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Friend of the Devil

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[Point Place High Hallway - Friday afternoon] 



Jackie put her bag into the locker and pulled out her gym bag with her cheer uniform to change into for practice. She shut the door and almost jumped, “Jesus, you almost gave me a heart attack!” Jackie exclaimed. 


“I thought about what you said. I’ll sleepover tonight,” Hyde said, brushing one of her curls out of her face. 


“That’s great, I’ll see you around 7? I gotta get to practice.” 


“Yeah, cool,” Hyde nodded as Jackie walked off to the gym. 



[Cut to cheer practice - The cheerleaders are stretching.]



“Jackie, you’re not back with Michael yet?” Suzie, a blonde cheerleader asked. 


“She’s holding off for someone better,” Mary, another blonde, responded before Jackie could open her mouth. 


“From what I heard, she might be moving away from boys entirely,” Julie said, her eyes piercing through the back of Jackie’s head. 


“I’m taking a break from relationships,” Jackie said, moving into a split. 


“We’re all worried for you Jackie. Something like that just isn’t natural,” Julie said, “And something I don’t think Coach would like knowing about.”


Jackie gritted her teeth, “Well it’s a good thing there’s nothing going on for him to know about,” Jackie stood up, “Maybe you should focus a little more on the routine. You’re getting a little wobbly. Might have to put you at the bottom of the pyramid.” 


Julie’s eyes went wide and she immediately switched her focus away from Jackie. Jackie had to brush it off but Julie’s comment was with her the whole way home. She threw her jacket over her uniform and waited out front for her Dad to pick her up, but after waiting for fifteen minutes in the chilly spring air, she decided to just walk. It was light outside and she only lived about twenty minutes from the school. 


She unlocked the door, stepped inside, looking around, “Mom? Daddy?” 


When she realized she was alone, she sighed, locking the door behind her. She went into the kitchen, going to the fridge, but it was nearly empty. She sighed again, shutting it behind her. Guess I’ll have to pick something up. 


She went upstairs, getting ready for the night ahead. 



[Cut to Buddy’s bedroom - Buddy is flipping through a textbook, while Eric is laying on his stomach, staring blankly at a notebook, and chewing on a pencil.] 



“You know that’s not good for you right?” Buddy asked. 


“Yeah, but I’ll take all the calories I can get,” Eric responded with a grin. 


Buddy laughed, shaking his head, “You’re so funny.”

“Thank you!” He sat up quickly, his arms out in front of him in an exaggerated motion, “My friends don’t see it.” 


“Sometimes it just takes the right person.”


“Yeah,” Eric said with a nod, “Look, can we just do this later? I mean, homework on a Friday afternoon?”


“Fine, you’re right,” Buddy shut his book, sitting up as well, “So what do you wanna do?”


“We could go to the Hub? Or Fatso Burger? All this talk of food has me hungry.” 


“Well, I’d typically go somewhere a little nicer, but for you, I guess I’ll settle for Fatso Burger,” Buddy replied, standing up and heading out the door, Eric in tow.



[Cut to The Hub - Jackie is sitting at a table in the corner alone, picking at a hot dog. She is too distracted to see Hyde walk in.]



“Hey,” She said. 


Jackie looked up, startled for a moment, but regaining her composure, “Stephanie, what’s up?”


“I figured you might be here. I realized I didn’t know where you lived or had your number which would be kind of a disaster for the start of our sleepover,” She sat down across from her. 


“I was going to call Forman’s after I was done eating.” 


“I was over at Donna’s actually. Forman’s MIA.”


“He’s probably still with Buddy,” Jackie shrugged, taking a sip of her soda. 


“Are you alright?”


Jackie immediately got defensive, “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” 


“You’re less talkative than seem down.”


“I don’t want to talk about this here, I’m fine,” Jackie insisted. 


“Okay,” Hyde sat back. 


Jackie sighed, gathering her purse, “You ready to go?”


“You didn’t finish eating.”


“Not hungry, let’s go,” She stood up. 


Hyde looked more than a little concerned, but just nodded, getting up and following her out the door. 



[Cut to Buddy’s car - Eric and Buddy are parked, finishing the remnants of their Fatso Burger meals.]



“I can’t believe you’ve never had Fatso Burger!” Eric said, “It’s like one of two restaurants in this town.”


“Maybe that you’ve been to. There’s surprisingly quite a few sit down options.”


“Yeah, I took Donna to the Vineyard once...those prices were outrageous.” 


Buddy shrugged, “I guess, but I’ve never really had to worry about something like that.” 


“I wish that were true for me too.”


“Hey, I didn’t mean to be insensitive. I know you’re struggling with Red losing his job at the plant,” Buddy took a sip of his soda. 


“I just wish I could help, but they don’t want me to get a job…”


“Hey, I’m sure they’ll be alright.” 


“Everything just seems like a mess lately...and I feel like I just have to be okay. But I’m not okay...and I feel like I’m playing this part...and it’s not me.”


Buddy stretches his arm out, hanging it over the back of Eric’s seat, “Mhm,” He leans in, pressing his lips to Eric’s. 


Eric is caught off guard and immediately pulls away, “Woah! You’’’re gay?”


He laughs, shaking his head in denial, “Me? No, I’m not gay.” 


Eric looks around in a state of shock and confusion, “...You’re not? You just kissed me.” 


Buddy sees there’s no way out of this considering he just made his move, “Okay, I’m gay.” There is a brief moment of silence, “Look, uh...I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have made a move like that, I just thought…”


“Thought what? That I’m gay? I’m dating Donna.”


“That doesn’t really mean anything…”

“That doesn’t mean anything? Of course it means something. This is going to break her heart. I care about her.” 


“You’re right, I’m sorry...Maybe we could act like this never happened.” 


“How could I not tell her? I’m not going to lie to her,” Eric shook his head, “It was a mistake.” 


“Right…” Buddy looked down at the steering wheel, biting his lip, “Only it wasn’t.” 




“Look, I like you Eric. Maybe it wasn’t the best time, but I don’t regret kissing you even if you don’t feel the same way.”


Eric thought about this for a moment, “Can you just take me home now?”


“Yeah,” Buddy said, disheartened. 


Eric touched his fingers to his lips as Buddy drove him back to his house. Huh…



[Cut to Jackie’s bedroom - Jackie and Hyde enter.]



Hyde looks around in disgust, “God it looks like a unicorn threw up…”


Jackie smiles, taking it as a compliment, “Thank you.” 


“Jackie, where am I supposed to sleep with all this crap?” Hyde motions to the bed, overflowing with pillows and stuffed animals. 


“We can move them onto the floor! But we don’t need to worry about that right now. I thought we could paint each other’s nails and tell secrets and listen to some new records.”

Hyde rolls her eyes, “I want to do none of that.”

Jackie pouted, “Then why’d you come?”


“Scouting mission to see what I might be able to steal.”


“You are extremely bummy,” Jackie started rifling through her nail polish. 


“ about I go get us some pops?” 


Jackie’s eyes widen, “In the kitchen? Um, I’ll go get em. No big deal,” She sets down the nail polish she picked out and runs out to the kitchen. She’s down there, trying to find something in the fridge, not realizing Hyde is right behind her. 


“Jackie,” Hyde’s voice startles her and she turns around as if she’s been caught, “Why don’t you have anything in your fridge?” 


Jackie just shrugs in response. 


“Where’s your parents?”


Jackie shrugs again. 


“Normally I’d be thrilled to come to a house with no parents, but this is bad Jackie. You’re clearly not being cared for.”


“Because I have no pop I’m not being cared for?” Jackie bites back. She’s clearly acting defensively. Hyde doesn’t budge, though she clearly says it so she’ll drop it. 


“Come on,” Hyde extends her hand. 


“Where are we going?”


“To the store. We need to get you some groceries.” 


Jackie bites her lip and then nods, taking Hyde’s outstretched hand and squeezes it. 



[Cut back to Jackie’s bedroom, now with sodas and several bags of chips and a half eaten pizza.]



“I never thought grocery shopping could be so fun! My mom would never let me get half this shit,” She said, taking another big bite of pizza and washing it down with cream soda. 


“Fuck that, eat what you want, you’d look great regardless,” Hyde grinned, watching her. Even in her messiness she was beautiful. Hyde never saw her so carefree. She always put on an act in public and around the gang. She wondered if she was ever like this with Donna...with Kelso. 


“No no no. I can’t. I’d get too fat to cheer.” 


Hyde rolled her eyes, “I doubt that could ever happen.”

“You never know. I could completely let myself go.”


“I could never see you letting yourself go.” 


“It’s possible,” Jackie set her slice down, wiping her hands off on a napkin. 


“I’ll be waiting for the day,” Hyde adjusts her glasses. 


“You know you don’t have to wear those inside,” Jackie said, flinging her hair over her shoulder. 


Hyde gasped over exaggeratedly, putting a hand to her chest, “What? I don’t actually have to wear these?”


Jackie rolled her eyes, crawling over to Hyde. Hyde did her best to keep her composure, but Jackie crawling around on the floor had her mind going to all sorts of places. Jackie placed her hands on Hyde’s face as she held her breath. Jackie then quickly removed her glasses and placed them over her own face, giggling. Hyde finally let out a breath.


“How do I look?” Jackie asked, shaking her hair back and forth, “Do I look like a rockstar?” 


Hyde just stared at her, a small grin on her face. She didn’t even realize she hadn’t said anything when Jackie took the glasses off and grinned back, “Everything okay?” 


“Sure...everything’s great,” Hyde said. 


Jackie sprung up suddenly, glasses in hand, “Dance with me!” 


Hyde shook her head, “Not with whatever crap music you’ll play.”


“No, I have a good one!” She sat Hyde’s glasses down and rifled through her record cabinet, pulling out Slow Down World by Donovan. She put the record on the turntable, placing the needle on the disc. She reached out her hand again for Hyde. She finally agreed, taking her hand. 


Dark-Eyed Blue Jean Angel played softly as Jackie hooked her arms over Hyde’s shoulders. Hyde wrapped her hands around her waist. Jackie rested her head on Hyde’s chest. She hoped she didn’t notice her heart beating rapidly. Maybe her’s was beating just as fast. 


My love she’s a flower

Perfuming the air where’er she blooms

With her silk and incense 

Harmonizing hotel rooms

Dark-eyed blue jean angel


Jackie looked up at Hyde, “It’s just like prom.”

“Except just the two of us,” Hyde responded softly. 


She nodded, looking into Hyde’s eyes, “What are you thinking about?”


What a loaded question, Christ, “Just dancing.” 


Jackie grinned, “Bullshit.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about Jackie.” 


She raised a brow, “Yeah?” 




Jackie reached up on her tippie toes, closing what little space there was between them. She pressed her lips gently to Hyde’s. Hyde’s eyes went wide before relaxing a bit into the kiss, running her hands up Jackie’s back. All of the sudden Hyde’s common sense kicked in and she stepped back, putting her hands on Jackie’s shoulders and pushing her back. 


“What?” Jackie asked.


“What? Jackie, you just kissed me!” Hyde responded. 


“I know, I was there.” 


“We don’t do that.” 


“Maybe we could.” 


“What, you wanna be girlfriends or something?”


Jackie shrugged. What was with this damn shrugging? “I don’t know, I was just trying to see something.”


“Well I don’t want to be your little experiment. Maybe I should just go.”


“Wait, Steph, you’re not. I really like you. I get these butterflies when I’m around you.”

“Yeah, maybe you should throw up,” Hyde grabbed her bag. 


Jackie stopped her, stepping in front of the door, “I’m serious. I only had those feelings for Michael before.”


Hyde sighed, running a hand through her curls, “Jackie, since when do you even like girls?”


“I mean, I think they’re beautiful, but I don’t really know. I just know that you make me happy and you just happen to be a girl.” 


“I don’t know about all this...Jackie, we’re treading on seriously dangerous territory. I mean, you’re very popular, this is not going to look good for you.” Hyde could not believe she just brought up popularity right now...


“No one will ever find out.” 


“You’re a notorious blabbermouth. And think about you really want to spend your whole life hiding who you really are?”


Jackie bit her lip looking down, “I don’t know.” 


“So it’s not that easy.” 


Jackie took a few moments before regaining her confidence, “Are you going to spend your whole life miserable? You keep depriving yourself of happiness because you’re too scared.” 


Hyde’s eyes locked onto Jackie’s, not saying a word. Jackie was unwavering. From what she could tell, she was serious about this. Hyde set her bag back down on the floor, rushing back over to her, grabbing her face in her hands and kissing her. 


So it won’t be easy, but they can figure out the details later.