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Izuku places Denki’s phone on the nightstand, tilted just right over where he wanted to lay down—getting up a couple of times to fix the position or softly tapping the screen to adjust the lighting.

Without turning his head, he makes a request. “Turn off that light, please.”

Denki nods eagerly and turns off the overhead light, left with only the lamp where his phone was. He walked closer to peek over to see what would be in the view of the camera, making sure that for once, their entire bedroom was all neat and tidy. Well, at least their dresser was.

After a moment of more brightness adjustment, Izuku let out a small cheer when the scene was perfect. He turned to smile at the blond and turned back to press the little recording button to start. He laid against the pillows and smiled at his boyfriend, patting his thigh happily.

Denki grinned widely and pulled his shirt over his head, shaking his head to get his hair out of his face. He kicks his boxers off and lets them fall on the floor, he can always clean it up later on. The blond climbed onto the bed and, as instructed, sat on the lap ever so politely, hands planted on the hero’s broad chest.

He arches his back until the curve of his spine is nothing but lewd and he raises his butt, subtly checking himself out—he needed to make sure he looked his best for their little at home video.

Just like he had wanted, his face couldn’t be seen on the screen. The top of the screen simply started at Denki’s shoulders and showed his entire body. All of Izuku’s thick thighs up to his face, his happy grin easily shown to the camera.

From this angle, it would not be easy to tell that it was the hero, Chargebolt. No recognizable scars, his signature hair lightning bolt couldn’t be seen.

Anyways, this video was just for them and well, maybe Denki’s private twitter where he only had nine mutuals. It wasn’t like they hadn't seen the raunchy pictures he had posted of himself and his boyfriend before.

Oral, creampies, tummy bulge.

He always made sure to bless their friends with sprinkles of his sex life and in return, he got to see just as much from all of them. From Mina’s dominatrix episodes to Hitoshi’s quirk-induced sexual adventures. Even Katsuki, who was usually a prude, had shown their friends a few tasteful nudes the other night.

His mind wandered as Izuku sat up to kiss him, running his hands up and down his slim back, holding him tightly.

As much as his boyfriend had been against the idea, he was certainly into it now. Kissing the blond eagerly, licking into his mouth, groaning softly whenever Denki would roll his hips against his growing hard-on. The slowly intensifying heat that started to build between them made the blond so very happy. He pulls away to breathe and Izuku nips at his throat, tilting his head to kiss at the flushed skin.

Izuku seems to quickly forget they're recording, his hands spreading over the blond’s chest. His fingertips sliding over the linear scars under Denki’s pecs, his thumb curling and rubbing the small brown nipples.

“Feel good?” Izuku murmured, leaning up to kiss his boyfriend. Their kisses skip any softness, going straight to moaning and grunting against each other’s lips. Breathing each other’s air. Eating up every noise the other made.

Denki whimpered when his nipples are pinched, he’s not as sensitive as before but having Izuku’s hands on him always felt good. He didn’t know if it was that they were recording themselves or if it was that they hadn’t had sex in a little over a week, but his body was already aching to be filled—he can feel the throbbing pulse that rang through his groin. His thick clit grinding down against Izuku’s clothed cock made him feel hot all over.

His hands found purchase on his boyfriend’s shoulders, sliding over to hold the back of his nape and scratching down with just the right amount of pressure that Izuku liked. The blond smirking as the hero underneath him groaned out in such a breathy rumble. He loved how Izuku was not shy to be vocal in the confines of their bedroom. Denki slowly moved his hands back to those shoulders and pushed down, forcing the man to lay on his back.

“Let’s get this started.” Denki hums, reaching under him and pushing down his boyfriend’s boxer-briefs. The cock that flopped out of the hero-themed underwear was far less than modest or cute.

Thick, throbbing, and mouth-watering.

Any other time, he would have taken the time to passionately give Izuku some experienced throat but today, he wanted to make his video.

He leans back, a hand on Izuku’s thigh as his other hand slipped down his front, rubbing his own swollen length. He shuddered slightly but those piercing green eyes made him spread his legs even wider.

“Pervert…” Denki chuckles, biting his lip as he stroked himself with a few fingers. His middle finger and ring finger slowly slipping lower, pushing into his soaked hole and the blond has to hold back from aggressively fingering himself. Not this time at least. Maybe after he came once on that dick, he would give his boyfriend the pleasure of finger fucking him for as long as wanted. Instead, he puts his filthy mouth to work, the words spilling past his lips faster than his brain could process. “Wanna fuck me? Use that fat cock?”

Izuku’s hands spread over his knees, fingers digging into the boney knee, trying to keep himself in check as he watched those thin fingers slip in and out of the quickly becoming overwhelming wetness.

Denki slips his fingers out and the small squelch noise that pops out with his digits makes his face burn at how aroused he was. He sat upon his knees enough to hover over the erect cock, holding it in his hands and rubbing the hot head against his entrance. The blond teases himself, makes himself want it more and more by the passing moment. The slickness his own body had mixed with the pre-cum graciously falling from the slit of his boyfriend’s cock.

“Ready?” Izuku asks and Denki smiles down at him. He keeps still and gets to the main event of their little scandalous recording session.

Izuku groans out, long and low when Denki finally slips in the first couple inches inside of himself. The stretch is more than welcomed as his cunt is spread open on the thick cock.

Had it gotten fatter somehow? Or was Denki’s pussy just that good at tightening itself back up?

Either way, it made his eyes roll in the back of his head as he finally bottomed out, sitting on his boyfriend’s thighs comfortably. The entire length was kept nice and snug inside of him and for a few fleeting thoughts, he almost wanted to just cockwarm Izuku.

“You feel so good… Love you…” Izuku mutters from below, his cheeks are so flushed that his freckles nearly disappear under the red hue. Denki slides his hands up the hero’s abdomen, letting his finger dip into every little curve of muscle until he planted them comfortably on Izuku’s sternum. The perfect position to lean on as he rode the fuck out of his boyfriend.

He wanted to make the perfect show for the video, whether it was only for himself or his small private account. He raises his hips slowly, letting inch by inch leaves him and he lets gravity take him back down to be filled again.

Denki mewls happily, the curve of Izuku’s cock was perfect to slide and grind up against that spot inside of him that made his cunt throb with pleasure.

Their gentle moans for one another melt together easily, a little symphony right in their bedroom as the echo of skin on skin holds a spot in the back of their minds.

After a minute of slowly raising himself and dropping down, he considers himself well-adjusted enough to start fucking himself on that cock for real. His cunt weeps generously as he starts riding with vigor, his thighs and knees begin to ache but he doesn't care.

He wants to cum without touching himself tonight, make himself squirt if possible. He moans helplessly after a few minutes, letting himself sit down completely and he rocks his hips back and forth, the cock inside of him shifting just enough to make him melt easily. Izuku's hands gripping on his thighs, being the ever-patient hero as he's ridden to his lover's content.

"D-Denki... Fuck..." The green-haired hero moaned out. Denki turns his gaze back to the phone, his heart fluttering as the scene looking back at him is just as lewd as he would want it.

In fact, it's even better than he could have hoped.

His body looks so toned and fit. Izuku's muscles looked just as strong, his body looking as built as he did when he was in public.

Denki whimpered as a small spark of pleasure struck up his spine, he was feeling so good. Feeling so good at the thought that their friends would watch the clip he would post online, the idea of them thinking how hot the couple looked made him jittery. He doesn't know how his timid boyfriend ended up with such a shameless attention whore.

He starts riding with earnest again, he knows he won't last long and Izuku won't either. The intense look in his eyes lets Denki know all he needs to know.

Izuku's hand slides up to hold his upper thigh and he holds the toned thighs as he slowly starts fucking up into the blond. Denki letting out a sharp gasp each time he's fucked into. His mind turning into a muddled mess the more he's thrust into, the sensation of getting used as a toy makes him want to sob in pleasure.

"Izu! Izu!" Every grunt and moan of his boyfriend's name is cut short by a hard thrust into his cunt, the sloppy noise that comes from it makes him dig his nails into Izuku's chest. "I'm almost-!" His voice sounds shrill but he doesn't mind this once, just another high tell sign of how good he's getting railed.

If it wasn't for Denki's request to ride Izuku for the video, he knows he would have been turned over on his back. Bent in half to get fucked as roughly as possible.

Izuku moans his name, praising him from below. How his cunt swallowed up his entire cock so well, took him so well, no one could make him feel that good.

Denki loved it, craved it. All the amazing things he felt had his innards spasming and his hands come up and slap down on Izuku's wrists. He held on for dear life as his knees drew inward, his head hanging as he sobbed and cried in pleasure.

He didn't squirt this time, maybe if he had viciously played with his clit but that was for next time.

Izuku fucks him past his orgasm, holding his hips to bring him up and down on his cock for a couple more minutes until the muscular hero finally brought him down one last time. Filling Denki up to the brim with hot, gooey cum.

They pant quietly as they both come down from their orgasmic high. Denki's little exhausted giggle makes Izuku sit up, holding him close enough to be pressed chest to chest. They kiss softly and Izuku smiles softly at him.

"You okay?"

Denki rolls his eyes and nods. "Better than okay... You're not too tired, are you? I still want two more tonight."

Izuku's sweet smile turns into a wide grin. One of his hands sliding down to give Denki a curt slap on the ass, watching the blond melt and laugh freely. "I can do that. Maybe even more than just those two."

Denki's hand slide up fist his boyfriend's wavy green hair, bringing him close to nip at his kiss swollen lips. He blinks and pulls away suddenly. "Oh wait! Pass me my phone." He all but snatches the phone out of the giving hands, stopping the video from recording and smiling to himself.

It wasn't too long but that was just their pent up needs. Next time he was going to make a full-length film with his big dicked boyfriend.

He cropped the video to the maximum amount that twitter would allow and he smiled to himself. Captioning the clip in a witty fashion and done! All posted for the nine friends he trusted enough to see.

Maybe he had been hasty in posting it and he tossed his phone over his shoulder on the corner of the bed. He licked his lips and rocked his hips slowly to revive the soft cock still inside of him.

"Now... How do you wanna do it?" He asked innocently and let out a squeal as he's quickly turned over, his back meeting the soft mattress. His knees are pushed to his chest as Izuku pulls out and he looks between his legs eagerly.

Izuku was notorious for keeping eye contact while he ate his own mess out of Denki.

Izuku leaned against the kitchen counter, yawning loudly as he waited for the coffee to finish brewing. As much as he would rather stay in bed with his lover, he had to get to work. The piles of reports that weren’t going to do themselves awaited him.

He served himself a hot mug and added as much sugar as he desired and opted out of creamer for the sake of his recently sensitive stomach. He blows on the surface gently as he opens his phone, going to twitter to see what news had arisen overnight.

He clicks on the trending topics and his eyes go wide as he stares at the number one topic.


Izuku choked on his morning coffee, the hot liquid burning his upper lip as he sputtered. His lips trembled as his mind tried to wrap around what or how this could have happened.

“Den-Denki!” He shouts, slamming down the mug on the counter almost hard enough to shatter the ceramic. He all but runs to their bedroom where the blond had sat up, messy bed hair standing on all ends. Denki rubbed his eyes and looked at Izuku with a pouty, questioning look. “Look! This! Look at this!”

He hands the blond his phone and Denki takes a moment to blink the sleep out of his eyes to focus on the bright screen.

Izuku watches his expression go from extremely confused to suddenly flustered.

“How?!” Denki shouts, just as shocked as his boyfriend was for the first time. He reaches out, almost knocking the lamp off the nightstand as he tries to get his phone. They don't move as Denki checks his social media. His golden eyes go wide and he giggles nervously inhabit. “I.. Hehe… I posted it to… Hehe... My hero twitter…”

“Delete it!” Izuku snapped at him.

“Okay! Okay!”

Denki scrambles to get his shaking hands to click on the corner of the post to delete it entirely off of his page but with nearly half a million views, his heart pounded viciously. Not for his own sake, but for Izuku. Being the number one hero came with certain public image requirements and he wasn’t sure how well things would go.

“I'm sorry... I didn’t mean to post it… I thought it was to my private account.”

Izuku looks conflicted, looking at his own phone but he turns to Denki, a tight smile on his face. “It was a mistake… It’ll be okay.”

Denki accepts the soft kiss that’s pressed against his mouth and he smiles just as tightly.

Izuku makes a call with his public relations manager and Denki can hear the scolding he gets, even from across the room. The hero rubs his neck and apologizes over and over again, his cheeks seemed to be stained red the entire morning. He kisses Denki again before he leaves and once again, they reassure each other it will be just fine.

He goes on twitter and his entire body burns with shame and with… Arousal.

He’s getting constant tweets and replies on his other posts about how good he looked in the video he had posted. As much as he felt completely embarrassed by what had happened, he did love the positive attention that was coming out of it.

The negative comments of slut and whore hero don't affect him at all. His mind was only trained on the sweet things his followers were telling him.

Weeks have passed by for things to finally calm down. The two minute and twenty-second video constantly circulating on twitter, how people commented on their bodies, and how well they fucked only made Denki and Izuku flustered beyond belief. Izuku's PR team had given all interviewers strict rules on not asking about the sex tape at all. It only fueled the fire when it came to Denki's interviews, he had the courtesy to respect his boyfriend's wishes and not answer anything that was thrown his way.

It's until the next quarter ranking comes out and both their approval ratings had skyrocketed. In hand with those results, both received multiple sponsorships from not so innocent companies. Izuku declined them all, even when Denki whined and whined that he should have accepted doing the dildo mold for a famous sex toy company.

"Everyone can feel how good you make me feel!" The blond whined, his fists pounding in the air as he threw a tantrum but he stops when his cheeks are cupped by Izuku. He blinks as his boyfriend leans in close, only inches away from his face.

He looks pensive and serious. "I only want to make you feel good."

"Mphm..." Denki hums through a smile, his cheeks turning pink at the honest answer he received. He's kissed slowly and the hand moves from his face to hug around his waist and just this once, he lets go of his tantrum. He's picked up easily to sit on the kitchen counter, Izuku moving between his legs. "Can we record-"

"No." Izuku cuts him off, pressing their mouths together in an attempt to shut his mouthy boyfriend up.

Denki rolls his eyes and goes with it.

He wonders how long it'll take him to convince Izuku to record something again.