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The End of a Summer Day

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The sun had set, casting long shadows and setting the surfaces the light hit ablaze in warm shades of oranges, contrasting with the cool blue of the darker areas.


The lake's surface was no different; Ripples on the lake glimmering brilliantly as a boy with dark curly hair swam back to the pier, emerging from the water with heavy, drenched locks and taking in oxygen.


Pulling himself out of the water with assistance from the ladder, he sprawled out on the pier, continuing to regain his breath before he realized how cold it is once wet and out of water, quickly reaching for the towel he had placed there earlier before he'd jumped in.


Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed it; A small dot of light in motion, only appearing momentarily before disappearing in a rhythm.


He watched as a few more of them appeared, all of them lighting and going out again at their own paces, yet it all seemed so beautifully in sync: They followed the beat of nature.


The sun disappeared behind the horizon, blinking back into reality as he heard the footsteps of someone on the pier approaching him.


Izuku looked up to meet the other's eyes, a soft smile finding its way onto his lips.


"Hey, didn't we wanna light some sparklers? Go change."


His smile grew as he jumped up from his seat on the bench, pressing a quick kiss to Hitoshi's jaw before running off to the cabin.


By the time Izuku had come back outside, the sun was fully set as Hitoshi crouched by a small campfire he had managed to get going; His shorter boyfriend coming over and draping his arms around his neck from behind.


"I love the smell of the smoke." Izuku hummed.


"I like the fact that it keeps the mosquitos away."


"I put on bug spray for that at least."


"Yeah, I can smell that."


"Waaait, I wanted to say something all sentimental, don't ruin it yet!"


Hitoshi glanced back as the other nuzzled his nose into his hair. The teen on his back took in a small breath before letting out a long exhale.


"One of my favorite parts of summer is when you go to bed at the end of the day: Your skin feels warm to the touch from being in the sun so much- All the memories of the day look and feel so bright as you reflect on them, and the smell of bug spray and sunscreen and campfire smoke sticks to your skin, clothes and hair... I especially love how the hair smells like smoke."


A beat.


"... Weirdo-"


"Hitoshi!!" Izuku whined.


The purple-haired teen chuckled, taking one of the other's hands which were right in front of him and pressing a soft kiss to the back of his hand.


"No, I love that kind of stuff too- I've only experienced that with you before though. When I was younger I'd just light sparklers on the sidewalk during summer."


Izuku thought for a moment before pulling back away from the other, standing up. Hitoshi turned to look up at him and his wide smile.


"Let's light some sparklers!"


They had walked together to the edge of the pier, Izuku holding Hitoshi's larger wrist, the stars which hung above the woods crystal clear without any of the light pollution a city usually entails; Everything cast in a subtle, pale white light from the moon.


Izuku lit his own sparkler first before pressing the tip of it against the one Hitoshi held, watching as they both came to life and let off bright sparks of energy.


The shorter teen grinned as he began to wave his around, drawing different patterns in the air with the trail of light left behind in his eyes by moving it quickly. The taller grinned in amusement, doing the same, albeit with less umph .


"Sir Shinsou! I challenge you to a dual!" Izuku declares, whipping around in a mock stance and pointing his sparkler at the other.


"Sir Midoriya, I shall accept your challenge; But first, you must inform me on what the stakes are?"


Izuku looked contemplative for a moment before he hardened his stance, his own toothy-grin showing.


"If I should win, I get to have one wish of my choosing granted by you. If you were to win, you get a wish I must grant."


"Don't regret this!" Hitoshi immediately dived at his side with the sparkler, the other spinning out of the way with a small yelp and getting into a defensive stance.


The taller teen went at the shorter's sparkler, the lighted sticks clashing while leaving wonky light signatures in the air, Izuku consistently taking steps back before suddenly diving out to the side, leaving Hitoshi to almost take a step too far and fall into the dark water- His collar was tugged back on before he got the chance to, his sparkler flying out of his hand and into the depths instead.


Izuku stabilized him from falling onto his shorter boyfriend from behind, Hitoshi turning to look at them and both watching as his own sparkler finally burned out.


Now, just the moon and starlight along with the distant glow of the campfire illuminated their view.


".. I wanna kiss."


"You're really gonna use it on that?"


"No, that's not my wish, I just want one."


Hitoshi rolled his eyes, chuckling as Izuku wrapped his arms around the taller's neck and pressing a loving kiss against his lips.


They stayed like that for a moment.


The sound of crickets and other bugs in the background, the faint crackling of the fire, the gentle lapping of water against the shore's rocks and pier's supports.


Izuku pulled away, the light of the moon reflecting in his emerald's eyes as he gazed at Hitoshi lovingly with a soft smile.


"I want you to spend every summer with me for the rest of my life."


".. Is this a proposal?"


"I thought I'm soo dramatic, how could I possibly propose like this?"


"You didn't say no."


"Hitoshiii, I wanna marry your stupid ass for sure but I just wanna be a dumb teen with you on a pier in the woods with a cabin all to ourselves right now."


"I wanna be dumb with you in a cabin all to ourselves in the woods forever."


Izuku blinked before a light blush spread across his cheeks and he groaned, pressing his forehead against the other's chest.


".. I hate you."


"I love you too."


Who knows how long they stayed like that for.


Summer days: Standing alone as the brightest moments of existence and life, as well as the quietest and most sentimental ones.


The most important ones.


A day of summer.