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The Wrench in Palpatine's Plan

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“Well, these are the coordinates Kix gave us. Let’s hope Fives is inside.” Anakin said as he and Rex entered a sketchy looking abandoned warehouse.

Rex sighed and said “I hope he knows what he’s doing” as he accompanies General Skywalker inside with his pistols at the ready while the general has his lightsaber ignited. As they walk inside Anakin calls out to the so-called rogue trooper, “Fives?” Anakin asks, hoping Fives can hear him. “Fives, we’re here” Anakin elaborates. He walks inside the warehouse some more before saying “Come on out. We just want to talk to you.”

Anakin and Rex had heard about Fives' supposed assassination attempt on the chancellor and had come looking for answers. Anakin cared deeply about the clones who served in the 501st under him and did not want to hurt Fives, despite the things he’s heard that he did. 

Fives peered out from behind the box he had been hiding behind. He had become very paranoid after the chancellor attempted to kill him and the Kaminoans suggested “terminating” him as if he were some piece of hardware. He had been wanted all over Coruscant, so he was hesitant to come on out as the general had requested, especially since he was unsure whether Anakin had brought troops other than Rex. They were the only people Fives felt like he could trust at the moment and even then he was unsure. He slowly walked behind some boxes, keeping himself hidden in fear of being caught or killed because of what he knew.

As Anakin and Rex walked further into the warehouse in search of Fives, they heard Fives say “General Skywalker! Thank you, thank you for trusting me. Have you come without troops?”

“We have” Anakin replied indicating that it was only himself and Rex. 

“Put down your weapons then!” Fives requested. 

“I don’t think so Fives” Anakin said, denying the ARC trooper’s request.

“Please sir!” Fives requested again, this time in a more pleading tone. He paused before saying “I’m unarmed.” 

Anakin nodded towards Rex has he turned off his lightsaber. Rex hesitated before trusting his brother. He walked over to a box and said “I’m putting my pistols down” as he put his pistols down on the box and walked back over towards Anakin with his hands up so Fives could see he had no weapons in his hands. Anakin then said, “What are we here for Fives?” while walking around in front of Rex.

“I need your help.” Fives said.

Anakin wasn’t sure where to look as he said “I know you do. We know you’re not well. It’s been rough for you these past few days.”

“I’m not crazy!” Fives exclaimed before pleading “please, please, just hear-”. He took a deep breath before finishing his sentence, “what I have to say.” Fives tries to catch his breath as Anakin says “we’re here to help you Fives, just come with us. Let us take you back to the temple.”

As Anakin is speaking, Fives begins to activate a ray shield, out of fear, possibly exaggerated by whatever drug Nala Se had injected into him before meeting with the chancellor. As Anakin finishes his sentence, the ray shield is activated, keeping himself and Rex inside the warehouse. “No!” Anakin exclaimed as he punched the "walls" of the ray shield as if it is going to anything.

Fives then comes out of his hiding spot, getting Anakin and Rex’s attention. Fives then says “I just need you to listen to me, please.”

Anakin, acknowledging that he and Rex are stuck in a ray shield angrily says “I’m not really sure we have any other choice!” as he crosses his arms in frustration. 

“I was framed! Because I know the truth” Fives says as he puts his hands over his chest, referring to himself. He then frantically elaborates “the truth about a plot. A massive deception.” 

“By whom?” Rex asks, firmly. He wants to believe his brother. 

“Well, there’s a sinister plot in the works against the Jedi! I have proof of that! I can prove that everything I know is true beyond a shadow of a doubt!” Fives shouted.

“Show me the evidence” Anakin firmly said, arms still crossed and not happy with being in the ray shield. 

“The evidence is in here. It-It’s in here.” Fives said, pointing to his temple, where his inhibitor chip once was. He takes his index finger down from his temple and says “It’s in all of us. Every clone.”

Rex’s attention had been piqued by the revelation, being a clone himself he wanted to know what Fives was referring to, he asked: “what is it?”

“Organic chips built into our genetic code” Fives says as he leans against one of the boxes in exhaustion and frustration. He then describes what they’re supposed to do “to make us do whatever someone wants even kill the Jedi” he says as he stops leaning on the box. Rex could tell Fives was very distraught by this information. He again says “it’s all in here” while pointing to where his inhibitor chip once was.

Anakin looks angry and distrusting of this ARC trooper but turns to face Rex as if he is looking for a signal from the clone captain. Anakin then says “let’s just get you some help first, then we can review everything. You’ll be okay Fives, but we’ll sort this out” Anakin says reassuringly.

Fives, having seen the look on Anakin’s face yells “you don’t believe me!”  

“Fives, we are listening to you and we do believe you. We only want to help.” Rex said.

Fives, still very paranoid based on the past few days asks “How do I know that you’re not tricking me? How do I know it won’t be a trap? The Chancellor tried to kill me, I promise you that!”

“The Chancellor?” Anakin asks in disbelief. The Chancellor had been a close friend of Anakin’s and someone who Anakin trusted, the idea that he would be involved in this plot Fives spoke of was absolutely ridiculous.


Meanwhile, the Chancellor had sent the Coruscant guard after Fives after making it seem like Fives tried to kill him. As they closed in on the location, Commander Fox said “We’re closing in on the target. Everyone get ready.”


Back inside the warehouse, the Coruscant guard snuck inside during Fives’ conversation with Anakin and Rex. Fives began to walk around outside the ray shield and said “he’s in on this” with a frustrated tone before saying “I don’t know to what extent, but I know he orchestrated much of this. He told me in the medical bay!” Fives said as he looked at Anakin and Rex.

“He told you. When you tried to assassinate him?!” Anakin says, still in disbelief that the Chancellor would try to kill one of the clones. “You have gone too far Fives! The Chancellor is incapable of what you claim!” Anakin said sternly.

“He is!” Fives exclaimed, pleading for the general to believe him. “I swear to you! You have no idea!”

Rex intervened on his brother’s behalf, saying “We were not bred to lie sir.”

“But he removed his inhibitor chip, maybe that has something to do with it!” Anakin replied.

“No. Please sir. Please believe me!” Fives pleaded. As he did, the Coruscant Guard made their presence known.

“Stand down soldier! Stand down! Get on your knees!” Fox said as they moved in closer.

“No! No! No! Stay back!” Fives yelled in response. He refused to be taken to the Chancellor again.

“No, Don’t do it! Don’t do it soldier!” Fox said again as Fives eyed Rex’s pistol

“Get away from me!” Fives screamed as he picked up one of Rex’s pistols for defence. 

“Fives no!” Rex shouted from inside the ray shield as Fives picked up his pistol.

Before Fox could shoot a potentially killing blow, another one of his troopers set his weapon to stun and stunned Fives, making him fall to the ground. This trooper did not want to kill his own brother.

“Fives! Fives!” Rex cried out

“Get this ray shield off!” Anakin ordered the commander, who obliged. Rex soon realized Fives was only stunned because his armour was virtually unscathed.

“We need a medic!” Rex called out.

“We’re going to take him to the temple” Anakin said, taking into account what Fives had said.

Commander Fox spoke up saying, “the Chancellor gave us direct orders to take this trooper to him.”

“Well I think he needs to go to the temple and I am the Jedi general in which he serves under and you can tell the Chancellor I said that too” Anakin said as he and Rex took Fives back to the temple.

Once at the temple, Anakin and Rex quickly get Fives to the healers to ensure he would be okay.

“He has been stunned but we need to run brain scans on Rex for inhibitor chips.” Anakin said.

“He had told us he found out about a plot to destroy the Jedi through the use of inhibitor chips implanted into each clone.” Rex said

“He removed his, but we need to run a scan on Rex to see if he has one too.” Anakin said. The chief healer, Vokara Che quickly got to work on Rex by putting him under while a medical droid begins performing a brain scan.

While Rex was getting a brain scan Anakin informed the council what happened

“ARC Trooper Fives claims that while he was on Kamino with Tup he found out about a plot to destroy the Jedi, Fives was stunned and brought here and we are currently performing a brain scan on Captain Rex to see if we can find what Fives was talking about.” Anakin says to a holo projection of the various Jedi Council members. Obi-Wan, Plo Koon, Yoda, and Mace Windu look particularly intrigued by this newfound information. 

“He also claims the Chancellor tried to assassinate him while the Chancellor claims Fives tried to assassinate him. 

“I was just outside while the Chancellor requested to speak to Fives alone, it appeared as if Fives tried to assassinate the chancellor.” Shaak Ti protested.

“But Rex claims the clones were not bred to lie.” Anakin replies.

“That is true, Cody says the same thing” Obi-Wan replies as Shaak Ti takes a moment to think about everything she had seen and heard from both the Chancellor and the Kaminoans.

After Anakin is done talking to the council Vokara motions for him to come over.

“I can’t seem to find anything on this scan.” Vokara said to Anakin as Obi-Wan walked into the room.

“Try using the force” Obi-Wan said, seemingly knowing that they simply did a brain scan. He had been informed about what had gone down with Fives. Anakin put his hands on either side of Rex’s head and repeated “I am one with the force and the force is with me.” He says this a couple more times until something comes up on the scanning device, showing something near Rex’s temple, the same place in which Fives pointed to on his own head. Rex had already been put under for the brain scan so removing the chip had been quite easy. The chip was swiftly removed, and Rex had been patched up as Fives woke up.

“Where am I?” Fives nervously asked.

“You are at the temple” Anakin replied.

“How do I know this isn’t a trap!?” Fives frantically asked.

“Because the Chancellor isn’t here.” Obi-Wan replied

“What are you doing with Rex?” Fives asked

“We found the inhibitor chip” Anakin said

Fives breathed a sigh of relief that the Jedi were able to find proof to his claims, maybe now they can disprove the Kaminoans and the Chancellor to get these chips removed from the clones.

“We need to analyze this to know for sure if these chips had a purpose other than what the Kaminoans say” Master Che says.

“We need to investigate this too. Maybe a trip to Kamino is required” Obi-Wan interjects.

“They’re hiding something, that’s for sure! If it were a virus as they claim, then the entire 501st should’ve been infected!” Fives exclaimed

“If you do go to Kamino, we’ll need to keep Captain Rex here for monitoring” Vokara said.

“I think it’s better if I and Anakin went alone anyways” Obi-Wan said as he rubbed his chin as if deep in thought about everything that had happened.

“Maybe we should remove the chips from the 501st and 212th as well.” Anakin suggests.

“We can only do so if all goes well with Rex” Vokara argues

“I have my chip removed and I’m fine” Fives says.

“What was all that back there then?” Anakin asks.

“Shortly before I was taken to the Chancellor, I distinctly remember one of the Kaminoans injecting something into my neck.” Fives said, sounding a little more like himself.

“Why did no one mention this before?!” Vokara said.

“We didn’t know about this!” Anakin said.

“Get the 501st and the 212th here and remove the chips and analyze them. We need to know as much as we can about them. Anakin and I will head to Kamino to gather as much information as possible.” Obi-Wan requested.

Everyone had complied with the Jedi Master’s request.


As this is going on, the Coruscant Guard returns to Palpatine.

“May I assume another job well done?” Palpatine asks in his usual dignified tone while clasping his hands together.

“The target is still alive” Fox reports.

“I specifically requested the target dead.” Palpatine reprimands.

“He was also stunned” Fox confesses, he knew lying never worked on Palpatine. He wasn’t sure how Palpatine knew when one of them was lying, probably because of how they were bred. However, he knew nonetheless so telling the truth was an absolute necessity.

“Where is the target?” Palpatine asked.

“The Jedi requested him.” Commander Fox said.

“I specifically asked for him to be brought here and dead and you did none of that!” Palpatine said, raising his voice but somehow keeping his dignified tone.

“We were never told to deny the Jedi Order what they wanted” Fox commented.  

“The Jedi’s request does not override mine!” Palpatine said as he left the troopers and went to his office overlooking Coruscant.