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In which healthy relationship skills are forcibly brought into Proud Immortal Demon Way by two bros

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Warning (cuz I know some people don't read the chapter summary or the tags): I've come up with new ideas so you can still read the first chapter as it'll be mostly the same but also I plan on updating it a bit when I post the second chapter in like two or three months or something so it'll be a little different too. I've already edited it a little bit here and there but my brain won't shut up and now there's too much new context for me to not warn you that it'll be different when I post the second chapter. Ok, that's it, enjoy or don't and wait till the next chapter updates. 

-Fuck ninjy for doing this to me 

-amnesia fic! Because there’s so few of them! And I need more! So I’m writing more! 

-seriously, fuck ninjy 

-okay I guess I’m doing this, fuck me 

-okay you little shits here goes something I suppose 

-((nah, jk, I had a blast making this, thanks to all the people I @‘ed for the inspiration))

-fair warning: I wrote a lot of these over the course of a couple weeks and I shifted, added, subtracted, etc ideas around so the writing style and tone may change abruptly sometimes, and there will be points that may repeat themselves a bit.

-Another fair warning: This is my first work and also I read only two chinese novels, both of them from mxtx. I'm looking into cultivation lore but sometimes I'm gonna get them wrong, so just take the lore here with a grain of salt. I'm adding in a whole new god system in here anyways, so honestly, this is probably gonna be pretty off base anyways. Oh, and I'm not used to the formal language, so it'll probably swing between way too formal and not formal enough. Feel free to correct me on this.

-also, I sincerely apologize for the nonsensical names I came up with since I didn't want to look up chinese characters and their meanings and which ones would fit a guy or girl and which ones would make sense for a cultivation world and so on forth so the names are just a mish mash of what I've picked up from other fics and stories.

-Also also, I'm having Shen Qingqiu wake up a year earlier because when I was first writing this, I thought there was a lot more time between events, but turns out I was wrong and I don't wanna change everything, so Shen Qingqiu is waking up when Luo Binghe is 13 and the Immortal Alliance Conference is 4 years away, not three. (which is actually perfect cuz now i have the time needed to actually grow and develop these characters)

-Shen Yuan gets transmigrated into Shen Qingqiu’s body but oopsies, System experiences a minor bug within itself. Oh well, no biggie, so the System just le shrugged and continued on. Unfortunately for the System, this little boo boo also kinda made the System crash and take with it most of the memory files, so rip I guess. Can we get an f in the system- oh wait.

-so Shen Yuan Qingqiu wakes up with a random stranger hovering over him and absolutely zero idea what’s going on because the System is a little dead right now and can't recover the memory files to download.

-Shen Qingqiu at that moment: who the fuck?? Where am I? Who am I? Wait, ‘who am I’?? Why the fuck don’t I know who I am? What happened? And who the fuck is this sad man???

-*john mulaney’s voice* but hey! You don’t just point and scream at people, “who are you?!”. That would be rude. It would be chaos out there. So he just... nods and goes, “Oh. Yeah. Hello there (random stranger who’s dressed as a cultivator, whomst the fuck??). How’s it going?”

Because that’s how you act when you can tell someone recognizes you and you have no fucking clue who they are.

-of course as we all know, Shen Yuan and Shen Qingqiu are two drastically different people and by asking “How are you?”, Yue Qingyuan immediately knows that Something is Wrong. So the jig’s up in like 10 seconds, but hey, he tried. 

-*Shen Qingqiu exhibits common decency*

Yue Qingyuan: *squints suspiciously* who are you? 

Shen Qingqiu sweating profusely: no u 

-so yeah, jig’s up 

-so of course, Yue Qingyuan frets and immediately calls for Mu Qingfang and everyone is internally screaming. 

-Mu Qingfang takes a bit before he gets there because he was busy with someone else (guess who). When he arrives, Shen Qingqiu is trying to get the sad man to calm down and Sad Man is just pacing the floors and fretting. 

-Oh, so Sad Man is actually called Yue Qingyuan. And apparently I’m Shen Qingqiu. Wack. Wait did you say I'm a peak lord-

-everyone is lowkey happy about this new amnesiac Shen Qingqiu (and feeling hella guilty about it) but also lowkey suspicious that this is Not Shen Qingqiu. 

Memory loss is one thing, but this man is just too different! He can't be the same person as before.

-Shen Qingqiu is starting to also get the suspicion that he may not be Shen Qingqiu. Cuz? Where? The fuck?? Is the internet??? Cars, towers, streets, casual clothing that doesn’t suffocate you in 7 different layers?? Where are they??? They exist, right??

-Also, remember that he has no memories and Shen Yuan has no idea that Shen Qingqiu isn't actually his name, so he thinks of himself as Shen Qingqiu. However, the first time Yue Qingyuan called him Shen Jiu, Shen Qingqiu reacted so violently against it, it surprised both him and Yue Qingyuan. It just sounds Wrong to Shen Qingqiu and he has refused to answer to that name. The sad man just looks even sadder which makes Shen Qingqiu feel bad, but he just- hates that name. 

-seriously, who the fuck is this older man who hovers around so guiltily? What did he do, kill my dog? Who is this sad old man? 

-upon meeting Luo Binghe: who is this sad lost child? 

-it's been three days since Shen Qingqiu has awaken into a life that is apparently his and so far, he has had to break up 7 separate fights alone. He would like to go back in time and ask what the hell past-him was doing. Why are these disciples so angry and mean? And how in the world did you manage to pick up such adorable disciples?? And why are they so angry and fighting all the time????

-look, one of them, the one named Ming Fan (who said he was the head disciple), he was bullying a little disciple! Mocking him and throwing around a pendant that is clearly important to this kid, how shameless! Shen Qingqiu of course scolded everyone involved and told them how indecent they were all being, bringing shame to him. This kind of behavior can not continue on his peak, no sir! Clearly, whatever he was doing before, he was doing wrong and it's up to him to fix past-him's mistake. Look out Qing Jing Peak! This peak lord will no longer tolerate any of your bullshit!

-wow this fluffy kid is so adorable, look at him earnestly thanking me for helping him out. He's so cute. And teary eyed. *Squints suspiciously* wait, shit, did i abuse this kid too?? fuck.

-“What are you reading.”

Luo Binghe jumped at the voice and looked up to see Shen Qingqiu peering down at him. Why was he frowning at him, is he mad? “It’s a manual that shizun gave me." It must be because he's taking too long to finish the manual. "This one apologizes, I'm slow and can’t understand it properly-"

“Well yeah, no shit. That manual’s wrong.”

Luo Binghe was too busy reeling at Shen Qingqiu’s casual cursing that it took him a couple seconds to register what he said after.


“That manual isn’t a proper one, are you sure I gave that manual to you?” Luo Binghe opened his mouth to answer that technically it was the disciples who gave it to him and said it was from Shizun (hey waiT A MINUTE-) but he interrupted, “Actually, forget it, it doesn’t matter, I won’t remember anyways. Come. I’m getting you an actual usable manual.”

“Ah, yes shizun!” The boy scrambled to his feet and jogged after his teacher to catch up.

-What do you mean you gave him an incorrect manual, what the fuck?! Do you have any idea how dangerous that was?! Even if you don't like him, that's going too far, we're gonna have a lesson on bullying right here, right now, gather all the disciples!

(Shen Qingqiu is being proactive because he believes he's responsible for all this and is working hard to fix his mistakes. Plus, he's the peak lord and their shifu is he not? He has a duty to teach them and ensure they cultivate properly and grow up correctly.)


-Shen Qingqiu: I’ve only known these disciple children for three days but if anything happened to them, I’d kill everyone in this sect and then myself. 

Also Shen Qingqiu: stinky stinky trash disciples

Everyone: no! 

Shen Qingqiu: *raises Ming Fan and waves him around* garbage children 

Everyone: nooo!

Shen Qingqiu: look at these disasters

-Shen Qingqiu: These are horrible little children and I will make them nice and respectable so Guanyin help them because I will not be nearly as merciful.

-Shen Qingqiu upon meetings his peak disciples: smh, I can’t believe I have to love and care for these disciples now 

Everyone: I mean... you don’t have to (you didn’t before)

Shen Qingqiu carrying a stack of books/scrolls and his fan: no I’m gonna 

-also, for all that Shen Yuan Qingqiu is emotionally stunted (like, incredibly emotionally stunted), this man is also incredibly smart. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of all the monsters after all and with the knowledge from the original goods, this man is actually a really good teacher. Like, really good. (Okay, he’s not actually THAT good, it’s just that he actually gives compliments and is patient and forgiving and nice and his disciples snort that shit up like crack and immediately go rabid doing their best to make their shizun proud.)

-Shen Qingqiu: what the fuck do you mean I wasn’t a good teacher before?! This is the scholarly peak! What the fuck was I doing before?!!

-oh god who was he before this? Why was he such an asshole? Who the fuck hurt him to be such an asshole, cuz he's clearly not an asshole now, so something must have happened.

-upon meeting Liu Qingge: seriously, why was I such an asshole before?!!

-needless to say, their first meeting after the qi deviation induced amnesia was a bit... rocky. 

As in Liu Qingge immediately accused him of being a fake because he was 'too nice' and attacked, resulting in a a couple crushed flowers, a broken tree grove and, oh, a minor landslide. 

They work it out eventually. (And by work it out, I mean Yue Qingyuan intervened and stopped the fight long enough for Shen Qingqiu to explain he had amnesia. At least now they know that his body retained muscle memory and still knew how to fight or this meeting might have ended badly.)

-upon meeting Luo Binghe pt. 2: why do I hear boss music? This is a child??? (Shen Qingqiu has some ominous feelings about this child but he doesn’t know why.) 

-so what’s Shang Qinghua doing during all this you might ask? Well, when you got two users using the same system and that system crashes, both users suffer the effects. Meaning! Shang Qinghua has even less of an idea of what’s going on! And he is?? Confused. So very confused all the time. 

-introducing: Shang Qinghua 2.0. Now even sweatier, more nervous, and more confused than before! (If you guys have seen any clips of Venom (2018) movie, I’m talking Eddie Brock levels of sweaty and confused. Well, maybe not that sweaty since this is still the fancy cultivation world, but still sweaty.)

-when Shang Qinghua realized there was someone out there who also had amnesia, he rushed over to talk with them and like two weeks later, both of them have bonded over having amnesia, not knowing what the fuck is going on ever, having the same strange dialect and mysterious language, and also brewing in this lowkey suspicion that something’s not quite right because if only one of them recalled the internet, that could be brushed off as crazy talk but there’s someone else! Who remembers! Something weird is going on...

So the two become best bros and the Cang Qiong Mountains is left floundering at this new and unexpected friendship. 

-but Rafaela, you might shout, having Shang Qinghua, the coward, actively look for help is OOC! First off, I reply, my fic, my rules. Second off, you’re forgetting the fact that Shang Qinghua has ZERO idea of what’s going on. He is lost! He is confused! He wants help! And so upon hearing someone who could help him or at least understand him, Shang Qinghua yoinks that chance and clings to it with all his clinging powers.

-Shang Qinghua upon meeting his disciples: Precious precious babies. Cute little tykes. I will protect them with my life. 

Shang Qinghua upon actually meeting his disicples: I will protect most of them with my life. The others I'm sending to Shen-bro. They'll shape up and they'll suffer.

Someone: Don't you mean shape up OR suffer? 

Shang Qinghua: Did I fucking stutter.

-Shang Qinghua fusses over his disciples even more than Shen Qingqiu does. He sees them all as his kids that he has to take care of. (it's a lingering feeling from when he still remembers creating this world). He spoils them rotten really. 

-both of them really be like "is anyone going to care for these disciples?" and not even wait for an answer, smh.

-Shen Qingqiu: so like, real talk, but I’m not sure if I’m actually Shen Qingqiu since I’ve got all these memories of a different place and time and now so do you do, so what do you think?

Shang Qinghua: nah bro, I get what you mean, but I think I’ve been here the whole time so you probably were too. 

Shen Qingqiu: are you sure? 

Shang Qinghua: as sure as I ever am these days. Maybe we just retained knowledge of a past life or something  

Shen Qingqiu: maybe

Shang Qinghua: bro, maybe we were past life best buddies or something! I mean, what are the odds that two people both go into a Qi deviation and both of them come out of it with no memories except vague impressions of a past life? At the same time even!

Shen Qingqiu: That IS oddly coincidental. 

Shang Qinghua: oh, but like, just to clarify, no homo. No offense, but you’re not my type. 

Shen Qinqiu scoffs: you’re hardly mine’s either.

Shang Qinghua: sooo... bros? 

Shen Qingqiu: bros 

-and so the cucumberplane broship is set and sailed.

-The two are often checked repeatedly over the years with anti-possession tags due to their drastically different behaviors. Often. OFTEN. They're kinda getting annoyed at this point

“Are you impostors?” 

Both of them giving deadpan looks for the 48854th time, “We can not emphasize how much we don’t know the answer to that question given that, let us reiterate, WE DON'T RECALL ANYTHING.”

-their memories may be lost but both of them still know their memes as true millennials should. 

-driver: brace yourselves, there’s road work ahead 

The bros with eerie synchronicity: uh, yeah, I sure hope it does 

-Shen Qingqiu: And in my will, Shang Qinghua I leave you: A boot to the head 

-Shen Qingqiu: I want you lower my body into the ground when I die. 

Shang Qinghua: awwww 

Shen Qingqiu: so that you can let me down one last time 

Shang Qinghua distressed: AWWWWWW 

-Shang Qinghua: I’d do anything.

Shen Qingqiu: Anything?

Shang Qinghua: Anything!

Shen Qingqiu: Then perish.

-there are so many memes passed between them. It’s great.

-Shang Qinghua, past all the papapa, excessive plot holes, lack of dignity, anxiety, sweatiness, and all that, is a writer. Which means he's got the same habits as most writers do and it carried over to this life too. He had suppressed them before because he was more worried about the plot and the System but now that he has amnesia, there's nothing holding them back. Such habits include but are not limited to: getting randomly inspired and frantically reaching for his papers and charcoal stick (because he tried the brush and ink but needless to say, it ended in a messy disaster) to write down his idea before he loses it, getting stuck on the same sentence for days in a row, having maniac energy as he hits a Groove and writes 3k in one sitting, just about to fall asleep when the Best Idea Ever comes to his head and he writes it down except he wakes up in the morning and it says "ball attac dancrs blu mon sup power. Very cool" with 'very cool' underlined three times, and so on forth.

-Shang Qinghua is now often seen with hands covered in charcoal dust and his belongings are now eternally stained with faint charcoal handprints, despite the constant washings.

-Shang Qinghua and Liu Mingyan bond and become being writing buddies. 

-one common argument between Shen Qingqiu and Shang Qinghua is how to spend money. Shen Qingqiu was and still is a rich little boy. Shang Qinghua was a poor boy. One of them knows how to haggle and pinch pennies and save money and it's not the rich sick kid who never had to work a day in his life.

-okay so see, how their amnesia works is that while they can't recall any specific memories or names, they retained their knowledge of both this life and their previous life (well, it’s just Shang Qinghua who has memories from his current life, but Shen Qinqiu’s body still has muscle memory). However, while the two of them are aware that some of their knowledge comes from their past life, they can't tell which ones are.

This leads into some rather funny situations. 

Such as that one memorable time when Shen Qingqiu tried to explain why he knew so much about how to deal with chronic pain before realizing that he has no explanation. Or how he knew how to treat women while on their periods and he had assumed everyone knew how, why wouldn’t they? (He had a younger sister he doted on in his previous life and it carried over so he’s baffled at the idea of just... not knowing how to take care of your little sister. Doesn’t everyone know how?). Or how the two knew such strange music (it’s pop music they clarify. What the fuck is pop music the others reply back). Or that time when Shang Qinghua had thought that it was okay to bargain by loudly yelling at the merchant. 

Shang Qinghua: What do you mean I don't have to fight people to get quality goods? 

Shen Qingqiu: bro I don't know what life you lived before, food is supposed to just show up at your house, why are you fighting for them? 

Everyone else: Wow, both of you guys are wrong. 

-also, these bros have zero context behind stuff, so like, they’re always doing stuff that other people are like, “wait! That’s not how it’s supposed to be done!” 

Bros: but like, it gets the job done, right? 

Them: I mean, yeah- 

Bros: who are you to question our wise peak lord ways 

-Oh and they make the typical morbid jokes which kinda, you know, alarms the people around them.

Shang Qinghua: god, why is there so much paperwork. Just let me die already.

An Ding disciples: ???!!

Shen Qingqiu: God I fucking wish. Give yourself a couple of years though, your body will die on you eventually. Death comes for us all. 

Everyone: ?????!!!!!!

Shang Qinghua: it’s not coming fast enough, just put me out of my misery. 

his disciples, panicked: Shizun? Are you okay? We can help! Don’t die! 

-it’s 2017. These bois also be woke, drinking their respect women juice because I said so. I don’t make the rules here, I just enforce them.

-As one example, a month after waking up as Shen Qingqiu, he heads down to town with Shang Qinghua in order for him to "properly teach you how to not get scammed you dumb fuck." How was he supposed to know bananas weren't worth $10? Anyways, they're in town to both teach Shen Qingqiu how to save money as he buys the materials needed to expand his disciples' quarters and because there's a night hunt nearby. But when they get there, the two are dragged into shenanigans and end up helping the local brothels save their workers and comfort them. They discover that the women had all tried to get help from the other cultivators but none would listen to them or citing that the women were just crying wolf for attention when they couldn't find the problem. One thing lead to another and now not only does Shen Qingqiu have enough materials to rebuild his whole peak, but he and Shang Qinghua now have a network of sex workers who are more than willing to sell them information (and sell out the shitty clients). 

-(The scene that led to the excursion in the first place.) So Ming Fan is still mad at the little beast "taking advantage" of their shizun so he refuses to set him up with a bedroom in the disciple's quarters. Shen Qingqiu, when he notices that Luo Binghe has been sleeping in the wooden shack on the outskirts of the peak, calls up his head disciple.

Shen Qingqiu asked, "Ming Fan, you have knowledge of the quarters, correct?"

Ming Fan replied, "Of course, Shizun!"

Shen Qingqiu continued, "Is there no other room available there?"

And Ming Fan replied, "Forgive this disciple but no, there is not." You know, like a liar. 

"Is there no way to share rooms?" 

"My apologies, but we are already full, there is no way to fit Luo Binghe in the disciples' quarters."

And then Shen Qingqiu said, "Ah, I see. Very well then. Binghe! Grab your stuff and be ready to pack up." And for a moment, Ming Fan has the hope that finally, his shizun was kicking out the little monster. 

And then his shizun continued, "You're gonna move into the room next to me." 

And that's when Ming Fan knew.

He fucked up. 

"Shizun! You can't be serious!" 

"Of course I'm serious. Where else do you expect Luo Binghe to sleep? He can't keep sleeping in that wooden shack if there are better places for him to sleep, and while I may have forgotten much, even I'm aware that it would be inappropriate to have Luo Binghe move into the women's section if there are more appropriate places for him to rest instead." Shen Qingqiu continued to speak, now talking to himself, "I'm gonna hafta head down the peak later to get the materials to expand the disciple's section, there can't be THAT many disciples," but Ming Fan has stopped listening at that point. 

What was he to do?! He can't take back what he said, his shizun would realize that he lied! And until Shizun regained his memory (does he even want his shizun's memories to return though? He's been so nice and so much more patient. Everyone has been cultivating so much better- no! Of course he wants only the best for his shizun, what is he thinking!), his shizun would not tolerate bullying on his peak, which unfortunately included the little beast. (A familiar voice raised its head and asked why he even bothered bullying the child anymore. Ming Fan ignored that voice with less ease than before. It had started to sound like his shizun now.) 

Luo Binghe who had kept quiet this whole time is now gaping unattractively at the turn of events. 

"Ming Fan? Luo Binghe? Are you two alright? You look vaguely ill. Do you have any concerns about this?" 

The two disciple snapped out of their thoughts and Luo Binghe was the first to answer, although a bit dazedly. 

"Ah, this disciple has no concerns! If this is what Shizun wills, then I shall listen. I will get my stuff and move right away!" and off he goes.

Ming Fan could only bow and say, "I do not have any issues either. If Shizun will excuse this disciple? There are still tasks for me to finish."

If Ming Fan can get the little beast to stay away, maybe he can salvage this! 

-Ming Fan does not succeed.

-so yeah, Luo Binghe moves in with his shizun and is internally screaming. 

-shortly after this, Ming Fan is called back up to Shen Qingqiu's house. 

"Yes Shizun?" 

"Ming Fan, I have an important question I want you to answer." 

"Of course! How can this one be of assistance?" 

"Why do you hate Luo Binghe?"

Ming Fan tenses at the unexpected question. For a little over a month, the topic of Luo Binghe has been a delicate one on this peak. Ever since Shizun woke up with no memories, he's become a completely different person. His eyes, his manner, his habits, his way of speaking, his way of walking, everything was different. Well, Shizun's still smart and he's still a very skilled cultivator, but other than that, everything is different. This includes the way he treats his disciples. He's so much more patient and calm when working with them and he's become so much more involved in their teachings! Including that little beast. (Why do I even keep calling him that though? It really only started after Shizun did so.) He's been taking advantage of Shizun's amnesia, worming his way into his business and gaining his affection! (It's not fair.)

-Ming Fan is jealous of Luo Binghe and when pushed he realizes that he doesn’t even hate Binghe, he just copied his shizun and then let his vinegar make things more sour between them.

Ming Fan tries to explain why he hates Luo Binghe. He’s taking advantage of Shizun! (I can take care of myself. And aren’t you guys doing the same thing?) He spends too much time fooling with the girls, it’s improper and irresponsible! (You’re the one who isolated him and prevented him from being friends with other boys his age. Of course he’s friends with the girls, they’re actually nice to him) He’s, he’s-!

Ming Fan doesn’t actually know why he hates Luo Binghe.

“Ming Fan, it sounds to me like you’re jealous.”

And no that’s wrong, that sounds bad and wrong and not good and petty and no that is not all he is, he is better than that-!

“Ming Fan, I just want you to know that I would never abandon you.”

And before he can recognize his words, his mouth says, “Haven’t you though?” And he slaps his hand over his mouth but the damage is done. His shizun looks devastated.

“Ming Fan?”

I.... This one-

”I’m sorry.”


“I.. I hadn’t realized you felt like that. I thought I was doing a good job but-“

No! No, Shizun, it’s not like that! I just....”

“I’ve failed you Ming Fan. You and who knows who else. I did not mean to show favoritism. It’s just, from what I can tell, I was not a caring teacher before this and Luo Binghe gained the brunt of my mistake.”

“That isn’t-“

“Ming Fan, please," Shizun interrupts. "I’ve made a mistake again, this time against you. And now I shall do my best to rectify it. And rest assured, no matter what, this Shizun will do his best to help all of you. And I will never abandon you in your time of need."

Ming Fan doesn't know what to say. He's touched at the open care his shizun is showing at his concerns and he doesn't know how to react, what to say, or what to do. 

Shizun continued, "So please, do the same for the others? Let this grudge go and start anew. I want everyone here to watch out for each other. I don't want any bad blood within my own peak.”

And Ming fan is touched that his teacher confided in him such things and trusted him with such a task.

“This one understands! I will do my best to do what you’ve asked of me.”

“That’s all I can ask for Ming Fan. Thank you.”

-So original goods Shen Jiu is actually really sensitive and good at picking up resentful/malicious energy. Unfortunately for Luo Binghe, demon energy is very similar to resentful energy, so Shen Jiu takes one look at this innocent puppy looking face, senses the heavy miasma of dark energy around him, and declares him to be a beast. (This is my explanation for original Shen Qingqiu’s behavior because this man is an ass, sure, but he’s not a monster either.)

Liu Qingge picked up on this sensitivity because Shen Qingqiu is uncannily accurate with guessing who’s a good person and who isn’t (which makes Shen Jiu’s feelings about Yue Qingyuan conflicting because the man is a good man, but also he left Shen Jiu behind!) and is able to pinpoint where the trouble is easily.

Now in the original SVSSS, Liu Qingge never brings it up because he asked once and was basically told to fuck off but this is taking place a year earlier and Liu Qingge hasn’t been rebuffed yet.

So one night hunt, the Bai Zhan war god jokingly asks, “Hey you getting any bad feelings about this mission?” And Shen Qingqiu is like, “uh, not really.” And Liu Qingge is like, “right, I forgot, you wouldn’t remember,” misses the “no shit Sherlock” look Shen Qingqiu gives him and continues, “see you had this thing where you were like, scarily accurate at telling who or what was bad.”

“Well that can’t be accurate. The only bad feeling I’ve ever gotten was from Luo Binghe and he’s such a good disciple, so clearly you’re misremembering.”

Except Liu Qingge is not, or else he wouldn’t have bought it up. Shen Qingqiu was never wrong when he declared something bad so for him to say he had bad feelings about Luo Binghe...

Well that raises some questions about the child.

And so commences the bullying of Luo Binghe by the Bai Zhan peak.

-this has the unfortunate side effect of making Shen Qingqiu mad at what he believes to be Liu Qingge's neglect of his peak and sneakily manipulates things to have him punish his own disciples. (Like in the novel basically)

-since Shen Yuan has terminal illness in my fic, he picked up some bad habits since he wouldn’t live long enough to see the consequences. For example, never saving up money. While Shang Quy, poor boy tm, is at Saitama levels of skill in bargaining and sales. 

So of course, Shen Yuan never feels the need to save money and Shang Quy is fucking livid at the waste of money that happens every time he goes out because this man Does Not see when he is being scammed or not and when he does notice, he doesn’t even care! 

This is a common argument between them.

Shen Qingqiu: We’re rich! We don’t need to haggle and save! 

Shang Qinghua: But for how long! We should save just in case, it’s good practice!

Shen Qingqiu: I’m not haggling for god damn paper! 

Shang Qinghua: You will haggle you condescending pampered princess or so help me god, Liu-shidi will never get my peak’s help with anything ever again and you can be the one who’s gonna have to deal with him.

(That line sparks a movement later, but for now it's just a throw away line.)

-Shen Yuan died of expired food. He gets phantom pain when faced with food he doesn’t trust (which doesn’t really show up a lot because he doesn’t NEED to eat anymore and when he does, it's only Luo Binghe's food). However, one day a well meaning disciple makes food for their Shen-shibo (teacher's elder brother)  as thanks for helping him earlier but it is visibly gross and Shen Qingqiu, for reasons unknown to him, is legitimately scared of it. He does his best to avoid it, making excuses and deflecting but eventually, the disciple grows disheartened and sad. 

Shen Qingqiu: Oh I simply couldn't. You put so much effort into it, why don't you share it with your friends? 

Disciple Jiang Zhao: But I want to give it to Shen-shibo! That is, if he accepts my offering. 

Shen Qingqiu: Ah, but surely it would be better to share it with your friends. 

Jiang Zhao: I don't... (And the disciple looks down all pitiful.)

Shen Qingqiu internally: (FUCK, you can't be serious! Why do all the pitiful children flock towards me? What are they doing at the other peaks?) 

Jiang Zhao: I wanted to thank Shen-shibo for helping me out. 

Shen Qingqiu, already regretting: Well, if you insist on it, it would be rude of me to refute such a honest gift. 

Jiang Zhao legitimately lights up (Shen Qingqiu has no idea how, is this more cultivation bullshit? Fuck, this amnesia is annoying): Think nothing of it Shen-shibo! 

So! For the fluff! He concedes and forces himself to eat it but like, it tastes as bad as it looks and it looks really really bad. He’s still got hella poker game face (which he WILL introduce to the cultivation world) so even though he wants nothing more than to throw up, he smiles and gives some advice on how to improve it and then walks away.

He doesn't even make it all the way into his bamboo house before he collapses face down on the threshold, visibly sweating. Luo Binghe is the one to discover him. 


It’ll be great. 

-Speaking of other traumatic death experiences, here's another! Shang Qinghua has a low cultivation because he's Terrified of the lightning that is supposed to strike down every time he goes up a level and since he trusted absolutely no one to keep his cannon-fodder ass safe, he couldn’t cultivate well! 

But you see

The thing is

He has someone he trusts now to keep him safe from lightning doesn't he. (it's Shen Qingqiu)

(Yes, I know that that's not how cultivation works but shhhhhhh, let me indulge)

-heyyy it's been a while, I’d say it’s about time for the reunion between Shang Qinghua and his king! 

-okay so like a month and a half after Shang Qinghua wakes up, he walks into his room and is met with this drop dead gorgeous stranger just lounging on his bed. I mean, drop. dead. gorgeous. Like, this man is Shang Qinghua's dream man, from his very tall height to his obvious muscles and his elegant looking face.

So, clearly, Shang Qinghua is hallucinating. 

The man has ice clear horns on his head and blue scales on his skin! He has a tail! This is clearly a demon (a HOT one) in his room and no one on his peak realized? Yeah, likely story. Shen-bro was right, he really needed to start sleeping more. 

But man, if being sleep deprived lead to hallucinations like this, maybe he should stay up more. 

Hallucination man opens his mouth and asks, "What have you been up to?" 

"I..... what?" he says dumbly. Sue him (but not actually he doesn't have the money)! He's tired and this is a hallucination!

"Do you have anything new for me?" 

Uhhhh, my king, I'm sorry, but what is that supposed to mean? Was I supposed to get you something? What the heck brain, I’m poor-


'My king'? 

Hello, brain?? Can we talk? Why did you conjure up a man who is not only my ideal type but is also royalty???


Hallucination man who is also apparently royalty just goes "Hm," and cool as you please, opens a portal in the air and slips away. 

"........Wow, okay, maybe I should back down on the coffee." 

-He does not back down on the coffee. Two weeks later (we've now hit the second month mark), Hallucination man who is royalty appears again and Shang Qinghua is now legitimately delirious. He hasn't slept in 6 days. (He was busy okay! Being the peak lord for the peak that runs everything in the sect is not easy work!)

So when Hallucination man who is royalty opens his mouth and asks in a cool tone, "What do you have to give me," all Shang Qinghua does is turn to him, mentally acknowledge that Hallucination man who is royalty is back, and then babble, "My king! My kingdom for my king! I've got all my life to live and I've got all my love to give!" before he finally falls unconscious (to clarify, this was not supposed to make sense, Shang Qinghua is high on sleep deprivation). Shang Qinghua wakes up a full 28 hours later exhausted, with the world's worst crick in his neck and back, and mysterious bruises on his arms and face. Geez. Shang Qinghua vows to never try Mu Qingfang's brand of “coffee” ever again, holy shit, he couldn't fall asleep for days! Then again, he did got a lot of work done. Maybe he'll just take a smaller dose next time. (Not if Shen Qingqiu has any fucking say in it!)

Meanwhile, Mobei-jun is Freaking Out just the slightest bit. What was that?! What did he mean? 'All my life to live and all my love to give'? Is he pledging his undying loyalty to me? He already did that tho? Does he fancy me????? Is that what that was?? And more importantly, why aren’t I disgusted by that idea????????

He had tried his usual method of beating his spy but the man did not stir the slightest bit and he was sadly left without answers.

(yes i know the song wouldn't translate well in chinese, but i warned y'all already so shhhh)

-Two weeks later again, Mobei-Jun shows up and this time Shang Qinghua is actually awake when Hallucination man who is royalty shows up and oh, wow, he's not insane right now which means Hallucination man who is royalty is actually REAL DEMON WHO IS ROYALTY AND OH JESUS FUCK.

Then Hallucination man- oh wait, right, he's REAL DEMON ROYALTY MAN NOW- Demon royalty man then asks (but really, he demands), "Did you mean your words?" 


"What you said last time, mark them." 

"I- my king, I think there's been a misunderstanding-" cuz I don’t even recall what happened in the 6 Days Incident!

And then Demon royalty man just, drops! a whole ass demon head! on his desk! 

"Do you understand?" 

“uhhhh-“ Shang Qinghua is looking down on the head and back up to Demon royalty man and back down and back up and back down and back up and oops, that looks like he’s nodding doesn’t it. 

“Good,” is all Demon royalty man says and then the fucker has the gall to just leave after that shit and leave Shang Qinghua confused and angry!

Then a ping! goes off at the back of his head as his brain oh so kindly notifies him that demons court their intended by killing dangerous beasts to show off their skills and strength.

And now he's confused and sweaty. 

-Mobei-jun has horns and a tail and all that cool shit CUZ WHAT 👏🏽 EVEN 👏🏽 IS 👏🏽 THE 👏🏽 POINT 👏🏽 IF 👏🏽 HE 👏🏽DOESN’T 👏🏽 HAVE 👏🏽 THEM 👏🏽?

-I have an explanation for why Mobei decided to court Shang Qinghua but that's for later so for now, y'all can either draw your own conclusions or be as confused and sweaty as Shang Qinghua is.

-Shang Qinghua immediately talks with Shen Qingqiu after he realizes that oh SHIT, hallucination man who is royalty is actually REAL DEMON MAN WHO IS ROYALTY and waxes poetry over this Fine Man while also frantically trying to come up with ideas on what the FUCK his past self was doing having a HOT DEMON MAN who is ROYALTY show up in his private room and have it be a normal thing??? Apparently??!?????? AND COURTING HIM?!?!!!

-Shang Qinghua: Did... did I have game? Did I lure in this hot man with my hot mess???? 

Shen Qingqiu, who has just been woken up at 2:58 in the morning and is the one who's sleep deprived this time from making sure the 6 Days Incident doesn’t happen again: ??? maybe??? 

-(not seen: Luo Binghe wondering why the fuck his shizun puts up with the constant barrages into his personal room and interruptions of sleep. Shizun had offered to set up silencing wards for his room since Shang Qinghua barging in late at night was a common occurence, but Luo Binghe had wanted to make sure that he wouldn't sleep through any troubles that showed up even if Shizun is skilled enough for that not to be a problem. So now Luo Binghe has to suffer the late night delirious ramblings of his elders. What he's feeling right now isn’t regret at his decision... but it’s very close to it.) 

-Shen Qingqiu is very disgruntled at how much work the other peaks shove onto Shang Qinghua and does his best to lighten the load. 

-so now the two bros think that Demon royalty man (they really need to figure out his real name) is Shang Qinghua’s illicit secret lover. After all, demons don't have the most stellar of reputations, but clearly, this demon king has been able to waltz into Shang Qinghua's personal room like it's nothing, so the two must have history and must be on good terms and with the demon royalty man dropping off the head of a (BULL VIPER?!! He gave me the head of a bull viper?! You mean the beast known for it's deadly poison with a cure so rare it might as well have no cure, an insanely aggressive behavior, and high kill count-?! Wait how do you know this Shen-bro), they gotta be more than just friends.

-see here's the thing: Shen Qingqiu LIKES Shang Qinghua. For all the man’s constant sweating and cowardly behavior, he's the only other person who understands his situation and when the time calls for it, Shang Qinghua does have a spine and can stand his ground. He’s resourceful, hardworking, and smart and he’s Shen Qingqiu’s best friend and most trusted confident. And so he thinks, “Hey. You know what would be cool? If their relationship could be an open thing.” 

And so commences the turnaround of demon reputation on the Cang Qiong Mountains Sect by the actions of a one man army: Peak Lord Shen Qingqiu (aka the dedicated critic Peerless Cucumber, he rich kid who had plenty of practice tearing people down for their stupid ideas. And indiscriminate hatred against a whole race is pretty stupid. (even if a lot of said hatred can be justified)). He starts off strong with constant visits to Yue Qingyuan to wear him down and warm him up to the idea that demons can be good. Hey, if this sad man wants so badly to make it up to Shen Qingqiu for whatever he did, who is he to not take advantage of that?

Of course, he had to spend the first visit stuck at the Qiong Ding peak for days because when he had given the slightest indication that he didn't want all demons dead, Yue Qingyuan was convinced (again) that this Shen Qingqiu was an impostor and tried lots of spells, talismans, and rituals on him to try and draw the demon out. (Again.)

-During these month and a half of Mobei showing up, the two peaks were not idle. Shen Qingqiu and Shang Qinghua are doing what they can to get back to the lives they had lost in the qi deviation and are busy reestablishing relationships and fixing their past selves' mistakes. Shen Qingqiu has been working his peak to be more friendly with one another because currently, his peak does not Vibe and that is unacceptable. They all need to learn some better manners both within their peak and outside it. Shang Qinghua has been coming over a lot too, visiting his best friend and just constantly talking with Shen Qingqiu in English and because his disciples are as sticky as Shen Qingqiu’s and because Shang Qinghua implied it was okay for them to come with when one time he asked for help carrying some items over, the An Ding disciples like to go with him to the Qing Jing peak. The two peaks start forming connections with each other and soon, the Qing Jing disciples are realizing that hey, they were kinda awful to the An Ding peak and they apologize to them. 

-that’s right, I’m giving these disciples healthy relationships and friends that number past 2 because MY GOD, no one has any friends whatsoever, what the fuck

-arts and crafts! Shen Yuan was a very bored child and learned a lot of shit. Arts and crafts were one of them. He didn't plan to, but he would often end up leading his peak in various arts and crafts activities such as tie-dye or knitting or origami or paper laterns or (look he had a lot of free time and he was bored okay). Shang Qinghua also knew a lot of useful information and the two would often hold classes together and teach their disciples many strange things. 

(Shang Qinghua: wait what do you mean soap doesn't exist, WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN DOING THEN?? That's it! We're all making soap today!)

-Bingpup! Shen Qingqiu compares his sticky disciple to a excitable puppy a lot. He is not the only person to do this. 

-Ming Fan grows out of his macho arrogance and mellows out, and actually gains some intelligence now that Shen Qingqiu is actually teaching his peak. Ning Yingying has some friends who like to read and discuss the novels that have been written by Liu Mingyan (not that they know it's her). Little Yi Lun is getting out of shell and talking! Song Yao has friends who are just as loud and mischevious as her. Look at all these peak disciples getting all buddy buddy and vibin with each other. They may have also accidentally started a movement but more importantly! They have sleepovers too! Isn't that nice?

-what movement? Well, it starts with complaints trickling in to Shen Qingqiu as his disciples notice something off. Now that the An Ding peak has friends with the Qing Jing peak, someone is finally taking notice and caring about the skittish behavior the An Ding disciples display when they're around most other peaks. Then their concern turns into full on worry as the other peaks start getting frustrated again and taking it out on the An Ding disciples once more. The other peaks had held themselves back before because of the whole amnesia debacle and being too abusive would get them reprimanded but now they've gotten too frustrated to hold back. Shen Qingqiu was already worried for Shang Qinghua when the man made himself stay up for 6 days just to finish the work shoved on him but when his disciples are coming to him asking about the behavior and marks on the An Ding disciples, he goes full on red alert and brings it up to Shang Qinghua. Shang Qinghua’s shocked because yeah, he’s was being abused by the other peaks but he didn’t know they would stoop so low as to hurt his own kids!

-why is everyone abusing these chiren? Please stop hitting them you fuckers. 

-no seriously, stop abusing them you fucks.

-about four months after Shang Qinghua woke up, he's minding his own business on his peak but then a little disciple, one of the younger ones, walks by him and Shang Qinghua freezes when it registers that the kid has a shiner that takes up a quarter of his face, and a hand-shaped bruise that takes up the other half of his face. 

See, Shang Qinghua was used to being hit by now. He was regularly abused before and when it started up again, he registered nothing wrong about it. He fell into a familiar habit of smiling subserviently and just nodding his head to the wishes of other people. It was such a practiced move that he didn't even realize what was alarming about his situation. 

But seeing that same abuse on his disciples was apparently another matter entirely because Shang Qinghua is now Very Alarmed. 

"Yi Lun! What is this?! What happened to you?" Shang Qinghua crouched down to fuss over his kid, god, he was so small.

"It's nothing shifu. Just the Bai Zhan peak again." 

'Again? Again?! What are those brutes doing to my little disciple! How often does this happen?!'

"Yi Lun, how often does you getting beat up happen?" 

And it just breaks his heart how confused little A-Lun looks when he replies, "At least once a month. Why do you ask? Didn't you say to just grin it and bear it because we're the An Ding peak?" 


Ah, he really was a loser before this, wasn't he!

Something shifted in Shang Qinghua then. Shen Qingqiu has already told him time and time again to do something about the abuse he was experiencing but he never saw anything wrong so he just continued as it was. He didn't want to deal with trying to get the other peaks to be more courteous when he was already busy trying to regain the life he had lost. It was irritating and demeaning, sure, but he had felt that it wasn't anything new so he did nothing. It took a while to get Shen-bro to back down but ultimately it was his decision, not Shen Qingqiu's. Except now, one of his disciples had paid the price for this inaction, a child. Shang Qinghua might not remember who he was before but right now? Right now, he was no longer going to be a loser if it resulted in this

"I'm sorry Yi Lun, but this teacher was wrong. He was so very, very wrong and I'm so sorry I taught you such a wrong thing." 

Yi Lun's eyes widened in shock as he watched his shizun get up from his crouch, not from the action but from the inner fire blazing in his shifu's eyes. 

"From now on, things will be different Yi Lun. Mark my words."

-So the An Ding peak goes through a huge change because Shang Qinghua finally said, "No more," and turned out to be a very vicious person when properly motivated. He tried doing it civilly at first of course, going through the proper channels and trying to get the other peaks to listen to reason but, ah, well. The other peaks think he's overreacting. And nothing will change unless all peaks are in agreement. Shang Qinghua even gets Shen Qingqiu to help and people are given a reminder of what sort of man the peak lord used to be: cold and scarily calculating with a cruel tongue. But still, the other peaks don't want to listen. 

So they decide to go about things a less proper way.

-Shang Qinghua remembers a throw away line he once said to Shen Qingqiu ("-so help me god, Liu-shidi will never get my peak’s help with anything ever again and you’re the one who’s gonna have to deal with him") and figured, hey, why doesn't he make it real? So he refuses to do any work for any peak other than the Qing Jing peak, the Xian Shu peak (because Shang Qinghua can see that his female disciples view that peak as a safe place and he won't take it from them and also Liu Mingyan is there and she's his writing buddy), and the Qian Cao peak because they never attacked his disciples and helped fix them up (the peak never realized the extent of the abuse because most of the An Ding peak are wary of being too closely scrutinized. Previously, Shang Qinghua and the other An Ding disciples were the ones to patch each other up). 

-The Qiong Ding peak remained neutral, though everyone knew that Yue Qingyuan would support Shen Qingqiu however he could. Which means they only need to convince the other 7 peaks before they win.

-The Cang Qiong sect doesn't stand a chance.

-Mu Qingfang and his Qian Cao peak were getting a lot more people coming over after the amnesia incident cuz Shen Qingqiu and Shang Qinghua are paranoid anxious fuckers who worry about their disciples. So they show up a lot to learn medicine and to retrieve medicine. (And also because Shen Qingqiu nearly had a heart attack when it was revealed that Shang Qinghua legitmately thinks just shoving a lump of medicine into a hole is a sufficient method to helping people). Their visits only increase after the Strike starts.

-the four peaks don't have to rely on the other peaks for help in the day to day running. They have resources outside of their sect to turn to such as: the brothel down the mountains. Sister Qiu eagerly spills secrets about the other disciples and peak lords to Shang Qinghua and Shen Qingqiu, giving them more ammo to attack the other peaks with. Little A-Yi gives tips on how to blackmail people properly. Madam Bao provides tips on how to fight dirty and Grandma Bao nods sagely while imparting wisdom of how to beat the ever loving shit out of people. 

So little by little, Shang Qinghua sharpens his weapons and gathers his secrets and gains useful knowledge. No one is going to abuse his kids ever again. 

-At first, the other peaks had laughed it off, not seeing what would happen if the An Ding went on a strike. They're just the An Ding peak, they said. They’re the lowest peak out of us all! (By this I mean despite them being ranked higher than the Bai Zhan peak because Yue Qingyuan knows how important their work is, no one else knows how important they are. Just like in real life and how no one properly appreciates the janitors, the plumbers, the construction workers and so on forth!) Except, no one has realized how much work they had pushed onto the An Ding peak. Suddenly, paperwork started to pile up, packages weren't being sent, the mail takes forever to be received now, and nothing is getting fixed anymore. Budgets are crashing now that Shang Qinghua isn't there to keep watch over it and the sect is in shambles. The other peaks tried to beat the An Ding peak back into submission and force them to stop the strike, but it was too late; by then, the four peaks had already set up a system which ensured that no An Ding disiciple was ever left alone, so they failed that too. 

-The An Ding peak slowly and surely goes from being the logistics peak to the logistics and spying peak, though that last one is kept a secret. Shang Qinghua teaches his kids how to listen to secrets, whisper rumors, and gather blackmail. Shen Qingqiu helps and teaches them how to fight back, verbally and physically (although he is much more vicious by tongue than by sword). He and his peak also take it upon themselves to become the bodyguards for the An Ding peak while they focus on information gathering and catch up to their training.

-while all of this is happening, the world continues to turn. People are still sending requests for help, night hunts are still being done, and the Cang Qiong sect still need to go out to be righteous and bring justice. So they still gotta go out on night hunts but the four peaks always leave at least one peak lord behind to watch over the disciples. One day, this is put to the test. 

Qi Qingqi is sent to investigate an incident at a far away village, Mu Qingfang is off restocking his medicines and herbs, and Shen Qingqiu is sent away with Liu Qingge to investigate a far away village's problem. The two are often sent out together because despite their relationship, they're the best duo to tackle problems, Liu Qingge taking care of beating the monsters and Shen Qingqiu taking care of the other details such as information gathering, talking with the civilians, and coming up with strategies to fight the monster when brute force and battle instincts aren't enough. For a brief time after the amnesia, the two had gotten along well enough but after the Strike, relations between the two are difficult again, even more so because Liu Qingge still has the nagging feeling that the man beside him isn't actually Shen Qingqiu. He has no proof though, so all he can do is seethe and pick fights. On Shen Qingqiu's side, he doesn't get along as well now because he doesn't approve of Liu Qingge's hands off approach to his peak given his own take on it and also because it Liu Qingge's negligence meant his disciples were free to bully his and Shang Qinghua's disciples.

Anyways, the only peak lord left behind at the Cang Qiong sect is Shang Qinghua and the other peaks ambushed the four peaks to try and get the An Ding to submit once more. Shang Qinghua is trying to hold them back but when both the peak lords and their disciples are attacking all at once, it's not easy. The only reason the ambush fails is because Mu Qingfang arrived back early and helped Shang Qinghua and their disciples hold off the attack long enough for Shen Qingqiu, who already had a bad feeling about the convenient investigations that just happened to send almost all the peak lords away, to come just in time along with Liu Qingge.

This ambush is what pushes Liu Qingge to join the strike because god damn, what the fuck, why are you being so cowardly as to attack your own sect? Also, they attacked the Qian Cao peak and that is just the highest order of stupidity, what the fuck. (it totally has nothing to do with the fact that Mu Qingfang got seriously injured by people who are supposed to be his allies-)

-this is happening over the course of several months. They win in the end by blackmailing and shaming the other peaks to just grow the fuck up and enforce rules to ensure kids don't get harassed or abused. However, the fact that it took so long results in Shang Qinghua never letting his guard down the whole time and even afterwards, he still doesn't completely trust anyone other than Shen Qingqiu and he trusts (but not to the extent of Shen-bro) Liu Mingyan, Qi Qingqi, Mu Qingfang, Liu Qingge (though he's more on a trial run than full on trust) and their collective disciples. He keeps up the blackmail gathering and intel collecting and ensures that his disciples do the same. Shen Qingqiu responds in kind by further upping the training on his own disciples. They may be the scholarly peak, but to train the mind, one must also train the body and they will kick your ass if Shen Qingqiu has anything to say about it. 

-Shang Qinghua and Shen Qingqiu really be out there asking "is anyone going to care for these disciples?" and not even wait for an answer, smh pt 2.

-when Mobei-Jun was coming in during these months, he fell a little more in love as he watched his spy plot against his own sect to protect those under his protection. It was awe-inspiring. (And if he started showing up at the An Ding peak more often, that's no one's business but his own.)

-oh, by the way, Shang Qinghua has inadvertently continued to be Mobei's spy by rambling about his day and telling his king all about what has happened since he's been gone, catching him up. No, he still has no idea that he's a spy and no, Mobei-jun still has no idea that his spy has amnesia. Yes, they're not gonna clear up that misunderstanding any time soon.

-okay so anyways, speaking of strange behaviors and still lowkey not believing the two peak lords to be the actual peak lords, we have these two immortal cultivators being best bros and speaking in tongues who are apparently not possessed (as evidenced from the many many many many many many many MANY times the others have tested it) and also weirdly knowledgeable and behaving strangely. The sect have moved on from the possession theory and are now wondering if they’re gods. (It started off as a joke but as we all know, crack theories are the gateway to “wait shit that makes SENSE” theories)

-the two of them have a lowkey freak out when Shang Qinghua reveals knowledge that he??? May actually be??? A God??? 

Shen Qingqiu montone: what do you mean.

Shang Qinghua: I mean? I didn't really notice before but like? We're eerily knowledgeable about a lot of things we shouldn't know about? 

Shen Qingqiu still monotone: Maybe we just read a lot more than people realized. 

Shang Qinghua: Maybe! Except! Uh. I tried looking stuff up and uh, there are no scrolls on the kinds of beasts you've been identifying for me bro. The beasts aren't just rare, they're almost extinct and we don't have any information on them, only the demon world does. 

Shen Qingqiu, monotone and very firmly in denial: So I got into some forbidden books apparently. That doesn't mean we're gods.

Shang Qinghua: Well maybe you're not but, I kinda, also, sorta, predicted a lot of stuff happening before they happened? 

Shen Qingqiu: You what.

(Oh god, they really hope they aren’t gods that lost their memories, that would make things so complicated,)

-(you see how I included the fact that Shang Qinghua is a god? People take note. How are y’all sleeping on this? This disaster man is a GOD of this world and not one of you guys want to have fun with that? Smh.)

-after leaving That Issue on the back burner, they decide to ignore it and move on. They’re too busy with the Strike to worry about silly crack theories. It’s probably just their imagination anyways. Besides, what kind of gods would they even be? 

-(lol, can you imagine the look on his face when he regains his memory and realizes that he turned himself into a god?)

-it starts with a conversation between a group of drunk people jokingly asking, “what if they aren’t impostors? What if they’re gods?” It starts with Shang Qinghua overhearing this and brushing it off. It starts with him failing to brush it off because the idea gnaws and burrows and teethes in his head and a week later, Shang Qinghua barges into Shen Qingqiu’s room at night (again) and slams down a conspiracy board with red string a connecting events that have built up over the span of a year and a half demanding, “WHAT IF WE’RE GODS?” It starts when Shen Qingqiu, bored and mildly perturbed, actually takes the time to look at the board, read the board, take in and absorb the board, and raise his head whispering softly but with feeling, “what if we’re gods?” It starts when a best friend believes in an almost deity and they become Deity and First Believer.

But it really all starts a year and a half ago with a small child who doesn’t know about the world outside their village, who knows nothing about cultivators, only gods, asking a man what will happen to their home and the man declaring, “It’ll all be okay. Your home will be fine, I promise. You and your people will know justice.” 

-To clarify, this starts about 6 months after they transmigrate and it grows over a year and a half. Shang Qinghua and Shen Qingqiu was out on a quick night hunt in a remote village on the way back from retrieving some rare herbs for Mu Qingfang and when confronted with a small child that wasn't from his peak, Shang Qinghua became flustered and spouted the first thing he thought of. (Later on, Shen Qingqiu will hit him over the head for sparking this whole god thing.)

-The theory grows with each absent minded declaration, with each prophecy coming true, with each event where Shang Qinghua always knows what to do. It grows as the transmigrators themselves notice their unusual abilities. It grows as gossip is spread around the Cang Qiong sect. 

It explodes after Shang Qinghua and Shen Qingqiu have premonitions about the Alliance conference and the other sects hear of the rumors and then they see them coming true. (About 2 years later, the other sects wil hold a meeting without two certain peak lords and discuss the feasibility of the rumors being whispered on the peak. They will come to the conclusion that bafflingly enough, it's actually possible. Yue Qingyuan is the only one disheartened by the idea that Shen Qingqiu had been replaced by a god. Everyone else celebrated. Liu Qingge stayed quiet.)

But that's for next chapter.

-no one has any sort of crush for Shen Qingqiu yet. Everyone is still getting used to this new version of Shen Qingqiu. (but just wait until we get to next year, ha!)

And so concludes the year leading up to the actual scum villain plot! Because my brain wouldn't shut up and insisted on a whole bunch of stuff! The next chapter will cover the three years and will probably not be as long (but who knows, this was supposed to be 2k in whole and instead i have 10k words of just one year. The only reason you guys are even getting this is because I left it in bullet format, otherwise I would never post this, trying to perfect the fic. What you see here is me just barely indulging in my perfectionism and you guys got 10k words. EDIT: holy fuck, it’s almost 11k?!)