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Harry Potter: The True Wizards Way

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Harry’s bedroom, early morning

The sun beginning to rise, Harry is laid in bed when his body begins to stir, his mind trapped deep in a vivid dream.

“That’s a good boy, you’re so good at sucking Mummy’s cock.” A breathless voice breathes out.

Pulling his mouth away from the thick shaft Harry smiles up in reply. “Thanks mum, can you fuck me later? I really want to bounce on your cock again.” Harry moans, his hand resuming a firm handjob to the long cock.

“I’ve always told you Harry, anytime you want this cock it’s yours sweetie.” The older witch says. “Remember that time you interrupted my book club meeting, and walked in completely naked?”

“And Auntie Amelia wouldn’t let you continue until I sat on her dick.” Harry replies, breaking out into a giggle.

“And now we haven’t held a meeting in months without all seven of us taking at least one of your holes.” She says. “Now that’s enough getting distracted, we need to finish before Sirius arrives. Where do you want it, mouth or face?”

“Face please mummy, I’m going around to Susan’s after and I want to give her a surprise.”

“You really are such a special boy.” She moans, her hand now replacing Harry’s to send quick strokes down her length.

A few seconds later the thick shaft begins to unload, firing thick ropes of cum against Harry’s smiling face. His voice letting out a soft giggle as he chases the thick blasts of cum.

“Thanks Harry… now you go get dressed before Sirius gets here, he may not see the cum but I don’t want you heading over to Susan’s completely naked,” She says sternly, before softening. “You can wait until you get out the floo before stripping off again.”

“Thanks mum.” Smiling back Harry stares at his grinning mother, her bright red hair flowing down her naked back.

Coming to with a gasp, Harry sits up in bed, his hair matter with sweat.

“What the hell was that?” He whispers. His mind catching up to the events he just saw.

Glancing down Harry blushes at the hard tent within his pajamas, and the slick mess held inside.

Glancing over to his mother’s trunk in the corner of the room, Harry stares.

Tonks residence, that evening

Sitting down on the couch following their meal Andromeda and Harry treat Narcissa to the wonders of television.

Staring at the screen in awe Narcissa eagerly follows along until the movie comes to an end.

“So they were sisters, it kind of seemed like they were a little… closer than that at times.” Harry says, watching as the credits role.

Staring deadpan at Harry, Andromeda replies. “Harry, yesterday I watched my sister plow you into a table but this seemed weird to you?”

Blushing, Harry realises her point, turning to look at Narcissa still fascinated by the TV.

“You know, that was animated really well, it almost looked like something that came from 20 years in the future...”

Finally regaining Narcissa’s attention, the pair smile as she blushes, embarrassed by how hooked she had been to the story.

“Do you… think we can watch another sometime?” She shyly asks.

“Sure, we can make it a regular movie night if you like. Maybe even sneak Harry here away from Hogwarts sometime too.” Andromeda says. “We could maybe watch another tonight if you like, but I thought you might prefer something else.” She says with a smirk.

Grinning back Narcissa replies. “Sure, what did you have in mind?”

Leaning close, Andromeda drapes herself around her sister. “It’s been over 15 years since I was last with you.” She moans into her ear. “That changes tonight.”

Running her hand against her sister’s thigh Andromeda continues to purr. “Tonight is all about you, you’ve spent a decade tied to a worthless man who would never indulge you.” Andromeda says. “But now you have two sluts just begging to worship your cock.”

Punctuating her words by softly running her hands over her package, Andromeda soon feels Narcissa harden at her touch.

“What do you say Harry, are you going to help me give my sister the night of her dreams?”

His body already heated at their display, Harry nods, before muttering to himself. “Not just her dreams…”

Picking up on his soft words both witches give him a wide smile, leaving a bright blush on his face.

“Well how can I possibly say no to that?”  Narcissa says, a wide grin on her face. “Okay, clothes off, sluts don’t deserve to cover up.”

With an eager grin Andromeda stands, quickly removing her clothing, a blushing Harry following her lead. Lowering his pants Harry’s face heats up further as he remembers the choice of underwear Andromeda convinced him to wear, the soft black lace doing little to hide his cock.

“Mmm, you can keep those on for now Harry, I’d rather take them off myself.” Narcissa says.

Still seated Narcissa looks over the two mostly naked bodies. Andromeda standing tall with a full figure, her long shaft well on the way to being hard, the thick hairs covering the base and peeking out from under her arms.

“I see you didn’t leave every custom behind.” Narcissa says with a smirk.

“What can I say, sometimes the purebloods get it right.” Andromeda replies. “Plus, Harry’s a big fan.”

Blushing at her admission, Harry stands still as Narcissa casts her eyes over his body. His own small 4-inch length standing hard and ready beneath the soft fabric.

“And you Harry, look good enough to eat.” Narcissa says. “In fact, I may just do that…”

“T-thank you.” Harry replies.

“While I get myself ready why don’t you go enjoy your aunt’s cock for me Harry, get her nice and hard.” Narcissa says.

Moving to kneel in front of his guardian, Harry pauses as Andromeda speaks up, a teasing grin on her face.

“You know, in times like this Harry likes to use a different word for me, don’t you Harry?” Andromeda says, her eyes dancing in mischief. “Did you want to suck mummy’s cock?”

His cheeks burning Harry’s mind flashes back to his dream, recovering from his surprise he can only nod in reply.

“Well that’s an unexpected twist, but a very welcome one.” Narcissa says, her body heating up from witnessing the teasing between the two. “I never had the chance to play with Draco like that, maybe once his attitude improves I’ll get the opportunity.”

“I still can’t believe Lucius ‘leader of the purebloods’ Malfoy went against so many of our traditions.” Andromeda says.

“You have that idiotic Dark Lord to thank for that, a small man with a big complex.” Narcissa replies. “After what he did to Bella I think I still owe Harry a treat as a thank you for blowing him up.”

“Not until he wraps those lips around my cock.” Andromeda moans. “Don’t leave mummy hanging Harry.”

Still red-faced at her words Harry leans up to capture her hardening tip between his lips, the flavour of her skin and precum dancing across his tongue.

Watching Harry begin to suck the girthy cock, Narcissa finishes disrobing. Sitting back against the couch she begins to softly stroke her hardening length as she watches the arousing show in front of her. Her body perfectly sculpted, with smooth milky skin, soft curves and large, unnaturally perky breasts topped with rosy pink nipples.

With his lips wrapped around Andromeda length, Harry begins to eagerly massage the now hardening length, his hands reaching down the shaft to stroke her to full hardness while he runs his tongue around the head.

Reaching down Andromeda softly takes control of Harry’s movements, pressing more of her shaft deep inside before she’s interrupted by a stern voice.

“Did I say you were allowed to seek your own pleasure slut?” Narcissa says to Andromeda.

“N-no Cissy.” Andromeda replies.

“That’s Miss Cissy to you.”

Happy to play her sister’s game Andromeda replies again. “Sorry, Miss Cissy.” She says, before giggling.

“Just for that I’ll be taking your throat first,” Narcissa says. “Now get on your knees and worship my cock.”

Falling to her knees at the foot of the couch, Andromeda crawls over to sit between Narcissa’s legs. Reaching out she wraps her hand around her sisters long, thick cock, gently stroking back and forth before wrapping her lips around the thick pink tip.

“Mmm, that’s better slut.” Narcissa moans. “Harry come over here, while this bitch is busy with my cock you’re going to be my pretty little slut… and I want to play with my slut’s cute little cock.”

Embarrassed by her taunts Harry makes his way over, soon finding himself pulled to climb onto the couch.

“That’s it Harry, be a good slut and show Miss Cissy your cock.”

Raising himself higher Harry soon has his hips level with Narcissa’s face, his panty covered crotch within her reach. Stepping a leg over her body Harry stands with his package almost sitting against her face.

Rather than remove the tight black panties right away Narcissa chooses to press her face against the soft material, relishing in the soft touch covered his hard cock, and the deep musky scent held within.

“Fuck… I’ve waited so long to do this.” Narcissa moans, reaching to lower the panties to free his shaft. Feeling the short, hard shaft fall against her face Narcissa lets out a giggle before pressing a soft kiss against his cock.

“Mmm, a perfect cock for a perfect slut.” Opening her mouth Narcissa wraps her lips around the small length, running her tongue around the head.

Letting out a deep moan Harry looks down at the stunning blond witch below him, her luscious lips painted a vivid red and sealed tight around his cock. Meeting her bright blue eyes Harry almost loses himself as the older witch proceeds to swallow her way down the rest of his shaft, easily enclosing his full length within her mouth. Settling at his base Harry sees her smirk around his member, her eyes almost teasing him as she rolls her tongue around his hard cock.

As the pleasure builds Harry lets out a whine when Narcissa pulls her mouth away, before gasping when she quickly tears the flimsy panties from his body and returns to his small balls sitting below, her mouth enclosing his package as she begins to suck.

Kneeling below Andromeda watches in gleefully while continuing to worship Narcissa’s much larger cock. Sinking her mouth down the length she stares up at the sight of Harry’s soft round cheeks, and the glimpses of Narcissa lavishing his cock in between.

Pulling her mouth away once more Narcissa hums in approval. “Just as tasty as I thought,” She moans. “Didn’t I say you looked good enough to eat?”

Before he can respond Narcissa raises her wand at his body, feeling a sudden weightlessness fall over him Harry lets go as he feels her begin to turn him in midair, before coming to rest against her lap. His head coming to sit against her thick shaft, Harry is now only inches away from Andromeda as she works her way down the cock, her soft hair falling across Harry as she moves.

With the rest of his body laid upside down against her chest, Harry soon feels himself begin to fold over as Narcissa seeks out his tight, pink hole. Looking up he can only stare as his own cock points down at his face, the small length still far out of reach. Opening his legs wider Narcissa soon gives herself full access to spread his soft cheeks wide and gaze at his entrance.

“There’s the treat I was looking for…” She moans, leaning her head down to begin running her tongue around the tight hole.

Beginning to rim the young wizard in earnest Narcissa smiles as his moans pick up speed. Sliding her tongue deep into the wrinkled hole she pulls back after a moment to tease Harry once more.

“I know my little slut loves having his ass played with,” She says. “But you may want to hold off on cumming, unless you really want to cover your own face.” She teases.

Realising his position and the truth of her words Harry is startled, not so much due to the position, but more from just how much it causes his body to heat up.

Seeing the small hard cock bounce in response to her words Narcissa laughs before burying her tongue back inside the young messy haired wizard. Staring down she watches as Harry writhes in her lap.

Laid against her thighs, Harry moans freely as the older witch’s tongue slides into his hole. His head still sitting against the bottom of her shaft, Harry feels Andromeda’s mouth move closer, her cheeks meeting his own as she moves further down the cock, as she pulls back Harry catches the quick wink she throws his way.

Continuing to rim Harry’s tight hole Narcissa reaches a hand above her mouth, first softly tugging on Harry’s small package before beginning to wrap around his hard, bouncing length.

“Mmm, you don’t mind me playing with this cute little cock as well, do you Harry?” Narcissa says as she runs her fingers along his shaft. “I’d just hate to accidently cause you to blow in your own face.” She moans, doing little to hide her real desire.

Feeling the pleasure begin to build in his cock, as well as his ass, Harry can do little but try and hold back his climax, struggling more as Narcissa’s hand picks up speed.

Still pressing herself down on her sisters tall cock, Andromeda relishes in the soft moans falling from Harry, pressing against him each time she bottoms out. Hearing his moans begin to come more frequent Andromeda stares up at his folded body while she continues to suck, seeing his hard shaft pointed down she eagerly awaits his inevitable release.

Feeling Harry begin to tense Narcissa makes a final pass over his hole, moaning freely as she slides her tongue deep inside his entrance. Pulling back she replaces her tongue with a long, manicured finger, a second swiftly joining.

“That’s it, you want to cum like a good little bitch?” Narcissa moans, her hand freely stroking Harry’s small cock as her fingers plunder his ass. “You’re gonna swallow down your cum like a good boy, aren’t you?”

“Yes… p-please.” Harry moans, eager for his release.

Feeling Andromeda pull back from her cock to watch, Narcissa bites back her complaints, now eager to make the young wizard held in her lap cum. Stroking her hand faster she slides a third finger into his hole as he begins to tense once more.

Feeling his aunt’s hand stretch him further Harry can no longer withstand the assault, closing his eyes Harry moans in her lap as his body explodes in pleasure.

Watching as the hard, little cock in her hands begins to unload Narcissa pauses her fingering of Harry’s ass, focusing her attention of aiming the thick strands of cum being unleashed across the young wizards own face.

“There we go, a nice coating… just what my pretty slut deserves.” Narcissa moans.

Feeling the thick ropes of his own cum land across his face Harry gasps in pleasure, inadvertently opening his mouth to catch some of the seed in the process.

Coming down from his high Harry lays in Narcissa’s lap, his head still pressed against her hard cock, but now coated in a thick layer of cum.

“Mmm, much better,” Narcissa says. “Bitch, stop staring and help the little slut clean up, and I want to see him swallow every drop before you try and get greedy.” Narcissa orders, staring at Andromeda.

Moving closer Andromeda raises her hands to begin scooping the seed into Harry’s mouth, before stopping when inspiration hits her.

Leaning over she stares into Narcissa’s eyes before running her tongue along Harry’s face, gathering a mouthful of the thick cream. Before her sister can protest she makes her way back across Harry’s face, pausing with her mouth hovering over his own.

“Clever idea…” Narcissa says, her eyes sparkling in delight. “Slut, open your mouth for your treat.”

His eyes now open once more Harry is well aware what awaits him, but eagerly follows the command, opening his mouth wide before Andromeda begins to let a thick, creamy mouthful of his cum fall from her lips.

Pulling back Andromeda smiles as Harry swallows the cum with a blush, quickly leaning forward once more she begins gathering the cum again, dropping mouthful after mouthful onto Harry’s increasingly eager tongue.

Her cock harder than ever, Narcissa stares unblinking at the act occurring in her lap, her fingers still buried deep inside Harry she slowly begins to slide them out as the pair finish clearing his face, their lips locked together as they swap the cum between their mouths.

“Such good sluts, so eager to please,” Narcissa says. “But I think someone’s forgot about Miss Cissy’s cock, and just for that it’s going in her ass first. Harry, I want you to get your new mummy’s hole nice and wet for me.”

Lowering him back to the ground Narcissa smiles as he crawls over to Andromeda’s kneeled form, her ass raised in anticipation while her head rests against Narcissa thigh. Reaching down to her still hard shaft Narcissa slaps down to heavy, slick length against Andromeda’s face.

“Now then, don’t go forgetting about me dear sister,” Narcissa says. “I’d hate to have to keep the little slut all to myself.”

Slapping her cock against her sister’s face once more, Narcissa lets out a pleased sigh when Andromeda captures the tip back on her mouth. Soon thrusting it back down her throat as Harry begins to pepper soft licks against her rear.

Running his tongue against the soft hairs surrounding the tight pink hole, Harry begins to eagerly press in deeper, quickly becoming familiar with the intimate flavour once more. With his tongue sliding in firm Harry soon coats the tight hole in a slick layer of spit.

“Mmm, that’s enough.” Narcissa says, pulling her shaft from Andromeda’s mouth. “Time to mount up Andi, you’re going to be a good bitch and take it all right?”

Raising herself from the ground Andromeda stares at the thick cock on anticipation. “Yes Miss Cissy.” She hungrily replies.

Setting her knees either side of Narcissa on the couch, Andromeda raises herself to hover above the hard cock, her own thick shaft bouncing hard against her body.

“Be a good boy and help out your mummy Harry, help her take my cock like she deserves.” Narcissa says.

Wrapping his hands around her thick, long cock Harry holds it in place as Andromeda lowers herself, gently impaling her ass on the thick pole.

“Oh merlin… it’s so big...” Andromeda moans.

Smirking, Narcissa takes a hold of Andromeda’s hips, pulling her down against her body, ignoring the pressure when she begins to resist.

“Good girl, you can take it.” Narcissa moans as Andromeda begins to whimper, the thick stretching pushing her to the limit. “Are you really going to give up when Harry took it so easily?”

Gritting her teeth Andromeda forces herself down on the remaining inches, the thick stretch heating her body further. Finally reaching the smooth base of Narcissa’s body she finally lets go of the breath she was holding.

“Oh god, so full…”

“Mmm, and so tight too.” Narcissa says, leaning up to capture Andromeda lips.

Sitting back Harry can only watch with wide eyes as the older witch’s embrace each other so intimately.

Pulling away from the kiss Andromeda begins to rock against the thick shaft impaled inside her, slowly raising herself before falling back down, a gasp falling from her lips. Repeating her actions Andromeda soon begins to bounce on Narcissa’s lap.

Watching as her sister begins to ride, Narcissa looks down at her sisters hard, neglected cock, bouncing back against her stomach as she rides. Staring at the thick hairs running up to her stomach, Narcissa runs a hand down to the soft fuzz, while running her spare hand up to tweak a hard nipple as Andromeda gasps in pleasure.

Beginning to pick up speed Andromeda moans deeper as Narcissa begins to run her fingers along her shaft, a whine breaking her lips as the soft touch pulls away.

“Shh you,” Narcissa admonishes. “Harry, come sit up here and help me with this greedy slut.”

Climbing up on the couch once more Harry moves to sit beside Narcissa, a blush heating his cheeks when he feels her soft hand quickly move to press against his hole once more.

“Go ahead and stroke her cock for me Harry,” Narcissa says. “You don’t mind me playing with your cute little hole again do you?” Narcissa coos into his ear.

Shaking his head Harry reaches a hand to grasp Andromeda’s thick length as it bounces from her movement.

“T-thank you honey…” Andromeda moans in reply, letting her hips pick up speed as she seeks more pleasure from Harry’s soft grip.

Wrapping his second hand higher up her cock Harry begins to eagerly stroke, his own body building with pleasure from seeing Andromeda ride her sister, and the gentle fingering he’s receiving in turn.

Slamming herself down faster Andromeda rides the thick cock impaling her hole, the long length sending pleasure through his spine. Chasing her own climax, she picks up speed further as Harry desperately tries to stroke her bouncing length.

Barely able to keep his hands around her cock Harry is startled when the long member begins to unleash thick ropes of white cream, spraying wide across Narcissa’s chest, coating her soft milky white breasts in a thick sheen of cum.

“C-Cissy…” Andromeda whines as she cums, her cock slowly easing off as she deposits a final streak of cum against Narcissa’s stomach.

Sitting back against the couch Narcissa smirks down at her older sister as she sits still in her lap, breathing deep with her softening shaft falling between their bodies.

“Here I am expecting two sluts to be serving me, and yet you’ve both chased your own pleasure instead.” Narcissa chastises. “Clearly I need to take care of things myself.”

Gathering Andromeda in her arms, Narcissa turns to flip her against the couch, laying her sister lengthways with her legs raised over the side. Standing to the side Narcissa pulls her sisters hip flush with her own, her hard, slick cock pressing against Andromeda’s large balls hanging free.

“Go ahead and moan, I don’t care how sensitive you are, this time I’m not stopping until I’m done.” Narcissa warns, before lining her cock against Andromeda still gaped hole.

Thrusting inside Narcissa hilts the entire thick length deep with Andromeda’s passage, her hips falling snuck against her sister, her soft cock and hanging balls pressing against Narcissa’s stomach.

“Uh! Cissy!” Andromeda moans, her body still sensitive from her climax.

“Come clean me up Harry,” Narcissa says. “I’m sure you won’t say no to mummy’s cum.”

With a blush Harry eagerly obeys, quickly beginning to clean the seed from Narcissa’s chest.

“Actually, I’ve changed my mind,” Narcissa says with a grin as Harry finishes cleaning most of the cum. “Harry, go keep her mouth busy, fuck her face, feed her your balls, let her eat your ass, I don’t care…”

Scrambling back onto the couch Harry moves his knees either side of Andromeda’s head, lowering himself until he feels the soft touch of her tongue against his balls.

Her hips hammering deep into Andromeda, Narcissa doesn’t hold back, her movements continuing to pick up speed as she fucks her sister. Staring ahead she watches with a smile as Harry subtly shifts his hips, moving his small balls away from his aunt’s mouth, but presenting her with free access to his pink hole instead. Still letting out deep moans from the harsh fucking, Narcissa watches as Andromeda begins to gently rim the tight hole she’s presented with.

Unwilling to hold back, Narcissa lets the pleasure fall across her as her climax finally arrives. Pulling out of her sister’s hole, Narcissa wraps her hand around her shaft as she begins to strokes, aiming her shaft with a purpose Narcissa lets out a long gasp as she begins to unleash long ropes of cum across Andromeda body, her tip aimed at Andromeda’s own softening cock.

Her body still able to unleash unnaturally high volumes of cum, Narcissa soon has the thick shaft caked in her seed, the white streaks tangling in the thick hairs surrounding the spent length. Stroking out the remaining cum into a thick pool of cream Narcissa stands back to stare at her work, a smirk falling over her face when she sees a shocked Harry watching on.

“Sorry Andi, it looks like I’ve made a mess.” Narcissa teases. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to vanish it all away for you.” She says, turning away from Harry to hide her grin.


Turning back Narcissa can’t resist giggling at the red-faced young wizard. “Don’t worry Harry, I was teasing,” She says. “Did you want to clean it up for me?” Narcissa purrs into his ear.

Nodding his head Harry begins to lean down across Andromeda body, pausing to suck the remaining seed from Narcissa’s tip as he moves.

Watching as Harry begins to greedily slurp at the cum filled mess she’d left, Narcissa steps back. “I’ll be right back, just need to fetch something.” She says, her words unheard by a cum hungry Harry.

Walking back downstairs a few minutes later Narcissa finds Andromeda laying still against the couch, as a moaning Harry runs his tongue amongst the now cum-free hairs of her body.

“Good job Harry, just for that you get to pick your next treat.”

Looking up Harry finds a still nude Narcissa stood in front of him, her spent cock now hanging freely down her thigh, the large size still intimidating, he soon spots a soft bundle of cloth in each of her hands.

“You’ve got two choices Harry, these are the sexiest, silkiest, most expensive tights I could find in Andi’s drawers,” Narcissa says, holding up the cloth in her left hand. “And these I found in her wash basket, they’re the smelliest, filthiest pair I could find, clearly having been worn for a full day’s work, and get this, she’s even used them as some filthy cumrag like a common muggle.” Holding up her other hand Harry sees the more ruffled, worn cloth she holds.

Staring with wide eyes Harry moves to sit back in anticipation, his body moving from Andromeda’s face in the process.

“I’m going to put one of these on, and then you’re going to play with my feet until my cock’s ready to go again.” Narcissa says. “You’re going to rub them, sniff them, lick them… and then if you’re good, I’ll even let you fuck them.” Narcissa huskily moans.

“The question is, do you want the clean, stylish pair…” She says, holding up the tights in question. “Or do you want the filthy pair, caked in Andi’s sweat and cum?”

His eyes instantly glued to the second pair, Harry can only nod his head at his choice.

“Just as I thought,” Narcissa purrs. “Andi, be a dear and help me put on these disgusting tights of yours.”

With a fierce blush, Andromeda climbs crawls over to Narcissa, taking a hold of her own worn clothing to begin raising it up Narcissa’s body.

“Honestly! I can smell the stench of these from here, just what were you doing in these? Did you even bother with panties?”

“N-no...” Andromeda admits. “I had to pull a double shift at the weekend… and I… I played with myself on each break.”

“Such a filthy slut,” Narcissa sighs theatrically, her eyes lighting up in amusement. “It’s no wonder Harry couldn’t resist the stench of your cock.”

Blushing further Andromeda finishes raising the silky black tights up Narcissa’s long legs, softly tucking her thick, flaccid cock into one side. Sitting back, she stares at her nude sister in the tight fabric, her thick cock barely held inside, with thick patchy streaks of dried cum running up and down each leg.

Taking her seat once more Narcissa teasingly raises her legs in the air. “Well Harry, what are you waiting for?”

Falling against the ground Harry crawls over to Narcissa’s stocking clad feet, gently grasping a foot in his hands as he stares up at the grinning witch, finding a blushing Andromeda now pressed against her side.

“Good boy, stroke those nice and firm.” Narcissa moans, as Harry begins to kneed the soft flesh.

After a couple minutes of this gentle massage Harry swaps feet, taking the neglected foot into his hands to resume the treatment.

“Mmm, that’s the stuff.” Narcissa gasps. “Enough of your hands Harry, don’t you want to take a nice deep, long sniff of my feet?”

His cheeks flushing in embarrassment, Harry leans forward to bring her soft sole towards his face. Breathing deep Harry flushes as the thick, musky smell washes over him.

Staring down, the pair of sisters watch with a shared smile as they see Harry’s face light up in unmasked pleasure at their shared scents.

“Looks like you might need to get a little filthy more often,” Narcissa says. “Just imagine how worked up this little slut will be when you come home with those thick hairy pits dripping with sweat.”

Unable to fight back a moan Harry blushes as the older witch’s giggle.

“Aww, no need to be embarrassed Harry, you just go ahead and enjoy our dirty, smelly bodies.” Narcissa says while forcefully pressing her toes across his face, delighting when Harry breathes deep once more.

Pressing her sole against his mouth, Narcissa runs a hand down to her now hardening length trapped within the tights. “Mmm, almost ready for you Harry, but first why don’t you try and clean these filthy feet for me…”

Opening his mouth eagerly Harry presses his tongue against the soft sole of her foot, quickly tasting the overpowering mixture of dried sweat and the soft taste of Narcissa’s skin below.

“Good boy… mmm… just for doing such a good job I’m going to let you fuck my pretty little feet,” Narcissa says. “Get them nice and wet for me Harry.”

Hearing her moans Harry eagerly begins running his tongue against the stocking clad feet further, moaning in pleasure each time he passes over a spot of dried cum.

“That’s it, good boy. Now go ahead and let Auntie Cissy play with that cute cock again.”

Sliding a foot down from his face, Narcissa begins to press against Harry’s small, hard cock. Easily managing to run his shorter shaft between her stocking clad toes. With her other foot still raised to his face she smiles in pleasure as Harry continues to run his tongue across her foot, soon sliding his tongue between her dainty toes as her other foot repeats a similar action below.

Moving her other foot down, Narcissa gently captures his cock between her feet, smiling as Harry gasps in pleasure.

“Now Harry, you don’t have to stop just because my feet are busy,” Narcissa teases. “Look at all these thick, filthy stains Andi’s left across these tights.”

Needing no further encouragement Harry falls against her leg as her feet begin to softly stroke his shaft, his tongue soon running across her skin once more as he passes over the thick streaks of cum visible on the tights.

Beginning to move her feet back and forth Narcissa gently tugs Harry’s shaft between her soles, beginning a gentle rhythm she steadily becomes firmer as she captures his little shaft against the heel of her foot.

Now able to firmly stroke along his cock Narcissa smiles as Harry’s moans begin to fall more frequent. “That’s it Harry, you like having a pretty witch wrap your cute tiny cock between their feet.”

Joining in, Andromeda grins down at the young wizard as she teases him once more. “I think it’s more about my tights than your feet Cissy, clearly the little slut just can’t handle my old sweaty clothes.”

Hearing their teasing Harry tenses up once more, their words joining with the pleasure being inflicted in his cock.

“Do you wanna cum Harry?” Narcissa moans. “Are you going to cover these filthy tights in even more cum?”

“Yes… p-please Miss Cissy…” Harry says.

“Do it, jerk that pretty dick against my feet!” Narcissa orders, smiling when Harry eagerly reaches down to wrap his fingers around his length.

Needing no more than a few strokes Harry feels the pleasure boil over, with a moan he begins to coat Narcissa’s feet with thick streaks of cum.

“Fuck, that’s a good boy…” Narcissa moans, her hand gently stroking her now fully hard cock trapped within the silky material. “You should frame these tights Andi, Harry’s cummy favourites.” She giggles.

Leaving one last rope of cum across Narcissa’s wiggling toes Harry sits back, breathing in exertion.

Lifting her feet Narcissa smiles at the thick streaks of white cream covering them, wiggling her toes again she smiles as she sees the thick seed drip down.

“Mmm, very nice…” Narcissa says. “Now clean up your mess!”

Startled Harry looks up at her mischievous grin, coming to realise his treat was a trick all along. A trick he was more than happy to enjoy.

Smiling wide Narcissa and Andromeda watch as Harry begins to clean his cum from her feet, breathing deep and soaking in the thick smells as he swallows down the cum.

“I want to keep him.” Narcissa says seriously, turning to Andromeda.

Grinning, Andromeda giggles in return. “No deal, but I’m happy to share,” She says. “Next time, I get your ass though.”

“You’re on, but right now the night’s young and I have a little slut who more than deserves a good butt fucking.”

His cheeks heating up Harry stares up at the two grinning witches, before turning to present his soft pink hole once more.

“Good boy…”

Later that night

Stumbling from the fireplace, a disheveled Tonks peers into the adjoining room, soon spotting a sweaty, cum covered Andromeda and Harry clinging together on the couch, both fast asleep.

“You miss one family dinner…” Tonks mutters, before walking into the kitchen.

Coming to a stop Tonks freezes at the sight of a naked witch standing in front of the open fridge, the soft light illuminating her stunning body. Turning around she finds herself staring at a bemused Narcissa Malfoy, a carton of orange juice held in her hand.

“Nymphadora… it’s good to properly meet you.” Narcissa says.

Staring at the gorgeous witch in the kitchen, Tonks stares at the thick, long shaft hanging from her body. Finally breaking the one-sided staring contest she looks back up at the amused witch.

“It’s just Tonks, Nym or Dora if you have to…” Tonks replies. “It’s good to meet you too… Auntie.”

“Please, call me Aunt Cissy.” Narcissa replies. “It’s a shame you couldn’t make dinner, it was an… enjoyable night.”

“So I can see…” Tonks replies, staring at the thick cock once more.

“Unless you’d like a late-night snack?” Narcissa purrs, stepping closer to her niece. “I wore out the other two pets I’m afraid.”

Smirking back Tonks replies. “I’d love to, but are you sure that thing can handle any more?”

Running a hand down to her cock, Narcissa softly shakes it back and forth. “She can manage another go, don’t worry.”

“How about rock, paper, scissors?” Tonks replies with a grin. “Winner goes first?”

“How about biggest cock tops?” Narcissa replies with a smirk, her smile fading when she sees Tonks grin wide in response.


Staring down at her niece, Narcissa watches as she quickly removes her robe, and the tight trousers beneath. Standing up Tonks presents her aunt with her small, soft cock.

“Aww so cute, you and Harry make a good pair.” Narcissa says. “I guess you were looking to bottom after all.”

“Not exactly…” Tonks says with grin, before beginning to lengthen and thicken her cock before her aunt’s astonished eyes.

Standing proud with a thick, 16-inch shaft hanging free from her body Tonks grins evilly at her aunt.

“If you ask nicely, I’ll let you suck it first.”

Gulping in fear Narcissa stares at the long shaft, wincing as she watches it visibly pulse.

“… please.”