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Friend of the Devil

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Stephanie Hyde had never felt comfortable in her own skin. She wasn’t into that girly crap which was oversaturated by the media. It was so stupid to her. She never quite fit in like anyone else so she tended to be by herself most of the time.

Then she met Donna. Donna never wore dresses or skirts or worried about how her hair looked. She was perfect...she was just like Hyde. So they became friends. Best friends.

After a bit of time hanging out at school, Donna brought Hyde to Eric’s basement. Eric was the spindly boy next store that Donna was infatuated with for some reason. It bothered Hyde slightly and she couldn’t really understand why for the longest time.

Then along came Kelso who was the biggest goon anyone had ever seen. But damn was he entertaining. Kelso started getting into girls and it was all Hyde would talk about. Donna would roll her eyes and tell him not to talk like that in front of them but, Hyde felt it too.

They found Fez being beat up by a bunch of football jocks. Donna and Hyde beat the shit out of them and they never beat him up again or they’d tell everyone they’d gotten their ass kicked by two girls.

They had a fun little dynamic, the five of them. And then Kelso went off and made it six. One day while they were hanging out, watching tv, Kelso came through the door, big goofy grin plastered on his face.

“Hey guys.”

“What did you do?” Hyde asked.

“I want you to meet someone...” He waved for the person behind him to walk through the door, “This is Jackie.”

Hyde had to stop her mouth from dropping. She was so cute and innocent looking. Young, for sure, younger than the rest of them, but still cute. She had on tight fitting jeans and a sweater, clearly what would be the height of fashion or what Hyde assumed was...her and Donna didn’t do much there.

“This is Fez, Forman, Donna, and that scruffy looking chick over there is Hyde.”

Hyde grimaced when Kelso introduced her that way. Usually she wouldn’t give a shit, “Burn!” Eric responded.

“Whatever,” Hyde responded back.

Jackie’s eyes fluttered between the gang before finally opening her mouth, “Michael, this place stinks. Why can’t we just hang out at my house?”

Aaaand there it was. She was an annoying brat. Hyde maybe should have been able to tell but was distracted by her looks. After her first comment she never stopped talking the rest of the time she was there. She always said insulting things, specifically to Hyde and Donna and wrapped it up with, “Well, no offense.”

It was infuriating. Donna was able to brush it off, but Hyde just couldn’t for some reason. That night when it was just them - Bob had agreed to drive her home a little bit later - Hyde unleashed.

“I just don’t get girls like that. Why would Kelso put himself through that?”

“Cause she’s hot and he’s stupid. Oldest story out there,” Donna laughed.

“You’re hot and you aren’t annoying or bratty.”

Donna gave her a look, “Did what she say bother you? I think we should try to just ignore her.”

Hyde stood up, “Why does Kelso have to describe me like that? Why do I have to have some sort of insult in front of my name? Why can’t I just be talked to normally?”

Donna looked shocked, “I thought you didn’t care what people thought...why did that change?” She gasped, “Oh my god, you have a thing for Kelso!”

Hyde rolled her eyes, “Please, in his dreams.”

“Then what?”

Hyde contemplated whether to finally tell Donna. ‘She would be cool. She’s your best friend...but it still wasn’t safe.’ She shook her head, “Maybe I got PMS.”

Donna didn’t believe her but decided to drop it, “I know the best way to solve PMS.”

Hyde grinned, “Circle time.”