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The eccedentesiast

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Carkes eyes skimmed over her former friend. God, who was she? Her eyes were emotionless, something on the edge of sadness.

"Octavia?" Her voice came out a whisper. She didn't even know if she understood a word she was saying.

To her surprise, Octavia gave a short nod.

"What did you do to her? To- them." Clarke spun around, pointing her gun at Cadogan.

"It wasn't me, Clarke." Cadogan calm tone pissed her off, her best friend was dead and her other friends looked like robots.

"Octavia," Clarke voice broke "I'm so sorry. About Bellamy. I know that was so hard for you."

Something in Octavias expression changed, her eyes darted to one of the boys in the far corner who gave her a worried look.

"Octavia- O, say something!" Clarke voice was on the edge of a scream, she couldn't sit here and break down while her friends looked at her with such hollow expressions.

"Clarke, stop." Tears rose in Octavias eyes.

"Octavia, please I need you." Clarke eyes flooded with unshed tears, the gun she was holding shook in her hands, rattling like a snake.

Suddenly, Octavias composure crumbled. Her heart raced, beating against her chest so hard she thought it might break.

She felt ice in her veins, running cold. She relived every single traumatic moment in her life that had been playing on loop every single minute up until recently.

She dropped down on her knees and screamed with everything in her. She sobbed and tears flooded like the waters rushing down from a waterfall and the only time she'd stop was to fill her lungs with fresh air.

Stars, it hurt so much. She wished she could make it stop, turn her emotions back off but god damnit if Clarke griffin hadn't broken her once more.

Her hands shook against her ears, wanting to block out everything. She felt stabbing pains everywhere, aches in her heart.

Her arms crossed over her stomach, praying that she dint throw up.

She felt two sets of arms wrap around each of hers, dragging her backwards.

"Let her go!" Clarkes gun instinctively met their faces, knocking them into the wall full of children paintings.

"Hey, hey listen are you okay?" Clarkes hand went under her chin, revealing her bright red face and devastating eyes.

Octavia didn't respond, she couldn't as the pain blurred her mind again.

Last thing she knew Gabriel and Clarke had put her helmet back on and threw her towards the anomaly.