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Are you my Bucky?

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“Bucky is alive!”




After Steve woke up, he pondered deeply about Loki.


Loki couldn’t read minds, so how had he known about Bucky? It didn’t make sense.


He packed a traveling bag and stood on the steps of his apartment.


“I must go.” He said. If Bucky was alive, Steve would find him. “I will be back!”


He drove his motorcycle around Brooklyn. He looked for his Bucky.


He drove, and drove, and drove. Steve did not see his Bucky. He did not worry, because he could do this all day.


“I will find my Bucky,” he said.  




He did not know where they were keeping his Bucky. He did not know Bucky was in the Federal Savings Bank. He walked by it. Steve did not see him.  




Steve came to Fury.


“Are you my Bucky?” Steve said to Fury.


Fury just looked and looked. He did not say a thing.


Fury was not his Bucky, so he went on.




Then Steve came to the Black Widow.


“Are you my Bucky?” he said to the Black Widow.


“No,” said the Black Widow.


Fury was not his Bucky.


The Black Widow was not his Bucky.


So Steve went on.




“I have to find my Bucky!” he said. “But where? Where is he? Where could he be?”




Then Steve came to Sam Wilson.


“Are you my Bucky?” he said to Sam Wilson.


“I am not your Bucky. I do what you do, just slower,” said Sam Wilson.


Fury was not his Bucky.


The Black Widow was not his Bucky.


Sam Wilson was not his Bucky.


So Steve went on.




Now he came to Alexander Pierce.


“Are you my Bucky?” Steve said to the Alexander Pierce.


“How could I be your Bucky?” said Alexander Pierce. “I am the Secretary of the World Security Council.”


Fury and the Black Widow were not his Bucky.


Sam Wilson and Alexander Pierce were not his Bucky.


Did he have a Bucky?


“I did have a Bucky,” said Steve. “I know I did. I have to find him. I will. I WILL!”




Now Steve did not drive. He sped!


Then he saw a helicopter.


Could that old thing be his Bucky? No, it could not.


Steve did not stop. He sped on and on.




Now Steve looked way, way down. He saw the Lemurian Star. “There he is!” said Steve.


He called to the Lemurian Star, but the boat did not stop. The boat went on and on.




Steve looked way, way up.


He saw a big quinjet.


“Here I am, Bucky,” he called out.


But the quinjet did not stop. The quinjet went on.




Just then, Steve saw a big thing. This must be his Bucky!


“There he is!” he said. “There is my Bucky!”


Steve ran right up to it.


“Bucky, Bucky! Here I am, Bucky!” he said to the big thing.


But the big thing just said, “LAUNCHING.”


“Oh, you are not my Bucky,” said Steve. “You are a helicarrier. I have to get out of here!”


But Steve could not get away. The helicarrier went up.


It went way, way up. And up, up, up went Steve.


But now, where was the helicarrier going?


“Oh, oh, oh! What is this helicarrier going to do to me? Get me out of here!”


Just then, the helicarrier came to a stop.


“Where am I?” said Steve. “I want to go home! I want my Bucky!”


Steve activated a detonation device and dived out the window.


Steve landed right back in Brooklyn. Steve was home!


Just then Bucky came back. He looked confused.


“Do you know who I am?” he said to Steve.


“Yes, I know who you are,” said Steve.


“You are not Fury.


“You are not the Black Widow.


“You are not Sam Wilson.


“You are not Alexander Pierce.


“You are not the Lemurian Star, or a quinjet, or a helicarrier!”


“You are my friend, you are my Bucky, and I’m with you ‘till the end of the line.”