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Harry Potter: The True Wizards Way

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Friday night, Gryffindor Common Room.

“We need to talk.”

Harry looked up to find Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown, two fellow Gryffindors staring at him.

“Okay, what’s up?”

“It’s about Hermione, she’s...” began Parvati.

“... She’s a problem.” Lavender finished impatiently.

Now worried, Harry glanced across the room to find Hermione sitting at a desk, surrounded by piles of books and parchment.

“Did she try to get you to redo your potions essay again?” Harry asked with a smirk.

A now red faced Lavender replied. “No!... Well yeah she did that too, but I’m talking about a more serious problem.”

In a softer tone Parvati cut her off. “It’s not life or death Harry so don’t freak out, but we need your help before it gets worse.”

Now concerned Harry glanced back at them. “Okay, what do you need? “

“First of all, do you remember the talk McGonagall gave you boys at the start of the year?”

“You mean about your...” Harry trailed off while glancing down at the two witches skirts.

A now equally flushed Parvati nodded. “That’s right, it’s about the... Witches blessing.”

“... More like curse.” he heard Lavender mutter under her breath.

“I remember but I thought McGonagall said girls wouldn’t start feeling the effects until the end of the year?” he asked.

“Most don’t, both me and Lavender are still able to... you know,” she replied. “But Hermione is the oldest in our year, and she’s under so much stress that I think it’s kicked in early for her.”

“That makes sense I guess, but McGonagall said it was something witches handled between themselves, and we only needed to know in case one of them asked us to, erm, help them.”

“That’s usually the case, we can’t exactly expect third year boys to help us without running their mouths to the entire school a day later.” Lavender replied bitterly.

“But... You know what Hermione is like, she’s headstrong and independent,” said Parvati. “We also think she might be too caught up in muggle ideas of sex and relationships that she sees us helping her as being wrong.”

“We both offered to help her when we noticed her... struggling,” began Lavender. “But she’d just get really embarrassed and pulled her curtains closed or run to the bathroom”

“So what am I supposed to do?” asked Harry.

“Do you mean physically?” replied Parvati with a smirk.

“No!... I mean... If she says no to you why would she let me help?” He stammered.

“Because you’re hot.”

“And her best friend.”

“And a boy.”

“And she trusts you.”

“... And you’re hot.” finished Lavender.

Now red faced, Harry looked them in the eyes. “This isn’t some trick right?”

Parvati gently sat down next to him. “No Harry, it’s not a trick we just really think you can help.”

“Okay, but where would I even help her? I can’t exactly sneak her up to the boys dormitory.” he asked.

“Yeah McGonagall frowns on that until fifth year.” muttered Lavender receiving an elbow from Parvati.

“Wait, what?”

“Never mind that Harry,” replied Parvati “You can just use the Witches Magic.”

“Witches Magic?” he asked.

“Oh, I guess McGonagall doesn’t cover that with you guys.” she replied, “Basically over time witches began passing down a set of spells designed to hide the secret from wizards.”

“And wizards encouraged it because it let them help their wives and girlfriends without worrying about what other guys think.” cut in Lavender.

“Over time that’s just how it was done, the wizards controlled the family, politics and finances...” began Parvati.

“...and witches controlled the bedroom.” Lavender finished with a wink.

“So you can make it so nobody finds out?” asked Harry.

“Well no wizards, any witch will still see or hear everything but they won’t be able to tell anyone other than another witch.” replied Parvati.

“See and hear?” he repeated.

“Well there aren’t enough broom closets in the school for people to really have privacy around here so...” she looks to Lavender for support.

“... So we mostly just use the corner of the common room and watch each others conquests.” Lavender finished with a grin.

“Could you try to be less crass for once!” hissed Parvati.

“What, he deserves to know that come next year half the Hogwarts population are gonna want to catch an eyeful.” she replied.

“Look I don’t know if I’m ready for...“ Harry began to reply.

“I’m sorry Harry, I wasn’t trying to scare you off or anything.” replied Lavender honestly.

“What you don’t yet know Harry is how much respect the witches have for the wizards who follow the old ways.” said Parvati.

“The old ways?” he asked.

“Before the wars and You-know-who it was seen as the duty of a wizard,” began Lavender. “The witches would submit to their husbands running the family and the wizards would submit to their wives in return.”

“These days it’s more common to see wizards expecting to be dominant for sex,” Parvati said in a sad tone. “There are many who won’t even touch that part of a witch out of some misguided sense of masculinity.”

“But you don’t give us that vibe Harry.” cut in Lavender.

“Which is why we think you’re just the person to help.”

Harry stared at the two deep in thought.

“Okay, I’ll help... But only if Hermione agrees!” he spoke up.

Both girls broke out in wide grins.

“I knew you were a good guy Harry.” said Lavender sweetly.

“Come on, no better time than the present.” Parvati says while tugging at his sleeves.

“Wait, right now isn’t this a bit...”

“Shh don’t worry, well be right there with you.” replied Lavender.

The three arrived in front of a dishevelled Hermione Granger.

“Erm, hey Hermione how are you?” Harry began.

Briefly looking up from a book Hermione met his eyes and he could see just how tired and worn out she looked.

“I’m fine, why what have you heard? “ she replied hotly.

Raising his hands he replied. “I was just asking, you just seemed a little...”

“Stressed.” interjected Lavender.

“Knackered.” followed Parvati.

“... Tired.” finished Harry.

Putting her quill down Hermione attempted to look more relaxed. “I’m fine Harry, sure there’s a lot of work but nothing I can’t handle.”

He didn’t buy it for a moment.

“That’s great Hermione, but what about the other problem?” he replied nervously.

“You told him?!” she hissed at the two witches.

Both shrugging their shoulders Lavender replied. “Yep, you may not trust us to help but we can’t just leave you to burn out.”

“So you can be mad at us later, but for now Harry as something he wants to ask.” Parvati finished.

Hermione looked at Harry questionably, and with a little fear.

“Erm, well the thing is... I wanted to see if...” Harry began to stammer.

Taking pity on him Parvati walked up to whisper in his ear.


Startled Harry turned to look at her red faced.

She smiled at him gently “Trust me, just repeat those words”

Taking a deep breath Harry looked around the mostly empty common room before looking back to Hermione.

“Hermione,” he began, “Can I...”

He glances back at the other two witches who hold up their thumbs with wide grins.

Steeling his nerves he looks back.

“Can I suck your cock?”


Silence passes by as a red faced Harry Potter stares at an equally red Hermione Granger, while two witches grin to themselves from the side.

“I don’t know what they told you Harry, but you don’t have to do that for me...” she nervously replied.

“I know,” he replied embarrassed. “But I want to.” he finished confidently.

She looked him in the eyes, seeing how honest he was being.

“But are you really sure you want to...” she trailed off.

“Oh just say yes already Granger!” cut in Lavender. “If you don’t take him up in this we will.”

Parvati nodded seriously.

She looked at all three of them before letting out a breath she didn’t realise she was holding.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

She heard a squeal come out of Lavender before seeing both witches take out their wands.

“Okay, you put down the privacy ward and I’ll set up the silencing and notice-me-not charms.” began Parvati.

“Got it, better to go for the full set for his first time before some sixth year walks over for a quickie.” replied Lavender.

A few seconds later both were finished and tucking away their wands, they looked at Harry and Hermione expectantly.

“Well go ahead you two, you didn’t think we were going to leave you alone to chicken out did you?” said Lavender.

“Just pretend we’re not here.” a more gentle Parvati said.

Pushing her chair back Hermione turned to look at Harry “So how should we...”

Harry cut her off by lowering himself to his knees in front of her chair.

Blushing even more Hermione began to stammer. “Oh right here... Okay well if you’re... Sure...”

Looking up at her face Harry gently places his hand on the bottom of her skirt.

“Is this okay?” he asks.

“Yes!... I mean yes do whatever you’re comfortable with.” replied Hermione.

Harry gently begins to raise her skirt revealing a pair of white panties, as he gets higher he notices a cute bear sitting in the front of them and the large bulge underneath it.

Seeing where his eyes in focused Hermione begins to reply. “I’m sorry they’re so childish, I wasn’t expecting...”

“I like them,” he cuts her off. “They’re cute.” he finished with a grin.

Lowering his head he places a soft kiss on the bear, and the bulge contained underneath.

Shuddering Hermione takes a hold of her skirt and finishes pulling it the rest of the way up.

Now with the treasure revealed Harry begins to unwrap his present. Gently grabbing the top of her panties he coaxed Hermione to lift up as he pulls them to the ground.

Looking up he narrowly misses being hit by her now freed length. He looks to find himself face to face with a hard throbbing cock.

He can instantly tell she’s larger than he is, sitting at over 7 inches and with a modest girth he begins to wonder if he’s ready to handle this after all.

Further to the base he can see her hair down here was just as wild, if a little more tamed than on her head. With a neat busy start from the top of her cock, while the package below her cock remains smooth and hairless.

Glancing to the side he makes contact with Lavender and Parvati, now out of Hermione’s vision but with a full view of what he’s doing.

He blushes deeply but notices both witches smiling at him encouragingly, and as he glances down their body he sees both girls are now sat with raised skirts. He can instantly tell they're both larger than his own, but he's relieved to see neither appears to be the same size as the one in front of him.

Looking back at Hermione he sees her looking down at him worryingly.

“It’s okay if you’re not ready Harry, we can just...”

He takes her head into his mouth.

Swallowing the groan threatening to rise from the pleasure, Hermione grips the side of her chair fiercely as Harry slowly takes her head into his mouth.

Harry takes his time to soak in the texture, the flavour and the sheer look of bliss on Hermione’s face. With a grin he looks down and begins to take more of her into his mouth.

“Oh my god, your mouth feels so...” Hermione began.

Glancing down Harry feels her approaching his throat, thinking back to what he’s heard in the boys dorm from people like Sheamus he knows the next part will be hard but he feels determined to swallow as much of his friend as he can.

As Harry relaxes himself Hermione feels her cock being massaged against tight walls, while Harry’s tongue continues to try and pleasure her as he does down.

Before she can stop herself she reaches up with her hands and begins to apply pressure on his head.


Realising what she’s done Hermione let’s go and begins to stammer an apology. “Harry I’m so sorry, it was just so...”

Pulling her length from his mouth Harry looks back at her.

“Do it again.”

He then slips her head back in his mouth and begins running his tongue across everything he can reach.

Wordlessly Hermione places a hand in his hair, looking in his eyes once more she sees nothing but desire.

And she pushes down.

Ready this time Harry wills himself to keep his throat open as she approaches before feeling inch after inch slide down.

It feels like forever until he notices his nose now pressed against the wild bushy hairs sitting at her base. Holding her in his throat he begins to massage her dick, imagining what would feel pleasurable for himself.

Gasping Hermione begins to slide herself out before quickly pressing her way back into his mouth. Trying to be gentle she weaves him back and forth, never too quick to set off his gag reflex, but keeping the contrast throb of pleasure going.

“Harry...” gasped Hermione, “I’m not going to last...” she trailed off.

Harry only looked up, staring into her eyes and willing her to keep going.

His hands against her thighs, Harry’s own cock remains untouched and yet he realises he’s never been quite as hard as he is now.

But none of that is as important as Hermione’s cock in his mouth.

“You’re so good at this Harry, it’s like you were made to...” she gasped.

“Suck cock?”

Startled she turned to find Parvati had approached on her right, while a quick glance saw Lavender on her left.

“Sorry, we just didn’t want to miss the big finish.” Parvati finished with a grin.

“Plus I think little Harry here really likes an audience.” Lavender followed up beaming.

Harry glanced up at both witches with a blush but made no attempt to stop.

Sawing back and forth, Hermione begins to make shallower thrusts getting quicker and quicker.

“I’m gonna cum...” Hermione gasped out.

“Do it on his face, he deserves to enjoy his treat for his first time.” Parvati says from her right.

“But make the little slut stroke it out himself.” Lavender finishes with a smirk.

“Is that what you want Harry?” Hermione asked as she continued to thrust into his mouth.

“Mmmm...” with an eager look is Harry’s only reply.

“Oh god, here it comes...”

Pulling herself from his mouth Hermione begins to furiously stroke her length before Harry quickly takes over.

Stroking her back and forth Harry closes his eyes and opens his mouth, with a grunt Hermione’s cock begins to unload, with length after length of thick white cum splashing against his face. Weeks upon weeks of being pent up is quickly unloaded across Harry’s face. Coating his chin, landing across his tongue and in his mouth, and quickly spreading across his face with strands reaching as far as his hair.

Feeling the flow begin to taper off, Harry slowly opens one eye, finding the other covered by a thick strand of cum. As he looks at her face he closes his mouth and begins to relish the taste before swallowing the deep load he’d caught.

“Harry...” Hermione tiredly gasps.

Cutting her off he quickly takes the tip of her cock back in his mouth, running his tongue across her head to clean up any remaining traces of cum.

Falling back against her chair Hermione feels more satisfied then she can ever remember being.

“Harry I... Thank you.” Hermione manages, before quickly feeling the past few weeks catch up with her.

“Nice job Harry.” says Parvati with a grin.

“Yeah, you really know how to handle a cock, white is a good look on you.” Lavender smirks at him.

Looking at them both Harry is too happy to be mad, and quickly grins at them both before quickly cleaning more cum from his face and into his mouth.

“I see you enjoyed yourself too.” Lavender says, eyes pointing down to his still hard cock in his school trousers, making a small tent.

Blushing Harry looks away but makes no denial.

“As much as we’d love to help, and I’m sure Hermione he will want to return the favour, we have to rain check so we can get sleeping beauty here the rest she needs.” says Parvati.

It’s only then that Harry notices Hermione has quickly fallen asleep, her cock now softly falling against her thigh and with a smile sitting in her face.

“But here, these should help, you definitely earned them.” says Lavender, holding out Hermione’s now discarded panties.

Startled Harry looked at her hand “Er I don’t know if I...”

Lavender cut him off. “Harry... We just watched you polish off her cock like it was the tastiest thing you’ve ever had, and you’re going to be embarrassed over jerking it to her panties?”

Still blushing Harry reached his hand out and pocketed the panties.

The two witches grabbed onto Hermione’s arms, preferring to do things the muggle way rather than have anyone notice on the way to their room.

“Have fun Harry, oh and maybe finish cleaning the cum from your face before the charms wear off?” Parvati says with a grin as the three walk/stumble their way up to their dorm.

Harry watches them leave, before quickly panicking and running to the safety of his dorm bathroom.

“If they’re going to leave me covered in cum they could at least tell me how long the charms will last for!”


Let me know your thoughts, sorry for going very lore heavy here first but it seemed needed in the long run, and again it's my first shot at writing so I may be slow on updates should anyone actually be interested in more.