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Lore of the Sirens

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Seven Sirens, beautiful of face and of voice,
once nymphs were cursed with voices to do good and harm,
to seduce, to bewilder, to gain, to beckon.
Their punishment the gods do say,
for granting the Underworld’s king access to his fated Queen,
her mother sent them far away from their mothers and fathers,
so they would know her never-ending sorrow and pain.


Each a beauty, each their life ends...
without a happy end.
Leucosia would be found lost on a shore,
heartbroken over a lost love,
and refusal of her love.
Ligeia murdered by a suitor,
because she refused to be his alone,
her voice ended as he forced her call.
Parthenope lived her life chastely,
and faded into the mists,
to be named a martyr
to a foreign god's priest's lips.


the remaining four,
sisters of blood and by fate,
daughters of the god of all the water and rivers Achelous
and muse of tragedy and song Melpomene, they held.


Over time, they each took a lover,
or five as it seems,
and they bore a child, one each.
Til, their children married and faded,
til all four siblings' lines had become a single line of royal blood.
There are many sirens, with weaker blood,
some are intermingled with mermaids or merduns,
and some with humans as well.


Pure sirens are rare, and weak in their line
and only one has ever been both Siren and Nymph,
two halves of the same coin.
She shall both light and dark at the same time
the One to call the waves, in twilight and at dawn.