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This is not how it was supposed to go. They were not supposed to be here; OA in the hospital lobby, awaiting news on his critically injured partner, while Maggie was in the operating room, fighting for her life.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl, as OA replayed the day in his mind, over and over again. Everything started out as a normal day for the duo.. Well, as normal as their day could be. The Behavioral Analysis Unit had flown in from Quantico the day before, to assist with a case. This wasn't the first time Maggie and OA had worked with the BAU. They had actually developed friendships with some of the members, several months prior on a few cases, and had stayed in contact. So, the pair had jumped at the opportunity to work with the team on this most recent case.

There had been three deadly shootings in the past four days. There were multiple victims, and no reason to believe that it was over. After hitting a wall at every turn, thy finally found a solid lead: Jeffery Haynes, a potential witness.

Maggie and OA had went with JJ, the BAU's recently promoted Unit Chief, to interview Jeffery. OA drove them over there, and Maggie took the lead introducing them.

Jeffery had appeared disheveled and frantic, but the agents chalked that up to him witnessing one of the fatal shootings. However, as they made their way back to the SUV, moments later, they began to realize that something was really off. By the time the three pieced together that he was their suspect, it was already too late.

Time seemed to stop as a single gunshot rang through the air. Drawing their weapons, OA and JJ realized two things; Jeffery was already running, and Maggie had just collapsed to the ground. The bullet had tore through her chest.

OA was at her side in an instant, while JJ sprinted off in the direction of the suspect and called for assistance.

The three agents hadn't seen Jeffery come around the side of the house. They had been standing near the SUV, piecing together new information. OA, and JJ weren't facing the side of the house, but Maggie was directly in Jeffery's line of fire.

By the time Maggie had seen the gun, he already pulled the trigger. She felt excruciating pain rip through her body. She fell to the ground, her entire world threatened to go black.

OA placed his hand on Maggie's chest, immediately applying pressure to the wound. He knew JJ would have radioed for help, and an ambulance would be there soon. "Come on Mags. Stay with me. Help is on the way." Blood was seeping through his fingers and he could tell that Maggie was already struggling to breath. He pressed down a little harder, not only to slow the bleeding, but he also knew that if air got in through the wound, Maggie's lungs could collapse. He could hear a cop car screeching around the corner, and knew that JJ's back up had arrived. 'Good, one less worry.'

All Maggie could register was the sound of OA's panicked voice. She tried to focus on his eyes, as he hovered over her, but the pain was making it incredibly hard to concentrate. All she wanted was for the darkness to take over, but she tried to hold onto the sound of her partner's voice. It was getting really difficult to breath. She felt her eyes start to drift shut.

"No, Maggie! Open your eyes!" OA silently cursed the medics for taking so much valuable time. "Sweetheart, you've got to stay awake. I know it's hard, but you have to keep your eyes open."

Maggie barely nodded, desperately trying to stay awake, but it was getting harder to breath with every passing moment. She tried to speak, but no words came out.

"Maggie, do not try to talk. Save your breath." OA's concern grew when Maggie began coughing up blood. He knew then, the bullet had punctured her lung.

Maggie's eyes closed again, and this time she wasn't responding to OA's voice.

"Maggie! Maggie, you have to wake up!" He was desperately calling her name, knowing that if she didn't open her eyes soon, there was a good chance that she wouldn't open them at all. Fearing the worst, OA put two fingers on her neck. Tears stung his eyes when he couldn't find a pulse. He could hear the sirens a few blocks away, but Maggie couldn't wait that long.

Interlocking his fingers, OA placed both hands on the brunette's chest, immediately starting compressions. He cringed when he heard one of her ribs crack from the force. After thirty compressions, OA tilted Maggie's had back and gave her two breathes. Still no pulse, so he started the process again.

After the third time, OA finally felt a pulse, although Maggie was still unconscious. He was exhausted and covered in sweat, but let out a sigh of relief when the ambulance came screeching to a halt in front of them.

Everything was a blur as two paramedics jumped out and rushed over to the two agents. OA blocked everything out, and before he knew what was happening, he was already climbing into the back of the ambulance. He took a seat next to the stretcher, and grabbed Maggie's small hand. She was, without a doubt, the strongest person he knew. She had already overcame so much in her life. OA just hoped and prayed that this could be added to that list. "Fight Mags. You have to stay with me."