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Chills and Thrills

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The people who'd appointed Jehan as Creative Director for the year's Halloween Nighttime Chills activity didn't know what they'd unleashed upon their college (or maybe they knew exactly what they were doing). He'd gleefully rounded up the best, the weirdest, the most morbid for the job - bringing together Joly's extensive knowledge of horrific historical medical practices and Bahorel's delightfully fiendish collection of prank horror props (some likely plundered from the Arts Department) coupled with his own fascination with the arcane, even successfully recruiting Feuilly to direct the set builders - to produce a House of Screams experience fit to startle demons. (Or at least leave sleep-deprived students paranoid for a week).

Enjolras, against his better judgment, attended to support his friends, and - not knowing what to expect - almost leapt out of his skin several times. Grantaire, who went with him, was initially just as spooked - until he found, to his sudden delight, that they were clinging on to each other.