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Keep Me Warm

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Izuku felt the cold wind blow gently against his skin, the frigid air seeped into his bones. A chill crawled its way up his spine and along his arms, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. Despite being under two thick blankets and wearing the warmest pair of pajamas he owned, Izuku was still shivering, seemingly unable to get warm.

The window of his room was tightly shut and locked, the blinds drawn closed so only the smallest of light from the street lamps peeked through. Somehow, seeing it only made Izuku colder.

He knew it was stupid. He had survived years sleeping alone before. But ever since Izuku and Katsuki started dating they’d been sneaking into each other's dorms to cuddle together every night. But, now that the school break was upon them, they could no longer do that.

Izuku missed Katsuki. He missed his smooth, heated skin that radiated warmth and comfort. It seemed that because of his quirk, Katsuki ran as hot as a furnace, and while staying at the dorms Izuku rarely had the need for more than a thin blanket.

Sleeping next to Katsuki was amazing. And as Izuku sat, shivering in the dark of his own room, he decided to take a leap of faith, no longer able to handle the chill of his room alone with only the memory of the other boy’s warmth.

He reached for his phone, quickly grabbing it off his side table. His numb fingers typed frantically.

> R u awake?

Izuku took his lip between his teeth and waited anxiously.

>> yeah I am, nerd.

>> what’s up?

> Im cold :(

>> get another blanket.

Izuku growled at his phone, fingers gripping tightly and eyebrows scrunched together.

> Im already using all the ones I have ;~;

>> if you want something spit it out.

> Come over? I can unlock my window

There was a pause in the conversation and Izuku felt a pit of dread well up in his stomach. Katsuki wouldn’t leave Izuku on read would he? He chewed his lip nervously. Katsuki has never done it before without reason but still. Izuku wasn’t sure how he was going to survive the night with how cold he was-

Suddenly his phone buzzed in his hands.

>> fine. open your window.

Izuku’s eyes widened, his heart beating happily in his chest and excitement racing through his veins. He was going to get to cuddle with Katsuki! The feeling of warmth seemed so abstract in that moment, but Izuku could imagine the feel of Katsuki’s skin against his own. Perfectly warm.

Izuku found himself lost in thought of Katsuki, only the loud knocking at his window jolted him back to reality, him sitting alone and shivering on his bed while his boyfriend knocked rapidly at his window. Quickly getting up, Izuku raced to his window and unlocked the latch. He guiltily stepped back to let in an angry looking Katsuki, wearing only thin work out shorts and a black tank top.

“What the fuck, Deku?” The blonde growled.

“Sorry Kaachan! I didn’t mean to.” He pouted but it only lasted a second before the taller boy was picking him up and chucking him over his shoulder. Katsuki carried him across the rook easily.

A happy laugh bubbled forth from Izuku’s chest as he was dumped unceremoniously onto his bed. He barely had time to bounce back before he was being tackled back down onto the soft pillows, a warm body falling on top of him. Despite being outside in the cold, Katsuki still felt as hot as usual. His arms curled around Izuku’s waist, shifting him quickly until Izuku was lying on top of Katsuki, their positions reversed. His head was cushion between a chest and a hand, cupping the back of his neck.

Izuku couldn’t help the smile that curled his lips as they laid together. And, as the warmth slowly seeped from Katsuki into him, Izuku let himself melt, practically becoming puddy in the other’s hands.

Fingers ran gently through Izuku’s wild curls, short nails scraping against his skull and sending pleasant tingles down his spine. He curled himself tighter against Katsuki. He kicked his legs uncoordinatedly until finally grabbing his blanket and dragging it over both of them before settling back down.

“Thank you.” Izuku mumbled into his neck, making Katsuki shiver.

“No problem, nerd.” He huffed fondly, his throat scratchy and deep with sleep.

Katsuki tossed and turned in his bed, annoyedly kicking his thin sheets to the bottom of his mattress just to get them away from his sensitive skin.

“Stupid fucking skin. Stupid fucking Deku.” He muttered darkly, flipping over onto his side.

His chest ached and his skin ichted. Nothing felt quite right. A dulll thrum behind his eyes warned him of the incoming headache, only making him angrier. His eyes felt heavy but for the life of him he couldn’t get to sleep.

He knew why. He would be stupid to miss it. He knew what it felt like to hold Izuku in his arms, and he certainly couldn’t forget it now that the boy was missing. His hands itched to run through his knotted curls, scratching behind his ears the way he knew the other liked.

“Stupid Deku.”

Katsuki was angry with himself. He had gone years without wanting Izuku, and even longer wanting but not having him. Why was it so much harder now? Now that he knew what it felt like to have the other in his arms. Knew personally what it was like to have the blinding smile and perfect laugh just for himself. Knew how to make Katsudon perfectly so Izuku started drooling just from the smell.

And god damnit! He missed his boyfriend so much he was turning into a romantic sap. It was only their first night apart but it felt like it’s been weeks since he’s seen him.

Just as Katsuki was about to turn over again, his phone chirped. He knew immediately who it was, no one else was stupid enough to text him this late at night for risk of being blown up.

>> R u awake?

Izuku. What did the nerd want? Katsuki couldn’t hope he was missing him just as much as he was.

> yeah I am, nerd.

> what’s up?

>> Im cold :(

Katsuki huffed a laugh, remembering how Izuku’s skin was always so frigid at night after he snuck into Katsuki’s room. Eventually the blonde refused to let Izuku do it anymore, the damn nerd didn’t know how to take care of himself so Katsuki had to be the one to do the sneaking.

> get another blanket.

>> Im already using all the ones I have ;~;

Katsuki could tell when Izuku wanted something from a mile away.

> if you want something spit it out.

>> Come over? I can unlock my window

He gripped his phone, numb with shock. Did Izuku miss him too? He stared at the messages for a moment, reading and re-reading them over and over.

> fine. open your window.

Katsuki sighed heavily, turning off his phone and shoving it in the pockets of his shorts. He stood from his bed, fingers scrubbing through his hair roughly as he took a quick glance around his empty room before unlocking his window and leaping out.

He and Izuku had lived in the same houses since they were little, right next to eachother. Katsuki had never actually snuck through their windows before though. When they were still friends he was too young. But, as he stepped out into the night air, cool wind running through his hair and whipping against his skin, he thought he could get used to it. As long as his mother never caught him that is.

He jumped deftly across the narrow space between their houses, landing lightly on his feet on the Midoriya’s rooftop. Gripping tightly to the roof’s edge, he lowered himself down until his feet rested on the small ledge of a window he knew led into Izuku’s bedroom.

Panting slightly he rapped his fingers gently against the cold glass, waited for a second and when no answer came exasperation welled within him. He tapped again, louder this time, only now beginning to feel a slight chill from the air. Clumsy fingers quickly unlatched the window and opened it up and Katsuki wasted no time jumping in through it.

“What the fuck, Deku?” Katsuki growled, although he wasn’t overly pissed about it, too busy taking in the room that had once been so prominent in his childhood, now almost completely unfamiliar and foreign.

The only thing that remained the same was the overwhelming amount of All Might merch that was perfectly preserved and placed around his room.

“Sorry Kaachan! I didn’t mean to.” Izuku said guiltily. Pushing down the melancholy feeling, Katsuki bent and gripped Izuku by his hips, lifting the boy up and throwing him over his shoulder easily. The carefree laugh that followed made his heart pound and fingers tingle.

Katsuki dumped him on the bed and immediately jumped after him, their fall cushioned by the soft bedding. Izuku was covered in thick and soft clothes but when his bare hands brushed against Katsuki’s shoulders he was shocked by how cold they were. Katsuki gripped him tightly again, flipping them over and smirking when Izuku let out a squeal of surprise.

His head pressed against Katsuki’s chest, the green haired boy became boneless in him arms and Katsuki felt smugness swell in his stomach. He was able to turn this powerful, determined and ritcheous teen into a soft and passive boy, who, despite all Katsuki had put him through, felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable with him.

Trying to ignore the stinging behind his eyes, Katsuki let himself drag his fingers through Izuku’s hair like he had craved, scratching his skull gently. Izuku whimpered, curling tighter to Katsuki and squirming until he could drag his heavy looking blanket over the top of them.

They both knew that during the night it would be kicked off but Katsuki let him have it for now.

“Thank you.” Izuku murmured, soft lips brushing against his neck and making something strange flutter in his chest.

“No problem, nerd.” Katsuki said, pushing past the lump in his throat.

Just as Izuku’s eyes were slipping shut, his breaths evening out and his hands’ grip loosening on Katsuki’s tank, the blonde boy leaned forward, letting his lips brush gently against the other’s forehead before lying back down himself and drifting off to sleep as well.