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Denying the Gods.

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There would always be a burning sensation in her lungs and violent struggle to breathe as she stalked the halls of Heavenly Host dazed. The school was an overcrowded hub of vengeful spirits all mourning different but same variations of grief. 


 The loss of their life,


 The loss of their existence,


 Their friends and family.


Everything they’d ever known and dwelled in was gone. They were prisoners to a realm that wasn’t even conceivable to them. Some went mad killing newly trapped high school or middle school students adding to the infestation. Others stayed forever trapped in their last dying moments facing the same horror over, and over again. Re-living the trauma their body, mind, and soul went through for all eternity. However, there were a very few who escaped their pain and curse of Heavenly Host and tried their best to protect various students from the school’s horrors.


 Seiko was a mixture of all of them. There was a clashing war in her soul of right and wrong. The struggle to fight to go through her last moments of life while defying the urge to succumb to the school’s curse and join the reins of spirits who murdered innocent souls. She wanted to invade her body in the spirit realm to relieve the pain she felt throughout her chest and lungs. The rope burns and scratch marks from her nails still burned furiously. Her flesh and blood were still stuck in her nails. 


 Her death was by no means the worse in Heavenly host she was very lucky to die the way she did. Her living body was not violently flung at the wall like Mayu’s…


 She wasn’t skinned alive.


 She wasn’t tortured,


 but the pain was still very real. 


 Then she remembered the terror she felt as she stared into the face of her killer. It wasn’t the familiar face of a brutally mutilated child most students that died here saw. But instead, it was her own best friend and first love. 


  Stop it, Seiko. 


  She didn’t want to relieve the feelings she felt In her last moments because they were far worse than the physical pain of her death. 


 And she had forgiven Naomi long ago knowing she was not herself when it happened. 


 She still very much loved Naomi and always thought of her when the pain was bearable enough for her to feel human again.


 Seiko stopped walking in the poorly dimmed halls as she stood in front of the infirmary. A trail of blood was cut off by its door. She could already smell the rot of flesh coming from behind the door. Hesitantly she opened it letting the smell hit her head-on. She let out a stifled gag as the smell made her breathing slightly worse than it already was. Even through death she still had most of her senses. Nothing surprised her anymore in Heavenly Host because she’d seen so much death happen here. Sometimes she wondered if all her humanity was lost because all she could think while staring at the dead body in front of her was how much it reeked. 


 The body belonged to a female judging by the sailor uniform. Her chest cavity was carved open revealing two symmetrical pairs of ribs and a heart with various other tissues and organs surrounding it.


 Seiko didn’t feel sad for her she didn’t feel anything. 


 She didn’t care to look at the body’s school ID or even her face because there was no point. The corpse in front of her was destined to become like the rest of the souls in this school. But there was a slither of empathy left from Seiko to drag the body to a safer area in the room to prevent interference from other spirits in its decay.


 She grabbed the corpse by its sailor shirt’s sleeves and pulled it from the middle of the room until she reached the infirmaries beds. Seiko dropped the sleeves briefly and the corpse’s arms landed on the floor with a low thud. She removed the stale sheets from the bed and gently covered the corpse in it. Blood was already soaking the sheets leaving big droplets of scarlet red in its wake. Seiko then carefully moved the corpse underneath the bed as best as she could. She briefly sat on one of the infirmaries bed then rolled over to lay down. Tears started to brim her eyes as her vision blurred. 


  What was wrong with her? Why was she crying?


  Strangled sobs came from her throat as she heaved. It was painful to cry as a series of strangled almost inhuman sobs came from her throat. She wanted to scream but couldn’t as awkward gurgles escape her lips.



She didn’t want to be here anymore she wanted to go home!


 She missed Naomi and her siblings she even missed having to go to school. 


 More choked sobs and gasps erupted from her lips. 


 She’d never see Naomi again or be able to confess her feelings towards her. She’d never know if she was okay or happy in her life without Seiko. She wanted Naomi to move on from her and this school because she knew she’d never be able too. Her soul was trapped in here along with other restless spirits. 


 There was so much pain and agony she couldn’t bear it anymore. A shrill filled the room as Seiko buried her head in her hands.


 She was never getting out of here. 


 Seiko stayed in the infirmary until her sobs died down to small whimpers much to her better judgment. In the realm of Heavenly Host, she dwelled in it could be so quiet sometimes the silence would hurt her ears. The smell of rot stung her nose as well as the metallic smell of blood leaving a foul taste in her already decomposed mouth.


 Seiko closed her eyes knowing full well she would not sleep but see pure black was better than having a constant reminder of where she was.


 She found herself drifting off to her memories outside of this school. The times where she’d take her younger siblings to the park or mall to try various food samples from the crummy restaurants there. She giggled to herself when she remembered the one time she got food poisoning from one of the restaurant’s sushi.


 She tried thinking of Naomi allowing her brain to paint a picture of her friend, but she found that after months or maybe even years of being in here she couldn’t recall all of Naomi’s features correctly. The only thing her brain could muster was the dead stare she’d seen in Naomi’s eyes as she begged for her life. Many of the happy memories she’d shared with Naomi were clouded by the last ones she had with her best friend in this school. The wails Naomi had cried when she found she was the reason for Seiko’s death. Her wishes of death while Seiko tried desperately to help Naomi fight off the darkening. All Seiko ever thought about was Naomi in this place. How this school corrupted her and possessed her into murder. The many countless feats Seiko had to save her friend’s life through leading Mochida to rescue her every time this school tried to win her soul.


 Seiko had only love for Naomi in her heart that was laced with fear and agony. Despite everything she wished they never fought, and maybe if they’d made up sooner Seiko would’ve had the courage to confess her love to Naomi sooner. Now it was too late. 



 Seiko buried her head on the bed’s pillow as the mattresses springs shifted under her weight.


 She wondered if Naomi and Mochida were together now. 


 As Seiko rested her head a series of footsteps boomed from the hall outside followed by a sharp scream. Seiko immediately shot up expecting to hear a child’s giggle in return but instead heard a man’s voice growl deeply. The footsteps grew louder as frantic sobs came from outside the door. Seiko saw the door’s frame be frantically jerked as the person outside tried desperately to come in. Seiko didn’t realize she’d subconsciously cornered herself onto the next bed as she clung to the blood-stained wall.


 The door busted open as a female figure sprawled out onto the floor. She quickly scrambled up sobbing as she frantically crawled away from the door. Feverishly panting she looked around the room catching a glimpse of Seiko. Her eyes immediately widen with a newfound fear as another scream erupted from her throat. Seiko gasped being frozen in place as she watched a high school boy of heavy build enter the room with a rusted knife in hand. Judging by their school uniforms they attended the same high school and most likely ended up here together. His beige button-down was drenched with fresh blood immediately making Seiko think about the dead girl under the bed. A low crackle left his lips as Seiko squeezed her eyes shut immediately making her spirit form disappear. The girl quickly threw her attention back onto the boy moving backward until her hand slipped into one of the cracks of the floorboards causing the skin on her forearm to break. She had no time to acknowledge the wound as Seiko saw the boy roughly grab her by the arm. A scream filled the infirmary as the boy threw her against one of its beds. 



  “Please don’t do this! I’m begging you please stop!”


  Seiko quickly climbed off the bed until she landed on the floor with a harsh thud causing the boy to quickly whip his head around. Seiko knew he couldn’t see her but the icy glare he gave the room sent a shiver up her spine. It was similar to the same glare Naomi had given her as she tied the noose around her neck…


  “Stop squirming, bitch!”


  Seiko stood up immediately as she looked on allowing the scene to play out. The girl tried everything to get the boy off of her. She grabbed fistfuls of his hair and pulled while kicking her feet feverishly. She sobbed and screamed at the top of her lungs until they were animalistic cries.


 Seiko felt something similar to an adrenaline rush coursing through her being. She should do something. 


  “Somebody please help me! Please-“


  Her wail was immediately cut off by a harsh slap from the boy as he started to cut away at her sailor uniform’s top.


 Seiko had to do something. 


 A painful disgust filled her being as she watched the boy roughly kiss the girl putting the rusted knife to her neck. 


 She had to do something!


 He pulled away and the girl screamed as he unzipped her skirt’s side zipper. Seiko watched as he brought her skirt down to her feet his thumbs immediately finding their way to the sides of her underwear locking them in place.


 Seiko looked at the cabinets noticing a bloodied pair of scissors through the scratched glass. Reacting on auto-pilot she punched through the cabinet and watched as it shattered through her blow. It was something that would never succeed if she was alive in this school and the event left her temporarily shocked. Both the boy and girl gasped snapping Seiko out of her dumbfounded state. She hastily grabbed the scissors making her known to the pair. 


 Whatever had filled the boy’s body with vicious murder and rape left his eyes as he gazed upon Seiko’s form.


 She knew how scary she looked with her rotting flesh that was purple in hue and blood tattered clothes. Her neck was visibly engraved with rope burns and was semi-broken. She let blood freely leak from the corners of her mouth. Seiko clutched the scissors handle then raised the tool over her head. The boy immediately shrieked as he fell next to the girl on the bed. 


 Seiko could blindly hear a chorus of small children giggling as something almost overcame her. She threw down the scissors embedding the blades into his skin. A scream erupted from both the girl and boy as blood oozed around the blade. 


 All acknowledgment of Seiko’s surroundings were gone as she twisted out the blade. Its steel was drenched with blood and Seiko watched passively as the boy freely bled out onto the bed.


 The giggling grew louder as Seiko passively felt small hands wrap themselves around her grip on the scissor’s handle. The boy and girl screamed louder as the small hands led Seiko to raise the tool above her head again. 


 A euphoric rush absorbed her being as fear contorted the boy’s face. 


  “Do it, Big sis!”  


  “Kill him!”


  Seiko saw all three ghost children surrounding her as they chanted her name edging her on to kill the boy.


  No, I can’t do this!


  The small hands squeezed tighter as the chanting grew louder flooding out the boy’s pleas.




 Seiko whimpered as she violently shook her head. She felt all three of the ghost children's hands grip tighter. Seiko heard herself scream as all four of their forces fell onto the boy.


  Then the cries abruptly stopped.


 Silence fell onto the room. 


 Seiko felt a warm gush of liquid ooze around her hands and arms. There were no more small hands guiding her bigger ones as she slowly backed away from the scene. 


 The scissors handles stood erect from the boy’s neck as blood freely oozed from the wound. The room felt still as Seiko tried to desperately find the children in the room but they were nowhere to be seen. She numbly looked at her hands that were drenched in blood.


 She had killed the boy.