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fox tails and law fails

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Every one knows that if shinsuke kita is defending someone it's more so because he believes his client didn’t do it, and he’s right all the time, during the trial he finds ways to prove his client innocent with evidence and testimonies. People would like to think he scares, or intimidates the judge to change the verdict in his favor but they’re wrong.

Atsumu miya knows this for a fact, he’s gone up against the attorney in court and the other’s way of getting the right evidence ,his convictions seem to always be right and damn, atsumu wishes he had that kind of a gut instinct. He’s popular too, he makes a lot of money from his clients and he has a good win to lose ratio but kita shinsuke? His trial win streak remains undefeated.

And that fact alone sparks a fire inside the prosecutor, that this attorney is someone worth his attention.

Atsumu has made it his goal to somehow break the other’s streak, he takes as many cases possible that he can get ,that goes against kita shinsuke.

Everytime he gets on the same court as the other , atsumu feels the piercing glare from the attorney from the table on the other side and once he is seated, atsumu returns the look.

The blonde gets a good look at his rival, smooth fair skin, eyes that look like bright lanterns , lips that atsumu hopes are as soft as they look- atsumu flushes at his thoughts and by kita’s smirk gracing his soft looking lips, he knows the red on his cheeks are visible. He scoffs and the judge bangs his gavel and the trial starts. And when the attorney speaks atsumu swears he hears some orchestral music.

His client had stated how the accused, takahashi nakito and his cousin knew each other but always got into arguments and said that the accused had paid someone to kill his cousin. It was a valid point, Atsumu thought, his client’s cousin was in a position above takahashi , and the accused was desperate for a promotion. The camera’s did show that takahashi had stayed longer than usual before before he left for his family dinner.

Akito Nakahira , the cousin, was found dead in his office in his office by the janitor in the morning, with a letter opener stuck in his back, his back soaked with blood as it dripped from the wound slowly forming a pool of the red liquid on the ground. The scene was fairly messy, the things on the table had been pushed off and his papers were scattered, some having drops of crismon on the paper.

Both of their clients go to the stand and state their stories.

Takahashi says that during the time of the murder he had gone on a family dinner with his wife, siblings and parents, so surely there wouldn’t be any way for him to have committed the murder without letting his family know about him leaving. The family members are called in to give their statements , which all supports takahashi’s words, though they did claim he was a bit late to the dinner.

But when akito’s cousin gives his statement, both lawyers can see the metaphorical holes in his statement. Atsumu almost feels embarrassed with how bad the dude tried to cover up his crimes, nevertheless life is never fair and if he can prove that takahashi is guilty he’ll break kita shinsuke’s streak. He catches the attorney’s eye and atsumu shoots a smug look to him and turns back to his desk and starts speaking, asking questions to somehow prove takahashi is guilty.

Feeling smug as he moves back to his table after the questioning, kita gets up and goes to question the cousin. And in minutes kaito, the cousin manages to slip up and atsumu grimaces internally, he can’t show that he knew the flaws in the story.

Then the sharp eyes look back at atsumu from over their shoulder and kita smirks, his eyes hooded, giving off a smug and satisfied aura. Atsumu denies his claim that kita looks attractive,he's not going to fall for his so called rival.

Kaito dumbly confesses to the crime that he killed his cousin, when he went to give akito a 'visit'. Atsumu scoffs ,his client was really dumb.

The judge gives his verdict that kaito is guilty and that's a wrap. After both the lawyers leave court,the prosecutor pulls kita aside to talk to him.

"So miya-san, What can i help you with?"
His voice outside of court sounds the same except doesn't have any menacing tone laced with it.

"Atsumu is fine, I'd like to know why ya' decided to become an attorney and not a prosecutor"
The blonde miya asks,wondering why the attorney decided to put his potential into freeing criminals or accused criminals.

Kita hums for a moment and makes eye contact with him, bright orangish- yellow orbs looking into him, Atsumu returns the look with his own brown ones.

"Sometimes, the accused can be wrongfully accused" he shifts his eyes and they give an even sharper glance "and i think they should be freed if they aren't the killer"

"Thats it?"

Kita nods and walks off without another word. He goes to the door giving one more glance to Atsumu and leaving quietly.

The prosecutor stares dumbfounded,


damn maybe he already fell.








Now almost eight years later,no one would've believed a prosecutor and his supposed rival would date, muchless marry but oh how wrong they were.

Shinsuke kita-now miya was a well known attorney that could win practically any case he chose to accept.

And Atsumu miya,an infamous prosecutor that was sly with any of his convictions and had recently gotten his own law firm.

They were happily married, had a house together and a small pomeranian to care for. And to think they met through a one sided rivalry, it made Atsumu's brother wheeze slightly, even at their wedding when osamu was giving his speech. It was a memorable moment.

People- his parents mostly questioned how he was able to get shinsuke to date him and he'd always answer with a confident reply like 'it was my awesome flirting skills' shinsuke would ignore his answer and say that it was actually how atsumu had begged him to let shinsuke take him to dinner. Kita had reluctantly agreed and they somehow bonded over more than they realized and hit it off.