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Chapter 1

The sun was burning down without mercy during those days. The vastness of the sky presented not a single cloud. The soles of the feet felt as if they would burst into flames any second.

Franky looked upwards and wiped her forehead with the sweatband positioned around her wrist. She stood in the center circle and wondered how much time was left until they finally finished the training for the day. She was longing for getting rid of her sweat-soaked shirt, a cool shower and an ice-cold beverage afterwards together with her team mates. At least it was Friday and the summer break of the season. Most of the exams were already done anyways so she was looking forward to spend the evening with her friends. 

Suddenly the long awaited whistle echoed through the stadium. Boomer was running past her, slapping her bum teasingly.

„Oi Franks, dreamin‘ bout a hot chick, hey?“

Franky rolled her eyes and grinned.

„Piss off, will ya!“

Boomer turned around towards Franky and kept on walking backwards in front of her.

„Awww, dry patches always make ya so sulky!“

Franky flipped her the middle finger and ran after her. When she caught Boomer, she jumped on her back, her arms wrapped tightly around her shoulders, and gave her sloppy kiss on the cheek.

„Ewww ya lezzo, get off!“

Will Jackson was clapping his hands when the girls came closer.

„Alright ladies, that‘s it for today. Almost. And I have some good and bad news for ya.“

He was actually their fitness coach but had to take over when their actual coach, Matt Fletcher, was involved in a bad car accident. He had been injured really badly and nobody knew at that point if he would ever come back.

Someone in the back mumbled: „Bad news first!“

Will grinned and spoke: „I know it’s Friday and summer break but unfortunately you’re not getting around some casual workout running. Three laps it is. And some stretching after not to forget to relax your muscles!“

Murmurs and groaners went through the team instantly.

„Ladies, I want you to take this seriously!“

Will was a nice guy and the girls actually respected him. He was already working with the team for five years now. The problem though was that he didn’t have the required license to coach them through the championship. 

„What’s the good news then, Mr. J?“, Allie was shouting.

Will rubbed his hands together and raised his eyebrows.

„Well, it‘s a pleasure to tell ya that we were finally so lucky to engage a new coach!“

Handclapping and oh‘s and ah‘s could be heard in excitement.

„I won‘t tell much more at that point. You‘ll meet the new coach as soon as possible yourself. And now workout, ladies!“, he continued and blew his whistle.

Disappointed groaners sounded amongst the group again before they started running.

A few minutes later Franky was bent over stretching, her palms touching the ground between her feet. The other girls gathered around her were chatting quietly about random blokes or the last exams when she heard heels clacking down the stony stairs of the stadium. The girls suddenly went quiet. It sounded like a metronome and echoed through the whole stadium. Clack. Clack. Clack. Clack.

Franky, still upside down, stared through her spread legs towards the strange person who instantly had everybody’s attention. She got up from her position, turned around and heard Boomer next to her blowing a low whistle through her teeth.

Will Jackson retreated from his chat on the sideline with the physical therapist of the team, Liz Birdsworth, and greeted the newcomer with a firm handshake.

Franky couldn’t make out from her spot what they were talking about. She simply stood there, mouth agape and surveyed the blonde woman in her tight black skirt which ended right above her knees. As if that wasn’t sexy enough, she was also wearing what looked like a black silk singlet beneath her white blazer.

Boomer closed her mouth with a soft slap under Franky‘s chin and leaned in: „Oi Franks, but ya gimme a heads-up before ya soak through, alright?“

Franky gave her a dig with the elbow.

„The fuck, Booms!“

In this moment Will Jackson and the blonde woman focused their attention on the team, taking a few steps forward.

„Alright, ladies, although sooner than expected, this is your new coach Bridget Westfall!“

And finally when the strange woman smiled and opened her mouth to speak, Franky was a total mess. 

„G‘day, ladies. I‘m absolutely happy to finally meet you and looking forward to a good cooperation!“

That voice. And those piercing blue eyes. How should Franky ever kick a ball straightly again with this woman on the sideline?!