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flower & the honeypot [Requests Open!]

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Hello and thank you for showing interest in my work!! This collection of prompts will be a mix of suggestions you folks will make and some scenarios that I've cooked up and have been wanting to write for a while, but before you guys start requesting I have to set some ground rules:

1. Absolutely no minors. I don't care about the age of consent in your country. I will not be writing porn of characters under the canon age of 18. Ageless characters are fine, but for personal preference, I won't write any Flower x Piko porn.

2. No gross shit like scat, piss or other unsanitary things like that. Some kinks I'm not comfortable with writing, so I'll let you know if you suggest something I'm not comfortable with and we can try and work something else out!

3. Feel free to make requests under any chapter!

4. I'm down for any Flower pairing with any character (as long as they don't break rule 1) and as many characters as you want! Gangbangs are fun lol

5. So go wild!! Just give me which characters you want to see fuck/get fucked by Flower and what you wanna see exactly and off I'll go 

For some funsies, here are just a few basic Flower headcanons I have for context:
-I see Flower as 19-20
-she's a gender-nonconforming young woman
-I generally see her as either a dom top or power bottom 
-maaajor fuckboy sapphic vibes

I hope you enjoy this Flower fuckfest lol