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In Anger

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He felt disoriented. The collision hadn’t been too bad all things considered, but his head was spinning and he felt nauseous. Instinctively, he held onto the body closest to him for support and was absolutely gobsmacked when he was felt a tap on his hand.

“Sawamura, come on, people are looking.”

He let go. More from the shock than because of the request itself.

Where did that come from ? And what was it with the “Sawamura” ??

He groaned as his head throbbed and he pressed his hands against it, wincing. He turned to his left, glaring at the catcher.

“What’s wrong with you, Kazuya !?”

He huffed.

“What do you mean, what’s wrong ? I’m not acting any different than I always have.”

Eijun kept staring at him.

It wasn’t exactly wrong per se. Kazuya had insisted on no PDA, clearly separating their private and public relationship. It was completely ridiculous in his opinion. If anything, acting so distant now was even more suspicious considering the glasses guy had been the first to act touchy-feely back when he had just joined the club.

He closed his eyes, fingers rubbing his temples to sooth his headache.

“Miyuki Kazuya ! I can’t believe you !! Just because you want to keep it low-key doesn’t mean you get to treat me like that !!! I swear to you Demon Captain if you ever do that again-”

The laughter made the angry burst die down in his throat and he finally looked at his boyfriend who was openly making fun of him.

“Miyuki Kazuya !”

“You should have seen yourself ! You walked straight into that post and then you looked so offended I can’t-”

He was doubling over laughing now and Eijun lightly punched his arm.

“That could have been serious !”

“It really couldn’t.”

Fuming, the pitcher started stomping.

“Stop laughing ! You’re so infuriating.”

“Thanks !”

“That wasn’t a compliment, damn Tanuki ! Why do you always piss me off like this.”

It was just a rhetorical question at this point as Eijun was long over getting an actual answer from him. But, surprisingly, this got Kazuya’s attention and he looked at him, smirking.

“You wanna know ?”

He moved closer, way closer than what the Captain would normally accept between them and Eijun was rendered speechless.

“So ? I actually feel a bit bad for how I acted so I’ll tell you if you really want to know.”

He was talking into his ear at this point and Eijun shivered. Not trusting himself, he only nodded.

Kazuya chuckled.

“You look very cute when you’re embarrassed like this...”

His finger brushed his heated cheek.

“...but when you get angry, you’re downright sexy.”

The next moment Eijun knew, Kazuya was back to a proper, friendly distance. Only the gleam in his eyes was testament that he had not imagined the whole scene. Under his gaze, he felt his blush go lower than it ever had before.