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Answer the Call

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April 1, 1941

Dear Mrs. Randall

It is with great regret that I am writing you this letter today.

You don't know me and likely know nothing about me.  But I feel you have a right to know.

My name is Lorelie, I am like you a nurse for the British Army.  Most of my patients are a part of the intelligence division.

I know your husband Frank.  We met soon after he arrived and have been seeing each other regularly ever since.

I found out about you by mere happenstance when I arrived at his home to notify him of the impending birth of our child.

He became distraught with what he would say to you.

I need to apologize to you since I did not know of your existence until that moment.  It was never my intention to destroy your marriage.  But my child needs its father and I will not let Frank go.

He has been to a divorce lawyer and was advised that an annulment would serve you both best.

You should be expecting the documents within the month. Please sign the papers as we wish to marry immediately.

I wish you the best in your pursuit of your own happiness.

Lorelie Randall