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For all his explosive, brutish behaviour in the public eye, Bakugou Katsuki certainly is quiet behind the security of the bedroom door. He’s keeps unusually tight-lipped when Shouto turns the lock, remains so when he senses the other man move behind him. Shouto’s hands slide over the curve of his hips and slip beneath the hem of his t-shirt, rising to grip the thick muscles around his waist. He likes taking things slow, likes touching his favourite parts of Katsuki at his own pace, fully with the intention of teasing pretty sounds from his lips. The languid pace clearly winds him up, but he rarely complains, which Shouto finds rather odd as Katsuki usually complains about everything . He intends to find out the reason for his silence, in the best way he knows how. 


“You’re always so quiet,” Shouto murmurs, lowering his head to Katsuki’s shoulder. He kisses along to the curve of his neck, up to his space behind his ear. A gentle tremor runs along Katsuki’s spine, Shouto can feel him shiver beneath his hands. “Why don’t you want me to hear you?”


Katsuki grunts and steps forward, pulling free of Shouto’s hold. He turns and faces him with a familiar pout on his lips. For someone so handsome, Katsuki can pull the most grotesque faces. It’s rather amusing and never fails to bring a slight smile to Shouto’s face, which in turn usually annoys Katsuki further. That is certainly the case now, for his scowl only deepens. 


“I- I dunno,” Katsuki huffs, shrugging. “S’fuckin’ embarrassing.”


Embarrassing? Shouto frowns, approaching him with his hands outstretched. He rests them on his shoulders, warm and cold causing Katsuki to shudder lightly. Being vocal isn’t anything Katsuki needs to be embarrassed by, in fact Shouto would whole-heartedly encourage him to be as loud as possible. That’s how Bakugou usually is - riotously loud, brash - and that’s part of the reason Shouto adores him. Where he is contemplative and quiet, Bakugou is the opposite. Where he is subtly foul-mouthed, Bakugou is blatant and open. Yet here, he stifles himself. 


“It’s not embarrassing,” Shouto assures him, stroking over his shoulders to the pleasant swell of his bicep. “I like it when you’re vocal. It turns me on.”


Katsuki grunts behind his lips, cheeks flushing to a deep shade of pink. He’s still not used to the blunt way in which Shouto speaks about everything, especially things of a sexual nature. It never fails to stun him, hearing the unfiltered way Shouto thinks about him. ‘ I love your arms’, ‘I think you have an incredibly sexy bottom’, ‘Your mouth looks beautiful with my cock in it’ - he likes telling Katsuki how he feels, likes letting him know how he sees him. His most prolific compliments, the ones that make Katsuki flush the deepest scarlet, are those about his chest. It’s one of Shouto’s favourite parts of him and certainly the part that gets the most attention when they’re alone. 


His gaze slips down to Katsuki’s chest. Far too clothed for his liking. 


“Y-yeah, well,” Katsuki pouts, drawing Shouto’s gaze back to his face. “Ain’t gonna catch me whimpering like a little bitch any time soon.” 


Well, there’s a challenge if he ever did hear one. A slight smirk tugs at the corner of Shouto’s mouth as he rounds Katsuki and sits on the edge of their bed. As Katsuki turns to face him, he reaches out and grips the hem of his shirt. For once he’s docile and lets Shouto pull him closer, coming to rest between his splayed legs. Katsuki smirks and clambers on top of his lap, thick legs beside his waist and arms around his neck. He looks gorgeous perched up there with that typically nasty smile on his face. Shouto slips his hands beneath his shirt and strokes up the sides of his body, pushing the material up to reveal Katsuki’s stomach. His muscles visibly clench from the light tickle of Shouto’s hands, one warm, one cold, sliding along his skin. 


“You’re so attractive Katsuki,” Shouto murmurs, easing his shirt up higher. “So pretty.”


Katsuki huffs and yanks his shirt over his head, obviously frustrated with the slow pace. “Ain’t pretty .”


“You are. So pretty,” he replies, resting his hands on his waist. He rubs his thumbs over his toned oblique muscles, humming when Katsuki shivers. “Let me compliment you.”


He puffs his cheeks and shuts his mouth again, going quiet when Shouto slips his hands higher and starts pawing at his chest. If he’s perfectly honest, Shouto would happily grope at his pecs every waking moment of the day, even without the bonus of how sensitive they are. And oh, what a bonus that is. Katsuki tries to hide it but it’s easy to tell just how much even a simple squeeze of the muscle or flick of a nipple affects him. His cheeks grow red and his breath quickly becomes laboured, even if he doesn’t say it aloud Shouto can tell he likes it. He squeezes his chest lightly, intently watching Katsuki’s face as he strains to keep his expression level. 


“What are you fucking staring at, pretty boy?” Katsuki grunts, furrowing his brows.


“A pretty boy.”


“Fuck you, I ain’t pretty .”


Shouto hums, spanning his fingers out over Katsuki’s tits. He moves his thumbs up and rolls them softly over his nipples. Even that barest of touches causes Katsuki’s breath to catch in the back of his throat. The smile on Shouto’s face spreads a little wider - he’ll get some sounds out of him, even if it takes all night. He rubs his thumbs in gentle circles, gazing up at Katsuki’s face to marvel at the ever-brightening pink on his cheeks. His lips part, just for a moment, before he catches himself and clamps them tightly shut again. Shouto continues the motion with his left hand but moves the right, pulling his fingers in to pinch his nipple. He keeps the hold soft for now, simply rolling the little nub back and forth between his thumb and forefinger. Katsuki’s stomach muscles ripple as he struggles to stay still, failing entirely when Shouto pinches his nipple harder and a violent shudder runs along his spine. 


“Fuck,” Katsuki breathes, screwing his eyes shut. “F-fuck.”


What a pretty sound, Shouto thinks. Pretty, but not enough. Katsuki bucks his hips when Shouto repeats the action on his other tit, bumping his cock against his partner’s abdomen. He clutches his shoulders and starts grinding against him as Shouto idly fiddles with both of his nipples, alternating between rubbing and pinching with increasing pressure. Katsuki’s jaw clenches as he bites down on his tongue, wincing as he tries to keep quiet. Even as the time ticks on, he remains relatively silent, even as Shouto’s ministrations turn his nipples pink and puffy from the attention. He keeps rolling his hips, rutting against Shouto’s front to stimulate his cock through his jeans. It’s cute, how he tries to hold himself back. Cute and ever so slightly frustrating - even Shouto’s patience wears thin after a while. 


“I want to hear you,” he states, glancing up at him. 


“Sh-shut up,” comes the strained reply. 


Shouto frowns. It looks like it’s time to increase his effort. He lowers his head, getting an eyeful of the state of his reddening tits, and draws one of his nipples into his mouth. There’s no build-up now, instead Shouto starts sucking forcefully, grazing the sensitive flesh with his teeth. The spare pec doesn’t remain unloved either, he continues groping and squeezing at it as his mouth gets to work. Shouto groans around the nipple in his mouth, loving the feeling of Katsuki’s body shaking beneath his hands. There’s a gasp, then a louder cry, and then Shouto bites down harder, pinches harder.


Katsuki goes, for lack of a better term, absolutely apeshit. 


“Fuck, fuck, fuck! ” he curses, digging his fingers into the meat of Shouto’s shoulders like he’s clinging on for dear life. “Mm, fuck, fuck- Shouto, please-”


His hips snap forward against Shouto’s belly and he trembles violently for a few seconds before letting out a long, drawn-out moan. He goes rigid, rolling his hips in shallow little thrusts as he cries out and pants and curses. Shouto pulls off his nipple with a quiet pop and looks up at him, eyelids drooping when he sees the blissed out expression on Katsuki’s face. His eyes are screwed shut, brows furrowed, mouth hanging open as he whines and grunts. If he didn’t know any better, then Shouto might say-


“Did you just come?” 


Katsuki’s eyes snap open. There’s sweat shining on his forehead. It starts to dribble down his temple when his brows draw together and he scowls unpleasantly. 


“No! I-” he starts to mumble. He stops himself, swallows, and leans in to get closer to Shouto’s face. “So what if I did, pretty boy?”


“Just from playing with your tits?” Shouto says, surprised. That’s the first time that’s happened - but it certainly won’t be the last. He raises his hand and gently grazes the back of his fingers over the bite mark on his chest. “Intriguing.” 


Katsuki shivers at the touch and wrinkles his nose. “Shut it.”


“You were nice and vocal too,” Shouto continues, smiling. “I’ll have to do that more often.”


“How about you be less vocal, shut up, and fuck me, yeah?” he retorts, prodding a finger against Shouto’s cheek. “Getting bored of listening to you.”


“I’m not getting bored of listening to you. ‘ Mm, fuck Shouto, plea-’


“Oh my god , shut the fuck up!”