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Missed You More

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No matter how Izuku humped his pillow, or ground himself against the edge of his bedframe, he couldn’t soothe the burning arousal building in his lower abdomen.

The rabbit hybrid wasn’t even in heat at the moment! Rather, he was just that horny, chewing at his bottom lip while his rear legs strained in an effort to keep going. He’d slicked through the fabric of his poor pillow by now, the friction against his clit only getting sore the longer that he tried.

“Mnn..Hah-!” Izuku mewled, covering his mouth with both hands as the frustration was surmounting with the pleasure.

The twitch of his tail was growing further erratic as he bounced on the pillow now, feeling hopelessly empty without something to fill him. His chewtoy carrot only went so far! Forget using his fingers, either, since they weren’t able to even get close to scratching the itch that he felt. Rather his mind kept drifting to strong arms, a solid form, narrow hips and blonde fur…

He needed his Kacchan.

The Wolfdog hybrid had only been gone for the week, yet the Omega’s body ached without him present, despising how their Mister had to take him with on his little vacation. He didn’t need to take him! It was just to show off his prized pet, taking him out and about on the fancy boats and stupid country clubs he frequented-

Izuku collapsed backwards when the strain in his thighs was nearly unbearable, his pawpads drifting down to once more rub at his clit. How many times had he cum by now? It was hard to keep count.

He felt tears of frustration and overstimulation starting to prickle at the edge of his vision, nose burying into the stale scent of his Alpha packmate. All he had of Kacchan’s was his bed, which he’d dragged up and incorporated into the comedically tiny space of his own nest. The smell of gunpowder and spice was heady on his nose, despite how it had faded beneath Izuku’s own particular scent.

Desperately Izuku buried his teeth into the fabric of the doggy bed, his fingers plunging deep into his pussy as he rapidly ground against his own palm.

“Kacchan, Kacchan-!” He cried out, only faintly muffled from the fluffy fabric between his teeth. If he breathed in deep enough he swore he could still taste the Alpha’s musk on his tongue, somehow getting stronger despite the duration of the week wearing away at it. It was like he was in the room with Izuku right now.

His eyes fluttered shut when he nestled closer into the bed, so close to yet another orgasm he could feel it building.

What he didn’t expect, though, was breathing in a deep lungful of Bakugou’s scent that certainly didn’t smell stale, nor old. Izuku’s body seized up into a mind numbing orgasm when he buried his fingers as deep as they would go, stroking his inner walls as he contracted around them, a clear gush of slick wetting the sheets beneath him as he drowned in that wonderful scent.

He didn’t register what was going on around him until he heard the pleased chuckle of a very familiar voice, his lop ears perking when weakly he stared up from between his spread rear legs.

“Miss me, bunny?” Bakugou spoke in a deep drawl, leaning against the side of his doorframe with the leash still attached to his spiked collar. He looked more than interested as he saw how puffy and flushed Izuku’s sex looked, his mate’s fingers still buried inside of his needy hole.

Ashamed, Izuku realized he must have not heard the door opening, not when he was so focused on getting off.

Slowly his fingers withdrew from his abused hole, a small line of slick dripping down from his rosy folds. Instead he held his arms open for his Kacchan, eyes big and pleading as his lower lip stuck out in the irresistible manner that won him first place in more than one pageant. He knew Bakuogu couldn’t deny his mate.

“More than you think.” He whined, eyes locked on the way Katsuki’s cock was sticking out from his sheath, the flushed tip peeking through. No doubt he could smell the week’s worth of endless masturbating his Omega had done.

He chirped in excitement as Bakugou pounced up into his nest, unable to bear being away from his bunny for another second.

The scenting was somehow even better than all of his previous orgasms combined before this, his chin tilted to allow Katsuki to near aggressively scent mark his mate. There was teeth and tongue on any patch of skin he hadn’t reached yet, lapping at his throat, sucking the warm flesh into his mouth as he made sure to leave his claim.

They had a whole week to make up for, and he knew Kacchan missed him just as much as Izuku did.

“Really now? Because it seems like I got a pretty good idea of how bad you needed me.” Bakugou growled, his teeth leaving another mark at the nape of Izuku’s throat. His omega was so soft and pliant in his arms, his scent pitched up in a mixture of excitement and sweet, heady arousal. “You smell like nothing but sex right now.”

It was true- Izuku could hardly keep himself contained in that moment, his legs spreading even wider when Kacchan settled comfortably between them. He rubbed himself against his Alpha with a shameless buck of his hips.

Yess...” He whined, feeling how the blonde was steadily pulsing out from his sheath, continuously catching on the rim of his cunt with the shameless grind of their bodies. He missed the feeling of how well Katsuki could fill him, how the bunny’s tiny cunt could swallow him with ease, despite the difference in their size.

It was like he was made to take Kacchan’s dick, and Izuku all but howled when the wolf finally drove home inside of him.

His cry filled the room in the sweetest tone possible, body singing just as loud when his body clenched down on reflex around the intrusion. Even with a week apart it seemed his pussy was more than up to the challenge. Katsuki filled every inch of him that he couldn’t initially scratch, places that neither toys nor his fingers could reach, hot and pulsing and alive inside of him.

Izuku’s cotton wail was wagging out of control as the initial stretch passed, leaving him clenching down on reflex around all of the cock filling him up.

He could bring his hands up to the narrow dip of his tummy, actually feeling how the skin bulged from Bakugou’s cock, stuffing him to the absolute limit. It was dizzying to have it stir his insides, especially when the wolf’s hips began to leisurely grind inside of him.

“S’that good, bunny? Nice and full?” he asked in a gravely tone, smug smile obvious where he stared down at the blissed-out look on Izuku’s face.

Izuku couldn’t even properly response aside from a slurred moan, his lop ears bobbing from how hard he nodded. Once again his hands came up to cover his mouth, always so shy when Katsuki fixed him with that look. He shrunk beneath it as Bakugou’s hands hooked beneath the dip of his rear legs, spreading them even wider, until his pussy was on full display to the Alpha’s hungry gaze.

It stretched so gorgeously around Bakugou’s fat cock, slick dripping around the edges as every thrust grew easier than the last. It was amazing how fast his mate’s body prepared to take his knot.

Bakugou’s intense gaze never strayed far from it, entranced from how the skin would stretch and dip with the motions, the shaved fur around his pussy driving him wild. Why his owners would give Izuku such a sexual haircut would always elude him- but he was far from complaining, rutting wild into that welcoming vice.

“You missed this cock, didn’t you? So eager to grind down against me. I feel you clenching already.” He drawled on, loving how red it could get his bunny. Izuku’s chest flushed such a pretty pink, making his freckles pop, and rosy nipples stand on end when Katsuki reached forward to tweak and play with them.

After a week apart, no force on this planet could pull him apart from his Omega now, his knot already beginning to twitch to life between them.

“Needed it, Kacchan. Needed your fat cock in me.” Midoriya tried to speak, the noises muffled around his palm. He’d taken to chewing on his fingers, too, in lieu of having nothing to bite down on. “No matter how many times I touched myself it wasn’t enough!”

Now that could drive Bakugou wild. Knowing that his little bunny was being so naughty while he was gone, missing his Alpha. It stoked the fires even hotter between them, speeding up the pace of his hips.

By now he was outright shaking their nest from how he was plowing inside of Izuku, his rear paws catching on the fabric and leaving score marks upon it with every harsh rut. Even his arms strained to keep the bunny still and pliant in his arms, knowing how his little Lop would kick out in the midst of pleasure. And those rear feet were much stronger than they looked.

Part of his charm, and why Bakugou fucking loved this rabbit.

Izuku’s slit was borderline drooling around him now, soaking the sheets below them, filling the air with the sweetest of scents. His mate was like taking a deep breath after the rain, cedar and sweet on his tongue. Bakugou couldn’t get enough of it, leaning back enough to really let the push and pull of their bodies guide them.

That wasn’t enough for Izuku, by now. The tease of Katsuki’s knot against his walls was setting the rabbit on edge, never quite getting it deep enough, always just shy of popping inside of him. It was the only thing holding Izuku back from finally finding a satisfying release on his Alpha’s cock after all this time apart.

“Kacchan…Faster, please!” He whimpered out once when it seemed Katsuki was locked in the same speed, merely staring down at his bunny with hooded eyes. Basking in the moment. Usually he could be patient enough and let the wolfdog leer at him all he pleased- but today he was feeling less than amicable towards their slow pace.

He wiggled slightly, grinding back and feeling the knot teasing so damned close, but so far-!

Finally Izuku reached his limit when Bakugou made move to pull further back, completely taken aback with the low hiss that left his Omega’s throat. With a sharp tug, Izuku had taken ahold of Bakugou’s attached leash, dragging him down until they were nose to nose once more. The restriction of his throat made the wolfdog shudder in a mixture of pleasure and anticipation.

“I said faster, puppy.” Izuku growled, his usually meek and gentle eyes burning with a heat that was completely reserved for his Alpha, and his Alpha only.

It turned Bakugou on to no end when his baby got pushy.

His hands buried into the sheets aside Izuku’s head, the tug on the leash and firm grip on it only fueling him into giving Midoriya precisely what he wanted now. Katsuki’s hips pistoned in and out of those soaked folds, knot swelling between their bodies when the Omega’s pussy clenched down in response, milking his cock for all it was worth.

Precum and slick was wetting both of their thighs from how close they were, bodies amped up to ten as the pace grew sloppy and desperate.

“K-Kacchan, oh, fuck, Kaht…suki!” Izuku moaned, his cries filling the room, along with the wet slapping sounds of skin on skin. Just a little, bit, more-

He swore he saw white once when Bakugou finally gave one last thrust into him, hard enough to prod against the very walls of his cervix, the slight ache in his abdomen throwing him headfirst into an intense orgasm. It was enough to have his entire body shaking throughout, clamping down on instinct once when the pressure of Bakugou’s cock shifted.

The knot filled him better than any other toy ever could, stretching his walls until it felt like there was absolutely no room left in his tiny frame.

And then Bakugou started to cum too.

All of that hot seed swelled up within his stomach as the twitch of his cock sent a fresh wave inside of him, the knot ensuring that every last drop was forced to stay inside. If there was no room before, Izuku outright whimpered now, noting that Katsuki had been extra pent up since their little week long absence.

His hands flew down to his stomach once when he let go of Bakugou’s leash, content to let the Alpha lazily grind at his own pace now, filling Izuku fit to bursting. His skin was stretched taut around his palms, filled to absolute capacity from how big of loads that his Alpha could give him.

He sighed in contentment, the afterglow beginning to fog his mind in the most pleasant of bliss.

“I…Missed you, Kacchan,” Izuku began, before his lip quirked upwards into a gentle smile. “And not just your knot either, though it was a nice bonus!”

Bakugou couldn’t suppress his own bit of laughter from the confession, finding it so endearingly cute, coming from his bunny. “I missed you too, dork. And not just your pussy.” Once when the knot was stable between them, and only the occasional twitch of his cock would give another spurt of cum, he settled atop of his mate with a low and content croon.

The room smelt like a mixture of their respective scents once more, creating a new one altogether. One that was so wholly connected to the both of them. One that smelled like home at last. It drifted around them and settled them into a comfortable puddle together, no longer having to weather the distance between them.

He’d finally come home, and the space in his heart fell full to bursting.