced, I had planned on paying a Hanzo x Ashe picture because of the fuckin' Hanzo x McCree pairing, one of the few Yaoi pairings I strongly disliked (it's almost like Cynthia x Dawn). Hell, Hanzo looks homophobic as fuck (he's homophobic in Super Mario Kart: Pokemon), and so does Ashe. The Kagome x Sango x Kagome's mom pic? Definitely planned. A lot of Shantae x Risky Boots already existed, but I had to pay a very special and romantic one, and I knew it'd be super popular as fuck. The pic even had two edited versions made by someone else, but Bosomancer and I didn't mind the edits.

I'm not going to lie about this, but the 76 pic was planned to be paid way back in October 2018, a few months before the Vincent reveal. But I still paid for it anyway. Also, a 76 x D.Va x Mercy piece was supposed to happen in late 2017/early 2018, but it was one of the few paid pieces to never make it, the other being Kuvira x Suzie x Korra x Asami. Aurea x Sonia was requested when Sonia was super popular at the time. Cetrion x Palutena was planned. But a sequel of them and Pit will happen in 2021 or 2022 (it's a sequel of the Ronin Warriors x Kill La Kill x Bayonetta series). I had to add Bowsette under my commission world just because. The Emily x Yuko was requested, but without it, an Emily x Bowsette pic would've been the first pic in the Slutty Emily series.

A few Gloria x Melony pics had existed, and a lot of Marnie x Gloria pics had existed, hence why I had paid to see Marnie catching Gloria with Melony. But a sequel of Marnie and her new love, a MILF, will come close to Valentine's Day. Sonia and Oleana had to be done. Again, Pauline and Peachette being together strongly revolves around the Super Mario Kart: Pokemon story. The same for Ash, Jeanne, and Lanette. Once again, the Mother Kombat pic was planned after Cassie was introduced in MK10. The Mother's Day commission between Lana, Mallow, and their mothers was supposed to happen last year, but another piece took its place. And finally, the Ash x Lanette x Yuffie x Tifa piece, again, heavily reflects Grand Theft Auto 2: Pokemon.

Damn, a lot, huh? But I'm not really done yet because in the next chapter, I'll go over the Pokemon x Sailor Moon x Ronin Warriors series and the Ronin Warriors x Kill La Kill x Bayonetta series, arguably two of my most popular series. I have a couple of minutes left before my 30th birthday ends, but it's already tomorrow in the Eastern Time Zone and other countries. I'm out.

Chapter Text

I'm here for the third bonus chapter! In the previous chapter, I've promised myself that I'll talk about two of my most successful series, Pokemon x Sailor Moon x Ronin Warriors and Ronin Warriors x Kill La Kill x Bayonetta. Oh, and I'll add my most-favorite paid pic, again, in both series. Enjoy. 

I'll start with the Pokemon x Sailor Moon x Ronin Warriors series first. Shortly after completing Grand Theft Auto 1: Pokemon way back in late 2013, I had thought about creating three extra GTA: Pokemon stories, 2, 3, and 4. Ash, Burnet, and Cheren were already locks as protagonists in 2, Red was a lock in 3, and Hilbert was a lock in 4. Other than the protagonists, Linda was locked as an important character in 4. The reason why I had slapped Linda in GTA 4: Pokemon was because in 2011, I was heavily invested in her as an underrated and much-needed Pokegirl in the Rule34 world.

Although I hadn't written it before jumping ship to A03, GTA 4: Pokemon had an original plot, a much more darker setting compared to the current one. Hilbert being in prison for nineteen years was the same as the current plot, but his personality was different. In the original version, he was an angry, anti-libertarian, conservative. Furthermore, he was homophobic and he didn't like how the world had changed during his time in prison, missing the old days where "everybody" had "thicker skin". However, he wasn't racist, even insulting racist fucks (like in the current version, but with a different personality). 

Continuing on, Hilbert had called Burnet a dyke so much while adding that America would've been much better had he not stayed in prison, and the latter had told him that his behavoir was unhealthy, even for a conversative. He had even told Cheren that the latter looking like a faggot (but in the current version, Hilbert had mocked Cheren's girly looks in a childish way). Later in the original version, he had met Linda, and like other people, Linda had learned about Hilbert's true nature. She, too, had told Hilbert that his behavior was unhealthy, but unlike Burnet, she was around him, and she was trying to be his friend, much to his dismay. Also, she was around him during missions, nearly getting herself killed a couple of times; Hilbert had saved her unintentionally. 

Near the end of the original story, Hilbert had realized that his asshole attitude wouldn't get him anywhere, and he had apologized to Linda, who had forgiven him. However, Linda was tragically killed by Clay, an already locked final antagonist and Hilbert's eventual rival, but before Linda's death, she had told Hilbert that she loved him, her last words. Linda's death had saddened Hilbert, and he had murdered Clay and Clay's men in a frenzy rage (Clay's death in the original version was much more graphic compared to the current version). Afterwards, Hilbert had apologized to Burnet and promised to change his ways.

This version had Emmet and Ingo, two Subway twins, as antagonists, but while writing the current version, I had unintentionally forgot to make them associate with Clay in the current version. However, their role in the original version was filler, not connecting with Clay. Their small roles in the current version were connected to the main storyline, though. Drayden was another locked antagonist, but he was connected with Clay. Also, him holding Ariana and Iris captive was more serious. Juan, too, was an antagonist and Clay's ally, due to him having way too many rabid fangirls. But the current version didn't have him as a GTA 4 antagonists, but instead, he had attended a party in GTA 1, which took place a year after GTA 4.

Yeah, that's the original version. However, I had original plans that didn't make it in the current version. But before I want to mention them, I want to talk about how the Ronin Warriors characters and the Sailor Moon characters all got added in GTA 4: Pokemon. Shortly before reviving the GTA: Pokemon series in A03, I had thought about making the series a mega crossover one, to give a lot of non-Pokemon characters a chance to shine. Ragyo and her four Kill La Kill girls were auto-locks in GTA 1, 2, 3, and 4 (they hadn't appeared in the original version of GTA 1, and they were ignored in GTA 3's original development). A variety of non-Pokemon characters were given important roles in GTA 2, most notably Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros., Kill La Kill, and Legend of Korra characters. 

I want to get this out of the way, but the Cluefinders characters were added as GTA 3 antagonists shortly before their first appearance. Why? Because it was kinda hard for me to think about the perfect non-Pokemon characters to go up against Red throughout the story. Also, a few Overwatch characters were added much later in GTA 3 because Overwatch was popular around mid-2016, and several Overwatch characters were planned as GTA 5 antagonists. Widowmaker was originally supposed to be the main Overwatch antagonist in GTA 5, but after Emily was first introduced in Overwatch, Emily had taken her spot. However, Emily and Widowmaker had ended up as a couple.

Anyway, while making the revamped version of GTA 2 midway, the Sailor Moon characters, Usagi, Ami, SM Rei, Makoto, and Minako, were auto-locked in GTA 4 as Hilbert's girlfriends. But at the same time, I was trying to remember the five main Ronin Warriors characters and Lady Kayura because the only characters I had fully remembered were Mia and Yuli (I had always thought that Mia and Yuli were big sister and little brother during childhood). But during early February, I had went under the Toonami page from Wikipedia and tried to identify the anime show and its characters, and thanks to that, I had finally identified Ronin Warriors and most importantly, Lady Kayura, who was planned on becoming Hilbert's main ally and eventual love interest in GTA 4 (also allies of the Sailor Scouts). The main Ronin Warriors characters, Ryo, Rowen, Sage, Kento, and Cye, were planned as GTA 4 antagonists and the Sailor Scouts' main rivals. The Sailor Scouts were also planned as GTA 4 antagonists, but after their rivalry between them and the Ronin Warriors. Oh, and Mia and Yuli were planned to die way early in the story.

Now, I want to mention the original plans that couldn't make it in the current version. There were two original plans of Linda's death, but neither one made it; like in the original version of GTA 4, Linda was murdered by Clay, and the second original plan had Usagi murdering Linda out of jealousy. Another original plan was Hotaru, Setsuna, Michiru, and Haruka not appearing in GTA 4 at all, but to be honest, I'm happy that I had ended up adding the rest of the Sailor Scouts as antagonists.

In the GTA: Pokemon series, there are many pseudo-final antagonists (Pokemon characters and non-Pokemon characters), and Usagi is one of them, which makes sense because in GTA 4, Usagi x Hilbert is very common in the story before the big betrayal. Why did Usagi, SM Rei, Minako, Ami, and Makoto betray Hilbert, drag Michiru, Haruka, Setsuna, and Hotaru into the situation, and side with Clay and the rest of Hilbert's enemies? Because Hilbert had been around with Linda way too much. Hilbert, Lady Kayura, and Linda became a couple, but later after the story, Hilbert wanted to retire from the criminal life, with him being Lady Kayura and Linda's distant lovers. Also, Usagi, Michiru, Setsuna, Ami, Haruka, Minako, Hotaru, SM Rei, and Makoto were all murdered by Hilbert. Afterwards, the nine, as spirits, had constantly apologized to Hilbert, during his retirement, but Hilbert refused to forgive them. 

While I was writing GTA 4, I'd grown on Pokemon x Sailor Moon x Ronin Warriors, and I had eventually paid the same Linda x Usagi x Lady Kayura pic in late 2016. Around that time, the Hilbert x Usagi x SM Rei x Ami x Makoto x Minako x Michiru x Haruka x Setsuna x Hotaru harem pic was planned to happen the year after.

Fast forward to GTA 5, the nine Sailor Scouts were still apologizing to Hilbert (Hilbert got back into the criminal life two years before GTA 5's storyline, thus reuniting with Lady Kayura and Linda), and even Lady Kayura and Linda. During Selene's adventures, the nine had constantly bragged about how hot and sexy Hilbert was, which annoyed the shit out of Selene. Near the end of GTA 5, Usagi, SM Rei, Michiru, Setsuna, Haruka, Hotaru, Ami, Makoto, and Minako were forgiven before being revived with Team Ragyo and immediately sided with Team Selene. After the Team Ragyo vs. Team Selene war and Selene's seven wishes, Hilbert, Linda, Lady Kayura, Usagi, Hotaru, Setsuna, Ami, Michiru, Minako, Haruka, SM Rei, and Makoto all lived a wonderful life in their own little romantic world. The same could be said at the end of GTA 8. 

Wrestling Frenzy, Zombie Apocalypse, and Super Mario Kart had Pokemon x Sailor Moon x Ronin Warriors as well, but the latter had more interesting moments between the twelve such as them DOMINATING some Super Mario Kart Events in their own Triple Crossover Dynasty Era (Events 56-99 from the Event Era, a 19-0 record) and Hilbert getting Usagi, Lady Kayura, Haruka, Setsuna, Michiru, Ami, Minako, Linda, SM Rei, and Makoto all pregnant. Right now, the twelve are still retired from Super Mario Kart, not entering the Kart Madness era.

Had I stopped writing fanfiction in late 2012 (the year that I had briefly walked out on fanfiction), the Pokemon x Sailor Moon x Ronin Warriors series would've never existed. Anyway, after 2017, I had went batshit crazy over the triple crossover series, even paying that same $375 piece from Palcomix. Kinda interesting that I had first seen Palcomix porn in the mid-2000s, and I had ended up paying $375 to see a big Pokemon x Sailor Moon x Ronin Warriors piece from Palcomix.

Popularity wise, the Pokemon x Sailor Moon x Ronin Warriors series barely surpassed the Cynthia x Leaf series, but still below the Ronin Warriors x Kill La Kill x Bayonetta, a series that got popular really, really fast. I'll get to that in a bit. Next year, I've promised to go batshit crazy over the Pokemon x Sailor Moon x Ronin Warriors series, but it's best for me to save a shit ton of money as usual. Outside of the big pieces, my favorite one in the series is the one where Mamoru and Chibiusa caught Hilbert, Usagi, and SM Rei having fun together, with Usagi and SM Rei being pregnant. 

Back in 2010, I never liked any common Unova pairing that revolved around Hilbert. Hilbert x Hilda, Hilbert x N, Hilbert x Bianca, Hilbert x Cheren, Hilbert x Iris, Hilbert x Elesa, Hilbert x Skyla, Hilbert x Hilda's mother, and Hilbert x Aurea Juniper. I had written Hilbert x Lenora back in 2011, but I hadn't executed it well compared to the Pokemon x Sailor Moon x Ronin Warriors series.

Next year, I'll pay Hilbert x Usagi x SM Rei twice, Hilbert x Michiru x Haruka twice, Hilbert x Minako twice, Hilbert x Lady Kayura x Linda twice, Hilbert x Ami x Makoto twice, and Hilbert x Setsuna x Hotaru twice, a total of twelve. Four will appear in January, four in February, and four in March. Again, I'll save a load of money before it even happens, but if I continue to average $620 a week after my three-week vacation, I'll be in great shape! Overkill, I know, but that's life. You either make it mandatory to earn $600-$1,200 (or more) every week or two (part or full-time) or struggle like crazy (with little support or without support).

Now, I'll get to the Ronin Warriors x Kill La Kill x Bayonetta series! I'd said this before, but a Kill La Kill x Dragon Ball series was originally supposed to happen, but Ronin Warriors x Kill La Kill x Bayonetta had happened instead. Way before that series had existed in 2019, I had started pairing Ragyo, KLK Rei, Nui, Satsuki, and Ryuko together way back in 2014. I was one of the few because a lot of KLK Yuri fans were into Ryuko x Mako x Satsuki x Nonon at the time, and I fuckin' hated the foursome pairing. There was Ragyo x KLK Rei x Nui as well, but it was liked by a few.

When the first paid Ragyo x KLK Rei x Ryuko x Satsuki x Nui commission had come to life in early 2015, it had moderate love, not a lot. Despite that, more pics between the five were planned to happen. The second one later that year had twice the love compared to the first one, and I, myself, had fallen in love with it. The third paid one in 2016, the Prostitution La Prostitution one, surprisingly had the same amount of love as the first paid one from early 2015. In 2017, Ragyo x Ryuko x Satsuki x Nui x KLK Rei was completely ignored, a decision that I had deeply regretted. However, the bullshit Ryuko x Satsuki x Nonon x Mako quadruple pairing was starting to slowly fade away.

Before I get to 2018, I want to tell you guys why I like the quintuple Ragyo x Satsuki x Nui x KLK Rei x Ryuko pairing. Before February 13, 2014, the same day that Ryuko La Satsuki were revealed as sisters, I had grown to love the Ryuko x Satsuki pairing. Back in late 2013, I had seen early KLK pics featuring a battle between Ryuko and Satsuki. It had lesbianism in it, with Satsuki surprising Ryuko with a french-kiss. Shortly after the french-kiss, Ryuko had called Satsuki a dyke, and with Ryuko defeated, Satsuki had forced Ryuko to lick her anus. Also, I had discovered more KLK Rule34 and even some non-NSFW art, Ryuko x Satsuki ones, in late January 2014 to early February 2014.

DESPITE Ryuko and Satsuki being sisters, I continued to love the pairing. But during my love towards the pairing, I was starting to love Ragyo x KLK Rei, Ryuko x Nui, Ryuko x Satsuki x Nui, Ragyo x Nui, and Ragyo x KLK Rei x Nui. And I even loved Ragyo x Satsuki and Ragyo x Ryuko x Satsuki, especially . The latter two pairings were strongly disliked on Tumblr for obvious reasons. But I want to get this shit off my chest, again. Tumblr wasn't the right place for anime pairings and the shipping community as a whole. Its disgrace of a shipping community was one of the many reasons why Tumblr was declining before the infamous porn ban. 

I want to talk more about the disgrace that's the KLK shipping community on Tumblr before moving on to the main topic. The KLK shipping community was one of the top four worst shipping communities on Tumblr, the others being Legend of Korra, Pokemon, and Overwatch (the worst offender). There were many obnoxious Ryuko x Mako canontards and Ira x Mako bandwagon morons (IMO, the Ira x Mako shipping was the 2010-2014 Miami Heat of the shipping industry). But the worst was the annoying fucks that talked about how bad Ragyo x Satsuki and Ragyo x Ryuko x Satsuki were in an extremely emo way, treating the pairings like they were real and shit. In relation, there were bullshit blogs called "yourfictionisourreality" and more, ANOTHER REASON why Tumblr had declined. I'm not afraid to say this, but the so-called "real life victims" from those bullshit blogs aren't really "victims". A lot of people lie on the internet all the time, just for attention. But here's a theory that's likely true. The "yourfictionisourreality" assholes had tried to take over the fictional industry as a whole but failed very hard.

The motherfucker, Moth (I think that's his name), that introduced me to those blogs was the same motherfucker, and his fuckin' hypocritical crew, that pressured others into getting me banned on Tumblr like they did against me on (but again, those sites had gotten worse after my ban). Oh, and here's a fun fact. The fuckin' cocksucker that talked shit against me in this story's comment section is associated with them. Oh, and the part where that cocksucker had written "You're allowed to do whatever you want", I had called bullshit towards his words because I knew he was associated with Moth and Moth's crew, the same fucks that tried to silence my freedom of expression for years, all because I strongly disliked Cynthia x Dawn. Oh, and the motherfucker did mention Cynthia x Dawn (I don't think he hates Ness x Lucas; he's just using that bullshit excuse because I'm a Super Smash Bros. fan), strongly proving that they're Cynthia x Dawn fantards. Not only Cynthia x Dawn is a bad influence in the NSFW fanart world, but fanfiction, the shipping community, and non-NSFW fanart as well.

Anyway, in the 2018 year, I had paid two Ragyo x KLK Rei x Ryuko x Satsuki x Nui pics. The first one (Dildo La Dildo)? It had received a shit ton of love. I wasn't shocked that it had gotten a lot of love, but the NSFW fanart world really needed a power pairing like Ragyo x Nui x Satsuki x KLK Rei x Ryuko. The second one (Bath and Orgy) in 2018? It had more love than the first one. Ragyo, KLK Rei, Satsuki, Ryuko, and Nui having a lesbian orgy right infront of Mako and Nonon was planned near the end of early 2014, to attack the Nonon x Satsuki and Ryuko x Mako pairings and to throw shit towards the extremely annoying Ryuko x Mako canontards. Nonon and Mako crying and being heartbroken infront of the orgy was very, very powerful. 

Before I get to the 2019 year and the beginning of the Ronin Warriors x Kill La Kill x Bayonetta triple crossover, I just want to say that I'm very happy that no one fuckin' said, "This should turn into an orgy!", "Their problems will be solved by having an orgy!", "Don't worry, Mako and Nonon. They'll allow you two to have an orgy with them.", and other bullshit. I should've said this a while back, but I fuckin' hate it when someone writes shit like that, especially the paid Cynthia x Leaf pics with Dawn being heartbroken. You pay your hard-earned money to see the shit, the shit that'll likely never be drawn by an artist that doesn't accept commissions, you want to see, and that one person ruins it by writing the same shit under the paid pics (especially the anti-canon ones like Cynthia x Leaf) comment section. Had the same shit happened under the Bath and Orgy comment section, I would've verbally attacked the person, calling them canontards.

Seriously though, people have zero business writing shit like that, especially under freedom of expression sites like both R34 sites. I had went through hell in 2010, extremely frustrated. Before I had started working under my essential job on November 3, 2014, I had to do a lot of odd jobs, and I had to donate my blood and plasma. Since working under my essential job, especially during peak season and the coronavirus crisis, I had to fast-pace in an aggressive and smart way. I had gotten better year after year, making more money than ever, labeling myself as a professional freight handler. Not only do I pay commissions, but I take care of my family and myself, with the latter coming first. Hell, I always pay several of my bills every month, and I always help my family pay some of their bills. 

To the other commissioners that have been going through the same shit by paying a lot of commissions and taking care of your family and yourself, especially during this fuckin' crisis, I respect the hell out of you guys. And if a couple of assholes fake-criticize you for paying commissions just because you don't like what they like, and if they tell you what to do and can't do like asshole canontards, ignore them.

Now, I'll get to the 2019 year! Shortly before the Ronin Warriors x Kill La Kill x Bayonetta series had begun in the NSFW fanart world (it had already begun during Super Mario Kart: Pokemon), I had paid a MUCH NEEDED Mother's Day commission between Ragyo, Nui, KLK Rei, Satsuki, and Ryuko, and that, too, had so much love. Now, I'll finally talk about my most popular triple crossover series as of now! It was a nice idea of adding the right shota, Yuli, into Ragyo, Nui, KLK Rei, Ryuko, and Satsuki's lives, and it was a nice idea of adding Mia, Yuli's former babysitter, into the mix. 

Why was Bayonetta added? Simple reason. Bayonetta is a crossover slut. She was already a crossover slut before 2015, but after she was added as the final DLC in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS, she became more of a crossover slut. But another reason why Bayonetta was added was because of Bayonetta x Pit being a common Super Smash Bros. pairing. But I don't hate the pairing.

Before the first Yuli x Bayonetta x Mia piece and the first Yuli x Ragyo x KLK Rei piece were drawn by Bosomancer, I had told Bosomancer to make Yuli a little taller (he's very, very short in the main Ronin Warriors storyline), so that wouldn't delete the Yuli pics. Anyway, I was quite surprised that the first two pics in the series had gotten a fair amount of love, but every pic had gotten more love overtime. The Ryuko x Satsuki x Yuli x Nui piece was the second-most popular overall, the first being the pregnant harem piece. The second Yuli x Ragyo x KLK Rei piece was the least popular, but it nearly had the same amount of love as the first Yuli x Bayonetta x Mia piece and the first Yuli x Ragyo x KLK Rei piece.

The second Yuli x Bayonetta x Mia piece, the fifth paid piece overall, was loved a lot. I think the reason why it was loved a lot was because a lot of NSFW lovers had recently researched the Ronin Warriors anime show and found out that Mia was Yuli's former babysitter (there are also plenty of fictional shotas fucking their current and former female babysitters in the NSFW world, most notably The Fairly Oddparents). The lesbian orgy piece had two versions, one without Ragyo's rainbow hair and one with Ragyo's rainbow hair. Outside of that, it was lovable.

Again, the pregnant harem pic was the most loved one. Before the end of 2019, a third Yuli x Bayonetta x Mia pic had come to life, but in that pic, Joker, Pit, and Jeanne had caught Bayonetta, their crush, with Yuli and Mia. The reason why that piece had existed was because of Bayonetta x Pit and Bayonetta and Joker being one of the few common Super Smash Bros. pairings, and because Bayonetta x Jeanne was the only common Bayonetta series pairing. Again, I don't hate Bayonetta x Pit, and I don't hate the other two pairings. The late 2019 piece wasn't popular on both Rule34 sites, but a lot on chan.sankakucomplex loved it.

The latest two in 2020 (the double titjob and Striponetta pieces)? Popular. Once again, the Ronin Warriors x Kill La Kill x Bayonetta series will return in 2021 and it'll end in 2022, four of five more. The series heavy attracts the chan.sankakucomplex site, hence why I said that the series is my most popular one to focus on. What current series would surpass it? Probably the Slutty Emily series and/or the Rowen x Unova series. Ragyo x Satsuki x KLK Nui x Yuli x Mia x Bayonetta x Nui x Ryuko for life!

Before I go, I just want to say this. Had the Ronin Warriors x Kill La Kill x Bayonetta series existed around my time on Tumblr, I would've gotten an earlier ban. But anyway, I might or might not post one more bonus chapter, but if I do plan on posting it, then I'll have to use Deviantart's Stash version and see if it works. I'm out.

Chapter Text


So, I was unable to save this on Deviantart's stash mode, due to it being moderated like the original site. But instead, I had to post it on Twitter. If my Account ends up getting fucked somehow, hacked or reported, I'll have to find another website ASAP. Not too long ago, my Twitter account was logged in by some fuckin' cunt from Thailand, but I had changed my password, a long one.

But anyway, this is a screen of my old ass desktop (I'm getting a new one sometime late this year). In it, it has eleven pics on each horizontally row, making it a total of 77. I had done shit like this since the mid-2000s, saving various pics, NSFW or not. You can recognize some of the pics that already got posted here. I'll talk about this again, but in the fourth horizontally row, there are nine paid Pokemon x Drawn Together pics (2 through 9), the same ones I've decided not to post here and write a paragraph on each one. However, there are more.

In the first horizontally row, the first pic has Crash and Coco parodying the Terminator 2: Judgment Day, arguably one of the greatest movies of all time. The art had made its first appearance in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back's small manual book, telling fans that Crash Bandicoot: Warped would be released the following year, 1998. It was made because the first Crash Bandicoot game, the same game that was released with Super Mario 64 in 1996, had mega success.

The second pic? Oh, boy. Look, I'm not a Dragon-type fanboy. I just hate how Game Freak made Dragon-type moves immune to Fairy-types. I mean, you can kill Fairy-types with Poison-type moves, Steel-type moves, or powerful secondary STAB moves as long as it's not Fighting, Bug, and Dark-type moves, but still. In the pic, it's just Hydreigon owning Sylveon. But in a real Pokemon battle, a Modest nature Hydreigon with 252 Special Attack EVs and a Life Orb cannot defeat a 252/252 (HP and Special Defense EVs) Calm nature Sylveon (with or without Assault Vest) with a +2 Flash Cannon (Hydreigon now learns Nasty Plot in Pokemon SS). Also, a Choice Specs Modest Hydreigon cannot even defeat Bold Slyveon with the same damn super effective move. And after the Slyveon takes the boosted non-STAB super effective move like a beast, Sylveon auto-kills Hydreigon with Moonblast. That's how ridiculous Dragon vs Fairy type matchups are.

The third pic features the same Pokemon x Final Fantasy VII crossover. The fourth one is a commission I've already paid almost six years ago, a Pokemon pic. In it, Tate and Wally are building sandcastles, and Liza is rubbing Flannery's back, sexy Flannery x Liza moment. It's the only commission I had to repay because the artist, NPCZoey, had unintentionally had Flannery and the Liza from Johto together on the first one. The Flannery x Liza pairing will make a return in one of the all-out Hoenn lesbian orgy commissions. The only common Hoenn trainers that won't appear in both Hoenn lesbian orgies are the same Hoenn women in the fourth horizontally row.

Emily x Bowsette's next! After that, we have Sephiroth x Aerith! The first time I had saved that pic was in 2015, where I had planned on slapping Aerith and Sephiroth as Grand Theft Auto 2: Pokemon antagonists, and as a couple (in the story, Sephiroth was originally supposed to stab Aerith in the back like in the original FF7 game and betray her, but instead, Ash had stabbed Aerith in the back with Sephiroth's weapon). The next two are the Alola Mother's Day pic and the Happy Birthday Dawn pic. Afterwards, we have angry Hilda catching Hilbert with Lady Kayura and Linda. The 10th pic in row 1 is just Casey, Aya, Tyra, and Giselle having an lesbian orgy. And the last one is a Medievil and Tomb Raider crossover, Sir Daniel Fortesque vs. Lara Croft. That's being there as a childhood memory, even though Medievil remake players are able to play the PS1 version after doing some special tasks.

The second horizontally row is only a MILF fest. I had to put the Kill La Kill Bath Orgy pic in the very middle, right below the Crash and Coco pic from the third horizontally row (for Super Mario Kart: Pokemon reasons). The Rowen x Rosa's mother x Rosa x Yancy x Aurea Juniper x Hilda x Hilda's mother pic is slightly next to the angry Hilda pic from the first horizontally row due to continuity. Speaking of which, the Kill La Kill x Shantae crossover is on the same row as the Bath Orgy pic. Also, that pic and the Shantae x Risky Boots commissions are on the same vertical row.

Before moving on, I want to mention that I've recently noticed some updated hits from Grand Theft Auto 3: Pokemon and 5, mostly because of the Pokemon x Cluefinders crossover story in the NSFW world, me mentioning Merilyn, Millis, Joni, and Leslie being dangerous antagonists towards Red in GTA 3 and them being his allies in GTA 5, and me mentioning Red's mom getting murdered in GTA 3 and her turning back to life in GTA 5. In Super Mario Kart: Pokemon, however, Leslie, Millis, Joni, and Merilyn are huge fans of Red and Red's mom, thanks to Event 35 from the Event Era. But in the Kart Madness Era, the pairs of Red and Red's mom, Joni and Leslie, and Merilyn and Millis always face against each other twice in the regular season.

Also, I want to remind you guys again that the final Pokemon x Cluefinders crossover pic will happen either late this year or next year depending on real life shit. However, if a new Pokemon game comes out in 2021 or 2022 and if more canontards make more shit assumptions about Red and Blue having a "honeymoon" or a "gay-cation", I'm reopening the Pokemon x Cluefinders series for a little while. Overall, I'm very happy that GTA 3: Pokemon has gotten some recent attention because it's really the beginning of the GTA: Pokemon series, taking place before 2, 5, and 8, three of the biggest GTA: Pokemon stories. I thought that GTA 4 would get the most recent attention due to the Pokemon x Sailor Moon x Ronin Warriors series being one of the biggest under my commission world, but it was GTA 3 instead. But in reality, Red is more of an influence than Hilbert and other male protagonists combined.

Anyway, I'll mention the pics from the seventh and sixth horizontally rows before doing the third and fifth ones. Starting from the seventh horizontally row, we have Spyro vs. Croc, two childhood icons! Sparx, Spyro's dragonfly buddy, is in the mix. Cynthia x Leaf x Green is next! Then, Nina x Coco. Afterwards, more Bowsette. The next one is all about Plumeria, Elio, Guzma, Selene, and two Team Skull grunts smiling, holding the smile banner, having paint all over them. It's one of my favorite Top 20 non-NSFW fanart of all time. Oh, and the pic's on the same vertically row with the Mina x Lillie x Lusamine x Wicke pic, which is interesting.

Continuing on, the Peachette x Pauline pic is on the same vertically row as the Mario and Luigi pic and the Crash and Coco pic for Super Mario Kart: Pokemon reasons. The main reason is that the three pairs have a threeway duo rivalry, but in a friendly manner. Moving on, there are back to back pics of Rowen. In the first one, he catches Lady Kayura with Hilbert and Linda, very, very similar to the angry Hilda pic. And in the second one, Rowen gets it on with Fennel, Bianca, Brigette, and Burnet, a pic on the same vertically row as the other Rowen x Unova pic.

The Yamcha and Puar pic is on the same vertically row as the Mai x Videl pic, but outside of that, I want to add the pic on the main part of the folder, due to the two characters getting shitted on over the Dragon Ball years. They're not the only ones, though, because if a character isn't Goku or Vegeta nowadays, they'll either get mistreated, sacrificed for new characters (like Gohan in the Majin Boo Saga, hence Videl and Pan's existence), or become the next Yamcha (like Tien in Dragon Ball Super). Oh, and by the way, Yamcha and Puar are currently commentators in Super Mario Kart: Pokemon, after winning Event 45 and retiring for good. Anyway, the second-last is Cetrion x Emily, and the last is Spyro x Elora. The Spyro x Elora pic had existed since 2007, and I had saved it since. I know remake Elora is trillion times hotter, but that Spyro x Elora pic won't be replaced.

The sixth horizontally row! Crash and Coco riding a motorcycle on Orange Asphalt is the first. It also features an angry Dr. Neo Cortex posing as a sheriff, with one of his generic soldiers in the mix. Above the pic is Yuli x Bayonetta x Mia, and it's all because of Super Mario Kart: Pokemon. Next is the Pokemon x Legend of Korra pregnant harem! The third one is Lanette x Jeanne x Ash, which is below the Yuli x Bayonetta x Mia x KLK Rei x Nui x Ragyo x Satsuki x Ryuko titjob pic. Again, Super Mario Kart: Pokemon stuff.  In an earlier chapter, I had mentioned that Junkrat x Mei was one of few favorite Overwatch pairings during the early days of the franchise. This one is my #1 favorite, with Roadhog in the mix. 

The next two are Hilbert and some of his girlfriends, with the second one being on the very vertically row, due to its shocking controversy. The next four are the 76 pic, the Pokemon x Oracle of Ages/Season pic, the Pokemon x Final Fantasy XII pic, and the Shantae x Risky Boots pic. And the last one on the sixth horizontally row is the pic where Musashi is 100% finished. But on the very last vertically row, other Playstation 1 heroes, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Lara Croft, Cloud, and Spyro, are on it.

Now, moving on to the third and fifth horizontally rows!  Between each Drawn Together/Pokemon x Drawn Together/Pokemon pic vertically, two pics are connected for various reasons. In the first and last vertically row, it's all about Super Smash Bros. stuff. The one above the Drawn Together pic is arguably the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fanart I've ever seen. The characters in it are Mr. Game and Watch, Mario, Jigglypuff, Kirby, Charizard, Link, Bowsette, Luma, Master Hand, and Cappy. It's mainly about that unnecessary minor change from Mr. Game and Watch back in late 2018, the one where a few people out of a trillion people had complained about.

Anyway, the one below the same Drawn Together pic is another Super Smash Bros. pic, but with Ronin Warriors in the mix, the same Yuli x Bayonetta x Mia pic. The Final Fantasy VII pic from the last vertically row is only added because Cloud is part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. The Female Wii Fit Trainer x Zelda x Samus will be replaced by a future Brendan x Zelda x Female Wii Fit Trainer x Samus pic in the next few months. 

The second and tenth vertically rows have the Pokemon x Sailor Moon x Ronin Warriors series, and the third and nine vertically rows have Ronin Warriors x Kill La Kill x Bayonetta, including the awesome pregnant harem piece. The fourth and eight vertically rows have Overwatch x Final Fantasy VII, but the fifth and seventh vertically rows have more Overwatch. The top one from the fifth vertically row is one of my Top 3 non-NSFW favorites. Why? Because it has a dark and awesome atmosphere. The bottom one from the seventh vertically row, an all out Talon pic, is another top notch pic.

And finally, the sixth vertically row have Crash and Coco and Mario and Luigi. Not only because of Super Mario Kart: Pokemon (the two duos are friendly rivals, but despite the rivalry being very common, the pairs face each other once in the regular season, but the pairs face Peachette and Pauline twice), but because of the late-90s. In the late-90s, it was Mario vs. Crash, due to the N64 vs. PS1 console wars. I'm not gonna throw the Sega Saturn in there because it was an overall failure (no offense to old school Sega Saturn fans), and it led to the disastrous Sega Dreamcast that got immediately murdered by the PS2.

Anyway, I'm a huge fan of both the N64 and PS1, but the PS1 have legitimately won the console wars in the late 90s sales wise. Besides the first four successful Crash games, there were other great PS1 titles such as Metal Gear Solid, the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil 2, all three Spyro games (Crash's obvious sister series), Silent Hill, Tekken, the Tomb Raider series, Medievil, Croc, Twisted Metal 2, and Gran Turismo, but the birth of Crash Bandicoot, the biggest PS1 mascot that wasn't afraid to rival Mario, had carried all mentioned games, even Final Fantasy VII, throughout the N64 vs. PS1 war. Another PS1 game I want to throw in this paragraph is Brave Fencer Musashi, a Square Enix (originally Square before the merge with Enix) game. Of all the PS1 games mentioned, Brave Fencer Musashi was the least-impact, with it being a poor man's Zelda. But despite all that stuff, it was fairly loved. Crash Bash, the fifth PS1 Crash game that was released in 2000, had mixed to positive reviews. IMO, it was good, but it had some problems compared to the mentioned PS1 games. Not to mention its infamous difficulty in the later parts of the game

The N64 only had Super Mario 64, Perfect Dark, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, Goldeneye 007, the Turok games, the Mario Party games, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart 64, and Donkey Kong 64. Pokemon Stadium didn't do well critically, and while Paper Mario and Conker's Bad Fur Day had love, both games were released on the wrong year, the same year where the N64 was about to die, with the PS1 doing fairly well the same year despite the PS2 DOMINATING the shit out of the gaming industry. Some said that the N64 would've done better if they had CDs instead of cartridges. I strongly agree with that argument. Also, some had complained about the N64's controller and its odd design. IMO, it was always easy to use. 

Overall, the PS1 winning over the N64 in the old console wars is the main reason why the Crash and Coco pic is above the Pokemon x Drawn Together crossover pic and the Mario and Luigi pic being below it. Yeah, I know the Crash games (except for Twinsanity) from the PS2/PS3/Xbox/Xbox 360 days had flopped hard (the Mario games had done well in the Gamecube/Wii/Wii U days, but the only problem was Bowser's atrocious voice acting in Super Mario Sunshine), but the remake games and Nitro Fueled (only its infamous and atrocious online mode was the main problem) had made the Crash series super relevant again, even getting great praise from new and recent gamers. Crash 4 is already set to be released in October. The trailer and gameplay had good reception, with a few complaints (mostly from Gamefaqs users). I love it, too, but my only problem is Tawna's appearance. I've already paid some Super Mario Bros. porn, but the Crash series? I'll think about it.

And finally, the fourth horizontally row, the Pokemon x Drawn Together crossover. The characters are Phoebe, Drake, and Glacia, Pokemon characters, and Foxxy, The King, and Clara, Drawn Together characters. The first and last ones are just Drawn Together and Pokemon, respectively. And speaking of the first one, it's the only Drawn Together image, an episode of Hot Tub, that constantly pops inside my mind everyday, even when I'm not looking at it.

Back in 2015, the Pokemon x Drawn Together series had rape in it, including the second and tenth pics. The tenth one is the cruelest and most mean-spirited Pokemon x Drawn Together pic, but it's the last rape pic in the series. In it, both Glacia and Drake double-penetrate Foxxy, with Drake pounding Foxxy's vagina and Glacia pounded Foxxy's anus with a strapon. And the other threesome part is Phoebe forcing Clara to get fucked by The King, with Phoebe fucking Clara's ass with a strapon. Furthermore, both The King and Clara were crying in the pic, and Phoebe had a legitimate rapist look on her face. But in the other Pokemon x Drawn Together rape pics, Phoebe had scary looks on her face, a sick smile.

After 2015, the Pokemon x Drawn Together series is permanently consensual, strongly reflecting the Grand Theft Auto: Pokemon series. The most popular consensual one is the fourth pic, the one where Glacia fucks Clara, Foxxy fucks Phoebe, Glacia grabs Phoebe's ass, Foxxy grabs Clara's ass, Clara and Phoebe look at each other, and Glacia and Foxxy kiss each other. On Rule34, it has 18 upvotes, it has 127 upvotes on, and it has an overall 4.5 ratings (with 38 vote counts) and 195 favorites on chan.sankakucomplex. Oh, and it has 15 upvotes on the dead Xbooru site.

The Pokemon x Drawn Together series was originally supposed to end last year, but instead, I had brought it back to life for the next few years. The 2020 one is the sixth and recent pic, made by Palcomix. And yeah, that pic was part of the 11 pic upload frenzy this year, due to the coronavirus stimulus check shit. Another paid Pokemon x Drawn Together pic originally supposed to come with the 11 pic upload frenzy, but instead, Scarlet x Emily x Madam M had existed instead, a blessing.

Back in 2008, I had paired Phoebe and Glacia together. But in 2010, I had to sacrifice them and Drake for a Pokemon x Drawn Together combo. But when I had first started paying commissions in 2012, I had to wait for a few more years to get the series started. In 2012, during the early commission days, I had paid Glacia x Drake x Phoebe, the same Hoenn threesome pic I had mentioned way early in the story.

The Pokemon x Drawn Together crossover pair's involvement in the Grand Theft Auto: Pokemon series, Wrestling Frenzy, and Super Mario Kart stories are very ugly, with other common characters shitting on the six and mistreating them for various reasons. Characters like Hilbert, Ragyo, Hanzo, Selene, Red, Madame Boss, and even Red's mom had mistreated them in the Grand Theft Auto: Pokemon series. In the Wrestling Frenzy story, Mercy had made Foxxy (especially), The King, Glacia, Phoebe, and Clara cry, and characters like Bayonetta, Yuli, Mia, KLK Rei, Karen, Hanzo, and Genji (Drake's Japanese name is Genji, which had shocked me while was adding tags for the Wrestling Frenzy story; in the past, I had ignored almost every Pokemon Japanese name) had viciously assaulted them. And in Super Mario Kart, Hanzo had made Phoebe and Clara cry during the Event Era.

BTW, in the Grand Theft Auto: Pokemon stories, I had made Foxxy into a self-hating cunt bitch that hated her race. One reason I had done that? The Alzheimer's That Ends Well Drawn Together episode, the episode where a Confederate Flag was on top of the Foxxy 5 van (Mercy had mentioned it in Wrestling Frenzy, constantly insulting and taunting Foxxy about the latter possibly hating her own race). For the ones that had already given hits to Grand Theft Auto 4: Pokemon and 8 (near the end), you had already read about Foxxy hating her own race. In real life, some self-hating black people (especially in the U.S. South) exist, which fucking sucks. But I'm not gonna get more into that shit.

Well, that's all I have to say about the Pokemon x Drawn Together crossover series. Three more will come and that'll be it. Oh, fuck it, I'll post a link, so you guys can see the rest of it:

Well, that's the last bonus chapter. This story might or might not reach 10,000 hit by the time I fully return in December. I'm out. 

Chapter Text

Well! It appears that I've gotten 10,000 hits! Not too long ago, I had predicted that this story would get 10,000 hits by December, due to this story's current hiatus. But I was wrong. Hell, I'm not that great at predicting the future, but I'm not the only one, obviously. Again, I'll resume in December, but in this bonus chapter, I want to share you guys this completed three-year series. 

I had already uploaded the first two. But so far, this series is my third-most successful one. Also, the third one is the final paid Jadenkaiba picture, which means that Jadenkaiba and I will no longer work together. I'm not really sure if I've already said this, but a lot of commissioners focus more on Jadenkaiba than 99% of the other artists around the web despite Jadenkaiba taking four months to a year to finalize a commission. The only artists that can handle many commissions are BBMBFF/Palcomix and their entire crew, and each and every commission will be completed after the first seven/eight days of a new month.

Unless I hire a new artist and/or tag with NPCxxx/NPCZoey for the first time since 2017, I'll continue to pay BBMBFF/Palcomix and Bosomancer until I retire from paying commissions in 2023. What am I going to do during retirement? I might focus on 100% a lot of video games or whatever.

I want to get this out of the way, but today, I have an over $1,000 paycheck, a shocker. It was supposed to be around $700 or whatever. But I'll take it! Hell, I legitimately deserve it, after all the sacrifice and hard work I've done for almost six years. I legitimately deserve it for being a key player during this goddamn global crisis. Many other essential employees deserve good paychecks, too, because they've done so much for their co-workers, their jobs, their friends, and their families. 

What am I gonna do with the money? I'll use it for one commission only, not a lot. Also, I'll use the rest for real life purposes. 

Moving on, I've planned on focusing a new series. Why? The appearance of Ash's "baby brother" in a Pokemon Sword and Shield episode. Yeah, I knew this shit was going to happen since late last year. Back in March, I had paid the most controversial commission ever. Here it is:

The reason why Burnet's disheartening dialogue had existed was because of the Grand Theft Auto: Pokemon series. Some of you might've read some of the GTA: Pokemon stories before, but in the series, she's one of the nine Pokemon protagonists, she swears a lot, says fucked up shit, and she, like many other Pokemon characters and non-Pokemon characters, is a psychopath, a mass murderer. But Red and Selene/Moon are more severe and dangerous than her. Oh, and she's middle-aged, the oldest protagonist.

Continuing on, Ash and Burnet had a mother-son type relationship in Grand Theft Auto 2: Pokemon, meaning that I had unintentionally predicted the future of the Pokemon anime. Back in late 2013, I had written the original version of GTA 2, but Ash and Burnet didn't have that type of relationship. But in late 2015, the story was rewritten, and that mother-son type relationship had happened. Before late 2016, Unova was Burnet's confirmed region, and she didn't have permanent tan. Oh, and by the way, Kukui is one of Grand Theft Auto 5: Pokemon's many antagonists. Kukui wasn't originally supposed to be an antagonist in that story, but after finding out that Kukui was married to Burnet, I had to quickly change plans.

Originally, I was going to pay Burnet x Brigette two more times, one in 2021, and the last one in 2022, but thanks to the appearance of Ash's "baby brother", I've changed my mind! In the first several pieces, Kukui and his son with have father-son bonding, and Brigette and Burnet will secretly have some lesbian fun together, all in the same places like the movies, the playground, and at home. Burnet and Brigette will get caught eventually, but what will happen after that? Would it be like this piece from 2017?

Well, I really don't have anything else to say! Again, I'll be back in December. Take care.

Chapter Text

Hi, guys, we're close to November, and I've promised to get back into this in December, but I just want to make this important notice. On the main rule34 site, all url links (the first words after the "https://" part such as peach, holly, ivy, and lotus) were changed for whatever reason, and each and every pic weren't shown. I'm sorry that it had happened unexpectedly, but I've already re-added the updated links on some Cynthia x Leaf pics. I'll try to re-add more before going to bed, and I'll do more before going to work in the morning. If this happens again, then I'll have to use links, chan.sankakucomplex links, and/or other porn-related links because they're permanent. Take care.

BTW, I'm currently focusing on a Burnet x Brigette secret lesbian affair series. The series will dramatically change after the fifth paid pic.