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Sick {KinKuniKage}

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Karasuno and Aoba Johsai reached Tokyo around the same time, 6:30am. Both teams were exhausted from their long journey to Nekoma High, they were greeted by the Nekoma team, Lev greeted them all whist Ennoshita walked towards Kenma, Nekoma's new captain. He gestured to Yahaba, the other captain to come join him in their greeting. Ennoshita saw Akaashi walking towards them too, smiling and waving at Fukurodani's new captain too. Said captain let out a lazed smile and strolled up to the other 3, introducing himself.

After introductions, the Seijou team members mainly introducing themselves, all the teams and Akaashi walked towards the entrance of the school. The teams then spilt up, Taketora Yamamoto and Sō Inuoka took Seijou to the room they'll be staying in whilst Akaashi took Karasuno too their room, both teams being told to be ready and in the cafeteria by 7 for breakfast and they'll start warm ups at 8:30.

Kageyama left the room as soon as he dropped his bags, wanting to walk around a bit to get used to his surroundings again. Of course he had to bump into Kindaichi and Kunimi on his way out. Said setter kinda wasnt in the mood to deal with anyone right now, he's been having a pounding headache since this morning and just wants to clear is mind. Kageyama tried to let out a little smile at his two rivals/friends (?) and continued walking towards the open area of the school. Kindaichi and Kunimi looked at each other in confusion, surprised at the lack of teasing between the three of them. They shrugged it off thinking that Kageyama must just be tired from the drive down here. Afterall, they'll be here for a week so they'll be plently of time for them to bicker later on.

Finally breakfast was ready, all teams gathered in the massive cafetaria. All the teams there were, Nekoma High, Fukurodani Academy, Ubugawa High, Shinzen High, Aoba Johsai and finally Karasuno.

Everyone was spread out, some mingled with other teams, some stayed within their own teams. Hinata was sitting next to Kenma and Lev, no surprise there, Akaashi, Tsukishima and Yamaguchi accompanied them. Ennoshita was sitting with the other 3rd years from Karasuno, Yamamoto from Nekoman joining them. The Karasuno first years mingled with Aoba Johsai's first years, some from Nekoma and Fukurodani joining in too, excited to meet new people. Kageyama sat down near the 3rd years from his school, not close enough to be invloved by far enough from everyone else so he was surrounded by peace. He let out a sigh, welcoming the calmness around him, allowing the pounding in his head to calm down a little.

Kunimi and Kindaichi scanned the room when they walked in, taking in the excited buzz from once side of the room to the hushed whispers from the other side. Their eyes eventually found Kageyama, sitting alone, closer the the quieter 3rd years but not involving himself. Both boys from Seijou sighed, not surprised by their old friends antics of wanting to be alone. The slowly walked towards the second year, letting their trays drop onto the table, making a quiet slap sound. Kageyama jumped at the sound and looked at the other 2nd years with wide eyes, he was shocked that they were sitting with him, even moreso to see that they sat on either side of him and not just next to each other.

"Im only here because Kunimi didn't want to talk to anyone, so dont take this the wrong way" Kindaichi stated gruffly. Tobio nodded and continued to eat in silence. His movements were slow, he was eating at an unrushed paced, gulping his food in peace, the two boys beside him in a similar state. He finshed eating before the other two and softly exused himself.

"It's almost time for warmups, I'll see you two on the court later", with that Kageyama left to put is tray away and headed out the cafetaria, Ennoshita calling the Karasuno team soon after to head to the gym. Soon after that all the teams were spread out in the multiple gyms, warming up for the first day of the training camp.

Spirits were high, teams bristled with excitement for the beginning of a hectic week. For Karasuno, Kageyama was working with Hinata, Tanaka, Narita and another first year called Akihari, this first year was in training to be a potential wing spiker/ace for his upcoming years in this high school. Ennoshita was working with Noya and the other first year with recieving, Kinoshita and Yamaguchi practicing their jump float serves on them and finally Tsukishima and the last of the 4 first years were acting as a block for the wing spikers, not only helping the 3 spikers in improving their power but also helping them get used to different types of spikes.

Karasuno was a forced to be reckoned with now. Obviously they weren't the same as last year, no one could replace Daichi, Suga and Asahi, but that doesnt mean they havent gotten strong in other ways. Their defense had a massive gap in the beginning when Daichi left, but Ennoshita stepped up to the plate and soon closed that gap they had, through intense training as a team and individually they were much stronger than they seemed.

That doesnt mean the other teams have weakend though. Nekoman still had Lev, the annoying tall blocker, their now 2nd year libro, Yūki Shibayama, took over Yaku's spot, not allowing a gap to be made in their defense and Inuoka, another middle blocker/wing spiker, was still there, making life difficult for everyone else.

Fukurodani had also gained many strong new players. Although they had to adjust the most since most of their starters were 3rd years last year, they are still as strong as ever. Akaashi didn't allow his team to slack off. He kept them together and made them work well. Similiar to Oikawa, he managed to bring the best out of his team.

And finally Aoba Johsai, a school Karasuno struggled with anyways, they were strong. Sure they didn't have Oikawa or Iwaizumi anymore, but their players made up for it. Yahaba as a setter didn't effect the team much, they were used to him already, Oikawa got injured a lot so the team worked effortlessly with him. Mad-dog, Kentaro Kyotani, fit in well too, he became their official ace, him and Yahaba worked together so well it was captivating. Watari their libro was as strong and quick as ever too. Kindaichi and Kunimi also being the strongest they've been.

All teams at the training camp were now considered powerhouse schools. So this would be an grueling and intense few days for everyone.

Warm-ups were done, and the camp officially started. Karasuno were up against Fukurodani first. They were doing matches set by set first, instead of their usual 3 sets, easing their way into the camp. Karasuno now lacked setters as Sugawara-san was gone, Kageyama was the only one left. He was in the mids of training one of their first years though. The first year showed potential, he was analytical, he could think fast and he knew how to set, the only thing we lacked was efficiency and and success rates with the sets he does know. So Kageyama knew that this camp would be the perfect opportunity to help said first year grow.

The match started, the whistle blew, making everyone perk up, senses high. Although the whistle left a sharp sting in Kageyama head and ears, he shook it off, took a deep breath, and started the match with his intense jump serve. The first point was theirs. Fukurodani's libro was a first year, so he was still adjusting, but he was determinded to stop the next one. Kageyama got ready to serve again, breathing in to clear his head from noise surrounding him. He threw the ball up and jumped, another serve hitting the ground, the second point was theirs too. The team pumped their first up in excitment. All members were on a high, they were gonna win this.

The set continued, Fukurodani were currently at 23 and Karasuno at 24. They were at match point. By this time Aoba Johsai and Nekoma had finished their set, Nekoma winning 25:19. Both teams watched the intense match going on, Kindaichi and Kunimi had their eyes on Kageyama the entire time, wacthing his flawless plays. Kageyama was doing well, he was proud of their team, and he wanted him to win this. He gave it is all. It was Tsukishima's turn to serve, he hit the ball above the net, the libro from the other team dove and recieved the ball, it went up, straight to Akaashi to set it to their new ace, a second year named Hikaro. He spiked the ball with great force, it was coming straight to Kageyama, he recived it, although he lost his balance due to the force and his head slammed against the ground, the pounding from earily came back to him and he winced. He got up immediately, not wanting to worry his teammates and got back into position. His ears were ringing but he ignored for the time being. They scored, meaning Karasuno one. They finally once against the powerhouse school they've never managed to beat before. The losing team had to do flyinf dives around the court, same as last year.

Kageyama felt himself be dragged into a hug by Tanaka and Hinata, Ennotshita ruffling his hair. He felt himself wince at the touch on his head, not seeing the concered looks from the two second years in Seijou. Surprisingly enough Tsukishima was the one who pulled the setter out of the shouting group.

"You okay King?" the middle blocker asked, knowing that said second year was in some sort of discomfort after how his head slammed into the ground earlier. Kageyama slowly nodded, "I'll be fine after I take pain killers", he stated, sending Yachi, their manager, a thankful look at the water bottle she handed to the two boys and the cold cloth for Kageyama to put over his head, slightly calming the ache. Yamaguchi swiftly moved Tobio to the side of the court and sat him down, immediately pulling out pain killers from the med kit, coach Ukai coming over to check on their setter too.

"You played well Kageyama, take a rest, let the new first year play the next match, he needs experience too", Kageyama nodded his head, accepting the pain killers from Tadashi, gulping them down with water. Ukai went back to the team, giving them a light speech before the second round of games started. This time a lot of players were swapped out, all the second years expected for Tsukki were switched out and replaced by first years. Their line up being; Shindou, first year setter, Tanaka and Akihari, third and first year wing spikers/ace (tanaka acts as middle blocker too), Tsukishima, second year middle blocker, Ennoshita, third year defense (and wing spiker) and Noya, third year libro. This was the team that would face Nekoma.

With that the match started. and same with the match between Seijou and Fukurodani. Kageyama knew he should be watching his team play, but his eyes kept flickering towards Aoba Johsai, towards one middle blocker and one wing spiker specifically. The two worked flawlessly in his eyes. They never had any hiccups and knew what the other was gonna do before they did it. It was perfect team work. It reminded him of himself and Hinata. Tobio sat on the bench and watched the rest of his team cheer for the players on court.

Nekoma was ahead by 6 points now, them leading 21:15. Coach Ukai called in for a swap, Yamaguchi's time to shine as their pinch server. He was gonna get Karasuno back in line with Nekoma, afterall, most of Nekoma's new defense hadn't gone up against Tadashi's serves, so the team was hoping for this to go their way. Yamaguchi served, the first one being a little shaky, it hit the net but it lucky fell towards the other sied of the court, the team watched in anticipation and Nekoma's libro dove down to recive, he narrowly missed it, giving the point to Karasuno. Kageyama let out the breath his was holding, they can do this. Karasuno caught up eventually, even though Yamaguchi managed to scored 5 points, the team still held out. They were at 23:20 now, Nekoma still in the lead.

Unfortunately Karasuno lost that round, 25:20 to Nekoma. They did their punishments, got refreashments and moved on. Aoba Johsai and Karasuno had no matches together today as the rest of the teams wanted to feel out the two teams first, they didnt want the two familiar teams to go all out with each other on the first day.

It was now lunch break, Karasuno won one game and lost one game. Fukurodani in the same boat, Nekoma won both their games and Aoba Johsai lost both theirs. No one blames them though, they played against two of the powerhouses of Tokyo, they are holding up a lot better than Karasuno did when they had their first training camp here.

Lunch went by smoothly, Kageyama's head no longer pounded as much, he ate quietly with Hinata, Kindaich, Kunimi, Akaashi and Kenma. Surprisingly Hinata was quiet too, probably because his mouth was just stuffed with food.

It was time for the second half to begin, Karasuno was up against Ubugawa High next, they knew this would be tough too, they had strong hitters and good defense on this team. Aoba Johsai were up against Shinzen High, Kageyama had faith that they would win this round against Shinzen High.

The matches came to an end, Karasuno lost against Ubugawa High but won against Shinzen High. Kageyama had taken a heavy hit durning his match against Shinzen, meaning he could only play in the first half of the match. He was currently leaning his head on Kindaichi's shoulder, the other second year sitting out of his own game, allowing the first years to get their practice in too. He knew Kageyama's head was hurting, two powerful blows in one day must've been painful, he's surprised Tobio didn't get a concussion.

Kindaichi is actually really proud of Kageyama, looking at him now, being helpful, teaching his kouhai's, willingly sitting out of games to allow others to play. He was happy that his old friend was no longer the tyrant King he used to be. Kunimi being in the same boat as him. Both boys glad that they settled things with said setter at the end of their first year.

The whistle blew, signalling the end of all matches, allowing extra practice time for those who wanted it and also signalling the start of dinner.

"King, come practice with us", Kageyama looked up to see Tsukishima, Akaashi and Hinata standing in front of him. He nodded and stood up. he looked over as Kindaichi and looked towards Kunimi who was walking towards him.

"You two should join us too, we can play 3 on 3 then", bluntly spoken, kageyama followed Akaashi to Gym 3. Teams were, Kageyama, Hinata and Tsukishima VS Akaashi, Kunimi and Kindaichi. They played a few 10 point sets. Kageyama's team winning 3 and Akaashi's team winning 2. They all head towards the cafetaria after. Tobio was exhausted. Not surprising considering he's had a headache all day and took 2 blows to the head. He ate quickly and excused himself, leaving to head back to the room. The others glanced at each other in confusion but left it. They figured he was just tired. By the time Tobio reached the Karasuno room, he was dragging his feet. He entired, nodding his head at the 3rd years that were already there and to Yamaguchi and Shindou. He went straight to his futon and fell asleep instantly.

Without realising it Kageyama has fallen asleep without changing and ontop of his covers. Yamaguchi looked over in worry as he hasn't seen Tobio so tired before, even after knowing him for a year and a half. He noticed a slight tremble in his friends body as he slept. Brushing it off as his imagination due to being tired he went back to talking to the third years and Shindou. Eventually the rest of the team piled into the room, immediately quieting down after noticing their setter knocked out ontop of his futon. Ennoshita annonuced that it was time for lights out, but before then he signed and him and Tsukki managed to get Kageyama under his covers, stopping his trembling for the time being. With that the team fell asleep.

Although the next morning seemed fine for everyone, it was not for the second year setter. When it was time for breakfast Narita woke up the team, most of them shuffling out of the room to fill their empty stomachs.

"BAKAyama! You need to wake up. Breakfast is important and the cafetaria will close soon". Hinata tried waking up his best friend. He shook the sleeping boy a little, in attempt to get him up, but alas, he was unresponsive. Kinoshita glanced over, worried about his kouhai. He told Tsukishima to go get something for the younger member to eat, he sent hinata with him, telling them to eat before coming back. Both boys nodded and walked out, leaving Kinoshita alone with the sleeping boy.

Kintoshita felt Kageyama's head to make sure he was okay, immediately flinching away, his head was burning up. He felt something grab his wrist, looking down to see the second year staring at him with hodded eyes.

"Don't tell the team, I'll be fine. I just need to eat something", the third year hesitated but nodded anyways, Kageyama knew what he needed more than he did. Although he wrapped a cold towel around Tobio's head, a form of cooling his temperature for now. Tobio sighed at the cool feeling, relishing in it for now. "You don't need to stay, I'm fine. Go eat." With that Kinoshita left. He would keep an eye on the second year throughout the day tho.

A while later Kageyama heard footsteps coming towards the room. He hid the now warm towel under his futon and forced himself to sit up, wincing while doing so. He wilded himself to stay upright and not sway. Just as he steadied himself the door opened quickly. Multiple people coming in the room, not all were members of Karasuno. He noticed Akaashi, Kunimi, Kindaichi and Hinata behind Tsukki. All of them looking at the setter with worried faces. The boy in question let out a small smile at the others, telling them hes okay.

Tsukki put down mild bread and a glass of milk next to Kageyama, "eat up, were starting practice so join us when you're done." He walked out, dragging the small middle blocker out of the room too.

"You okay?" Akaashi asked, his eyebrows raised up in question. He looked at Kageyama in suspision. Kageyama nodded and bit into his milk break. The Fukurodani setter just sighed and left the room after, not believe karasuno's setter but letting it slide for now. He closed the door behind him, knowing the two Seijou members wont be following him out.

Kunimi sat next to Kageyama, staring at him intensely, not saying a word, just observing the setter. He was trying to see what was wrong. "You look a little pale", he said in his monotone voice, not asking, stating the fact. Kageyama swallowed the peice of bread in his mouth and looked at his old friend next to him.

"I just didn't sleep much last night", he shruggled is shoulder. Tobio looked and Kindaichi, "dont you two have practice now too? You should get going." Kindaichi looked like he wanted to say something but he just nodded instead, not knowing how to say 'we're worried' to his friend. With that, Kageyama forced himself to stand up. Taking slow but steady steps towards the door. "let's go" he said, not even turning back. The other two stared at the back of his head, slowly following behind him, but eventually falling inot step with him by the time they reached the gym.

They spilt off then. They had to focus on the camp and their teams right now. Kageyama soon joined his team, quickly stretching and taking his place as setter, sending Shindou to practice his receives with Noya and Natsusa, the other first year. Their warm up ended pretty soon, they were now getting ready to face Nekoma once again. they started out wit their original team; Kagayama, Hinata, Tuskki, Tanaka, Noya and Ennoshita. Both teams started of stonge, each team scoring a point right after the other team does, it went back and forth for a while, the points were currently 21:20 to Nekoma. A fast paced yet intense match. All players were panting already tired from the fast pace of the game.

It was Tobio's turn to serve. He went for his classic extraordinary jump serve. The ball whizzed past Nekoma's libro, the sound of the ball smacking into the ground rung throughout the gym. This felt different. Kageyama's palm stung more than usual, his team looked at him with wide eyes and he noticed that eveything froze around him for a second, almost everyone was staring at him in shock.

"That looked almost exactly like Oikawa's spike serve", he heard this being murmured. His head snapped to the side, staring at Ennoshita in shock at what he just heard.

"What" he asked, dumbfounded at what was just said.

"That was Oikawa's spike serve" he heard someone esle say, following the voice his eyes met with Kunimi. Kageyama's felt his eyes grow wider, if that was even possible.

Kageyama shook his head, "impossible, that serve is impossible".

The ref blew his whistle, snapping everyone out of there daze. "GET BACK TO YOUR GAMES EVERYONE", his voice boomed in the gym, and the games started once again. Only difference is that the players who weent playing still had heir eyes on Karasuno's setter, wondering if he was going to do that again. Kageyama threw the ball up, getting ready to do his normal serves, this one didn't feel different The libro of Nekoma missed it again, but the ball didn't slam into the ground like it did last time. Everyone wondered whether that serve before was a mistake or not. Kageyama scored two more points before being stopped, none of his other serves were like his first one. He was glad, that first serve hurt his hand more than he let on.

Karasuno won 25:23 to Nekoma this time. Kageyama's body felt hot and heavy. He was exhausted. The team got drinks quickly before sorting out their team for the next game. They were against Shinzen High again for their next match. Ukai deciding that they were going to start of with all the first years expect Shindou first. Meaning their starting will be; Kageyama as setter, Akihari as wing spiker, Natsusa as libro, Haruto and Tsukishima as middle blockers and Tanaka as ace. They've never had this line up before but they'd make it work.

Nekoma were against Ubugawa High now, meaning Aoba Johsai and Fukurodani were sitting out for this round, they split off, watching the different teams play. Kindaichi and Kunimi obviously came to watch Karasuno, Kageyama more specifically. Tobio tried not to take notice of their eyes burning holes into him. He felt heat rise to his cheeks, shaking his head he focused on the game he was about to play, still feeling worn out from their last game he sluggishly made his way onto the court, starting on the front line, Tsukki serving, Kageyama covered the back of his head, for safety reasons. After taking many blows yesterday he didn't want a repeat. Tsukishima served perfectly and the match continued. Karasuno were in the lead, 17:10 to them. 


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