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A Broken Man

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Maintaining dignity with no arms was difficult. So far since Chisaki had been moved from hospital to prison, he had had to have assistance changing clothes, eating, washing, everything. Every time a prison guard’s fingers brushed his skin he felt sick, goosebumps prickling over his skin and itching, itches that he was incapable of scratching. This was hell. Physical hell. He couldn’t even kill himself, he was that helpless. That fucking jumped-up Omega… It was humiliating enough that he’d been beaten by a child, let alone having that disgusting creep with the hand on his face rub salt in the wound by taking away his very autonomy.

Little did he know it was about to get so, so much worse.

The first thing he noted being walked through the prison complex was that no one here seemed to be an Alpha, except for a handful of the guards. That was suspicious - unless perhaps the enclosed environment resulted in just one of the prisoners taking that status. If it was, he’d have to play it careful. He couldn’t see who the Alpha might be, however. It wasn’t until he reached the secluded part of the jail where he would be held as one of the high-security prisoners, however, that he suspected foul play. The place had a clinical feel to it, something he was intimately familiar with, and he was brought into what could have been a doctor’s office, except for the fact that where there normally would have been a bed for the patient to lie on, there was instead a metal frame with strategically placed straps that looked about large enough to hold a human being in a variety of positions. It had a plastic sheet taped down underneath it. Chisaki’s expression twisted into a grimace at the implication. 

“Well, well. Chisaki Kai. Overhaul.” A man in a pristine white coat with a blue medical mask stood and addressed him. The guards escorting him pushed him forward. Chisaki held his head high, regarding the man with cool disdain. 

“Why am I here, and not in a cell?” 

“Because this is no ordinary prison. We hold Japan’s worst criminals, and as such, we take every possible precaution to ensure that those criminals are easy to manage.” His eyes flicked up and down Chisaki’s body. “And an Alpha is not easy to manage.”

Chisaki’s eyes widened a fraction, then narrowed sharply. “You’re not strong enough to bitch me.” 

“I don’t have to be.” Chisaki got the feeling that he was giving him a cold smile behind that mask. “We have a tried-and-true method of doing it medically.” 

“That’s inhumane. It violates all rules of bodily autonomy.”

“Of all people to be complaining about that, I really don’t think you have a leg to stand on.” The doctor gestured to the guards. “Strip him and strap him in.” 

“Don’t touch me!” Chisaki jumped away when they reached for him but the pair of them quickly wrestled him into place, one of them holding him with an arm around his throat whilst the other unzipped his prison jumpsuit. He kicked at them, receiving a swift punch to the gut for his troubles, and was swiftly stripped with impersonal indifference. “This is violation! ” Chisaki shouted as they wrestled him into the frame, one of them pinning him in place as the other forced a strap around his neck, his chest, his thighs and his calves, holding him in a half-seated position that left his legs spread obscenely. He struggled against the bindings, but couldn’t move an inch.

“Thank you. You may go now.” The doctor told the pair, who saluted and left without a word. “Now then. I have been informed that you have a psychosomatic allergy to touch.” He studied the reddened rash that had appeared where the guards had touched him. “So it may reassure you to know that very little of this process requires actual human contact.” He reached for a pair of latex gloves as Chisaki writhed in his bonds, chest heaving with disgust and panic. 

“What are you going to do to me?” He hissed. 

“Well, first I’m going to take some measurements, and then we’re going to expose your body to stimuli associated with Omegan pleasure centres, in conjunction with exposure to Alpha pheromones, designed to stimulate your body’s natural response to a dominating Alpha presence. By repeating this process daily until it takes hold, we can safely and painlessly induce transition, and once it is complete we can move you into the prison proper.”

“That’s disgusting.” Chisaki growled, his eyes vicious. The doctor laughed a little. 

“From what I have heard about you, Overhaul, it’s the least you deserve. Some even come to enjoy the process.” 

“I will never enjoy it!”

“Suit yourself.” The doctor forced his mouth open and fixed a gag in place, a metal ring that sat behind his teeth just wide enough to hold his jaw open. Chisaki growled around it, glaring daggers at him as the straps were fastened behind his head. And then there was nothing he could do, he couldn’t even talk. 

The doctor reached for a set of calipers, and set about taking measurements. When those latex-gloved fingers first touched his soft cock his body jerked, and he growled again. His legs twitched in their bindings, trying desperately to close, but simply couldn’t. The doctor noted down the width and circumference of his shaft, the total length and the width of the base, where the knot would have emerged. Those measurements got written down. Then the diameter of his nipples and size of his balls were taken, and the calipers put down. Chisaki couldn’t look down to watch thanks to the leather strap around his head, so all he could do was feel. He found himself grateful for the gloves. The clinical smoothness of latex was far preferable to human skin, and made the whole thing a little more tolerable. That deep-seated discomfort returned fast though when those gloved fingers began probing behind his balls, looking for the tiny, undeveloped slit there. 

“This might be a little uncomfortable to begin with. You’ll get used to it.” The doctor warned him, locating it and probing at the entrance. Once found, the doctor withdrew his hand and pumped a little clear lubricant from a dispenser into his hand. Coating his index finger liberally, he resumed touching. When the slick, cool pad of the doctor’s finger slid over the barely-there slit, Chisaki tensed, a threatening rumble deep in his chest. It made no difference though, as the doctor pushed, forcing his finger into Chisaki’s body in a way nothing ever had before. He tried to buck, to somehow force it out, the feeling deeply uncomfortable and wrong . It was painfully tight, he could feel every slight twitch of the doctor’s finger, the lubricant unpleasantly cold against his heated insides. It was only an exploration though, and was quickly withdrawn. Chisaki couldn’t help a sigh of relief, some of the tension leaving his body. The doctor gave him an amused look and reached for a different tool that Chisaki immediately hated the look of. He knew exactly what it was and what it was for, and after the doctor’s finger he didn’t want it anywhere near him. 

The speculum got lubed up thoroughly, and Chisaki’s teeth hurt with how hard he was biting down on the ring in his mouth as the doctor pushed it into him. As much as his finger had been cold and uncomfortable, the speculum was worse, the metal arms pressing into his tight walls. When the doctor began turning the key, forcibly spreading him open, he closed his eyes tightly. It hurt, the stretch burning his entrance. He swore the doctor opened it too far just to cause him pain, tears pricking the corners of his eyes at the sting, feeling like something was going to tear. He made a choked sound of pain and the doctor stopped, making a note of the width of the speculum. Then it was closed again and withdrawn, and Chisaki panted. The doctor stood up and set his tools aside on a tray to be cleaned. 

“There we go. That’s the worst part over.” Chisaki glared at him. “The rest of it shouldn’t hurt, at least.” He said without an ounce of sympathy. “Now, you’re going to get very familiar with this next bit of kit.” He opened a drawer, consulting his notes before selecting the item he was looking for. A fucking cock cage. “An Omega’s pleasure shouldn’t come from their penis, should it? You will be wearing this full-time until the procedure is complete, along with this.” He held up a slim, hollow metal rod. “When you come in for your treatment it will be removed and sterilised before being replaced to ensure you don’t get any infections.” 

Chisaki growled again, feeling sick to his stomach, but there was nothing he could do as the rod was lubed up. The doctor took his soft cock into his hand and wiped a small tab over the slit. He drew in a sharp breath at the sting of antiseptic, but that was nothing compared to the feeling when the doctor took the rod and began to insert it. It was cold, and the slick burn it created made him feel like he needed to piss. Chisaki grunted, closing his eyes and trying to suppress it. It felt so alien, almost painful, until it glided over something deep inside him that made him draw in a breath, something sensitive. It settled all the way inside, and the doctor held his thumb over the flared tip to keep it in place as he reached for the cage. Every slight jostle, every tiny nudge against the tip had it shifting against that sensitive spot, and damnit, it felt good . The cage was fastened around his cock, holding the rod in place and putting pressure on the base of his cock, preventing his knot from inflating. He could feel it twitching, already pressing into the metal as much as he refused to acknowledge that the thing inside him rubbing up against his prostate from the inside was arousing him. 

“This is the fun part.” The doctor told him, opening a cabinet on the ground and pulling out a machine, pushing it underneath where Chisaki was being held. He once again consulted his notes and picked out a suitably sized attachment- a dildo. Small and slim, but something Chisaki definitely didn’t want inside him regardless. He grunted and squirmed again, fight renewed, but the toy was attached to the machine anyway and coated in lubricant. “Eventually you will start to produce slick naturally, but until then artificial will have to be used.” The doctor adjusted it into place so the tip was just breaching the entrance of Chisaki’s underdeveloped cunt. It, fortunately, was not as wide as the speculum had been. Then some small, sticky patches attached with wires were pressed over his nipples - “To simulate suction” - and over the scent gland at the base of his neck. “That one is particularly special.” The doctor told him. “It will detect when you are close to orgasm and simulate the sensation of a bite. It’s a little experimental, but it might speed up the process. I’ll be recording the data to see. And we have one more finishing touch.” He tapped what looked like a gas canister beside his tool bench, and unhooked a face mask. Chisaki turned his face away but was unable to stop the doctor hooking the mask over his face. The moment he turned the nozzle, Chisaki could smell it, rich and bitter. It immediately set him on edge, made him feel pissed off and aggressive, pulling harder on his restraints. “Alpha pheromones.” The doctor explained, watching him fight. “Artificial, of course. Designed to overwhelm anything natural. You’ll come to like it in time.” 

It was hard for Chisaki to focus, the haze of rage induced by the pheromones intense, so much so that he barely noticed when the rest of the machines were turned on. The sensations though, only served to heighten his instinctive anger. He screamed at the feeling of the toy pushing all the way into him, a dull pain deep inside him as it thrusted into his previously untouched cunt. Simultaneously, the feelings of subtle suction on his nipples, sending heat prickling down through his core between his legs. He pulled against his restraints, desperately trying to close his legs and throw off the thing fucking him, but he couldn’t. He was held firm, forced to simply endure. His cock twitched, trying to harden, the rod inside it a constant low-level source of stimulation, but it couldn’t. 

“We’ll start with an hour, see where that gets you.” He vaguely registered the doctor saying, and screamed again. He couldn’t be left here like this for an hour! He’d go insane! That didn’t stop the doctor peeling off his gloves and stepping back though. “I’ll be back to see the results then.” With that, the doctor left him alone in the room, with nothing but the endless, disturbingly wrong stimulation. The stumps of his arms moved, part of his brain still trying to force his hands into tearing the equipment off of his body, only that part of him didn’t exist anymore. He could feel his cunt clenching against the toy, aware of muscles he’d never been aware of before, feeling sensitive spots toyed with that he’d never explored. Even the comparatively gentle suction on his chest was infuriatingly addictive. 

Eventually, he was too tired to keep screaming and fighting. He relaxed, panting hard, inhaling more and more of the Alpha hormones, his skin feeling sore to the touch just through exposure to the air. He closed his eyes, glad he was alone, and took a moment just to feel. There wasn’t anything else he could do. If he focused on what felt good, instead of what felt uncomfortable, it became much easier to tolerate. His body wasn’t given time to cool off or to take a breather, the stimulation constant and unrelenting, almost to the point of being painful. He was almost grateful he had no stimulation to his still-soft cock, despite its best efforts to get hard. That would have made it unpleasantly overwhelming. 

It felt like ages he was sat there, feeling the heat building, sweat beading and dripping down his skin. Eyes still closed, he found himself casting his mind to dark fantasies, dark sexual fantasies of pinning down his enemies and forcing himself onto them, imagining the stimulation on his cock. His hips twitched and tried to cant, to grind forward, held back by the restraints. His cock jumped again, the rod inside him shifting a fraction of a millimetre, and he shuddered. It was infuriating. 

At some point, the fantasies changed. He wasn’t fucking them anymore, he was riding them, the toy pistoning in and out of him a simulation of the images in his head. He got lost in it, lost in the stimulation coming from all directions, and his body flashed with heat, tensing, trying to orgasm. It happened over, and over, the cage around his cock sending his body the opposite message. He cried out desperately, needing to be tipped over the edge. The jolt he needed came in the form of a sharp sting at the base of his neck, a pain like a bite right over his most sensitive scent gland. It worked, sending him over the edge easily into a rolling, intense, full-body orgasm like none he’d ever experienced before. He tensed repeatedly, each thrust of the toy drawing another cry from him as his cock jumped and drooled semen out of the tip of the hollow sounding rod. All too soon it became too much, too sensitive, but he couldn’t get away and none of it slowed down. Sobbing, he writhed on the toy, his body begging for a break that wouldn’t come, forced to go through it all again.


When the doctor returned, he was greeted by a mess of a man. Chisaki had come twice more in the hour, his caged cock an inflamed red and leaking viscous fluid. His cheeks were wet with tears of overstimulation, saliva collecting in the bottom of the mask over his face. He glared at the doctor, trying to retain any scrap of dignity he could. The mask was removed first, then the gag and the toy, and finally he was loosed from the straps. His legs were shaking so much he could barely stand, the space between his legs feeling unpleasantly wet and sore. 

“This means nothing.” He hissed, his throat raw. “I’m still an Alpha. Still stronger than you.”

“For now.” The doctor smiled. 


He was cleaned up, re-dressed and returned to his new cell with his cock still stuffed and locked up, a constant horny undercurrent that he couldn’t ignore. For the next month, every day he would go through the same process again and again. First the measurements, then an hour on the machines, driven to insanity by constant pleasure. And over time, things changed. The size of the cage on his cock reduced, and the size of the toy fucking him increased. He came more frequently, even dry sometimes, the pheromones he was exposed to feeling more and more like a drug that left him unable to think of anything but needing something in his cunt. When he woke up one morning already wet, no lube necessary, hot slick collecting in his underwear, something broke. He knew it was working, that his body was changing against his will. 

In just over a month, the doctor seemed satisfied. Chisaki felt sick - not just emotionally but physically, his skin prickling and sore, every sight, sound and scent too intense. 

“What have you done to me?” Chisaki asked roughly as the cage was removed for the last time, sure that somehow the doctor had given him an infection, that this fever he was experiencing was some kind of sepsis. 

“Exactly what we set out to do.” The doctor told him as he pulled out the sounding rod, making Chisaki shudder. 

“I feel sick. You’ve done something wrong.”

The doctor laughed, much to his irritation. Irritation was strange now, it felt a lot less intense, and he felt a lot less desire to hurt the people who annoyed him. It was almost a relief, if he didn’t know the reason why. “You’re not sick. That’s how I know it worked. You’re in heat.

Chisaki’s eyes widened, and he stared at the doctor. “No.” 

“Yes. You’re producing slick, you’re highly sensitised to smell and touch, you’re already aroused.”

“I am not!” Chisaki hissed. He wasn’t even hard. 

“You are.” The doctor tapped the tip of his cock, making Chisaki gasp at the sharp jolt of pleasure that slight touch brought. “You’re an Omega now, you don’t have a cock that will increase in size and stiffness when aroused. Look at it, it’s so much smaller than it used to be.”

Chisaki’s cheeks flushed with humiliation. He didn’t want to look. The space between his legs was so much emptier than it should have been, both his cock and balls so much smaller. He hated it. “Don’t touch me.”

“I think we’re beyond that at this point.” The doctor put the final cage and rod aside for cleaning and removed his gloves. “My work is done. Time for you to be transferred to the prison proper. Boys?” He motioned the two guards forward, and Chisaki closed his eyes tightly, having to go through the demeaning process of being dressed by them. Every brush of fingers on his skin made him tingle, and not just in the usual, unpleasant way. It felt good , and he hated it. He felt slick dripping out of him, his nipples aching and sore. 

He was firmly escorted out, and didn’t notice the two guards exchanged as they led him down a new corridor. They took him out of the medical wing, pushing him into a new room, what looked like an office. Another man sat at the desk, and Chisaki could smell from a mile away that this man was the dominant Alpha here. He hated how that made him feel. 

“Well well well. We finally get our hands on Overhaul, hm?”

Chisaki mustered a growl, but to his horror it didn’t come out as anything close to what his growls used to be. Weak, and quiet. The guard captain laughed. “Doctor Musume sure knows his stuff. God, I can smell you all the way over here.” He stood up. “I suppose no one told you about the informal rites of initiation, did they?”

Chisaki took half a step back, but was stopped by a firm hand against his lower back that quickly slid down to his ass. 

“It’s our turn to have fun now.” The guard standing beside him grinned, and Chisaki’s stomach dropped.

“No. You can’t.”

“You’re about to learn a true Omega’s place.” The captain made a beckoning motion and the other guard pushed him forward hard, his cheek meeting the desk painfully. 

“Don’t you dare!” Chisaki kicked and fought, but the prison jumpsuit was already being torn off him all over again, baring his reddened, puffy pussy, so much bigger and more developed than it used to be, a fine line of slick connecting those lips to his boxers. 

“Beautiful. Look at the good doctor’s fine work.” 

Chisaki screeched in rage when he felt bare fingers there, rubbing over the silky entrance of his cunt. With the hand on the back of his neck though, he couldn’t stand up straight to stop it, and the jumpsuit around his ankles stopped him from kicking without tripping himself up. 

“Already so wet, and he smells so good. I bet a Capo’s son makes a damn good fleshlight, huh?” 

“Fuck yeah.” The sound of a zip. “You want his ass, his cunt, or his mouth?” 

“Don’t you fucki -” Chisaki started, but the rest was muffled by a thick, hot hand over his mouth, pulling him back upright and against the guard’s chest. He felt a hot shaft against his bare asscheek, and before he could help it he let out a whimper, his little Omegan cock jumping. 

“Aw, look how much he wants it. He’s so desperate.” The hand that wasn’t over his mouth slid down over the thatch of dark hair below his navel, framing Chisaki’s cock between two fingers. Chisaki bucked. “Only ever had toys in that precious little cunt of his. It’s a real treat, having a proper Alpha cock in your cunt for your first heat. Hey, Hiroshi, you wanna go first?”

The other guard, Hiroshi, smirked as Chisaki was pulled back. Chisaki tried to kick at him, but Hiroshi caught the fabric of the jumpsuit and pulled it off, then grabbed Chisaki’s leg and lifted it, baring his wet cunt. Chisaki’s breath was coming short and sharp, both in panic and in instinctive need. Hiroshi unzipped his uniform slacks and pulled out his cock, thick and flushed. Once upon a time, Chisaki might have gloated about his own being bigger, but not anymore. The guard whose name he didn’t know pushed two fingers briefly into him, forcing a full body shudder and more slick out of him, and then pulled them out and retracted his hand. Hiroshi’s smirk didn’t fade as he stepped forward, looking Chisaki dead in the eye as he took himself into his hand and lined up with Chisaki’s slick entrance, pushing into him with one smooth thrust. Chisaki screamed into the palm over his mouth. The month of being fucked by toys meant he was used to the sensation of being filled but there was something so different about it being a real, hot, twitching shaft inside him. His mind and body were in conflict, both disgusted by it and craving it so badly it hurt, needing that cock to fuck into him hard. 

Hiroshi obeyed the latter part, pulling out and pushing back into him roughly. It hit every sweet spot inside him, making his body light up with pleasure, skin prickling with sweat. 

“Hey, lean- lean back. On the desk.” His friend breathed, watching Hiroshi’s cock disappear in and out of him, grinding his own cock against Chisaki’s ass. Hiroshi looped an arm around him and pulled him forward as he did as he was told, so Chisaki was almost straddling him. With no arms to steady himself, Chisaki fell forward, unable to find enough purchase on the floor with his feet to take control, left at the whim of Hiroshi’s thrusts. With his mouth free he swore at him, but his voice was too breathy and needy to really have the effect he wanted. His horror doubled when he felt fingers wet with his own slick pressing against his asshole. 

“No, don’t you’ll injure me-!”

He wasn’t listened to, one finger pushed into him with little to no warning, making him stiffen and tense at the burn, crying out. Goddamn, even that made him feel so full, the finger curling and working him open. The guy wasn’t patient, barely giving him enough time to adjust to that before he was adding a second, pulling a moan of pain out of Chisaki, his hips bucking forward onto the cock in his cunt in an attempt to get away from it. 

“Fuck yeah…” Hiroshi breathed, hands on Chisaki’s hips, controlling his movements as he fucked him. “Just like that. You love it, don’t you?” 

Chisaki swore at him again, but was cut off with a gasp as the fingers in his ass scissored, stretching him further. “That fucking hurts- !”

“Yeah well, you hurt a lot of people. Get off your high horse.” The guard panted, pulling his fingers out and wiping them off. Chisaki hissed at the burning emptiness they left behind. The guard spat in his palm, making Chisaki shudder in disgust, and jerked his cock a few times before pushing it against his asshole. There was nothing Chisaki could do to stop him pushing in, a little too dry and a little too big, grunting in pain at the burn. He didn’t know what to expect from the feeling of having two cocks inside him simultaneously, but it was indescribable. As painful as it was, it made some base instinct inside of him very happy indeed. The two had little to no synchronicity as they fucked into him, spreading both his holes open wide, and when they both thrust in simultaneously it pulled a sharp cry out of him. 

“Touch his little dick Kensuke, you know he wants it.” Hiroshi ordered, his voice strained and breathy. His friend, Kensuke, looped an arm around Chisaki’s chest and reached down with his other hand simultaneously, rubbing at Chisaki’s cock. Chisaki was grateful for the copious amounts of slick he was producing because that touch dry would have hurt, but with the smooth, velvety glide of his own slick it added sharp, intense pleasure to the mix. He couldn’t hold back his moaning, his heat-addled body relieved to be used like this. He closed his eyes and let himself just feel. That was so much easier than dwelling on what he had become.

The intensity of having two cocks inside him and having his cock touched simultaneously quickly riled him up into desperation, and he felt his orgasm mounting. He tried to suppress it, but couldn’t hold it back for long. He cried out as his body convulsed, both holes contracting around the cocks inside him, doing its best to milk them. 

“Knew you’d enjoy it.” Kensuke laughed into his ear, breath hot as he rubbed him through it and into painful overstimulation. Hiroshi moaned and grabbed his hips, fucking up into him hard a handful more times before losing it, his rhythm stuttering as he filled Chisaki’s body with his jizz. “Already?” Kensuke teased him as he stopped, breathing hard. 

“You started after me.” Hiroshi protested, and Kensuke pulled Chisaki back, the cock falling out of his sloppy pussy and making him shiver, semen and slick dripping down his inner thighs. 

“Your turn, Captain.” Kensuke breathed as Hiroshi cleaned up and tucked himself away. The Captain smirked and rounded the desk, taking his place with his erect cock out and proud. Instead of fucking into him though, the Captain motioned for him to back up further and tangled his fingers in Chisaki’s hair, pulling him down. Chisaki was forced to bend over, relying on Kensuke’s arm around his waist to hold him in place as he came face-to-face with a thick Alpha cock. 

“Suck it.” The Captain commanded, using his grip on Chisaki’s hair to force him into it, rubbing it against his cheek. When Chisaki didn’t react except to look up at him with vicious eyes, he took the shaft into his hand and pushed the tip against his lips. One particularly harsh thrust from Kensuke was enough to force him to part his lips to cry out, and the Captain took that opportunity to thrust a good two or three inches into Chisaki’s mouth, making him gag. Tears sprung up in Chisaki’s eyes as he was held there, about halfway down the Captain’s cock, fighting the desire to throw up. “If you even think about biting we’ll shoot you in the foot and see how you like losing a third limb.” 

Chisaki sobbed, trying his best to swallow and not choke as the Captain began fucking his throat, the thick, heady scent of Alpha arousal so strong he could taste it along with skin and sweat. His cunt clenched, leaking fluid, his cock somehow aching to be touched again despite the orgasm he had only just had. 

Kensuke was the next to lose it, burying himself balls deep in Chisaki’s ass and cumming with a low moan. “Fuck I’ve been waiting to do that…” He breathed, and if Chisaki hadn’t been so focused on not being choked by the cock in his throat, he would have glared at him. When he pulled out too, Chisaki lost his balance, falling hard to his knees and sending dull pain up his legs. He could feel his ass twitching and gaping with the abuse, semen leaking out there, too. The Captain growled and doubled his efforts, both hands in Chisaki’s hair holding him in place like a living sex doll as Chisaki gagged again, tears dripping down his cheeks. To his horror, he felt the base of the Captain’s cock throbbing, his knot starting to inflate. Thankfully though, the Captain pulled out just enough to stop himself knotting behind Chisaki’s jaws, grunting as he came hard down Chisaki’s throat, too far back for him to taste it. All he could do was swallow, his stomach turning. 

The Captain eventually let go, pushing Chisaki off and letting him fall to the floor, a mess with a sore cunt and ass, covered in sweat and slick and semen. He made a weak choked sound, unable to wipe the tears from his cheeks. 

“Now you’re a real Omega.” The Captain informed him. “You better remember it, and you might even get rewarded if you’re good.” He tucked himself away and resumed his place at his desk. “Dress him and get him out of my sight. He’ll want to get comfortable in his new cell. He’ll be there for a good long time.”


Chisaki didn’t resist as they dressed him and dragged him away without cleaning him up, letting him feel the wetness between his legs with every step. He didn’t want to think, didn’t want to consider what life would be like in here for him now. He almost hoped they would break him, make him think of nothing but sexual pleasure. At least that way maybe he wouldn’t feel so much shame. He was thrown in his cell, and as the door was shut and locked, the two guards exchanged another look and grinned. 

“See you soon, Overhaul.” Kensuke waved him off as they left, leaving no doubt in his mind that that would not be the last time he was used.

He hated the shiver that went down his spine at the thought, the flash of heat over his skin that had nothing to do with his usual physical disgust. Damn it, he was a broken man.