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Todoroki's Amusment, Bakugou's Torment

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The next evening Todoroki was sitting in the common room with some of the other students. Everyone was trying their best to put their mind away from the upcoming examination and were either talking amongst themselves, eating, or playing video games. Shouto was just on the couch flipping through a book he was borrowing from Yaoyorozu when he noticed Uraraka heading into the kitchen where he knew Bakugou Katsuki was making something given the amount of decadent aromas flooding into the common room. He closed the book and set it down on the table.

“The fuck are you doing in here?” he heard Bakugou snap from in the kitchen.

“Cool your jets, I’m just here to get some tea.”

“Hah? Well why don’t you ask Freezer-burn to get you some?”

“…Who’s freezer-burn?”

“I believe he’s referring to me.” Shouto said as he casually stepped in the room.

“Oh hey Todoroki-san.” Uraraka greeted cheerfully while Bakugou added some oil to the dish he was preparing looking like he wanted to throw it in the face. Of course, that wouldn’t be the first time he had been assaulted by something scalding hot…but that wasn’t anyone’s business.

“I just came to get some tea.” Todoroki said quietly while Uraraka reached into the cabinet to grab the green tea.

“Oh crap.” Ochako cursed as she stood on her tip toes trying to reach for the mugs that were far out of her reach. Todoroki however was tall enough to reach the shelf that she was aiming for and stood behind her to snag two mugs bringing on down for her.

“Hey thanks!” Uraraka said beaming up at Shouto, “Hand me yours too, I’ll make us both tea. Do you want any honey in it? Or sugar?”

Shouto shrugged, “I’ll take some sugar.”

“Coming right up!” the bubble brunette said as she grabbed his cup from his hand and poured hot water into both cups waiting for the tea to steep. While she prepared their tea he heard the sizzling sound of Bakugou’s cooking and glanced over to see Bakugou’s eyes hovering towards her with that soft look that he had seen the explosive hero give Uraraka that day in the cafeteria.

“Here you go!” Todoroki snapped back to reality and stared down at the mug Uraraka had handed over to him.

“Thank you.” He said quietly while he watched Uraraka happily walk out of the room. He then looked at Bakugou who was putting the food he had been cooking on a plate, “You know if you wanted a cup too, you could have asked.”

“She could have gotten it herself.”

“Oh so you wouldn’t have helped her?”

“No I’m saying she doesn’t need some limp-dick loser holding her fucking hand.” Bakugou said glaring at Todoroki, “She’s not helpless you know!”

“You’re right, she’s not.” Todoroki agreed and sipped his tea in front of Bakugou, “She’s more than capable than looking out for herself. But I don’t see why doing something nice for her is such a problem. Oh, I think I get it now, is it because you wanted to do all those things for her but you can’t?”

“You’re walking on thin ice daddy’s boy….”

“Of course, who wouldn’t want to do nice things for Uraraka-san? She is cute. And as far as I know you’re not interested in her at all.” Todoroki said taking another sip of his tea and then turned around to leave the room.

To Be Continued…