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Katsuki has made it very clear to everyone in class A that he does not appreciate being woken up from a nap. He makes sure all of them hear very clearly when he’s gonna take a nap and even goes as far as to put one of those dumb two-sided open/closed signs on his door so he can easily indicate that he does not want to be bothered under any circumstances.


That makes it all the more annoying when he’s woken up to the sound of frantic knocking. He was pretty sure he flipped the sign, so he’s fuming when he rolls out of bed, ready to rip whoever is outside a new one.


“This better be fucking good,” Katsuki growls as he throws the door open harshly, glaring. His eyes narrow even more as he sees who it is, letting out a harsh rush of air out of his nostrils.


Midoriya stands on the other side, fidgeting nervously and looking a little guilty.


“I’m sorry! I know the sign is flipped but I’m having a crisis and you’re the only one I could think to go to!” Midoriya’s talking in that way, fast and frantic, and Katsuki feels the vein in his temple throb.


Things have gotten significantly better with Midoriya since first year, enough that he might tentatively consider Midoriya his friend on a good day. 


Today, however, does not feel like a good day, and he considers slamming the door in Midoriya’s stupid face.


Midoriya seems to read his mind and shoves himself forward, inviting himself into the other boys' dorm. Katsuki lets out a surprised noise, turning to glare Midoriya down as the smaller boy throws himself on the bed, face down.


Katsuki sighs, closing the door. He makes his way over to Midoriya, sitting in the empty spot closest to the wall and crossing his arms. He’s pretty sure he knows what this is about. 


“I should explode your fucking face, Deku. You know I hate being woken up.” He grumbles, but there’s not much heat to his words.


“‘M sorry.” Midoriya’s voice is muffled by the pillow, but he twists around pathetically to make his words more clear. “I got my feelings hurt again.” His voice is a high, annoying whine that makes Katsuki scoffs.


“What did he do this time?” He sighs, defeated, finally rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and kissing his nap goodbye.


They’ve been doing this for a while, him and Midoriya. Their relationship had gotten better after a year of therapy and Kirishima, but it was still pretty strained. When Midoriya first got outted, things were rough, and Katsuki knew that he probably owed it to Midoriya to be there for him. Not just because of the years of torture he put him through, but because he knew Midoriya needed someone who could relate, and he didn’t know how many of his other classmates could. 


So they started talking about it . Being gay. Midoriya was shocked at first when Katsuki came out to him, but then he just started crying, thanking Katsuki for trusting him. He almost blew him up, telling him to stop being so embarrassing. Eventually, their talks got easier, and it wasn’t about being outed or dealing with homophobic jerks anymore, but about boys.


The first time Midoriya waltzed into his room whining about Todoroki , of all people, Katsuki really did try to blow him up. He listened to him, though, knowing that if Midoriya didn’t talk about the things that are bothering him he would probably go insane. Sure, he could probably talk to Uraraka about it, but Katsuki could probably understand a lot better than she could.


After hanging out on and off for a while, he told Midoriya about Kirishima. He didn’t really mean to, but he started having problems of his own, feelings that were somehow too much and not enough, and he figured Midoriya wouldn’t tell anyone. A secret for a secret.


That’s how they ended up here, sitting on Katsuki’s bed and talking about boys like regular fucking teenagers. It was so gross. Katsuki almost wishes he could go back to being the class asshole. 


“He-“ Midoriya’s eyes are shiny, face absolutely drenched in a shallow sort of misery , and Katsuki rolls his eyes. Midoriya whines again, grabbing the pillow next to him and shoving it over his face. Drama queen .


“Spit it out, nerd.” Katsuki sighs, resting his chin in his palm.


“He made out with Yaoroshi.” His voice was muffled, but Katsuki hears it clearly and he can’t stop himself from sitting up a little straighter in shock.


What? That whirlwind bastard? I thought he hated him!” Katsuki laughed, surprised. 


He knew he shouldn’t be laughing, Midoriya was upset and it was cruel, but he was just surprised. Todoroki had been out for a while, but he always figured he liked Midoriya back from the way they interacted. The last thing he expected was for Icy Hot to go out and mess around with Inasa Yaoroshi of all people. When did he even have the time?


Midoriya sat up too, throwing the pillow back to the side and looking at Katsuki with wet, red-rimmed eyes. His mouth wobbled as he held back the worst of his tears, and Katsuki sighed, annoyed.


“C’mon idiot, stop being a baby. How do you know they made out? Are you even sure?”


“He told me.” Midoriya sniffles, wiping at his damp eyes. “They hung out on Saturday to train, they do that sometimes, and Todoroki said it just kind of happened.” 


“I can’t believe Todoroki is the first gay in 1a to make a move on someone.” Katsuki huffs, throwing himself back against the wall with his arms crossed and face twisted at the thought of losing to Todoroki. “Fucking unbelievable. I was so sure I’d at least get into Kirishima’s pants first. Disgusting.” 


“Kaachan,” Midoriya pouts, shooting him a frustrated look. “He made out with him! He was kissing someone that wasn’t me ! He had a hickey! Now they’re going to start dating and get married and have kids and I’m gonna die alone !” 


Midoriya flops down face first on the blanket in front of him. Katsuki scowls, reaching over to smack Midoriya on the back of the head. Midoriya doesn’t even flinch. 


“Shut up, moron. Does he even like Yaoroshi? People mess around without being in love all the time.”


“But Todoroki isn’t like that! He’s sweet and nice and romantic, he wouldn’t just hook up with anyone! Yaoroshi must be special!” His cries are slightly muffled by the blankets. 


“Did he say that he liked him?” Katsuki repeats, annoyed.


“Well,” Midoriya sits up, eyebrows furrowed as he thinks back. “No. But-“ 


“Idiot! You’re just assuming things!” Katsuki smacks his head again, almost pushing him off the bed. “Real Todoroki and Fantasy Todoroki are different and you can’t just assume something because you think that's how he is.”


“Should I ask him?” Midoriya sniffs, wiping his face and sitting up straighter. He pulls out his phone from his hoodie pocket, unlocking it and clicking to his messages. Katsuki rolls his eyes again as he sees the hearts next to Todoroki’s name.


“Yeah, dumbass. That’s the only way you’ll know for sure. And if he does like him, then you just have to get over it.” Katsuki is scolding, but his voice is softer than before. Midoriya’s an idiot, but he doesn’t want him to get his heart broken by Icy Hot , of all fucking people. 


Katsuki gets up from the bed as Midoriya types away, moving to his desk to grab his laptop. He rifles through his drawers, trying to find some snacks he knew Kirishima gave him the other day and lets out a triumphant noise as he finds the bag of trail mix. He makes his way back to the bed, throwing the bag at Midoriya and opening his laptop.


He’s just started a youtube video about ghosts, Midoriya’s favorite channel, when said boy's phone goes off. Midoriya freezes around his mouthful of trail mix, afraid to look at the text, and Katsuki scowls, snatching the phone from the bed.


💙 shoto ❤️

[5:16 pm]: No? We just made out 

[5:16 pm]: I think he likes Camie but he hasn’t really said anything lol

[5:16 pm]: Also he’s kind of annoying

[5:17 pm]: He's got nice hands though


Katsuki snorts. No matter how many of their texts he sees, he’s always surprised at how Todoroki texts Midoriya. To anyone else, it’s all proper grammar and short phrases, cold and detached, but with Midoriya he talks so…. normal . He even double texts . Midoriya is an idiot for thinking Todoroki doesn’t like him at least a little


“See?” He says, shoving the phone in Midoriya’s face. “I told you he doesn’t like him. You’re overreacting for no reason.” 


Midoriya swallows, eyes scanning the screen frantically before he lets out a sigh of relief, throwing himself back on the bed again with his phone held to his chest. Katsuki rolls his eyes and presses play on the video, but turns it down in case Midoriya wants to talk more.


It takes exactly five minutes before Midoriya sits up again, fast and anxious. Katsuki blinks, before scowling at the look on the smaller boy's face.


What now?! ” He snaps, leaning forward to pause the video.


“Todoroki is experienced now! ” Midoriya cries, eyes wide and scared. “How am I ever going to woo him now? I’ve only ever kissed Uraraka! I don’t know how to- t-to-“ He cuts himself off, blushing furiously before his eyes widen, somehow, even further. “ What if he wants a big muscled boyfriend?! I’M NOT THAT BIG AND MUSCLED I’M ONLY 5’7! ” 


Midoriya leaps from the bed, pacing around the room and muttering to himself about nice hands and six feet and Katsuki breathes very deeply. 


He can feel the vein in his forehead throb steadily. Therapy has helped him become more patient and less mean, but sometimes Midoriya tries him.


“Deku.” Katsuki growls, “Sit down before you tear a fucking hole in the floor. You’re being an idiot.” 


Midoriya pouts again  but listens to Katsuki anyway.


“You’re overthinking. Shit’s not that deep. He either likes you, or he doesn’t, and the only way you can figure that out is if you tell him.” Katsuki sighs, running at his temples to ease the post-nap Midoriya headache that has formed.


Stop being so reasonable Kaachan! I came here to be unreasonable and dramatic!” Midoriya cries, swatting at Katsuki’s arm bravely. 


Katsuki lunges in Midoriya's direction threateningly but doesn’t actually hit him. Midoriya just scrunches up his nose and sticks his tongue out at him. Little shit.


Instead of saying anything else, Katsuki just rolls his eyes and presses play on the ghost video again, grabbing the trail mix violently from Midoriya's side. He’s said everything he can to Midoriya and if he wants to keep acting like a baby then so be it.


The other boy, thankfully, stays silent but continues to tap away at his phone. Every once in a while he lets out a pathetic, sad noise. Sometimes, it's a gross, pleased noise. Katsuki observes his flushed face for a couple of minutes before sighing again. 


“What are you talking to him about?” Katsuki grumbles, closing the bag in his lap and setting it aside. He asks partially because he knows Midoriya wants to talk, but also because he’s nosy. Mina has truly rubbed off on him in the worst of ways. 


“Um,” Midoriya locks his phone, setting it down in the circle of his crossed legs and slapping his hands on his red cheeks lightly. “Making out.” 


Deku. ” 


I know! I know I’m just torturing myself, but I’m curious and, honestly, it’s kind of ho-“ 


“You’re an idiot. If you’re gonna be this bold you might as well go to his room and tell him you want a demonstration.”


 Midoriya’s face goes red at his words and he lets out an embarrassed noise, throwing the hood of his sweater over his head and pulling on the strings until the fabric hides his face.


Kaachan! ” Midoriya exclaims, shaking his head furiously at the thought. “You’re so embarrassing !” Katsuki lets out a loud laugh, reaching over to punch Midoriya in the shoulder.


“You’re such a pussy. Either tell him how you feel or shut up, this is getting old .” He huffs, rolling his eyes. He leans back against the wall and pulls out his own phone, texting Kirishima as Midoriya lets out an offended gasp and starts defending himself. 


To: shitty hair 

[5:38 pm]: deku is being a little bitch

[5:38 pm]: save me


He locks his phone, pointedly not waiting for Kirishima to reply, and turns to the cry baby next to him.


“-don’t know why you have to be so mean ! And that’s really rude to say! We’re feminists Kaachan! I-” Midoriya cut himself off, finally realizing that Katsuki hadn’t heard a word he said. “You aren’t listening to me at all are you?” 


“Nope.” Katsuki smirks. Midoriya just huffs, grabbing his phone and texting furiously, grinning triumphantly after a minute and smiling at Katsuki innocently. 


After a couple of seconds Katsuki’s phone, suspiciously, goes off. 


 shitty hair

[5:41 pm]: stop saying pussy!!!!! thats mean!! we’re feminists!!!!!

[5:41 pm]: also don’t bully izu he’s sensitive :/


Katsuki scowls at his screen and looks up at Midoriya with narrowed eyes. He’s looking back at his own phone again, a dopey smile on his face that says he’s back to texting Icy Hot.


Katsuki throws the mini salt lamp on his bedside table right at Midoriya’s head. 


Midoriya lets out a loud, shocked noise. 


You’re so mean!” He yells, punching Katsuki in the shoulder with enough force to hurt.


“And you’re a snitch!” Katsuki hits him back, just as hard. “You can’t just text Shitty Hair every time I say something you don’t like, you traitor. I’m gonna start texting Icy Hot every time you cry.” He grumbles, turning back to his phone as Midoriya starts muttering insults. 


shitty hair 

[5:43 pm]: don’t tell me what to do


[5:43 pm]: why are you being mean to izu what did he do


[5:43 pm]: he came to my room to whine about halfie and won’t take my advice

[5:44 pm]: like just tell him u want to suc his dick and get it over w its not that hard

[5:44 pm]: or maybe it is hard haha


[5:45 pm]: ur a bad influence!!


Katsuki snorts. Midoriya finally seems to get over the salt lamp and sighs again, laying back on the bed and placing his phone on his chest. After a moment, Katsuki locks his phone and lays down next to him. 


“I want to tell him.” Midoriya says softly, more seriously. “This is our third year. I don’t want to graduate and start my career knowing that I might have missed out on something I can never get back.” He turns to look at Katsuki, a tired smile on his face that the blonde has seen many times on his face in the past couple of months. 


“Me too.” Katsuki sighs, turning back to stare at the ceiling. 


“All Might told me-” He hesitates. “He told me that when he was in America, he spent all his time focusing on being brave as a hero and didn’t let himself be brave as a normal person. By the time he worked up the courage to go after what he wanted, he had to come back and focus even more on being the symbol of peace.” Midoriya closes his eyes. “I’m happy that he chose me. I’m proud to be his successor but-”

The room is silent. Katsuki understands. 


“I just don’t want to look back at my life in thirty years and realize I stopped myself from experiencing something beautiful.” Midoriya breathes, turning to look at Katsuki once more. He nods. 


“Then be brave.” Katsuki huffs, sitting up abruptly. “Stop being scared and tell him the fucking truth.”

“It’s not that easy.” Midoriya sighs, sitting up as well. “There’s so much that can go wrong. What if he really doesn’t feel the same? What if I just make things weird?” Katsuki scowls, giving him an unimpressed look. 


“Fucking-” He cuts himself off, breathing in deeply and counting to five in his head. “It’s not that complicated. Even if he doesn’t feel the same, he’s not just gonna fucking drop you, Deku. You’re being an idiot.”


Midoriya scoffs, his face scrunching up.


“You’re one to talk! You’ve been feeling the same way about Kirishima and you haven’t done anything about that !” Midoriya shakes his head as he speaks, shoulders tensing. Katsuki can see him getting into defensive mode and he sighs loudly out of his nose. 


“I’m not fucking whining to you about it every five fucking minutes. If I wanted something to change, then it would .” He rolls his eyes, ignoring the competitive anger boiling inside of him. 


“Yeah, sure.” Midoriya whispers, rolling his eyes right back and flopping back down on the bed. 


“What the fuck does that mean?” Katsuki growls, eyes narrowed. 


“I’m just saying . You’re just as bad as I am, you’re just not as loud about it.” He huffs, picking his phone back up. 


“Bullshit!” The blonde scoffs, hitting Midoriya’s legs. “I could tell Kirishima at any time if I fucking wanted to!” Midoriya looks at him for a second before turning back to his phone with a raised eyebrow and a shrug. 


“Sure you can, Kaachan.” 


I can!




“You little-” He gets up from his bed, growling in frustration and looking for something to throw. Midoriya ignores him. “I’ll fucking show you. I’m gonna tell Kirishima.”


That has Midoriya sitting up, eyebrows practically to his hairline.

“Uh.” He says, eloquently. “What? Kaachan, this isn’t a competition.”

“Fuck you. It is a competition and I’m gonna fucking win. ” He huffs, going to his closet to throw on his favorite hoodie and crouching to dig around for his shoes. 


Kaachan .” Midoriya gets up from the bed, suddenly realizing what Katsuki is doing. “Don’t do something impulsively just because you want to one-up me or something!” He whines, standing by the closet and waving his hands around nervously. 


“No! You’re right! I’m being just as fucking pathetic!” Katsuki huffs, finally finding his other shoe. “And I fucking refuse to be a little bitch about this! I’m gonna fucking tell him and show you that it’s not a big deal!” 


Katsuki ignores the way his heart is pounding in his chest, scowling as he ties his shoes. Midoriya is going off next to him, his voice steadily rising in volume the more nervous he gets. Katsuki stands, pushing Midoriya out of the way and opening his door, walking into the hallway.


He knocks on the door to Kirishima’s room, ignoring Midoriya’s distressed noises. After a minute, Katsuki doesn’t hear any movement on the other side of the door and scowls, turning and walking towards the elevators.

“Kaachan! Wait!” Midoriya whines, running after him. He gets into the elevator just in time, huffing in annoyance as Katsuki slams the button for the first floor. “This is dumb , just take a second to think about this!”


“Okay, fine.” Katsuki stares at the doors to the elevator, counting the seconds until the elevator dings and opens on the first floor. “I’ve thought about it. I’m still doing it.” He stomps into the hallway, ignoring Midoriya’s growl of annoyance. 


The common room is as loud as usual as they walk in. There’s music playing from a speaker somewhere and Kaminari is singing along badly, using a can of whip cream as a microphone. Kirishima and Sero are sitting on the couch in front of him, laughing as he butchers the lyrics and throwing popcorn and M&Ms at him. 


Todoroki is sitting on the floor at the other side of the room with Yaoyorozu and Uraraka, books out in front of them as they study. He has his bangs pinned up with a sparkly pink clip, courtesy of Uraraka, and the rest of his hair is pulled into a messy bun that makes him look stupidly attractive, even to Katsuki. Midoriya makes a choked noise next to him, loud enough that Todoroki looks up at him and smiles, throwing a little wave. Katsuki rolls his eyes. 


“Don’t follow me.” Katsuki huffs, walking towards Kirishima. He sees Midoriya scurry off and plop down next to Todoroki, but he can feel Midoriya's eyes following him.


Kaminari spots him first as he’s twirling around and points at him, continuing to sing dramatically and off-key at him. Katsuki flips him off. 


Kirishima grins as he sees him and Katsuki swallows the anxiety that rises to his throat. He’s wearing Katsuki’s hoodie, the one he thought he lost last week, and his heart thumps loudly in his chest at the sight. 


Katsuki jerks his head in the direction of the kitchen, gesturing for Kirishima to follow and turns without waiting for a response. He knows he will. The kitchen is, thankfully, empty, and he busies himself with grabbing an orange on the counter and peeling it as he waits for Kirishima to join him.


He doesn’t wait long until Kirishima enters, laughing still from something Sero said. Katsuki swallows. I can do this


“What's up?” Kirishima smiles, sitting at one of the high stools on the counter across from where Katsuki is standing. “Did Midoriya figure it out?”

Katsuki rolls his eyes, tearing off the last bit of orange peel from the fruit before pulling the fruit open. 


“Kinda.” He huffs. “I wanted to talk to you about something else.” He says, shoving a piece of orange in his mouth. 


“Okay! What’s up? You okay?” Kirishima tilts his head to the side a little quizzically, one of his more disgustingly adorable gestures. Katsuki shakes his head. 


“Yeah, I just-” He breathes. I can do this .


A couple of seconds pass, but Kirishima doesn’t say anything else, looking up at the blonde with wide eyes and a small smile, patiently waiting for Katsuki to continue. The words feel stuck in his throat, bitter and terrifying, but he refuses to back down. I can do this


“I-” Katsuki breathes. This is it. This is gonna change everything. He looks down at his hands resting on the marble counter and clenches them into fists. Just say it


He looks back up and Kirishima is smiling a little wider and just like that, his chest feels lighter. 


“I like you.”


It sounds loud in the quiet of the kitchen, but not obnoxiously so. Kirishima’s eyes widen, his face beginning to turn as red as his hair, but his smile, somehow, gets wider.


“In a gay way.” Katsuki continues after a moment, ignoring the way his face burns. Kirishima lets out a surprised laugh, throwing his head back a little, but it doesn’t sound like a rejection. After a second Kirishima raises an eyebrow. 


“Are you gay? I had no idea.” Kirishima says sarcastically, stealing a couple of pieces of orange from his plate. 


“Fuck off.” Katsuki shakes his head, reaching for Kirishima’s other hand. Kirishima intertwines their fingers as he chews the fruit slowly, his smile almost blinding. 


“I like you in a gay way too.” He says it softly, full of a familiar affection, and Katsuki feels like a weight that he didn’t even realize was there is lifted off of his shoulders. He huffs, popping the large piece of orange that was left in his mouth.


“Date me.” Katsuki says around a mouthful of orange. Kirishima laughs a little, swallowing his own fruit. 


“Is that a question? Or a demand?” He chuckles, raising an eyebrow. 




Before he knows it, Kirishima walks around to his side and hops up onto the counter in front of him. Katsuki rests his hands on Kirishima’s waist and ignores the way his skin burns under two layers of clothes as Kirishima brings his arms up to loop around his shoulders. He breaths in the smell of popcorn and oranges and cologne that lingers in the space between them. 


“Can I call you my boyfriend?” Kirishima whispers, leaning in just a little.


“You can call me whatever you want as long as it’s yours.” 


Katsuki closes his eyes as their foreheads come to rest against one another. This may not have been how he thought it would happen, but he can’t deny that this moment feels like destiny . It’s like the puzzle pieces have finally slipped into place, and even though Katsuki wishes he would have said something sooner, somehow, this feels like the perfect time for them.


Kissing Kirishima is like coming home. It’s familiar, even though it’s the first time, and Katsuki can’t stop himself from smiling into it. Everything feels warm, soft, and safe , and Katsuki tightens his arms around Kirishima, afraid that if he doesn’t hold on to something he might just float away. 


When they pull away, it’s only for a moment, long enough for Katsuki to see that Kirishima is red and smiling, and he can’t stop himself from crashing forward now that he knows he’s allowed to do this. Kirishima let’s out a loud squeal of laughter as Katsuki peppers his face and neck with loud, playful kisses, running his fingers through blonde hair and protesting weakly. 


Five minutes later, they walk back into the common room, hand in hand. Katsuki smiles smugly as he makes eye contact with Midoriya, flipping him off. Midoriya gasps, but he’s grinning, practically vibrating with excitement. Katsuki rolls his eyes and looks away so Midoriya can’t see the way he smiles back.