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Todoroki's Amusment, Bakugou's Torment

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The brown haired girl looked up when she saw Todoroki Shouto standing in front of her desk and leaning in close. “Oh good morning.”

“Uraraka-san…if you don’t mind…would you meet me before lunch outside? There’s something I want to talk to you about.” He said noticing the eyes of his classmates all focused on him and Uraraka.


Todoroki nodded his head and then moved to take his seat for class. That’s when the whispers started.

“Did you hear that? He wanted to talk to her alone!” he heard Mina whisper to Kirishima, “I bet he’s going to confess, that’s why he’s been acting so nice to her!”

“Mina…we don’t know that!” Kirishima said trying to calm down the pink haired girl.

“Don’t know what?” both turned their head as they saw Bakugou walk into the room and scowled at Mina, “Why’re you acting more annoying than usual Raccoon Eyes?”

“It’s nothing!” Kirishima said trying to quickly diffuse the situation.

Mina pouted, “Awww c’mon! I’m just really excited that this moment is happening for one of my good friends! Ochako deserves it!”

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Bakugou would find out but Ashido Mina was the perfect source of information when it came to gossip and Bakugou had taken the bait hook, line, and sinker. The blond’s scowl deepened and he leered at Mina, “What’d you say about Cheeks?”

Mina seemed to notice the change in Bakugou’s demeanor and immediately quieted down moving Kirishima to stand in front of her, “Oh…nothing important.”

“Yeah…only that Uraraka might be getting a confession before lunch today.” Kaminari said with a smile on his face. Leave it to someone like him to not read the atmosphere.

“She what?!” Bakugou said quietly and then pulled Kaminari out of his desk, “Alright short-circuit, who was it and when the hell did you hear this? Start talking!”

Suddenly a large sleeping bag at the front of the room rose up and Aizawa’s face appeared, “Bakugou, if you’re done screaming at such an ungodly hour please take you seat. It’s time to start today’s lesson.”

The bell announcing the lunch hour seemed to take eternity before it finally rang but when it did Todoroki packed up his things and stood up, ‘Time to initiate the operation.’ He slowly walked over to Uraraka’s desk and patiently stood there as she packed her things. “Shall we?” he asked.

Uraraka nodded her head and followed Todoroki out of the classroom and down the hall towards the nearest courtyard.

“Uraraka-san, there’s something that I need to tell you and I hope you don’t think badly about me for it.”

Uraraka offered a small smile, “I don’t have any reason to think badly of you Todoroki-san.”

“I see….then you won’t mind if I tell you that-"

“There you are!” a voice yelled out and suddenly Bakugou Katsuki came barreling towards them and stood in front of Todoroki, “I had my fucking suspicions when I heard the extras talking this morning but I didn’t think you’d actually try it!”

“Whoa Bakugou! What’re you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at lunch?”

Bakugou sneered, and turned around to face her, “I would be if I didn’t have to come looking for your ass! Knowing what a space cadet you are you’d probably forget to eat!”

“I have onigiri in my bag!”

“That’s not gonna be enough!” Bakugou huffed and then grabbed her wrist, as if trying to avoid her hand, “C’mon space brains, I’m paying for your lunch today!”

“What?! Hey wait a minute you don’t need to!”

“You can spar with me this evening if you’re so fucking worried about the amount!”

“Th-that’s fine but…I was still talking to Todoroki-san!”

“It's alright, we can talk later Uraraka-san.” Todoroki said watching as Bakugou practically pushed Uraraka back inside the building but not before flipping the bird to Todoroki before the two disappeared. When they were gone Todoroki let a small chuckle past his lips, satisfied that he had triggered Bakugou Katsuki to do something slightly embarrassing.

Mission accomplished.


At least a few weeks had passed since the courtyard incident and it seemed that a change had overcome Bakugou. Well, not quite, he was still obnoxious and foul-mouthed, and a hot-head but he was a hot-head who definitely didn’t hide his affection for Uraraka. Not since he had loudly declared to everyone that he and Uraraka Ochako were dating and that any extra who was trying to get her attention should “fuck off” for lack of better words.

He was always trying to get her to eat balanced meals despite her complaints that she was able to feed herself but he did it out of concern she’d get back into the habit of starving herself on days when she didn’t have enough money. She also frequently teamed up with him to spar and both had even come up with some quirk combinations which even Todoroki Shouto had found impressive, maybe because of Uraraka’s patience with Bakugou and his willingness to actually work with someone.

“Who knew that Uraraka would be perfect for Kacchan? He’s like a totally different person when he’s with her.” Midoriya said one day at lunch. Todoroki looked over the table to see Bakugou angrily shoving a piece of tuna between two chopsticks into Uraraka’s mouth making her cheeks puff out like a hamster.

“He really does fuss over her a lot.” Iida said, “While I do think it’s good for Uraraka-san to have someone looking out for her, I can’t help but think he’s overdoing it.”

Todoroki watched as Uraraka stuffed a mochi into her mouth only for Bakugou to lean over and bite one of her cheeks causing her to blush profusely. He then caught Bakugou’s red eyes staring at him and raised an eyebrow only to get the middle finger. Todoroki Shouto smirked and went back to eating his soba.