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Eijun felt slightly reluctant in showing Kazuya his childhood bedroom. There was something almost indecent in bringing your lover in a place where you’ve played in as a child. And he probably would have kept delaying the inevitable for as long as he could have if he hadn’t been scared his boyfriend would bolt at the first occasion to go explore it by himself.

He saved it for last. As he finished the tour of his parents’ house, he came to a halt in front of a plain door that just displayed letters spelling “Eijun”. Kazuya grazed it with a fingertip.


The pitcher hesitated, before sliding open the door open. The room looked exactly how he had left it, not that he expected anything else. He knew his room was pretty plain and he felt compelled to explain himself.

“It’s not much.”

The catcher took a step inside, smiling at him.

“Don’t worry, it looks about right for a baseball idiot like you. I’m guessing you spent most of your time outside or in the common areas.”

Eijun let him look around, staying at the entrance, since he was worried it would get too crowded with two grown men. After observing his desk and shelves, his boyfriend turned and ended up in front of his bed. The pitcher was starting to feel nervous with the intensity of his gaze. Before he could speak up, the bespectacled man took a step, leaning forward to touch the material, then, seemingly satisfied, sat up facing him.

Eijun blushed, trying hard not to look at him whom he knew had his signature smirk on, a pretty damning evidence that he was up to no good.

“Well, it’s pretty small so yeah beside sleeping and studying nothing much happened there.”

“Oh, really ? What a shame.”

Oh God, Kazuya was speaking in his sex tone and he would be lying if he said it did nothing to him.

Think ! Quickly !... Maths ! The most difficult math problem ever…

Pat pat.

“Come on, Eijun. Don’t stay there. There’s still pleeeenty of room on the bed beside me.”

A low, unfairly sexy chuckle made him look.


Pleased, Kazuya licked his lip suggestively, already making quick work of taking his upper clothes off.

“Oh, sweetie. You have no idea.”

In the blink of an eye, the man was now bare chest and Eijun sucked in a breath when he reached for the fly of his pants.

The door made a slamming noise when it slid close, and a softer click resonated when it locked.