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Voice Kink

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Jungkook fucks his hand faster, tightening his grip, as Taehyung laughs next door. 


He moved into Taehyung’s apartment about a month ago and so far, they haven’t had any issues with each other. Taehyung spends most of his time out with friends and Jungkook stays at the gym whenever he can. They’re rarely both at home at the same time, so when Jungkook got bored at home alone he figured he could squeeze in a quick wank before doing some light cleaning. 


He was wrong, of course.


As soon as Jungkook found some porn Taehyung burst into the apartment, and Jungkook thanked God he decided to lock his bedroom door. He chose to masturbate anyways, keeping his noise to a minimum. Getting so wrapped up in the video, he barely heard Taehyung yelling at someone on the phone. 


Taehyung, for some reason, prefers calling over texting. On the few occasions he’s not out with friends, he’s pacing around his home, talking to them on the phone. 


He fell onto his bed and berated his friend for something while scrolling through twitter, in the room next to Jungkook’s. 


And Jungkook couldn’t care less. He turned up the volume, palming his erection. Eventually he worked his way up to jerking himself off, a hand wrapped around his length and the other holding his phone way too close to his face. Then the video ended, and while Jungkook searched for another one to watch, Taehyung’s voice seeped through the wall. 


His voice was low and clear, simply telling his friend to wait until he got paid before they made any plans. But when Jungkook heard him, he couldn’t get over how much the man’s voice resonated in him. Mostly, he wanted to find another video and finish off, but a small part of him hung onto the sound of Taehyung’s voice. 


Maybe he was just tired. Maybe he hadn’t been with anyone else in too long, and he just liked the idea of hearing someone else’s voice in real life for once. Whatever it was, it made Jungkook take his airpods out, put his phone down and listen. 


Taehyung scolded his friend for something, his whiny tone eliciting a strange reaction in Jungkook. He dragged his fist up and down carefully, as though Taehyung would hear if he went any faster. 


The roommate continued to talk, his voice too low to make out any words, but Jungkook didn’t really care anymore. It was the mental image of Taehyung sinking down onto his cock, saying whatever he wanted to say (as long as he said it with that voice), that drove Jungkook mad. He quickened his pace and tried to quieten his own breathing so as to hear Taehyung better. 


Which leads him to his current predicament. Jungkook fucks his hand faster, tightening his grip, as Taehyung laughs next door. 


It doesn’t matter what he’s laughing about. In Jungkook’s mind he’s laughing at how hot and bothered Jungkook is right now; thrusting into his own fist feverishly and stifling his moans by biting his hand. He imagines Taehyung calling him pathetic with that deep growl, grabbing Jungkook’s dick and abusing it while spitting out an array of insults at him. 


When he cums, he realises that he’s probably awakened something in himself. 


For the next couple of weeks Jungkook avoids Taehyung’s eyes, because he can’t bear looking at the man that he jerks off to almost every day now. Each time it’s a different scenario, one more extreme than the next, to the point where he considers baking his neighbours a pie as an apology for the time he finally bought a dildo and pretended Taehyung was fucking him in every position imaginable. 


(His favourite position was on the floor, where he spent a good half an hour bouncing on the dildo, lazily calling out Taehyung’s name along with all the obscene things he wanted Taehyung to do; mainly replying to the man’s voice in his head telling him to take his dick and prove he’s worth something by riding him good; until his words became an unintelligible dribble of sounds. He especially enjoyed his cock slapping against his chest and fighting against the urge to stroke it, until he finally gave up and Taehyung’s voice in his head called him a desperate piece of shit.)


On a warm Saturday afternoon, Jungkook’s on a run to clear his mind when he hears a familiar voice shouting “Look who it is!”. He stops in his tracks and turns to find none other than Taehyung in nothing but shorts, filming him. “Jungkook! Who would’ve thought we’d run the same paths. How ya doing?” 


“Good, just about to head back now.” 


Taehyung pats him on the back and informs him about a scenic route back home that he could take, before going “ah!” and realising he was still recording the interaction. “I’m gonna put this on my story—the first couple seconds, anyway—if that’s cool with you.” 


Jungkook nods. “Could you send me the whole vid? So I can, um—cause you mentioned that scenic route thing and I kinda forgot the directions you gave me already.” 


Taehyung nods and airdrops it, completely unaware that Jungkook only wants the video to hear Taehyung’s voice. 


About two weeks later, Jungkook’s in his room again, watching the video with his dick in his hand. Taehyung’s face is never in the video but he’s seen the man enough times to know what he looks like. His main focus is the voice; Jungkook plays the video on repeat just to hear Taehyung shout his name. At first he just pictured Taehyung cumming while moaning his name, stuck on the idea of Taehyung cumming on Jungkook’s face, in his mouth, in his hand, on his stomach, inside him, on his back; until he wore the idea out. Then it was Taehyung gasping Jungkook’s name as the latter took his dick into his mouth unexpectedly, which Jungkook soon figured he’d never had the courage to actually do. 


Today he just listens and lets his mind roam free, that is until Taehyung, once again, comes bursting through the front door. He’s with a friend, who mumbles something, to which Taehyung responds with “Uh… I’ll go ask Jungkook.” 


Jungkook shoves his phone under the covers, pulling them up to his waist to cover his leaking erection. 


Taehyung knocks on the door and shouts Jungkook’s name. his dick twitches and he has to cover his mouth to block the moan about to escape his lips. He mumbles “Come in.”, leaning against his headboard to at least make it seem like he was resting, or something. 


“Have you seen the keys to the shed? I need my bike.” 


Jungkook nods and gestures to the bedside table, where the keys are sitting. Taehyung steps into the room and gets to the table, almost picking up the keys, almost letting Jungkook get away with this, but he turns to Jungkook and frowns. 


“You look hot.” Taehyung says. Jungkook furrows his brows. “Do you have a temperature?”


Jungkook freezes, unsure how to respond to get Taehyung to leave, which only makes him more worried. He holds the back of his hand to Jungkook’s forehead, which Jungkook only now realises is kind of sweaty from sitting in a small room and masturbating for so long. 


“God, you’re so hot. How long have you been in here?” 


Jungkook hedges. 


“You need some fresh air.” Taehyung pulls the duvet off, revealing Jungkook’s boner along with the video still playing silently. “Oh? Were you—”


Jungkook covers his face with his hands and apologises profusely, but Taehyung takes hold of his wrist and moves his hand away. He looks shocked but not disgusted, which, to Jungkook, is the best response he could ask for. 


Then Taehyung looks to the door and back at Jungkook before telling him to keep going. Confused by the command, Jungkook doesn’t do anything, so Taehyung takes Jungkook’s hand and moves it towards his dick. 


So Jungkook complies. He wraps his hand around himself and moves slowly, unsure what to say or do. It’s not until Taehyung grins that he feels a little more comfortable and picks up the pace, his hand gliding effortlessly from the coconut oil that he swears by. 


Taehyung picks up the phone and instantly recognises the video. “You’re watching this while… why?” 


“It’s—well, um, your voice—”


“My voice?”


“I like it.” Jungkook gulps and lowers his head. He focuses on trying to regulate his breathing, Jungkook’s heart beating too fast for his lungs to keep up. 


Taehyung leans over and whispers “Just my voice?”, his hands lingering over a whining Jungkook. Just close enough for Jungkook to feel his presence but far away enough for him to crave it. He leans into the man, who pulls away and laughs. 


Taehyung’s friend shouts something so Taehyung replies “Hold on, I’m coming!”, snickering to himself. He places two hands at either side of Jungkook and leans in again, his face mere inches away from Jungkook’s. “So you get off to my voice?” 


Jungkook nods. 


“How dirty of you. How do you feel right now?” 


Jungkook looks directly into Taehyung’s eyes. “I don’t know. Keep talking.” 


“So you wait until I leave and get off to videos of me talking. You’re such a pervert.” Taehyung says with a smirk. “Why don’t you just do it when I’m on the phone?” 


“I—I do,” Jungkook’s dick hurts; it’s throbbing and sore as if begging him to stop; but with Taehyung’s eyes burning into him and tension hanging in the air between them, he continues, simply because Taehyung wants him to. 


“Oh, wow. When I’m next door on the phone you’re in here, fucking your hand and wishing I was with you. Guiding you? Telling you how to touch yourself?” Taehyung speaks so quietly that Jungkook almost thinks he imagined the words coming out of his mouth. 


He hums and bites his lip. He’s close now; he can feel heat building up in his abdomen. “Just want you t-to talk to me, please.” 


It feels cruel when Taehyung laughs at this. “Shh, my friend’s still out there.” He leans over to Jungkook’s ear. “Do you only ever jerk off?”


“No,” Jungkook shivers as Taehyung nibbles at his ear playfully. “I, um, I have a dildo.”


“And you pretend it’s me inside you?”


Jungkook nods. 


I didn’t take you for a slut. Now, cum for me.” He whispers, planting a single kiss on Jungkook’s neck. 


Finally being touched overwhelms him; he spasms as he cums into his hand, high-pitched broken cries muffled by his own hand. 


Spent, he falls back onto the bed and lets his eyes follow Taehyung as he picks up the keys and leaves Jungkook there. 


“He’s got a fever, just wanted to make sure he’s okay.” Jungkook hears from down the hall. 


It takes Jungkook a while to do anything productive after that. Whenever he tries to get up, go outside, exercise or shower Taehyung’s voice haunts him. It’s always in the back of his mind, telling him to touch himself, fuck himself, cry out Taehyung’s name; and sometimes he complies, usually in the shower. 


Once he finally builds up the courage to make a sandwich, Taehyung walks into the kitchen. He’s on the phone again, so Jungkook keeps quiet and minds his business. He’s been lucky enough so far to not have to talk to Taehyung, especially since he knows he wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation without melting right in front of him. 


So when Taehyung stands next to him, he crumbles. He casually slides a hand into Jungkook’s sweatpants while asking his friend about the weather, and Jungkook can’t help but dart his eyes over to the man. Taehyung winks and keeps going, swiping over Jungkook’s length with his thumb. 


Unsure of what else to do, Jungkook presses the lettuce onto his sandwich. Since Taehyung’s still on the phone he assumes that he should act natural, until Taehyung pulls Jungkook’s semi out and rubs at the tip. 


Jungkook bites his lip and moans, eyes focused on his sandwich. 


Taehyung puts his phone on speaker and sets it down on the counter. Using his now free hand, he holds Jungkook’s jaw and turns his face towards him. 


“Has anyone told you that you have a nice voice?” Taehyung says. “I mean, I know I sound good, but I think I like your voice more.” 


“Um… thanks?” The friend replies through the phone. 


Hand wrapped around Jungkook’s cock, Taehyung continues, “The noises you make, they make me feel some type of way.” He places his thumb on Jungkook’s lower lip and opens his mouth slightly, just enough to slot his thumb inside. Jungkook sucks, his doe eyes fixed on Taehyung. 


“What noises?” 


“Don’t worry about it Hobi, I’m just complimenting a friend. T’inquiete pas.” 


Somehow Taehyung sounds even better in whatever language he just spoke. The more he twists at Jungkook’s dick the easier it becomes. His hand slides along, making sloppy noises that are music to Taehyung’s ears. 


Jungkook grips onto the counter. 


“So how was your day?” 


“It’s like 3PM, the day’s barely started.” 


“For you, maybe. I went out to buy some shit, y’know, bread and milk and stuff. On the way home I bumped into some really good-looking guy,” He fondles Jungkook’s balls, making him moan softly. 


“What was that? Did you bring him home?” Taehyung laughs it off but Hoseok persists. “Please tell me you’re not on the phone with me while you’re fucking some guy.” 


“Sorry, I was watching porn and got bored of it, decided to call you instead.” While Hoseok complains Taehyung stands behind Jungkook and grinds against him, his own erection pressed on Jungkook’s ass. Jungkook leans into it, his hand on his mouth and his head hung low. 


All Taehyung does is hum and Jungkook comes into his hand. 


“Done so soon?” Taehyung whispers, still stroking, milking Jungkook for all he has. Jungkook’s limbs shake. He pants from the overstimulation but Taehyung keeps going until he cries. Taehyung stops then, wiping a tear from Jungkook’s cheek, but Jungkook pushes back against Taehyung’s dick as best as he can and holds Taehyung’s hand to his spent cock. 


Taehyung reaches over to the medicine cabinet and grabs a bottle of lube there. He pushes Jungkook’s sweatpants down to his ankles and lathers the lube over his fingers before spreading Jungkook’s cheeks apart and teasing the rim. He pushes the finger inside, then two, easing Jungkook open with care. 


“I haven’t met your new roommate—what’s his name—Jungkook; how is he?” 


Taehyung replies, “Jungkook? He’s uh, he’s pretty nice.” He curls his fingers and presses at Jungkook’s prostate, making him shiver and moan into his hand. “He cleans up after himself and pays his half of the rent; what more could I ask for?” 


“From that pic you posted with him, I’d say he’s pretty handsome too. Maybe you should go after him instead of random people on the street.” 


Taehyung laughs, adding a third finger with extra lube. “I… dunno man, I don't think he’s into me like that.” 


“Have you asked?”


“How would I even go about that? “Hey roomie, wanna fuck? If not, that's okay, please dont move out”? Feels weird.” He coats his dick with lube, places both hands on Jungkook’s waist and slides in. Jungkook gasps, his knuckles almost white on the counter, and pushes back into him with all the power he has. He keeps going until Taehyung’s dick is as far in as it can go and waits there, running a hand through his sweat-coated hair and trying his best to stay silent.


With a flat hand on Jungkook’s back Taehyung bends him over completely. 


“You don’t have to do all that, just ask about his past relationships to see if he likes guys, take him out to eat, watch movies together or something.”


“So I shouldn’t start with sex?” Taehyung fake frowns. 




“Hm. I guess I've been doing it wrong.”


“No wonder you’re still single.” 


He pulls out completely, leaving Jungkook feeling empty and frustrated. If he could just get off to Taehyung’s voice he would, but after all this he needs more, so much more, to satiate the hunger in his soul. 


“I hope Jungkook’s into guys, cause one time he left his bedroom door open while getting changed and i accidentally saw him naked and, God, I want his dick in my mouth.”


“Jesus Christ, you’re so horny all the time.” 


“If you saw him you’d understand. his thighs are so big; I wanna hold them up over my shoulders while I eat him out.” He lines himself up and slams into Jungkook at full speed. 


“Why are you telling me this? Go tell him.” 


“And freak him out? No thanks.” Taehyung times his thrusts in an arrhythmic way so that each one leaves Jungkook unsure when the next will be. With every slam Jungkook lets out a gasp, his cock jumping in the loose hold of Taehyung’s hand and his legs trembling harder. 


“What’s that noise?” 


“Oh, that?” Slam. “It’s the cupboards. I can’t find the bleach. Ah,” He whines, and Jungkook wishes he could hear it on repeat. “I swear I put it in the same place every time.” 


“Tell me about it. Y’know when I—” Jungkook reaches over and mutes the call before immediately crying out for more. 


“Shit! I—hmf—Taeh—fast, please?” Jungkook splutters. Taehyung complies, cupping Jungkook’s ass with both hands and spreading them apart to fuck into him deeper. 


“You kept quiet for so long, well done. Never knew a bitch could go so long without whining.” He laughs at the sound of Hoseok speaking in the background and Jungkook lets out a choked moan. 


“Keep… talking. Fuck, so—so good, hhhfff” Face flushed, he props his elbow on the counter because his hands give up, barely managing to wrap one around his cock and tug. 


“Does it feel good? Dreaming about me fucking you senseless and it finally happening? How many times have you cried out my name with your fingers in your ass?” 


“So many.” He slurs, jerking himself off slightly too fast. 


“And now I’m gonna cum in this ass of yours. Are you gonna follow me around like the dog you are, begging me to fill you up again?” 


“‘M gonn—ah, I’m gonna cum.” 


When Taehyung cums he manages a few more thrusts and groans, which sends Jungkook over the edge. After he controls his breathing Taehyung pulls out of Jungkook’s clenching ass, picks up his phone and walks out, unmuting himself to continue his conversation with Hoseok. He leaves Jungkook to figure out how to move when his legs are numb. 


A few minutes later he returns after having ended the call and, without a word, swiftly picks a surprised Jungkook up and carries him to the bathroom, where he has a bubble bath prepared for him. 


“I hope u dont mind that I used one of your bath bombs.” He chuckles, sitting on the edge of the tub. 


Jungkook slides down into the water with a sigh and murmers “Fuck.”, his head resting on the back of the bath rather uncomfortably. 


“Did I do too much? I feel like I uh, I dunno, invaded your space, or something.” 


Lazily shaking his head, Jungkook replies “You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted you to do that.” 


The gratified grin on his face tells Taehyung all he needs to know. He holds Jungkook by the chin and moves his own face closer. “Open,” he requests, and when Jungkook complies he laps his tongue in Jungkook’s mouth, bringing their lips together in a dirty salivated kiss that they both moan into. 


Before things progress Jungkook pulls away and, eyes low and glazed over, asks “So you’re okay with the voice thing?”


“I’ve had stranger roommates.”