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Ties of Namimori

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Cherry blossoms fall as he stares at the man on the other side of the pond. He can feel the people as they build in the land, his land. They are his people, but who exactly is he?

The man opened his mouth, and answered the unasked question.


He is Namimori, he had been Namimori. Before there was even a Sawada Tsunayoshi, he had already been Namimori. And he is a child once more.

It is not so surprising. After all, unlike countries, cities and towns are not immortal. Instead their memories are transferred, from one life to the next.

He remembered before he is Tsuna, he was an old woman. Before then, he had been a son of a ramen shop owner. And before that, he was a law enforcer.

Regardless of his past lives, he is now Sawada Tsunayoshi, the son of Sawada Iemitsu and Nana, twin brother of Sawada Ienari.

How strange it is that he had been born with Italian heritage. Perhaps this had something to do with the future of his people? Never had this happened before.

Despite this unknown, Namimori is excited. A different life with such heritage, who knows what is in store for him? Atleast he is guaranteed to have new experiences.



He always knew he is the unfavored child. It is easy to tell, even without being Namimori, that his new father pampers Ienari more.

When his father left overseas, his mother started favoring his twin over him. He would have been fine with the treatment, but being Namimori allowed him to know what the woman is thinking.

It is sad that Sawada Nana believes that he is the reason his father left. Being Namimori allows him to know that the woman will never outgrew the idea that he is the reason they are not a perfect family. It did not help that his father, when he visits or calls, seems to ignore him.

Namimori fears for his new life.



He is two when he found his true father.

It happened when they were in the park. He is playing in the sandbox alone, while his mother entertains his brother. 

His treatment had gotten worse over the year. His mother now starts to neglect him in favor of his brother. Namimori is fine, even if it hurts that someone that is part of him wants nothing to do with him. He just wishes that he could find a way to leave before things gets worse.

It was then he notice a man. He is wearing a white uniform with gold accents and was walking towards him. Namimori instantly knew who he is.

"Are you not lonely?" Namimori, Aikawa Sakura, asked as her feet splashes on the pond. The man in formal kimono next to her, stares at her blankly.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you do not talk to others like you. So are you not lonely?" Aikawa elaborate.

"I have you."

Honda Kiku, the personification of Japan, stares at him. "It is nice to see you again, my child."

Namimori cannot help the grin in his face. No matter what incarnation, Japan is always someone he considers a father. Other cities or towns would see him either a father, brother, or a comrade depending on the incarnation, but Namimori is the only one to see him as his father. Even if his incarnation has a father, Japan is his true father.

"Otou-san." Namimori said, extending his hands as a sign to hug him. Japan reached him and did as he wanted him too.

"Do you like your new incarnation?"

It is the question he had always ask. The few times he came in contact with the incarnations of other towns or even a city, they admit it was the first question Japan says to them.

"Kaa-san likes Ie-kun and forgets me. Tou-san is not at home a lot." Namimori said, lisping on a few words. He then proceeds to point at his mother and brother who were exiting the park to prove his point.

His father's eyes narrowed at the leaving pair. Namimori sees this as the perfect opportunity, and yanked the nation's pants to gain his attention.

"Can I stay with you?" As an added touch, he gave him his puppy eyes. Japan gave a small smile before lifting him.

"Alright, but you will have to return every once in a while to your new 'family'." The way he said family tells Namimori Japan would rather he do not return. Unfortunately, he has to keep appearance.



He is five when he almost died. 

It had happened on one of those rare weeks he spends with his mother and brother. Japan had bought a house in the town, but he still has to stay once in a while at his supposed home.

That week happens to be the day his other father visits along with a guest. Apparently, his father's boss was coming as well.

He is ready to greet the foreign man, just like he had greeted the other foreign men who had lived on his land. For some reason, the moment the man came in, his intuition is giving red flags. 

It was only when he felt his flames disappear, does he realize exactly what his intuition was warning him about.



North Italy gave Japan a bright smile. When she discovered that Nono was coming to Japan, she had excitedly followed as well.

"Ve~ I like your new place Japan!" Felicia said, admiring Japan's new mansion. It has a simple yet luxurious decor, Feli can't help but admire. Despite how large it is, it still gives a cozy and homey atmosphere.

"Thank you for the compliment, Italy-chan." Japan said, sipping his tea. Both of them chatted some more afterwards, their topics ranging from recent news to gossip.

"And then, South Korea-kun responded to Taiwan-chan that-" Japan stop midsentence, his face going pale. Italy noticed how Japan had stiffened and was clenching his teacup.

"Ve~ Did something wrong happened?" Feli asked, giving Japan a disarming smile. She needs to know what is wrong especially since Nono was here in Japan. 




He felt so cold, so empty. The voices that always resonates had been silenced. The things that made him being erased. He doesn't know who he is. 

"-seal had made him forget." That voice sounds familiar. It was male and the voice held such worry.

Who is he? Why is that voice so familiar? Why cannot he remember who he is? What is happening?

"-cult to remove." Another voice said. This one is female and held lightness into it.

What was happening?

As if answering his question, his memories started returning. A town with ties to the underworld. Namimori. He is Namimori.

Namimori opened his eyes, the memories having returned. There was Japan, looking at him with worry. North Italy was standing next to him.

Before he can say anything, Japan hugged him. Nami cannot help but let the tears he was holding flow. Japan rubbed his hand on the back of his head.

"It's alright. You're fine." For some reason, Japan seems to say it more to himself then to him. Nami knew why though. "You were dead for a few minutes. We almost didn't made it."

The choked sob Japan gave while saying it, broke Nami's heart. He had almost died. He had died. He knew that a town or city's death hurts the nation, the fact that he would have died so young would be more painful.

"They sealed your sky flames." The other nation, North Italy, says looking away in shame. Of course she would be ashamed. It was, after all, her own people who did it.

Nami reached towards the other nation, and made her join the hug. He can sense a connection towards her, the same connection he has with Japan.

"I guess you sensed the connection then." Japan said. Nami didn't respond, instead choosing to hug both of them tighter. He doesn't want to let them go anytime soon



"Ve~ You're going to Japan? I'll come to!"

Timoteo, the Vongola Nono, had a bad feeling all the way to Japan. It had started when Iemitsu asked him to seal his eldest flames, and while he is reluctant, he had agreed.

To make matters worse, Felicia Vargas was coming with them. The Vargas family, not Famiglia, are a powerful family. They have power over the Cosa Nostra, influence in the government, and connections around the world. They are even friendly with the Vindice!

While the Mafia considers Vongola as royalty, the Vargas are the true rulers. The founding father of the Mafia is a Vargas for Primo's sake!

"I can't wait to go to Namimori. My friend bought a new house there."

When they had landed, Felicia was quick to split from them. Timoteo's bad feeling only grew worse from there.

When he finally saw the boy, he felt dread. The boy's eyes hold such innocence. It reminds him that the boy in front of him is a civilian. The boy is someone untainted with blood. A plethora of childish innocence that glows with a bright orange in the little child's eyes. To seal a Sky so young, it felt so wrong.

Regardless, Timoteo must do this. 

Bringing such innocence into the Mafia, not if he can be spared, is cruel. The boy is a Sky, an active one, and so very young. He would be a target for enemy famiglias. 

Yes, sealing him is the only option.

"Ve~ Nono, did you enjoy your visit?" Felicia said, a sharp thing pricking his chest betraying the hug. Felicia look at him, truly look at him with open eyes. "Namimori is a nice place with interesting people. The sky is beautiful there too."

The way she said it, it held a warning. "The sky is beautiful there too." Does that mean she knows about him sealing a little Sky?

"Ve~ You know I like you, right?" The sharp object was push harder. Timoteo knew Felicia means more than she was saying. "I just hope you won't do anything to make me hate you. Ve~"

Another warning. 

She knows. She knows that he had sealed a Sky, one who is so young. She knows that he had sealed a child, an innocent civilian.

"Ve~ I hope you understand what your actions might cause." Felicia knew. Felicia knew exactly what he had done. He should not have agreed to Iemitsu's idea. He should have told the man to figure out his own problems. Now one of the only people more powerful than him is threatening him.

"Whatever you say, Felicia." Timoteo said, stopping himself from stuttering. Felicia beamed and let go, showing that the sharp object was a souviner tower.

"Ve~ I want pasta! Then we can get pizza, and then more pasta!" Felicia said, making her way to the car. 

Timoteo watched the woman leave. He is still shaken by the Vargas' actions. He understood clearly what Felicia was telling him. The message was loud and clear. He just hopes he will leave alive.

"You have done something you shouldn't have and you will pay the consequences."