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A (not so) Happy Ending

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They were happy. 

Zolf woke up to sunlight streaming through the shutters, Hamid's face buried in his shoulder. He smiled softly. He could just lay here forever and watch Hamid.  

A spike of pain ran through his head. Zolf, please! He shook his head, it was nothing. Nothing to worry about.   

Eventually he'd have to get up and make them breakfast. Hamid grumbled when he shifted him over. Adorable. 

Zolf, please, wake up!  

He was awake wasn't he. That's why he got up. Because he was awake and needed coffee. His vision swam as he focused on his legs and feet. Something was wr- nothing is wrong.  He stood up. His legs felt wrong. His legs shouldn’t be- 

"Zolf?" Hamid muttered and Zolf's attention shifted. 

"Just making coffee." 

Hamid smiled at him sleepily. "You're the best." No he-  Zolf please you need to get Hamid - is save.

You are happy.