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Sick {KinKuniKage}

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Kageyama was tired, it was his turn to serve but his head was throbbing. He threw the ball up, not having the energy to jump serve, he served normally, almost missing it. The ball hit the net, but it luckily fell onto the other side of the net, giving them the point as no one from the other team expected that.

Kinoshita looked at Kageyama in confusion, wonder why he didn't jump like usual. He was still slightly worried from last time, but when he met eyes with the setter, and said boy smiled and shook his head he let him be. He'd stop him if things get bad. He also noticed the looks the two Seijou members gve each other, clearly something was bothering them. But the game continued. They won 25:16. One of the better wins they've had in a while. It was time for a break. The team split of inot smaller groups, some went to get fruit, some sat and talked. Kageyama found himself being dragged to the water section by two people. He didn't know who yet but once he looked up when he saw the watter bottle in front of his he noticed it was his friendly rivals.

"You played well" Kindaichi stated. Kunimi nodding along with the statement. They both sat Tobio down on the bleachers, Kunimi going to sit behind him one seat up. He was quick to drag Tobio to him, putting his legs on either side of the setters head, gently running his hands through his slightly damp hair, lightly massaging his scalp. The two boys knew that their friends head was still somewhat hurting from yesterday, and they knew he was pushing himslef today so they didn what they could to sooth him right now. Kindaichi smiled at the two, giving Kageyama's shoulder a squeeze.

"I'm playing now, I'll see you both after the practice match", Kunimi nodded, Kageyama made a sound of acknowledgement, his mind and body basicallt like putty under Kunimi's hands. Kindaichi laughed at this and left to join his team.

Kunimi felt Tobio's head go lax, leaning his head against the youngers thigh. Kunimi smiled at the older teen, continuing running his hands through his hair. He noticed a few of the Karasuno team members looking at them, the first years looked confused, their captain gave him a small smile when they made eye contact and he noticed the blond middle blocker blankly looking at them, whilst holding back the small orange haired crow from disturbing them. He chuckled at the team, he could tell they were all close. Hell he knew they were just from the way Kageyama worked with them. He knew Kageyama trusted his team with his whole heart and that fact alone made pride swell up in his chest. He was happy. They all were.

Kunimi placed his cool hands on Kageyama's forehead, wanting him to cool down a little before his next game. He was startled once he felt how hot the older boys head was. He felt himself being filled with concern. This wasn't the normal heat after a game, he felt too warm, he was sweating too much. He shot Kindaichi a panicked look. He wasnt expecting Yuutarou to catch his look, considering he was in the middle of a game but he was surprised to see them make eye contact. Akira's eyes were wide, a little bit of fear shone in them. Yuu was alarmed. He glanced at the other Karasuno members, he noticed their middle blocker Tsukishima and pinch server Yamaguchi looking at Tobio with concern. He needed to leave, he needed to know what was wrong. He glanced at Yahaba who was sitting out, if anyone was to look at him they'd know something was up. Yahaba noticed, immediately calling for a sub. Kindaichi subbed off and bowed to his captain in thanks, quick to leave and join Akira, who still had his hands in Tobio's hair, this time one hand was cupping his cheek, which seemed too flushed to be just from the game he perviously played.

"Everything okay?" a quiet but perky voice sounded from behind Yuu. Tadashi and Kei were walking towards the three boys on the bleachers. Yamaguchi was quick to pick up on Kageyama's condition. He carefully moved forwards and tapped on the younger boys knee. "Kageyama, you with us?"

Tobio opened his eyes, "Huh? Of course I am. Where else would I be?" his confused voice fluttered between the boys, they couldn't help but laugh at the frowning boy. "why is everyone here?" he questioned once again. "If you're worried about me don't, like I said, I just didn't sleep much and Kunimi's hand was cold, I was warm after the match so I closed my eyes for a bit" he scoffed out, not wanting his friends to worry.

They all looked at each other, unsure if they should believe him or not. Eventually they let it slide, they knew if it was something bad Kageyama would be even more stubborn than he is now to get his way. He would've pushed them away, but he's not.

"Okay King, whatever you say", Tsukki teased as he walked away, Yamaguchi right at his heel, after he said bye of course.

"You sure you're okay tho?" Kindaichi asked one more time.

Kageyama smacked him on his head, "I can't believe you left your game for nothing BAKA". Both Kunimi and Kindaichi rolled thier eyes, of course that's what he was thinking about. "go go, you need to be with your team". This time he was addressing both of the Seijou members. Both boys nodded and went to their team, Tobio doing the same by going to his. He noticed Shindou and Natsusa raise an eyebrow at him, and Tanaka wiggling his eyebrows in a sugggestive manner, he scrowled at all three of his team mates and they burst out laughing.

The day continued, everything was fine for the most part. Kageyama was feeling weaker than usual but he kept pushing himself to seem normal. It was extra practice time, all the matched were over now, his team won some but lost some. For once in his life he was tempted to just go eat and sleep, he didn't feel like practicing. Unfortunately, luck wasnt on his side and Hinata was dragging him towards Akaashi, Kenma, Tsukishima and Lev for extra practice

They played 3 v 3 again, teams were; Kageyama, Lev and Kenma, Kenma played as the setter and Kageyama played as spiker, leaving Lev as middle blocker. Tuskishima, Hinata and Akaashi didn't have to chnage from there usual positions so the games begun

Kageyama's team won 2 out of the 5 sets they played. He couldn't get himself to jump like he usually does, he couldn't hit as hard as he wanted to, his movements were sluggish. Kenma picked up on this and tried to match with Tobio's slower pace, but alas the attempt was futile, Kageyama couldn't keep up. Everyone but Hinata and Lev seemed to pick up on this.

"Alright, that's enough for today", Akaashi's soothing voice filled the gym. "let's go eat before the cafetaria shuts".

With that all the boys were out of the gym. Keiji lagged back, walked at Tobio's slower pace, silently they both entered the cafetaria behind the rest of their small group. They got food and were looking for a place to sit. Tobio noticed Kindaichi and Kunimi sitting alonne and walked towards them. Akaashi, Tsukki and Kenma followed, leaving Hinata and Lev to themselves. Kageyama silently put his tray down as he sat next to Kindaichi. Both Seijou boys were surprised to see the crowd Tobio brought with him, not expecting the ex-king to actually be social with anything other then his own team mates and them. Everything went to normal, mostly. They were all quietly eating, well most of them were. They were all quiet people anyways so the silence that settled over them was not awkward at all. They could hear Kenma's game as they ate and they were comfortable.

Kageyama was playing with his food, occasionally taking a bite when Tsukishima would glare at him for not eating, but he took small bites, slowly chewing. He was really out of it. He didn't notice when the two other setters got up when they were done, or how his middle blocker left too. He didn't notice Kunimi moving to the other side of him, once again sandwhiching him between his old team mates. He noticed the hand that was rubbing his back, just barely, it felt like a feather touch, almost as tho it wasnt actually there. But the squeeze he felt in his palm seemed to snap him out of the daze he was in. Suddenly the noise of the cafetaria filled his ears, the smell of food filled his nose and he was suddenly made aware of the hand running up his back and the two pairs of eyes on him. He looked up an noticed that most people had left the area already. He saw Ennoshita are the doorway, looking at him in concern, but smiled when thet made eye contact. He left the room after that.

"Kags we should head back to our rooms now", Kunimi's soft voice filled his head. He felt himself nodding along, allowing himself to be pulled up by the two ex-team mates. While walking Kageyama seemed to slowly move himself closer to the heat next to him, not realising it was actually Kindaichi, he buried himself into his side. Based on their past experiences with Kageyama, they knew that Kageyama became affectionate and unaware of his surrounding when he's not feeling well. This sent worry through both of them as they nervously glanced at each other. Kindaichi wrapped on arm around the boy currently stuffed against his side, pulling Kunimi to the boys other side so he was sandwhiched once again. They both stopped walking for a bit, Kindaichi leaned against the wall in the hallway for a bit, shifting Kageyama so he was burried in his chest and not his side, Kunimi moved so he was behind Kageyama too, allowed the boy to absord their warmth.

After a few minutes (which reallly felt like hours) Yuu felt dead weight agaisnt him. He quickly grabbed the younger boy to stop him from falling. One look at they both knew the setter had fallen asleep. He hadn't passed out luckily, he'd just fallen asleep, standing up. The Seijou boys couldn't help but laugh at the situation they were in. Kunimi quickly got ahold of Kageyama as Kindaichi turned around and crouched down so Akira could place Tobio on his back. Yuu then slowly stood up, his hands slipping under the sleeping boys thighs to hold him up, leaning forward a little so Tobio doesn't fall off. Kunimi could help but take a picture of Yuu giving a sleeping Tobio and piggy back ride. He giggled to himself a little after forawrding the picture to both Yuu and Tobio. He debated sending it to Iwaizumi and Oikawa, he knew they both had a soft spot for the younger setter. So he did. His phone was immediately flooded with messages from both of them, cooing at their cute kouhais. Without knowing, those two had forwarded the picture to both Daichi and Suga too, who spammed Tobio's phone. Not that he'll know till morning anyways.

Eventually the two boys made it to Karasuno's room. They knocked and waited for the door to slide open, and when it did, they weren't prepared to see the fully team staring at them with wide eyes. Both boys blushed a little while avoiding eye contact. Finally Kindaichi cleared his throat.

"Um.. Kageyama fell asleep, so um here's your setter back", wow Kindaichi had never felt so awkward before. He saw Tsukishima and Yamaguchi snicker at his statement whilst Ennoshita stood up, walking toward the two boys to get his kouhai from them. With Kindaichi's help the two of them managed to get Tobio in his futon, Ennoshita tucked him in like the mom he is. He walked Akira and Yuu to the door.

"Thank you both for bringing him back safely", the captain said while bowing.

"It's okay Ennoshita-san. It was partly our fault he fell alseep like that", Kindaichi said lightly, trying to get the older captain to stop bowing.

"Um Ennoshita-san?", the captain looked up at that, Kunimi's voice changed a little, making him feel a little concerned. "Can you keep an eye on Kageyama for us? I'm not sure if I'm imagining things but it seems like somethings bothering him". Anyone could tell that the boys are woried about their friend.

Ennoshita nodded, "of course. I was actually thinking the same thing. I'm glad you brought it up. I'll let you know if anything happens to Tobio-kun". With that the captain bowed again, said good night and returned to his team, the other two doing the same thing.

The next day Kageyama woke up with a pounding headache, he forced himself to sit up. The room spun around him for a few seconds until it settled around him. He pushed himself up and off his futon, stumbling to the door, he needed to get out of the hot room, he needed to refreshen up, the bathroom was his goal, getting there was what he needed to do. He slowly and quietly opened the door, he didn't want to walk the remaining team mates up from their slumber. Half of them where gone, he's assuming to breakfast, while the others were still asleep.

Slowly but surely he started the walk to the bathroom, turning a corner he accidentally walked straight into someone. He let out a gasp as he felt himself lose his balance once more, but if it weren't for the hand that grabbed him, he surely would've smashed into the ground.

"Whoa, Kageyama-kun, are you okay?" a new panic voice filled his ears, he glanced up to see one of the third years from Ubugawa gripping onto him, Kōji Yukawa, holding him up.

"Sorry Yukawa-san, I didn't see you. I'm okay thank you. Sorry but I have to go to the bathroom", with that Kageyama rushed past the other boy and went straight into the bathroom. Luckily there was no one there so he let himself go to the sink and splash himself a few times. He needed to cool his body down.

On the other hand, Yukawa was a bit bewildered. The second year setter he bumped into didn't look fine at all. He was sweaty and red in the face, one would normally look like that after a game or an intense work out but it didn't look like Kageyama was working out. Not to mention his body was hot, as in the arm he grabbed was burning up. He was worried for the younger boy. Yakawa went to the cafetaria in search for Karasuno's captain to let him know about his concerns, unfortunately he was no where to be seen. Giving up, he decided to just keep an eye on him himself.

The day continued on, matches were played, some were lost some were one. Nothing new. Kageyama pushed himself through the first half of the day, he was fine. He only had a few dizzy spells throughout the first 3 matches his team had. Though things were more intense as it was coming to the middle of their camp, everyone was at their peak, so Kageyama coul'd afford to get sick or allow his fever to interfere with the training.

Karasuno were currently on a break, preparing for their last match of the day. They were finally up against their rivaling team, Aoba Johsai. Both teams were excited. They hadn't played each other in a while so everyone was excited to see their improvement. Not to mention that the other 4 schools their would be watching their match too. Afterall, they've never seen the two rivals play against each other so they were allowed an early end, as long as they made up for it with extra practice later.

Alas it was time to start. Things were tense. Both teams were on edge, the other teams sensing this, putting them on edge too. Karasuno's starting team was the usual, the same going for Aoba Johsai. Kageyama was set to start the game.

"NICE SERVE", he heard Hinata and Tanaka yell. He took a deeo breath in, pushing away any other thoughts and feels away from him, he need to focus. With that, he threw the ball up, jumped, and slammed his hand against the ball. Just like yesterday, the ball slammed against the ground with intense speed and force, no one had enough time to move to recieve the spike serve. Once again, the gym was silent. This time Tobio was aware of what he did. Turning around with wide eyes and mouth open in shock he look at his team.

"ONE MORE", this time Ennoshita's voice range through his head. Yes, one more, he could get another service ace. And he did. The ball flew towards the opposing team at a powerful speed. Their libro managed to actually move this time, unfortunately, the hit was so hard it bounced off his arm and went straight out of the court. Another point the Karasuno. Kageyama still didn't know how he was doing this but he was snapped out of it by the sharp pain in his hand. His palm was bright red, he wasn't used to his.

His team let out another cheer, encouraging him to continue. But his sharp hits didn't continue, they returned to his normal jump serves, but this time it seemed to take more of a toll on his body so by the time it was his 5th serve, his hits were weaker, allowing Seijou's libro, Watari, to save the serve, the ball went straight to Yahaba, their captain who set it to Kentaro, mad-dog. Aoba Johsai stopped Karasuno's streak then and there. Their team leaped up at the point scored.

The game continued, Karasuno won the first set 25:20, and lost the second set 24:26. Both sets were close. They were in their final set now. current scored were 15:14 to Seijou.

Aoba Johsai was currently in the middle of an attack, Tsukishima, Kageyama and Tanaka all jumped for the three person block against Kindaichi's spike. However Kageyama seemed to get his timing off, jumping after both Tsukki and Tanaka, this allowed a gap in their block and Kindaichi smashed straight through that block. Tanaka and Kageyama both let out a curse.

"Sorry", Kageyama quickly stated, looking at the other two blockers.

"You're slow today", Kindaichi snarled, completely in game mode, allowing his rivalry to show. Kageyama scrowled back, cursing him out. On the other hand Kunimi just watched, he was slightly taken aback by the setters miscalculation, but he didn't let it get to him, after all that gave them a point. Putting them two points ahead now.

Coach Ukai called for a time out, he wanted to tell the team to try their new tactic. It included a new quick, this time with Tsukki and Tanaka rather than Hinata.

"You feeling okay King? You look worse than usual, and thats seriously sying something", the taller blong mocked, concering hintinh through his voice though. Kageyama sent a sharp nod in his direction. He's fine. He has to be.

Unfortunately for him, it was that moment pain spiked in his already throbbing head. He felt his body jerk forward. He manged to catch him, he had one knee on the ground and he held his body up right, he couldn't cause a scene. Not now.

"I'm fine. I'll sub out once we get the lead, so don't worry". With that the team nodded, the fact that Kageyama suggesting subbing on his own accords was enough to get his team to trust him.

Truthfully Kageyama knew he wouldn't last as this point. He could tell his fevers gotten worse, he's sweating more than the rest of his team and he seemed to be the only one still out of breath. Alas the whistle blew, signaling the end of the time out. Everyone got back on court. Kageyama was on the front line, Kindaichi right in front of him.

"You're seriously out of shape Tobio", he snickered, "I've barely broken a sweat and you look like your about to pass out", although he snickered, anyone could tell that their was concern laced in his voice, Kageyama didn't look well at all. Tobio scowled at him once again, sending a glare at the older and taller male. He wasn't wrong, but he would never admit that in front of the boy.

Akaashi watched from the sideline, he knew something was wrong, specificallt with Karasuno's main setter. Kenma was next to him, actually paying attention to it too. "Something's wrong", Nekoma's setter bluntly stated. Fuurodani's setter grunted in agreement. He noticed of of the players from Ubugawa glancing at Tobio nervously too. The other players surrounding him were all tense too. He didn't know if it was because they game was intense, or if they all knew something was wrong too. He had a feeling it was most likely the first one, as they haven't had just a long and grueling practice match since the one between Fukurodani and Nekoma last year.

Suddenly Karasuno scored. No one saw that coming. Everyone was focused on the freak duo, eyes focused on Hinata's movement. No one saw Kageyama flick his wrist in the opposite direction, towards the tall middle blocker who was laready in the air, slamming his hand down n the volleyball. This was new.

"Freaky", Tsukki stated, still not used to the accuracy of their setters sets. Karasuno's team members let out a laugh, they all cheered at the point. With the next set from Karasuno, all eyes were on Tsukishima, expecting another surprise from him, no one seeing their ace run behind him and jump, noticing too late that the ball was coming down on their side. The crowd watching let out the breath they were holding, not expecting this at all.

"Are you kidding me! Not only do we have to worried about the freak duo quick, we need to worry about TWO MORE!", Yahaba whined in annoyance, Karasuno caught up to them. None of them were happy. Some people watching let out chuckles at Aoba Johsai's captains complaint.

Though, no one seemed to notice the second year setter on the ground, panting and holding his head. He used all his energy focusing on the two quicks right after each other. He felt overwhelmed, his head was throbbing and he was tired. The setter was on his knee's head down and he was struggling to focus, everything in his version was blurry, he couldn't hear anything around him, just a ringing in his head. He let out a huff that was louder than he thought.

"TOBIO" he distantly heard someone yell. Unable to tell who, he let out a groan, snapping his eyes shut, he pressued his hands harder against his skull, he wanted the throbbing to stop. It hurt. He felt a pair of arms go around him and with that his body went limp.

Kindaich held the boy to him, watching the setters head loll to the side, eyes closed and breathing deeply, completely limp in his arm. Kunimi was quickly by his side, back of his arm pressed against the boys forehead, wincing at the heat coming off him. Akaashi yelled at one of his first years to go to the nurse's office, to inform her about whats happened and that they would bring the passed out boy to her soon, Yachi was quick to get a cold, wet towel to put on the burning boys head. They needed to cool him down fast. 

Tsukishima was quick to snap Kindaichi out of his worried daze, "Kindaichi! We need to take him to the nurse's office now. Stand up, I'll help you". With that, Kindaichi slowly stood up, Tsukki helping him stand up. Kunimi by is other side in case he was off balance. Karasuno's captain was quick to follow the two Seijou members, but not before telling his team to stay there. The setter shouldn't be overcrowded right now. Ennoshita saw Hinata about to protest, but Yamaguchi and Kinoshita were quick to shut him up. With that he followed after. Of course Kenma was the one leading them to the nurse, the other players wouldn't have known where to go otherwise.

Kageyama was still burning up by the time the reached, he was still unconcious. Kindaichi swiftly put the setter on of the bed, the nurse coming over immediately, med kit out and ready to be used. 

"He's overworked himself. This is from stress and lack of food in his system. The boy doesn't seem to have much in his system and from being constantly active it's taken a toll on his body". The nurse was quick to conclude. "He should be okay for now, let him rest. His body needs to recover from the over use of it, I'll keep an eye on his fever for now. You boys should head back o your practice", with that she turned towards the 5 boys standing in her office. Fukurodani's first year gave a sharp nod, leaving immediately to go tell his captain whats going on. Kenma leaving not long after. Ennoshita nodded at the informaton given, worry blantant on his face, the nurse gave him a reassuring smile, he appreciated that. 

Karasuno's captain glanced at the two Seijou members, both boys were glued to the floor, not taking their eyes of the setter, their friend. "Can they stay?", The captain asked, glaning at the nurse. She was hesitant, but gave a curt nod, allowed the two players to stay with their currently unconscious friend. "Kunimi, Kindaichi, you two can stay with Tobio-kun okay? I'll head back and let everyone know what's going on. Come get me if anything happens", his soothing voice filled their ears, Kunimi turned towards the older male and nodded, letting the captain know he understood. With that Ennoshita patted them both on their shoulders and left. 

Kindaichi sat himself down besides Kageyama, Kunimi following suit, sitting on the other side of the boy lying down. The younger boy placed his hand on the boys head, slowly running his finggers throught the setters hair. "He's such and idiot", the pointy haired males whispered, staring at his friend. He shook his head and tapped his fingers on Kageyama's soft cheeks.

A soft groan rung through the area, the nurse quickly coming over to check on the unwell boy. "He's waking up", she told the other boys sweetly, not wanting to startle any of them. She wet the towel and put it on Kageyama's head again before swiftly leaving the 3 boys, going to her desk after drawing the curtains to give them privacy.

Tobio slowly blinked his eyes open, the light above him a bit to bright for his liking, causing him to lightly flinch. His movements giving te two boys with him and indication that he was coming to.

"Kageyama?" A soft voice fluttered through Tobio's head, Kunimi, he knew it was him. He felt a hand squeeze his own and he squeezed back. The hand was rough, it was Kindaichi.

"What happened?" The bed ridden boy asked his two friends, "Why am I lying down?" His croaky voice snapped Kindaichi out of his daze and the older boy was quick to pull Kageyam into a gentle hug.

"You passed out mid game", Kunimis soft voice travelled to Kageyama.

"WHAT?? We should head back! Why are you two here then???" In a panicked hurried Kageyama tried to get out of bed, only to be pushed down by Kindaichi.

"You arent going anywhere. Your captains orders and the nurses, you have to rest. Your body has reached it limit so let it recover before you destroy it more", his voice was firm, glare set hard on the youngest of the 3, daring Tobio to argue with him.


"No buts. You are staying here", Kindaichi almost a growled out.

Kageyama looked over to Kunimi with pleading eyes to let him go. The sleepy boy shook his head, "Sorry Tobio-kun, but orders are orders. The game is continuing and you need to eat and rest well. Otherwise you wont be able to play for the rest of the camp".

With that Kageyama sunk into the bed. Only just realising how heavy his body felt. He let out a sigh, kicking the covers off him, he body feeling too hot for comfort. Kunimi was quick to replace the wet towel on the youngers head after dunking it back in water.

"You really are troublesome", Kageyama snapped his head to the side, looking at Kindaichi with wide eyes but his eyes softening at seeing Yuu with a strained smile on his face.

"Sorry Kin", he says softly, squeezing the boys hand in apology. By this time Kunimi had sat next to Kageyama on bed, there sides pressing together, "Sorry Kun" he says too, resting his head on the others shoulder.

Both the Seijou boys looked at each other with soft smiles, they enjoyed seeing their youngest friend being affectionate and calm. Soon enough Kunimi felt more weight being pressed into him. He looked down only to see the Karasuno boy asleep on him, snuggled up nicely against his side. He smiled and ran his fingers through the Setters lush hair, noticing the lack of heat rolling off him, a good sign of his fever breaking.

Kindaichi grins at the peaceful boy asleep on his best friend, seeing the two boys slowly shift down into a more comfortable position, Kunimi dragging Kageyama into him, allowing the younger on to nuzzle into his chest, he moved over a little, patting the space on the other side of the boy, "Come, join us Kin". With that the eldest slide into the small bed, squishing the 3 together, putting one arm under Tobio's and Akira's head, the other going around Tobio's waist, intertwining his fingers with Akira's.

They'd talk about this later, they all knew it's only result in them being together officially in the end anyways, and with that they allowed themselves to relax fully next to Kageyama.

If Karasuno and Aoba Johsai walked in to see this surprise they never said anything. But they do have photos to prove it happened for blackmail 😈

Word count: 5269



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