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“What? You want me to prove it to you?” Izuku asks the girl incredulously.


Ochako swirls the champagne glass in her hand and hums. She was clearly drunk so that would explain the nonsense that she was spewing. She knows he didn’t like girls like that yet she had come cascading onto him and declared her apparent undying love for him. They were friends, he had said to her, but he didn’t like her like that. Couldn’t even. When would he ever lie to her?


It stung that she didn’t believe him and demanded proof of his homosexuality, like the lucky rainbow pin he always wore to work wasn’t proof enough or the wacky colour he had dyed his hair just because, excuse but he was too gay to do normal.


Maybe that was why he was marching over to the punch bowl, emerald greens fixated on the man with the two-toned hair. Izuku would admit to watching him just standing there all evening, looking all lost, hot and bothered.


New year, he thought, new coworkers, new start, new manager... Then he grabbed the man’s face and slammed his lips onto those plump pink ones. The man didn’t kiss back but that was okay. He was doing this to prove a point anyway. Ochako better be watching because--- and that was when all sense decided to return to him and his eyes widen, possibly larger than the punch bowl. Izuku pushes backwards and dashes into the flurry of people on the dance floor.


He didn’t even know who that guy was. Judging from how the guest list was filled with employees of the Yueei Advertisement Agency, the man with the bicoloured hair could have been one of just that. But no, he just looked too …good to be in Izuku’s class. So a sponsor, probably. Or the son of a sponsor or anything high up about there.


The look on Ochako’s face was down in the dump when he returned to her side, “I believe you” her voice was almost a tiny whisper. She cocks her head at the crowd, “But who was that guy anyway?”


Izuku followed her gaze and met the questioning blue and grey eyes of the man he had just kissed and oh how much he was regretting it now. He snapped his eyes away almost immediately, just wanting to disappear. When he looked back, the man wasn’t there anymore and he sighs in relief, resuming his chatter with the brunette who eyes him concerningly but for his sake she drops it, promising never to bring it up ever again.


Hopefully, he would never meet that man ever again. It was a large world after all.






It’s a small world. A very tiny, so incredibly small ketchup packet world and there was no moment that Izuku had wished to just die on the spot more than this moment.


He could feel the eyes of the man---his new supervisor---hot on him but nope, he refused to look. The CEO paced along their straight as a ruler lines, introducing his son.


Todoroki Enji of the YAA had a son and Midoriya Izuku of the tiny cubicle by the washroom had kissed said son at the company’s commemorative new years gala and that same son is standing right in front of him being introduced as his supervisor, as in, going to be working with him, overseeing his work and generally doing what supervisors do.


He contemplates being fired or just resigning.


As soon as the big boss leaves, Izuku is immediately at Ochako’s side, hoping, just hoping that the man who looked around as the other workers resumed their stations wouldn’t recognize him.


“I’m so pooped.” He hisses and she pats his head reassuringly, no doubt that she blames herself.


“Fucked. Deku.” a coworker---Bakugou Katsuki to be specific--- corrected as a matter of factly as he hustled along back to his station.


Izuku ignores him and hides his face in his hands. He wasn’t panicking, psht! No, that would be an understatement. He was full on freaking out. Ochako shoots a glare at Katsuki for being so helpful! And glances over her shoulder at their supervisor.


“Oh come on, Deku. It can’t be the end of the world”


But it was, she knew it was, he knew it was, the world knew it was. Being his feeble, anxious little self, even the slightest embarrassment would send him on the rollercoaster of mental breakdown. So she stayed by his side the entire day, helping her best friend hide from the subject of his panic until he was mostly back to his normal self and thanks be to God because freaking-out-deku was not productive Deku.



She nods along, chuckling at what he was ranting on about, the latest story of his feral roommate who happened to be none other than Bakugou Katsuki, the explosive head designer extraordinaire.


She holds up a finger, “I need to use the bathroom”


She couldn’t hold it in anymore, spending the entire day at Deku’s side meant minimal bathroom breaks because if she left him for even a second, it warranted instant breakdown and inevitable doom. It was late anyway; the day was almost over so the odds that Deku would bump into the supervisor were incredibly low at this point.


Oh how wrong she had been.



Bakugou Katsuki appeared in front of his desk declaring that if he didn’t get his ass in the lobby in five, he was going to have to freeze it off walking home all alone before he disappeared into the elevator. Izuku, not wanting to catch hypothermia this early in the year sets out to packing up his things and making his desk at least half-decent as he waited for Ochako to come back so that he could announce his leave.


He let his guard down and that was a big mistake.


“Midoriya. Izuku Midoriya”


And Izuku nearly jumps out of his skin when he whirls around to find the man he had been ignoring for the entirety of the day staring at him, practically close enough for Izuku to feel his warm breath run down his neck and he shivers. Izuku instantaneously takes a cautious step back and manages to stutter out a coherent response.


“Y-yes, th- that’s me” before adding a ‘sir’ with hopes that it might pepper the man up enough not to fire him there and then.


Over the man’s shoulder, Ochako exited the girl’s bathroom and she froze, expression immediately shifting to that of a deer in traffic lights. But she knew better than to act now.


The man was talking but Izuku could barely hear it over his pounding heart.


“I didn’t really get a chance to talk to you today,” He says, voice full of inexplicable unease, “That your friend, she’s like a hawk” he chuckles, rubbing the back of his neck with a sheepish hand.


“Y- yeah, O-ochako …she’s a bit overp- protective” he swallows. He could see the cogs in the brunettes’s head turning, looking for a way to save him from this situation.


“So, I wanted to ask you something” the man starts.


Izuku finds himself blurting, “Please don’t fire me, sir!”, then claps a hand over his mouth, waiting for his supervisor’s reaction. He didn’t want to lose this job. It’d mean losing his friends, his apartment and gods forbid, this morbid job that he had grown to love in some way.


“Fire you?” the man echoes quizzically, and the way his eye lashes flutter makes Izuku’s heart just stop. Now’s not the time, Izuku! --he administers himself to a mental slap to get his thoughts right. Hold the line-- he wasn’t getting fired?


“No! I wanted to ask for your name and--” then the man pauses.


Izuku frowns, “Midoriya Izuku, like you said.”


The man’s eyes force shut, “Why is this so hard?!” he groans in frustration and Izuku eyes him with eminent confusion.


There’s a sharp exhale, “Todoroki Shouto.”


Izuku takes the extended hand into a handshake.  His hand was warm, Izuku noted for no reason at all. He was suddenly feeling so cold.


He nearly misses it when Shouto rushes, “I’m just going to say it. Please go out with me” There, he finally said it. He sighs in relief.


Izuku snatches his hand from Shouto’s own and cups it to his chest. Well, this was it. Goodbye Ochako, the corner cubicle is all yours now.


“I know, I know I shouldn’t have done that. I hadn’t known who you were and I just kissed you to prove something stupid to a friend and without your consent too. I don’t even know if you had a girlf---WAIT WHAT”


He blinks once, twice, thrice. Maybe he misheard and it was just his brain making up some weird fantasy where his supervisor who he kissed on New Year’s Day asks him out. If that’s it then yup, he was officially going cray-cray.


The shock on Ochako’s face immediately tells him otherwise.


“I didn’t think you’d be this cute goddamnit!” Shouto croons, crinkling up his nose.


Izuku feels his face flare up. The hot guy called him cute. His lips suddenly didn’t know how to form words.


“You don’t have to agree if you don’t want to.” Shouto adds, not wanting to force his subordinate into anything just because he had the authority to do so.


Shouto stares at the stapler on the desk because the last thing he wanted to see was the rejection in the other boy’s eyes, “I know, it’s weird. We just met and all that and you just said it was a dare but I really thought—”


“Yes” Izuku cut him off. He takes a long-dragged breath and squeaks, “I’d love to go out with you”


He just adored how Shouto’s face lit up like a child on Christmas eve, “Really?”


“Really.” His head was screaming because holy bullshit, this was happening!


“Ah,” Izuku smiles softly, “Now excuse me while I go gay panic.”  Aaand he embarrasses himself in the first second.


“Of course,” Shouto chuckles, making his leave from his Izuku’s office. “Oh and—” he turns around, “—I can drive you home if you want.” He offers.


Izuku is about to decline because this was all too much, too fast. He felt like he could explode. Then he remembers how Katsuki has probably already left him because of all that time Izuku wasted gaping at Shouto like an idiot.


“Mhm, that would be nice”


“Great! I’ll be down in a second.”


Shouto vanishes into his office and Ochako is immediately on Izuku. She says nothing as Izuku screams into her shoulder, asking repeatedly whether he was dreaming or not.


She only smiles and assures him that this was very much real and he cries because he was such a romantic sap.