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X Files: New partner, New era

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Doggett hummed to himself as he parked his car in the FBI building’s parking garage and switched off the engine before he got out. He made his way over to the elevators and went down to the basement level.
He swallowed hard as he thought about Scully on the way down. He hoped she wasn’t too mad at him for rejecting her the previous evening. Besides, he was sure he was too much of a gentleman to make a sudden move on her, wasn’t he? He asked himself. Scully hadn’t been off his mind and he kept thinking about their kiss. It was so good, her lips were so soft… Doggett was startled out of his reverie as the elevator doors slid open to the basement floor. Doggett shook his head, how anyone can work down here was beyond him. He could see why Mulder might have made up crazy stories after being down here for so long.
Doggett walked slowly to the office, wondering if Scully was there. He heard footsteps as he rounded the corner- it was Scully. He stepped into the X Files office with his hands in his pockets and casually leant against the doorframe, trying to sound nonchalant so Scully wouldn’t get mad. “Agent Scully,” he greeted her after clearing his throat. At first in a tense moment, Scully didn’t reply. She was standing with her back to the office door and rifling through the X Files. Then to Doggett’s relief she turned round and smiled a tight smile. “Agent Doggett,” she greeted him. But Doggett’s heart sank when he saw the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes and her voice seemed strained. He saw little dark circles under her eyes- she looked as though she didn’t get much sleep the previous night after all.
Maybe I should have stayed. She probably just wanted a friend, Doggett thought as he but his lip. Yeah, friends with benefits, he thought wryly. He couldn’t take advantage of Scully- he had a feeling Mulder would kill him if he ever found him.
He took a deep breath, sensing a need to explain himself, “Scully, I’m sorry If I hurt your feelings last night. But I was only looking out for you. I don’t wanna hurt you,” Doggett tried to explain. Scully held up her hand. “Well, you did, Agent Doggett,” she said In a quiet voice, and Doggett saw her blue eyes flash with anger as she said so. She is mad, he thought glumly.
Despite his intentions to keep Scully at arms’ length, he found himself intrigued as he looked into her eyes. He’d never seen someone so angry before, and for some reason he found it rather attractive.
Scully closed her eyes and counted silently backwards from 10. “I’m sorry, Agent Doggett,” she told him. “I was way out of line,” she added glumly. “No, Agent Scully, you have every right to feel what you’re feeling. It’s me whose been the worlds biggest jerk. What do you say we start over on a clean slate, huh? Try again,” Doggett suggested hopefully.
After a moment Scully nodded with a proper smile this time that Doggett noticed. Scully’s smile really was pretty. There you go again, his nagging conscience told him. Stop thinking that way about her. Will you ever learn? She’s too dangerous for you. Doggett did take this thought in. But he couldn’t help but smile back at Scully.
“Thanks Agent Doggett,” Scully said as she held out her hand for him to shake. He shook her hand and grinned. “Right, well, while I sort out this office for you, Agent Doggett, why don’t you go upstairs and get us some coffee?” she asked him. Doggett nodded. “Absolutely Agent Scully. I’ll be right back,” he told her, before he left the office. Scully sighed as she watched him go. It looks like things were going to be okay between them after all, she thought hopefully. Then she groaned as she saw the mess in Mulder’s drawer. This tidying up is going to take longer than I thought, Scully thought as she threw an empty packet of sunflower seeds Into the trash can.

The End