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Hello, Gorgeous

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They'd met in a seedy little club, both on the search for prey. Hannibal had known who Will was when he'd laid eyes on him and knew it could be his only chance to kill the only man who might be able to find him. Will, on the other hand, had merely been hungry for something other than the normal meat. And Hannibal looked delicious. He'd ordered the man a glass of lovely red wine and when Hannibal came over to sit with him and thank him for the drink, Will turned on the charm.

"I'm not a wine drinker, so I hope I chose something good."

"It is lovely, thank you. I'm surprised a place like this has wine." Hannibal merely smiled, turning on the charm himself. He hadn't known the FBI profiler was gay, much less so devious. He'd thought the profiler was dating the beautiful brunette. He supposed he should take this as a blessing in disguise. Hannibal had dreamed of what it might be like to hear pleasured sounds come from those pretty pink lips, to feel Will's body writhing under his own, and see the flush of orgasm on his face.

"You don't normally come to places like this, do you?" Will smiled, leaning forward and tracing a hand along Hannibal's clothed bicep. The man seemed very wealthy if his clothes and demeanor were anything to go by. "You look like you belong more in a wine club than here."

Hannibal glanced at Will's fingers but didn't reject the touch. "No, I don't normally come to places like this. I supposed I grew bored of the same scenery."

"I see, looking for a change of pace, are you?" Will purred and teased his fingers along the back of Hannibal's neck, petting the soft hair there.

"Indeed. And what, pray tell, is a pretty thing like you doing here? Some brute might come along and swallow you whole." Hannibal purred back, sliding his own fingers along Will's outstretched arm. He was pleased to see Will dressed so nicely. Although the profiler looked good in his flannels and faux jean shirts, the dark blue button-down shirt really brought out his eyes, even with the glasses on, and with the sleeves rolled up, he could touch bare skin. Truth be told, Hannibal adored the glasses.

Will hummed, tilting his head sweetly. "Same as you. Looking for a change of pace, bored of my day to day routine, looking for something dumb to do."

"Often when someone is looking for a change in their lives it's because they're suffering from depression. Are you having depressing thoughts, dear?" He smiled when William merely laughed, head tilting back to bare his throat.

"Let me guess. Psychiatrist?" Will leaned forward at Hannibal's guilty smile. "You wouldn't want in my head, Doctor. Very dark things happen up there."

Hannibal purred. "The dark doesn't scare me. The monsters in the dark are scared of me."

If that was a pickup line, it certainly worked on Will. His heart skipped a beat and his jeans felt two sizes too tight. "Will," he whispered, eyes locked with Hannibal.

"Hannibal," the older man whispered back. He picked up his wine glass. "To new friends."

Will smiled and picked up his glass of whiskey. "To a beautiful night." They tipped their glasses together and sipped from them.


Before Will knew it he was naked on top of the man, their cocks grinding together and lips locked in a deep kiss. He was groaning, feeling far more aroused with this older man than he had any of his other victims. He'd brought Hannibal back to his house in Wolf Trap since he was far away from others and could do what he needed to get the meat from the man.

Hannibal's hands were big and hot, sliding across his skin and gripping his ass to pull him closer. Will moaned when he felt a finger brush against his rim and pulled back from the kiss. Hannibal's lips started down his neck, biting at his pulse. Will reached into his nightstand for the lube, or so Hannibal thought. The glint of the knife in the moonlight spurned him into action. He shoved Will off and rolled off the bed, hair a mess and eyes wide from shock.

"What the fuck?" Hannibal rarely swore. Swear words were rude and hurtful, but it was the first thing to come out of his mouth when he sat up and stared at Will Graham kneeling on the bed, naked, with a butcher knife in hand. He looked gorgeous, Hannibal couldn't help growling in delight. "Hello, gorgeous," he whispered and stood up.

Will's eyes narrowed and he tilted his head. "You're not afraid." It wasn't a question, more of a statement.

"How could I fear something so beautiful?" Hannibal kept his eyes on Will as he slowly rounded the bed so he wasn't cornered. "You are very cunning. Seducing me and bringing me into your den. Tell me, how many have you killed?"

"Since I started or just this year alone?" Will grinned, sliding his thumb along the sharp edge of the knife. Blood slid down the blade and his thumb, which he promptly brought up to his mouth to lick and suck the blood from his skin.

"And what do you do with the bodies, my dear?" Hannibal was standing at the end of the bed now, eyes dark with lust as he took in the blood trailing down Will's wrist.

"Well, I certainly don't bury it all." He purred, licking his lips. "A man like you… would feed me for two weeks." He lunged forward, but Hannibal was faster than him.

Hannibal caught his wrist with the knife and pinned him bodily to the bed, settling on Will's thighs and gripping his hair tightly with his other hand. "Oh you beautiful boy," Hannibal growled. "You beautiful, wild boy. I would feed you for a lifetime if you let me."

Will struggled and squirmed, but Hannibal was stronger and heavier than him. "Get off me!" Hannibal grinned and took Will's wrist with the blood and brought it to his lips. Will watched enchanted as Hannibal licked the blood up and sucked his thumb between his lips. William gasped as he saw antlers grow from Hannibal’s head. A grey vision of himself meticulously cutting some poor soul open, remove a few organs, and then strapping them on a table like a pig. There was only one other person he knew around this place that killed and took organs as he did. "Ripper," he whispered with awe.

"Will Graham," Hannibal purred, nipping the cut to pull more blood from it. "You've been chasing me a long time. Who would've thought the FBI would have a feral wolf amongst them?"

Will hissed as more blood pulsed from the cut on his finger, but it only made him harder. His cock pulsed in time with the throbbing pain in his thumb. "You knew who I was."

"Hmm, indeed. I would kill to get my hands on you," he grinned, blood on his lips and tongue.

Will merely stared at him, clearly unimpressed with Hannibal's little joke. "Give me one good reason I shouldn't kill you right now, Ripper?"

Hannibal released Will's hand, which promptly grabbed his hair and yanked him down closer. He purred as Will's tongue licked across his lips. "As I said, darling, I could feed you for a lifetime."

Will hummed. He'd been doing just fine on his own the last few years, but the idea of killing with the Ripper, having the Ripper in his bed and eating their victims together, well, how could he say no? He'd always admired the Ripper's work. The beauty of his kills and how he turned them into art never ceased to make Will weak in the knees. Of course, he was always composed around his coworkers, especially Jack, but once he was home and alone he could bring himself to orgasm just from the memories of the crime scene.

“Very well, Hannibal,” Will purred and smashed their lips together for a deep, aggressive kiss before leaning back again. “But, this beautiful boy is hungry, so you’d better feed him soon or he’ll eat you.”

Hannibal grinned, hand petting down Will’s face to cup his cheek. “I have fresh meat at him. You can come over for dinner tomorrow and I’ll cook for you.” Will groaned and their lips meet in a soft, slow dance until their passions returned and they could no longer restrain themselves.


“Why?” Will stared up at Zeller from his desk, one eyebrow raised and an exasperated tone to his voice.

“Uh… well… it’s my bachelor party and I consider us friends-”

“No, I mean why a gay strip club and why should I invite my partner?” ‘Boyfriend’ was too childish a word and ‘lover’ was too… sweet. Their relationship was anything but sweet. They were killers, aggressive, and possessive of each other. They’d killed more than one person just for looking at their partner. Sure, they were in love, but it was more than that.

“I know how socially anxious you get and strip clubs can be loud and… well, lots of nudity. I just want you to be comfortable. You always seem more relaxed when Hannibal- I-I mean Dr. Lecter… is around.” Zeller quickly backtracked when Will glared at him. No one was allowed to call Hannibal by his first name. That was for Will alone, and whoever Hannibal gave permission to, which was a select few.

“I’m not socially anxious,” Will grumbled before sighing and nodded. “Fine. Text me the time and address and we’ll be there.”

“Great! Don’t worry, Will, it’s going to be a lot of fun!” Zeller grinned brightly and quickly turned to hurry out of the lecture hall and back to his own place of work. Why he had to come to invite Will in person, Will had no idea. That could’ve easily be done via text, but oh well. Will sighed and stood up to gather his things so he could head to Hannibal’s house for dinner.


“We’ve been invited to Zeller’s bachelor party.”

Hannibal lifted his head and looked at Will curiously. “We?” He parroted before returning his focus to the torso he was currently carving open to gather the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Will stood on the other side of the body, arms crossed over his chest and pouting. “... Zeller thinks I’m socially anxious, so he-”

“You are socially anxious, dear.” Hannibal murmured. “You can’t stand being around people and when you are around people you get irritated and moody.”

“I don’t get moody!” Will glared. “People are irritating and give me headaches with their stupidity and lack of common sense.”

Hannibal chuckled and held out the heart. “For you, my love.” Will’s cheeks flushed at the implication but took the heart with his gloved hands and placed it into the cooler of ice next to him. “Do you want me to go, William? Would you have more fun if I was there with you?”

Will sighed and smoothed down the plastic of his murder suit. Why Hannibal made him wear it he would never understand. He liked getting dirty from a kill. “I don’t know. I’ve never been to a strip club, much less a gay strip club. I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know if you would have fun either. If it’s anything like I think it will be like, you would be overwhelmed.”

“Will, the only person I think will get overwhelmed will be you.” Hannibal held out a lung next which Will took readily. “Is it too late to tell him no?”

“Yeah. I already told him I’d be there, but that doesn’t mean you have to come.” Will sulked again, glaring at the dead body like it personally offended him.

“Nonsense, dear. We’ll both go. We’ll stay at least a few hours and then we’ll go back home and you can do what you please with me.” Hannibal held out the second lung, smiling at Will’s pleased smirk.

“Why, Doctor, you should know better than to promise me that by now.”

The doctor chuckled and stood up, leaning over to kiss his lover sweetly. “I relish in the things you do to me, dear. If I didn’t I wouldn’t promise you such things.” At Will’s grin, Hannibal chuckled and pulled back and knelt back down to finish the job.


The strip club was worse than Will imagined. While it was clean, it was very loud and there was a lot of smoke in the air. Hannibal had decided to dress him in a blood-red button-down shirt and his leather jacket. The older man relished in seeing William wear his clothes and smell like him. He planned on asking Will to move in with him soon, as soon as the heated kennel in the back was finished. Will’s dogs were his pack and family, he would never ask the man to get rid of them. The black slacks were almost too tight, but Will wasn’t about to complain. There would be naked men everywhere and he had to keep Hannibal’s eyes on him.

Hannibal, on the other hand, was looking handsome as ever, almost too handsome. Will glared at the man who merely smiled at him as he finished buttoning up the black dress shirt and tucked it into his black jeans. How was Will supposed to keep the strippers away from his partner when he looked so good. “Shall we take my motorcycle?” Will crossed his arms over his chest and looked away, clearly sulking. “Don’t sulk, dear,” Hannibal whispered and walked over to him. He lifted his hands to cup Will’s face and leaned in to kiss him sweetly. “It pleases me that you find me so attractive even in street clothes, just as I find you so attractive in formal attire.”

Will huffed a breath and relaxed. “I swear to god I’ll kill anyone who so much as touches your hair.” He liked it when Hannibal’s hair was soft and hanging freely rather than pushed back with gel.

Hannibal chuckled and nipped Will’s bottom lip. “I wouldn’t have it any other way, dear.” He took the younger man’s hand and led him to the garage. They both donned helmets and Hannibal mount the sleek black bike and waited for Will to mount behind him and hug onto him tightly before starting it up and zooming out of the garage to the strip club.

They found Zeller and his other friends easily. They weren’t people Will knew, so he merely nodded in greeting. It wasn’t so bad at first. Hannibal did most of the conversing while Will listened in and tried to keep his composure and all the barely dressed men walking around and eyeing up his lover. He glared at any of them that came too close. Zeller and Hannibal found it amusing. Zeller hadn’t decided to come to the strip club for the nearly naked men, but more for the food and cheap drinks.

They were two hours into the party. Zeller was getting close to drunk while his friends were way past. They seemed more excited about Zeller’s bachelor party than the bachelor himself. They were all out of drinks so Will offered to go grab them some more. Zeller grinned and got up, offering to help. The bar was clear on the other side of the room, so Will couldn’t see their table amongst all of the drunken dancers and patrons milling about. They ordered a round of shots and a bucket of beer for their table. Zeller carried the bucket while Will carried the shots, but they both froze when they spotted what was happening at their table.

A skinny little thing was sitting in Hannibal’s lap. He looked vaguely like Will with his dark curls and sweet boyish face, though he didn’t have as nearly a nice build to his muscles as Will did. He was smiling so sweetly and tracing his fingers over Hannibal’s chest up to his neck where Will had bitten a dark mark into his skin just this morning. Will gripped the shot glasses in his hands, nearly breaking them. Hannibal wasn’t touching the boy. His arms were resting on the back of the couch he was sitting on, but he was smiling at the boy in that charming way he did when he was trying to sweet-talk someone.

Zeller glanced over at Will, his eyes and panicked when he saw the look on his friend’s face. Everyone knew how possessive Will was of Hannibal. Many of them had been the victim of his sharp tongue if they got to close to his partner. He gulped and quickly followed Will as the man marched over to the table. “Uh-Will-wait-”

Hannibal spotted Will coming over and smiled happily, a smile meant for only Will, but it did nothing to quell the anger in his chest. The smile fell when he realized what his sweet lover was angry about. “Will-”

The shots were slammed down on the table and Will’s arm snapped out like lightning, grabbed the boy’s wrist from Hannibal’s neck, and yanked him from Hannibal’s lap. “HEY!” The boy shouted out in protest, glaring up at Will angrily. “What’s your problem?!”

Will had a vice grip on the boy’s wrist as he got up in his face and hissed. “It’d be in your best interest to keep your hands off what doesn’t belong to you.”

“I didn’t see you around-”

“My mark is clearly on his skin and is not yours to touch.”

“William.” Hannibal’s hand grasped Will’s wrist tightly. “Release him.”

Will glared at the boy, then turned his cold gaze on Hannibal and released the boy. “Get out of here before I change my mind.” The boy huffed and mumbled as he walked away, rubbing his wrist.

“No, you need to apologize to him-”

“I’m not apologizing for anything!” Will glared at Hannibal and tried to yank his wrist out of the man’s hand, but Hannibal’s hold was strong. “Let go of me, Doctor.”

“William, what you did was rude and unnecessary-”

“No! You don’t get to play the nice guy with me!” Will growled and pulled Hannibal’s arm up to his mouth and bit down on his wrist. Hannibal hissed out in pain from Will’s sharp teeth and he quickly released his lover’s wrist. “Fuck off, Doctor!” Will pulled away from Hannibal and marched off.

Hannibal looked down at his wrist, glaring at the blood soaking the cuff of his shirt. While he was used to Will’s sharp teeth, his bites were usually saved for his shoulders and neck, occasionally his thighs when Will was sucking him off. He sighed and closed his eyes, rubbing his face tiredly. He turned to Zeller and the others. “My apologies, gentlemen. Please, enjoy the rest of your evening, on me.” He handed Zeller his card. “I’ll get it back tomorrow.”

“Uh… are you and Will gonna be okay? He seemed pretty pissed.” Zeller was far more concerned with their relationship than enjoying his evening. He truly did see them as his friends and would hate for them to break up because of a stripper.

“We’ll be fine. I appreciate your concern.” Hannibal smiled. “Will’s a wild one, but he’s nothing I can’t handle.” He bid them goodnight and turned to leave. His wrist ached. Had Will bit down any harder he would’ve broken a bone. The bite was merely to get Hannibal to release him, though, Hannibal knew that much. He’d expected to find Will outside waiting by his motorcycle, but the man was nowhere to be found. Frowning, Hannibal pulled out his phone and called his lover, but the call went straight to voicemail. He growled in annoyance. “Ignoring me now, William?” He mumbled to himself. He pulled up the GPS tracker app on his phone and located Will’s phone just down the street from the club. He hadn’t gotten far.

Hannibal mounted his bike quickly, not worrying about the helmet in the seat compartment. He started it up and took off with a rumble. It didn’t take him long to spot William walking down the sidewalk, hugging himself, huddling down in the leather jacket to keep warm. He slowed the bike down until he was just alongside the man. “Will, stop.”

“Fuck off. Leave me alone, Hannibal.” Will quickened his pace, but Hannibal easily pulled in front of him on the bike. The younger man growled and tried turning the other way, but Hannibal wrapped his arm around his waist and pulled him close. “Let go!”

“William! Just calm down for one second and let me talk!” Hannibal kept his grip tight around Will’s waist, which was no small feat as the man hissed and shoved at him all while he tried to keep the bike upright between his thighs.

“Why?! So you can tell me we’re done?! That you’d rather have some young boy than me!?”

“Will, what are you talking about?” Hannibal was genuinely confused. Will had never seemed so insecure about their relationship. He knew Will had some self-doubt about himself issues with trust, but their relationship had always seemed flawless. “William…” Without releasing the man, Hannibal shut the bike off and kicked the stand down before dismounting. “Look at me…”

Will whined and turned away. “No. How could you? How could you let some… boy… sit in your lap and touch you like that?” His words were soft, throat closing up as he fought back the tears. “You’re mine, Hannibal Lecter! Have you forgotten what I did to Franklyn for trying to kiss you?!” No, that memory was still fresh in Hannibal’s mind and never ceased to make him hard. Will whirled on Hannibal and shoved him back against the bike. “No one is allowed to touch you! No one is allowed to sit in your lap! That spot is meant only for me! Are you so bored with me that you feel the need to look elsewhere-”

“William!” Hannibal growled, getting irritated with Will’s accusations. He pulled the man close, hand burying into Will’s hair and pressing a bruising kiss against his lips. He bit down, relishing in the pained gasp from the other man, and sucked the blood from the cut. He felt Will’s fists grip the front of his shirt, but he was no longer fighting against him. He pulled back, hand petting down Will’s cheek. “How could I ever want anyone else? You’re my gorgeous wolf. No one has ever seen me and understood me the way you do.” William looked so beautiful with his eyes wet with tears and a bit of blood sliding down from the cut on his lip. “My beautiful boy, why didn’t you tell me you were feeling so insecure?”

William swallowed thickly and parted his lips, but all that came out with a sob. “I’m sorry…” He leaned forward, burying his face against Hannibal’s shoulder.

Hannibal sighed and wrapped his arms around Will tightly, resting his head against the top of Will’s head. He breathed the scent of the man in deeply, shushing and cooing to him sweetly. “You don’t need to apologize, dear. I do. I’m sorry, William. I should’ve been able to see what you were feeling. I shouldn’t have let that boy in my lap.” He ran his fingers through Will’s curls, trying to calm him. “I tried to object, but he looked so much like you when you first started working with Jack.” He leaned back, smiling. “So sweet and innocent, hiding your darkness so even I couldn’t see it.”

William swallowed thickly, cheeks wet with tears. “You… fantasized about me back then?”

“How could I not? I knew from the first moment I saw you you were beautiful. You took my breath away. I wanted to kill you at first, to drink in your beauty as the light faded from your blue eyes, but then I started having dreams and daydreams about you. When I saw you in the bar that night, I knew it might be my only chance to have you and kill you before you caught me. You caught me, though, just not in the way I was expecting.”

Will’s cheeks flushed as he lowered his eyes and stare at the wet spot on Hannibal’s black shirt. He sniffled, distracting himself by smoothing out the wrinkles he’d created in the man’s silk shirt. “I’m going to say something… and I’m only going to say it once… because it’s embarrassing and I’ve never said it to anyone else.”

Hannibal pursed his lips and tilted his head a bit in curiosity. “What is it-”

“I love you.”

Hannibal’s breath caught in his throat. His entire body stilled. He stared down at Will as those blue eyes slowly looked up at him from under wet lashes. “William-”

“I’m not saying it again.” Those pretty pink lips pouted.

Hannibal smiled and huffed out a soft breath. He cupped Will’s face in both his hands and leaned down to kiss him sweetly. “Oh, my gorgeous Will… I love you more than I could ever believe was possible.” Will breathed out softly, eyes slowly closing as he wrapped his arms around Hannibal’s waist. He leaned heavily against the man, kissing him with all the love and passion he could muster.

He would kill the boy later. Right now, he needed his man.