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Every Rose Has Its Thorn

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               Henry Beauchamp looked at his daughters sitting in front of him at the long dining table. He could not believe Julia had left them so early, and now he was alone to take care of Bianca and Claire, both of whom were still so young and had been giving him headaches since the day his wife left. Also, they had taken the beauty out of their mother, even though she claimed that the two had a bit of each other. Bianca was 16 years old and was practically a woman, with her straight black hair and white skin attracted curious looks from several men in the castle. This already worried Henry, and what worried him most was the way she treated the attention she received, always with smiles. He knew that his youngest daughter was a little spoiled, always liked to receive all the attention and stewardship that her parents offered, now at that age she demonstrated it with the opposite sex and it did not please him.

               Claire did not have much to worry about, not that she did not attract men's attention, that also happened, but she was the opposite of her sister, at the prime of her 19 years old she did not care to get a suitor, in fact, it was quite the opposite. She spent most of her time in the castle garden growing herbs and plants, just as her mother had taught her, and whoever interrupted her would face the wrath of the young heiress and it was not pleasant at all. Claire was beautiful like her sister, she also had dark hair, but not as dark as her sister's and they were curly like her mother's. Her white skin and expressive eyes were the trademark of the Beauchamp sisters.