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Just a thought

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Our tale begins in Rubeus and Olympe Hagrid's house, Rubeus thinks that it's time for Olympe to retire from her position as Headmistress of Beauxbaton's.

Olympe said, "Zat school needs me zough, 'agrid."

Rubeus sighed. "Perhaps, but yeh've been running tha' place fer nearly 50 years now."

Olympe replied, "Yes, zat is correct."

Rubeus asked, "Don' yeh think tha' it's time to let someone else run the school?"

Olympe frowned. "But zen what would I do?"

Rubeus shrugged. "Yeh could just enjoy yer retirement with me perhaps?"

Olympe stated, "I like running the school though."

Rubeus muttered, "It was just a thought."

Olympe suggested, "How about I run Beauxbaton's for one more year and then retire after that?"

Rubeus smiled. "Tha' sounds like a good idea teh me."