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Chapter 4

Franky stormed out after Bridget’s rejection. How could she have been so stupid to really believe Bridget would make an attempt to kiss her? She tore the office door open and it crashed against the adjoining wall. 

She found herself in the locker room. She stripped down to nothing. Angrily. She needed a hot shower to calm her nerves. Showers usually gave Franky time to think and bring herself back down to earth.

She bent forward slightly and steadied herself with her palms flat against the cool tiles. The warm water poured down in the back of her neck when soft hands tenderly grabbed her by the hips and stroked further over her stomach. Franky tensed initially but leaned back into the body behind her immediately. Those welcomed hands went further up and palmed her breasts, massaging them possessively, pinching rosy nipples between thumbs and index fingers. Franky exhaled sharply with her increasing arousal and threw her head back, her hands still lingering against the cool wall. She wished there would‘ve been something she could‘ve held onto tightly when soft lips left kisses over and over between her shoulder blades. 

„I‘m sorry I snapped at you before, baby!“

Franky had to turn around to find out that she wasn’t dreaming. She wrapped her arms loosely around Bridget’s shoulders and grinned like an idiot. Her tongue licked at the corner of her mouth when she cradled Bridget’s neck.

„I knew ya wouldn’t resist me forever!“

She was back in the game. If Franky Doyle wanted a girl, she got it. Sooner or later.

Bridget winked seductively. Their naked bodies pressed against each other built a perfect match. They smiled coyly and both pairs of eyes narrowed almost simultaneously.

Bridget wrapped her arms around Franky’s neck when Franky’s hands moved down confidently from Bridget’s hips to the back of her thighs. Franky implied she wanted to lift her up and Bridget’s legs instantly twined around Franky‘s waist. 

When the coolness of wet tiles met Bridget’s back she gasped intensively.

Franky attacked her neck without hesitation. She sucked and bit down thoroughly. A high-pitched moan left Bridget’s throat.

„Fuck, Franky!“

„What do ya think I’m about to do here?“, she mumbled against reddened skin.

She stopped what she was doing though all of sudden, pulled back and surveyed Bridget.

„What is it?“, Bridget groaned in frustration.

„Do I still have to call you Ms. Westfall?“, Franky teased.

Bridget rolled her eyes.

„Would be a little kinky now, wouldn’t it?“

Franky shrugged and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth.

„I barely know ya. How should I know what you’re into?“

Bridget arched her hips into Franky in anticipation.

„Why don’t you shut up and fuck me?“

She didn’t need to tell this Franky twice. She was pressed harder against the wall for more support so Franky could let go with one hand and sneak it between their bodies.

„Fuck, Gidge, you‘re so wet!“, Franky moaned against the same spot of her neck where she‘d stopped before.

She filled her completely with two fingers and it felt like she was drowning into Bridget. 

„Baby-“, Bridget groaned and leaned her head back against the tiles.

Franky fucked her properly, exactly how she wanted it, how she liked it. Her grip around Franky’s neck tightened. Their movements harmonized quickly without any effort.

„Fuck, Franky!“



„The fuck?“, Franky snapped when she opened her eyes. 

Liz was leaning above her.

„Sorry love, I didn’t wanna spook you. You seemed to have dozed off.“

Franky was laying on the lounge on Liz‘s veranda. She indeed had fallen asleep. She went to Liz right after the incident with Bridget in her office. She needed some distraction and since it was noon on a Saturday she was toying with the idea to get a proper lunch at Liz’s place. 

„Just wanted to tell ya that lunch’s almost ready.“

Franky buried her face in her hands and sighed. 

„Was a really intense dream ya just had, hey?“, Liz worried.

„Nuh. Not worth mentioning at all.“