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Out and About In Town

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Sliding out of the passenger side seat, the short teen with curly, dark green hair stretched his limbs, already missing the feeling of rolled down windows on a car in motion.


It was a drastic difference compared to the cabin on the wide open lake they were renting; The open area providing a constant cooling effect.


"We got so lucky with the parking on the main street! I bet it's a lot easier when it isn't tourist season." Izuku hummed, watching as the other male with him came around and up onto the sidewalk.


"I'm surprised a town this small has tourists..." Hitoshi mumbled in return.


"Hitoshi- We're tourists."


The taller teen rolled his eyes, flicking the other's forehead in return. "I know that."


Izuku huffed, rubbing the place he was flicked before going and grabbing his boyfriend's hand, pulling him closer. "Come on, I wanna look at the stores and stuff!"


Hitoshi grinned, squeezing his hand in return. "Eww, your hands are already clammy you know."


"And your hands are abnormally cold- Should I be concerned?"


"I'm basically cold blooded. I love having you as a personal heater, but not in this weather."


"I hate being a constant heater..." Izuku grumbled. "I hope we find something I can cool down with soon."


The two began making their way down the main street, the population of the town being around a thousand and five hundred.


Summer time means business for them; And there was a reasonable amount of people, sporting their loose bright-colored summer gear as they dipped in and out of shops.


Izuku and Hitoshi weren't really an exception.


"Hey, Izu- When did you even get those shorts by the way?"


"Hm?" The shorter teen looked down at the aforementioned shorts: Saturated, royal blue sport ones which ended as high up his thigh as it could go.


He let his gaze flicker from the shorts he wore to Hitoshi's gaze before a grin spread out on his own face.


"I just got them recently. Do I fit them well?"


"Too well... " Hitoshi mumbled.


Izuku swang their arms, his grin having turned into a bright smile instead. "I was hoping you'd like them."


The taller huffed, his cheeks dusted pink, hopefully easily enough mistaken as a flush from the heat. "How can you look like you know exactly what you're doing to me one moment and then look so innocent the next?"


"Whatever do you mean, Hi-to-shi~? "


" Shut the fuck upppp- "


Izuku giggled, pressing his warm forehead against Hitoshi's upper arm for a moment before he gasped, finger going up and pointing excitedly at a sweets store with an ice cream parlor in the back.


" Hitoshihitoshihitoshihitoshi- "


"I get it I get it oh my god-"


The shorter teen wastes no time dragging the other along, entering the shop and letting out a sigh of relief at the air-conditioning which proceeds to blast them.


That, and the smell of the fresh fudge they prepare at the front of the store.


Even though Izuku wanted ice cream immediately, he couldn't help but slow down for a moment to let his eyes wander over the wall to the right full of sweet-related knick nacks – as well as general knick knacks – and all the house-made sweets on the left, mostly consisting of different types of chocolates and truffles.


Hitoshi did the same, nearly choking at the sight of candy-necklace handcuffs and underwear, loving the galaxy cat socks they had on display though. He makes a mental note to get them before they leave.


There was a small line to get ice cream (or a slushie, but no one seems to be here for that); Izuku headed to the back of it, Hitoshi trailing not far behind and watching as his short boyfriend strained to look at the different options.


"Aw, do you need me to lift you onto my shoulders so you can see~?"


Izuku flashed a glare at him, crossing his arms. "I'm not that short you know. You're just freakishly tall."


"It's all about perspective- And yours is from all the way down there."


The curly hair teened jabbed at his boyfriend's side, the latter letting out a choked sound and grabbing his side.


Realizing they had moved up in the line, he turned his attention back to the assortment of flavors to try and pick out what he wanted, muttering to himself as he tried to put together different ice cream combinations.


Fuck it. The scoops are huge, but he really wants these three.


"Um- I'll get Chocolate Chip Mint , Cookie Dough a-and Buttered Pecan - Oh, in a cone. On a cone!"


Hitoshi marveled for a second at how quickly Izuku's demeanor can change before he looked back at the options.


".. I'll get a Blue Raspberry slushie."


Ok- Someone seems to be here for that.


As the person prepares their order, Izuku looks at him skeptically.


"... You're not getting any of my ice cream you know."


"Just try and stop me."


Pursing his lips, he paid for their items before shielding his ice cream, taking some steps away from the other as he tentatively licked at it.


Hitoshi slurped on his own drink and took that opportunity to buy the obnoxious, calf-high galaxy cat socks.


"Hi- Hitoshi, those are like, winter socks."


"I- Izuku, these are like, socks with galaxy cats on them. As if I wouldn't get them."


The green-haired sighed as they stepped out of the heavenly smelling store and back into the heat of summer.


With his guard let down, Hitoshi swiftly leaned in and took a large bite out of the ice cream.


Izuku made a screech-like sound. "What the fuck Hitoshi?! My entire Cookie Dough scoop?? Really?? With your teeth????"


He stared at the other teen in shock as the taller chewed the bite he had taken.


After a bit he swallowed and opened his mouth to say something before Izuku shoved the ice cream into his gaped mouth, taking his slushie and cat socks.


"We're switching, I lost my appetite for ice cream now after that."


Hitoshi took the cone which had been shoved in his mouth out, licking around his mouth to try and get rid of some of the cold treat.


"Oh my god, do you see what I mean when I say you're dramatic?"


"You just took a bite out of a third of my ice cream with your teeth and chewed it like some kind of psychopath."


"Yet you're still attracted to me."


" Not right now I'm not. "


"Lies, slander- "


"Shut uuuup..." Izuku groaned, sipping from the slushie.


Hitoshi chuckled, taking the galaxy cat socks from Izuku's hand and putting it in his own pocket before letting their fingers lace.


Together they walked: On a sweet, summer day.