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When he entered the building, all heads turned to stare. No one could believe that the one and only Homelander stepped into a local gift shop in the middle of nowhere. You were behind the counter helping a costumer ring up souvenirs and knickknacks into her bag. A silence surrounded you making you look up from your work and direct your attention towards the location everyone seemed to be looking at. There before you, in his stunning blue hero suit, stood the man that everyone saw to be a God among mere humans. Behind him Queen Maeve came in through the door, they talked to each other while scanning the area. People swarmed to get close to them, while you took a step back. Your costumer long lost interest in the items she was buying and was halfway towards the duo.

You gulped.

You could see both their wide smiles, talking to their fans. However, your attention was on Homelander. His crystal blue eyes seemed to sparkle as he took in his surroundings. It seemed for a brief second that his eyes settled on you; you could feel a blush forming on your cheeks. You quickly looked away and tried to seem busy by organizing the miscellaneous items around the register. The sounds of people asking for autographs and selfies were herd around you, before screams erupted.

There was blood in the air. Flashes of red everywhere as people tried to scramble away but they had no hope. You crunched down behind the counter, praying that this simple gesture would keep you safe. Your heart was beating fast, there was a ringing noise in your ears, but all that you could think was "what is going on"? One moment heroes appear before your eyes and the next everything around you is on fire with sounds of agony. You still your breath. Thundering footsteps could be herd approaching you.

"God, please if you can hear my thoughts. Please let Homelander save me from the chaos occurring".

Time seemed to stop for you, everything happened in slow motion. The steps became louder and louder, or maybe that was just your imagination. Relief flooded you when you looked up once those steps seemed to be at the edge of the counter. Navy blue boots were the first thing you saw. You trailed up his body. A smile adorned his face as he looked down at you.

“Now what do we have here?”

You smiled back at him; your hero had arrived.

More steps came on the other side of you, as you turned Queen Maeve looked annoyed. You tried to smile at her too.

“Can you just get this over with all ready”? She seemed really frustrated.

“You are no fun”. His voice seemed to boom around you. He came closer to you.

“I did what you asked me to, take her so I can finally have some free time away from you”. Her words confused you, but you did not have much time to contemplate them. You did not even notice as Homelander got close to your crouching body. A small pinch could be felt on the side of your neck as he inserted a syringe and pushed in the liquid. Everything became to blur, your body felt heavy and unresponsive. The last thing you saw were those crystal blue eyes looking down at you as your body slumped down to the ground.