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Mates or Pack?

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"When the other knights get back from patrol we will run a few training exercises with them," Arthur says and Leon nods. Gwaine rolls his eyes at Lancelot who gives him the 'Gwaine act respectable' look.

"Sire, when we were out patrolling we came across an omega who had been acted by Alphas. We took him to see Gaius," one of the newer knights says and Gwaine tenses. He hates when omegas get hurt. Lancelot does too. It's one of the only things they have in common.

"And the Alphas?" Arthur asks.


"You killed them?"

"No...the omega did Sire, all three of them. He also seemed very against seeing a physician," the kid says.

"The omega killed three alphas?" Sir Leon says and Gwaine rolls his eyes. Poor thing is only used to Court and lower town omegas. He's never met a fer...wait.

"This omega, did he have black hair?" Gwaine asks.

"Yes sir."

"Blue eyes?" Lancelot asks and Gwaine glances at him. How would he know...

"Ears that stick out?"


"Scar?" Gwaine asks, because that's the only way to be sure.

"Over his left you know...?"

"Merlin," Gwaine breathes, a smile on his face. He sees Lancelot glance at him.

"How do you know Merlin?" He demands and Gwaine rolls his eyes.

"Who is Merlin?" Percival asks looking between them.

"That would be me," a voice says behind them and they all turn. Standing there is a thin black haired man, with familiar blue eyes, ears that stick out, and a scar over his left cheek. Apparantly he'd been walking with Gaius.

"Merlin," Gwaine says immediately pulling the omega into his arms and burying his nose in his hair. They do this everytime. They can communicate better with their scents than their words and have no one he wiser.

"If you think I'm calling you Sir Gwaine you've gone off," Merlin says stepping back and giving Lancelot a huge smile.

"You're finally a knight of Camelot...just like you always wanted. I'm so happy for you Lancelot," Merlin says with the biggest grin on his face. The other alpha pulls him into arms and ruffles his hair. Sending his scent into the air.

"Sire, Merlin was looking for the Knight that took his dagger. He would like to request its return," Gaius says.

"He can speak for himself," Merlin says pulling away from the two alphas.

"Sorry. I've become far too used to Court and town omegas," the physician says.

"The Knight said you were hurt?" Lancelot says.

"It was a scratch. Barely broke through the leather of my jacket. But you know Alpha Knights. They see omega and a tiny bit of blood and go, I must save this poor defenseless creature, even through they just killed three alphas," Merlin says.

"Then why didn't you knock some respect into them?" Gwaine asks.

"And pass up a free ride to Camelot? You know I'm an opportunist Gwaine," Merlin says.

"You were coming to Camelot?" Lancelot asks.

"I wanted to see the kingdom the two alphas I tolerate seemed to actually like. Besides I've been everywhere once and now that some things have changed I thought it was a perfect time. It's not my fault a couple of prats thought I'd be a pushover. Now, Sir Knight, may I please have my dagger back?"

"Uh...Sire?" The poor thing asks looking at Arthur completely lost.

"I don't see why he can't have it back. It's his property," Arthur says and the dagger gets handed over to Merlin and he slips it back beneath his jacket.

"Is that the dagger I gave you?" Gwaine asks.

"Yes," Merlin says looking confused. Gwaine shoots a smug grin at Lancelot.

"I see you're wearing the neckerchief and bag I have you," Lancelot says.

"And the jacket I gave you," Gwaine adds.

"Ah...I see what is happening here. Yes you useless alphas this omega did keep and use your gifts. And yes I received gifts from other alphas. If your egos are going to continue to give me a headache then please take the posturing outside," Merlin says.

"That's no way to speak to two knights of Camelot," the poor baby knight says and Gwaine wonders if he'll have to attend funeral rights later today.

"You're young so I'm going to let you have a pass this one time," Merlin says.

"Besides, Merlin's known me longer than I've know anyone here," Lancelot says.

"Same long have you known him?" Gwaine asks only to get hit on the back of the head.

"Alphas, I swear, two of you can't be in the same room for half a day without having to compare knot sizes," Merlin mutters and Gwaine loses it at the look on Leon's face.

"Careful Merlin, you might turn Leon the same color as his hair," he says.

"Sire," Gaius says reminding everyone that the older Beta is in fact still there.

"What is it Gaius?"

"You know how I've been considering taking on an apprentice, one who preferably has magic so that healing is much easier?" The physician says.

"Wait..." Lancelot says and Gwaine catches on as well.

"Merlin has agreed to take the position, if you are agreeable Sire," Gaius says and Gwaine thinks his face is going to split from the size of the grin on his face.

"Really? You're going to stay in Camelot?" Lancelot says.

"Well, now that I know you're both here I have to. Someone has to keep your sorry tails out of trouble," Merlin teases.

"What's all this then?" A voice says and they turn to find Gwen and Morgana coming down the hall.

"Lady Morgana," they all say and Lancelot pulls Merlin into a bow. Then Gaius is quickly explaining everything because he can do in minutes what would normally take them hours to say.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Merlin. Gwen and I were going to watch the Knights train. It is dull but the gossip is lovely," Morgana says.

"An excuse to watch Lancelot and Gwaine get knocked on their tails? Lead the way My Lady. Also it is a pleasure to meet you Miss Gwen. It is nice to know another Omega," Merlin says as the sister to the king drags him off.

"That is a friendship that definitely cannot be allowed. I shudder at the amount of trouble those two could get into," Lancelot says.

"So..." Leon says drawing their attention back to the other knights.

"Why didn't either of you tell us that you were courting an omega?" Elyan asks frowning when Gwaine and Lancelot both burst out laughing.

"One does not court Merlin," Lancelot says.

"One simply stands by his side or gets out of his way," Gwaine chuckles.

"Do you think we could convince him to train with us after the evening meal?" Lancelot asks.

"Doubtful, you know how he is. As soon as the sun goes down he's asleep," Gwaine says.

"Perhaps in the morning?"

"I'll be damned if I wake at the crack of dawn to train, just to train again at midday," Gwaine says as he and Lancelot move faster than the other knights towards the fields. Leaving the others behind.

"Does anyone want to explain what just happened?" Arthur says but the progression remains silent on the matter.