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                Third woke up to the buzzing of his alarm clock, opening his eyes he is blinded by the morning light as he adjusted his body to sit up straight from the bed. Looking at his surroundings he let out a sigh before smiling as he felt arms encircle his waist and pull him closer to the other side of the bed.

                “Why did you wake up so early huh? It’s a weekend.” Grumbled the person currently kissing his neck and tightening the hug he has been giving to him.

                “Ow Khai your hugging me too tight! And yes it’s a weekend but you do know what weekends mean right?” Third asked trying to feign annoyance but ultimately leaning in to peck a kiss at his sleepy boyfriend.

                “Wait… oh no… oh c’mon Third! We just completed a huge project yesterday I’m still so tirrreeeed.” Khai whined, pouting as he gave few more kisses to his lover’s cheeks trying to woo his lover into spending the day in bed cuddling which earned him giggles and a soft smack from Third.

                Now what is so important about today you ask? Well today is what Third dubbed as “Cleaning Days”, ever since he went with White’s plan to make Third stay with Khai back when they were not a couple yet, he was introduced to Khai’s mess of an apartment. That alone should have been a good reason for Third to move on from his stupid best friend for god sakes the guy only has two plates and cuts bottles because he didn’t have mugs and glasses yet love made him stay and he couldn’t be happier with how their relationship progressed. So, after everything they finally became couple and moved in together he sat Khai down and presented him with a powerpoint presentation (yes Third was that extra) of how this “Cleaning Days” will be implemented in their lives. Every weekend the two would divide cleaning duties between them and ever time they completed one they would mark it down on a whiteboard. There are also times when they would dedicate a whole day meaning that they will scrub the floor and clean every nook and cranny, wipe everything with even a speck of dust. This leads to both parties being exhausted, but it wasn’t all bad because they’d take a shower together, order takeout, watch a movie and end the day cuddling until they were both asleep.

                “Oh please, if you were so exhausted yesterday then how come you had so much energy that night hmm?” Third looked at him teasingly as he watched Khai’s face turn a few shades of red. This was what Third love about Khai, even if he was such a charmer and confident in the outside it surprised him that his boyfriend was even capable of blushining.

                “Hmph, don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it” Khai pouted.

                “Ok how about this…” Third trailed off, breaking free from his boyfriend’s hug he stood up and looked down at Khai. “He looks so cute when he pouts” He thought as he leaned in closer to Khai’s face and by the looks of it,  Khai was looking at him with the same stare he got last night when they stumbled through the door after celebrating with their friends over a job well done. Third brought his lips near Khai’s face and whispered in his ear which caused the taller man to widen his eyes and nod aggressively which made Third laugh because of course that’s what would make him get up from their bed and clean the whole house.

                “NOW GET YOUR ASS UP AND LET’S START CLEANING” he yelled quite loudly which caused Khai to fall from the other side of the bed as he hurried to get out of their bedroom and into the closet where the broom and other cleaning supplies where located all the while Third was following him still laughing from his boyfriend’s actions.

                After preparing the supplies, the two fell in a rhythm. Sweeping, mopping and wiping everything in the house that they deemed dirty. Third oversaw vacuuming the floor and cleaning the windows while Khai mopped the floor and wiped the dust from their furniture. It was a comfortable silence for both and even if Khai protested a while ago Third can see that he was enjoying it, smiling as he wiped the TV. After cleaning the living room and the kitchen. Third volunteered to clean the bathroom which left Khai with the bedroom. Entering the bedroom, Khai immediately started with their bed. He removed the bed sheet and pillowcases and put their comforter on the washing machine. After that, he started wiping some dust off their desk and proceeded to go to their closet after making sure their desk was finally free of dust.

                Opening their closet made Khai smile, something about how their clothes were in one place made his heart flutter. This was it; they were together and in pure domestic bliss and he would not want it any other way. He started off by putting their clothes on the bed so that he can clean the closet much better but something caught his eye, it was a small box, it looked like a book at first but when he held it in his hand it was some sort of container. It was dusty which caused him to sneeze but after wiping it he saw paper that was attached to it with the words “do not open” and “control S”. He opened it to reveal a bunch of pictures of him and Third, he smiled looking at the pictures. They were old pictures of the two, he didn’t even know that Third still had and it just goes to show how much he valued their relationship. Setting the pictures aside he saw a familiar name crown, “Noi Na” was written on it and Khai was suddenly flooded with memories of how they first met, it was such a warm memory that Khai will always thank the heavens for making them meet that day. While staring at the name crown, his eyes saw something that made his brows furrow. Looking at the two pieces of paper closely made the smile he had remembering his memories with his beloved Third fall. Two tickets for a Blackpink concert lay at the bottom of the container, he did not have to think twice because he already know what those tickets meant to Third and guilt was the only thing Khai felt at that moment.

                He ran a hand through his hair and took a deep breath “Shit… he actually bought those tickets”. as the memories came crashing back. How he begged Third to buy him tickets knowing how hard it is to get them but at that time the old Khai, the Khai he hated, the one that kept hurting Third only wanted to impress and spend time with a girl so much that he was willing to use his friend just to make sure he can score on someone he’ll eventually break up with after a week. He though about how tired Third must be waiting in line after a rough week of school, how he probably spent a fortune to buy those tickers and how Khai to no surprise crushed his heart once again when he showed Third the Blackpink ticket he got. “I really am an asshole, how the hell could I do that to Third?”. If Third saw him right now he would probably smack him again for thinking negative of himself again, that’s just how much his boyfriend loves him. Third has constantly told Khai he’s forgiven him every time he would feel bad about all the things he put his boyfriend through but there’s always that lingering feeling within Khai that tells him he is not good enough for his lovely and kindhearted best friend. He knows he doesn’t deserve it all but when he looks at Third and the other looks back all those doubt disappear and he is reminded that he wants to be a better man, someone who is able to make his beloved happy, to give him the love he deserves and to create new memories that replaces the one’s that put Third through three years of pain.

                Khai felt the tears run from his eyes as he held the tickets. “Khai are you done? We can take a break if you want. I ordered some takeout for us let’s eat first before we finish cleaning the rooms”, he heard Third call for him. Wiping the tears from his face he made a promise, he will take Third through every concert possible. They will dance, sing and hold each other throughout every one of them. Khai will not let concerts be a bad memory for Third.

                 He heard footsteps coming to the bedroom and quickly hid the tickets in his pocket and put the pictures back on the container and hid it in the closet.

                 “Hey Khai, the takeout is here, we should eat before it gets cold, Khai?”, Third went inside the room and saw Khai sitting on the floor looking a bit weirded out.

                 “Are you ok Khai?”

                 Khai turned around and smiled “Yeah I’m fine let’s eat, I’m kinda hungry. Third smiled back and turned around to go to the kitchen when he suddenly felt Khai embrace him as they walked to the table.

                “Why are you hugging me?” Third asked, not that he was complaining though. He loved it when Khai was touchy with him. It still surprises him how much his Khai changed as they became a thing. The taller was more affectionate to him than before and up to this day this small acts of affection still made his heart beat so fast.

                “Nothing I just missed you” Khai mumbled as he kissed his lover’s neck which earned a chuckle from Third. “That was so cheesy! The hunger must have gotten to you lets go eat already”. Third said smiling as he led the taller man clinging to him to the dining table. Yes, it was cheesy but if Khai was able to make Third smile like that then so be it he will be the cheesiest person in the whole world for the one he loves.