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Nothing Like Us

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“I seriously need a nap after this” Izuku says lazily as he eyes the clock.

He watches as the last customer leaves the store. This night was the same as all the others so Izuku never expected much to happen. Same customers, same work routine, same quick glances towards the clock. He applied for a job at Might’s convenience off the corner of a quiet street just a couple weeks ago. Working the night shift was not his ideal choice, but hey he still made some money right? Even if it was still crap money.


“Let’s get this over with”. He begins the night shift cleanup process by going around the store and picking up or placing items into their rightful places. Working at the store wasn’t too hard but being an 18-year-old male Omega made working the night shift a bit tedious. For starters, male omegas are not rare, but they’re certainly not common so Izuku was used to Alpha’s throwing themselves at him from time to time. He mostly handled it by either ignoring them or putting a front and gloating about his amazing powerful Quirk in the hopes that they’ll get the message and leave him alone. It never really worked, and Alpha’s usually got a kick out of it, saying it was cute.

But see here’s the real kicker: Izuku was born Quirkless. The word alone always hit a little too deep, so he tried to busy himself or dive into different thoughts. At the age of 5 his dreams of becoming a hero had come to an end so instead on focusing on what he couldn’t have, he focused on studying quirks and their relation to society today. This led him to continue through his education and is currently attending UA University, the most prestigious university in Japan. Even if he can’t be a real hero, he can be a hero behind the scenes which was okay with him.

Once he finished with product inventory, he sat at the counter and began to write inventory records in a binder for the morning shift staff to review the next day. That day just happened to be the day the AC broke, so it was beginning to feel hot and since no customers were coming in Izuku decided to pop open a few buttons of his shirt.

Just as he places the binder on a shelf behind the counter he hears the entrance bell ring, signaling a customer has entered. He looks up at the clock.


‘Are you kidding me!?’ he thought to himself as he sighed once again. If there’s one thing he hated more than recording inventory, it was stragglers. Stragglers were those customers who barged into a store or restaurant just minutes before closing time. It was just annoying. Putting on his “friendly” customer smile Izuku begins to turn towards the front to greet the customer.

“Welco-” he begins to say but immediately stops midway. It feels as if his body stopped on its own as if there is something holding him in place. His mind is going a million miles an hour, yet his body is as stiff as a board.

Scent. He breathes in lowly. This scent. His inner Omega is leaping in joy trying to decipher the smell that’s attacked his senses. It’s a mixture of heavy spice laced with strings of sweet honey underneath. It’s sorta like…

Caramel apple spice.

This isn’t any regular scent no; this is the scent of an Alpha. A strong one at that.

‘I bet he’s handsome’ Izuku giggled. ‘He seems like a strong alpha. Is he looking for a mate? I wonder what he looks like-’


‘Get a grip Midoriya!’ he says to himself as he shakes his head from side to side and focuses again. It’s times like this that he truly does hate his inner Omega. Or just being an Omega in general.

He stands up straight and turns toward the front, just a little curious as he scans the store for the caramel spice source. Though he is scared beyond his wits, his eyes land on a figure a couple aisles away. From what he can tell, this Alpha is tall with light blonde spiky hair sticking out in different directions. He is unable to see the Alpha’s face but just the thought of having to face this particular Alpha sets him on edge. It has been a while since someone’s scent affected him in such a way and it scared him. He didn’t want unnecessary attention from this unknown Alpha, especially since he’s working the shift alone.

In the world they live in, your secondary gender truly determines your worth and strength. Though it is common for Alphas and Betas to court the Omegas they like, it is also common for Omegas to be mated by force. Chivalry is dead and if an Alpha wants you then they’ll take you. Easy as that. No matter whether the Omega consented or not since they are essentially at the bottom on the societal chain.

Izuku wasn’t ready to be mated much less to an unknown aggressive Alpha who took him just for looks or scent without learning a damn single thing about him. Izuku knows he is decent looking, despite the amount of praises and compliments he receives. He doesn’t see what others see in himself but what matters is the unwanted attention he garners from others. So keeps his guard up every single second of the day, much like now.

As he discreetly watches from afar, he notices the Alpha quietly walk through the candy aisle and grab something. Noticing him making his way to the front, Izuku internally panics and drops the store keys he had been holding before that blonde walked into the store.

‘Dammit!’ Izuku internally yells to himself ‘one Alpha comes into the store and now you’re drooling over his scent’.

Can he really blame himself if the smell is too delicious? He may be weary of Alphas in general but he’s not scent blind either. He bends down to pick up the keys with such worry that he failed to realize the growing scent of cinnamon spice lingering in the air. He places his keys in his pocket and nearly jumps out of skin when he hears something being harshly slammed on the counter. ‘Alpha’.

He takes a deep breath and faces the Alpha and what he sees has him feeling excited and scared at the same time. The Alpha was dressed in a tight black sleeved sweater with orange stitching that hinted some muscle underneath along with an even darker shade of black ripped jeans. He was also wearing a black face mask which covered most of his face, but he had to be handsome, nonetheless.

All in all, just by looking at the Alpha he reeked of dominance which had Izuku fighting his instinct to submit. Despite that, the most prominent aspect that had Izuku nearly fall to his knees was the Alphas ruby red eyes. The moment their eyes met, Izuku felt his eyes tingle a bit and watched in surprise as the Alphas eyes shined from a deep red color to a light golden color.

‘Nope. No. No. Noo. That did not just happen and I’m imagining things. That’s all! Nothing happened!’ Is what Izuku told himself to comfort himself and refrain from releasing a destressed scent.

It is an old tale told to children and written in fictional books that if an Alpha and Omega meet and feel an immediate connection that they are bound to be soulmates. This was presented in the form of a quick eye color change that signaled the connection: Alphas is gold while Omegas is blue. It is very rare for this phenomenon to happen so much so that people consider it a myth. There’s no way that just happened plus this Alpha hasn’t made a single move or looked surprised in general so its safe to say Izuku was just imagining things at this point.

“H-Hello” Izuku greets the other though he had a faint idea that he wouldn’t be receiving an answer back.

Just as fast as he looked into the Alphas eyes did Izuku quickly avoid his gaze. He could feel the heat rise to his cheeks. He slowly grabbed the boxed candy the Alpha placed on the counter and began to scan it all the while feeling the intense gaze being given by the other. He looked at the candy, Hot Heads. Izuku involuntarily wrinkled his nose ‘Eww, these candies are overly spicy and so gross’


“Ohh!” Izuku is zapped right out of his thoughts as he hears a deep grunt.

“Umm, t-that’ll be $1.29!” Izuku says quickly as he finally looks up at the mysterious boy in front of him. He’s surprised to find the Alpha focused on the exposed skin of his chest. He watches the Alpha quickly remove his eyes from his chest and reach into his pocket.

As Izuku reached out to take the money he could have swore the Alpha moved closer as he felt warm skin meeting his. He shivered a bit and felt himself overly blushing as his heart beats a little faster. Taking his eyes off the Alpha, Izuku fumbles to put the money into the cash register and extends his hands out to give the boxed candy back. He once again felt the shivers run down his body as he feels the rough yet gentle touch coming from the latter. When he notices that the boxed candy hasn’t left his hands he realizes the other hasn’t pushed away, keeping their touch just a little longer than usual. Izuku then forces himself to look up into those fiery red eyes and feels his heart beating even faster.

It looks as though those same ruby red eyes might’ve.. dilated? Before Izuku could even entertain that idea, the mysterious Alpha cocks his head to the side and looks at Izuku from head to toe before finally pulling away.

‘Wait. Did he just smile?’ Izuku could have sworn the Alpha had smiled just briefly but maybe this was also his imagination. What was there to even smile about anyway?

He looks at the Alpha walking away and his human brain is finally calming down after such an intense meeting, but his Omega brain is pleading with Izuku to run after this same Alpha. Feeding into his whiny inner Omega just this once Izuku musters enough courage within him.

“B-Bye” Izuku says in such a low voice that even he could barely hear himself, so he doubts the Alpha heard him. Much to his surprise, he watches the Alpha freeze for just a moment and look over his shoulder at him. Izuku feels his breath hitch for just a second before slowly breathing out again as he watches the other look forward again and walk right out the store.

‘What was that?’ Izuku asks himself as he clutches his beating heart. It was almost scary how captivated he was with an unknown Alpha. That Alpha could be a killer for all he knows! There was no way Izuku would let his guard down. For anybody. But he can’t help but feel this sense of loneliness for a quick moment especially after meeting such a handsome Alpha that smelled like absolute heaven.

‘Okay Izuku, it’s not like someone like him would have any interest in someone like you. Someone Quirkless like you.’ He chuckled to himself. That’s a truth he learned to accept a long time ago.



His night went into shambles in a matter of 10 minutes. Izuku rolls his eyes and picks up his backpack to leave. He shuts off all the lights and walks outside to lock the doors.

He can’t say he feels safe being alone at night, so he rushes home even though he had a weird sense that someone has been watching him for a couple weeks now. He detours just a little so in case he is right, this other person won’t be able to follow him to school. He reaches his dorm and practically flies to the second floor where his room is located.

So first a hot Alpha manages to (involuntarily?) mess with his senses and now he might’ve had someone just follow him home? A double whammy in one night and Izuku would rather curl up in his nest and sleep so he does just that. The moment his head hits his soft pillows, he feels himself forgetting the incidents and sleep overcoming him.

“Such beautiful red eyes”. He says quietly to himself before he drifts off.

At least this was a once in a lifetime meet and he’ll never have to see that Alpha again… right?

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He’s running as fast as he can through the seemingly endless hallway trying to get to his room and hide under his bed. 

COME BACK HERE IZUKU”, a loud menacing voice booms from behind him.

Now with his bedroom in sight Izuku bolts towards his door with tears in his eyes all the while clutching his right arm, now bloodied and bruised. He quickly shuts the door with his left arm and proceeds to run and hide under his bed while ignoring the searing pain coming from his right arm. 

He’s forces himself to quiet down to hear everything around him but nearly screams at the harsh sound of the door being blasted open. He holds his breath as he watches black expensive loafers walk around his room then watches helplessly as they undeniably walk towards his bed. They stop at the end of his bed, facing him and his blood goes completely cold. 

“There you are Izuku.” 


Izuku wakes up in a sudden cold sweat and begins to frantically look around his dorm. When he realizes he’s alone, he looks down and stares at the various scars present all along his right arm. 

“It’s just a dream”, Izuku says to himself with a sad sigh. 

If there was one thing that was always consistent with Izuku’s life it was the terrible nightmares he’s had. Even for an 18-year-old, he had these constant nightmares that he just couldn’t shake off from his childhood. He knows they’re not real, but he can’t help but feel as if they have happened before despite the amount of times his mother has reassured him none of it was real. The nightmares started happening when he was 5 during the time of his “accident”, which is what his mother called it. 

Apparently when he was 5, Izuku had fallen down multiple flights of stairs and therefore had sustained many injuries including some memory loss. This was also the time he was declared quirkless, so it deeply devastated him each night just knowing that fact. It was a heavy burden to carry for a 5-year-old especially when he dreamed of being a hero. 

Shaking his head, Izuku gets up from bed and begins to get ready for class. Today was one of his least busiest days so he took his time getting ready. After trying his hardest to tame his deep green curls, he decided on an outfit for the day. Since he was a bit lazy from yesterday’s fiasco he decided to wear dark blue jean overalls with a loose white long sleeve. He put on a cute light brown beret and finally slid on his iconic red sneakers. He then felt his inner Omega smile at the sight before him in the mirror. 

'You bastard' , Izuku thought with realization. 

Izuku finally realized why his Omega choose the outfit he did. He was trying to look presentable and cute for eligible Alphas. More specially a light blonde Alpha.

Truth be told, Izuku had a hard time getting his mind off the quiet Alpha from yesterday. No matter how hard he tried to think of other things, his mind trailed back to those rough hands and glimmering red eyes. 

‘Rough hands? He must be a hard-working Alpha. Imagine what those hands would feel like sliding up our thighs and-’

“Oh my gosh NO! Not this again!” Izuku stops himself from thinking these very lovely but inappropriate thoughts. 

Just as he finished reprimanding himself and his Omega, he heard a rushed knocking on his door. Izuku was living in a single dorm room, meaning he had the whole room to himself. His dorm, Alliance, was specifically built to house Omega students so everyone had their own room. This was implemented to separate the Alphas and (sometimes) Betas from negatively interacting or taking advantage of Omegas in their rooms. It was safer this way for everyone. 

He opens the door to find Uraraka, his best friend, standing with a slice of pound cake in her hand. 

“Izuku!”, she shouts, “I brought you breakfast!”. 

“Uraraka you do know it’s 8:15 in the morning”, Izuku states incredulously. “But thanks for the cake! I’ll eat this on our way to class.” 

He is not much of a morning person so having a morning class was a bummer. The only redeeming quality of the class was getting to take it with Uraraka. He’s glad he could have at least one friend in his class, especially another Omega like himself. He didn’t know many other Omega’s growing up so when he and Uraraka first met in high school, they instantly clicked. 

“I knew you weren’t gonna make it to breakfa-”, the brunette stops mid-sentence. She leans closer to Izuku to the point where she begins sniffing the scent surrounding his scent glands on his neck.  

Much to Izuku’s dismay, it was ticklish, so he begins laughing trying to get her to move away. “Urarakaaa!”, Izuku says with a soft whine, “What are you doing!” 

“Izuku you smell funny”, she said blatantly. 

This made Izuku freeze instantly. He felt his eyes widening for a moment. ‘No way. There’s just no way. It’s impossible.’

“What do you mean! Ismelllikemyusualself! WhywouldIbesmellingdifferent!’, the green haired boy begins to say frantically while waving his hands in the air. It was known that male Omegas usually have stronger, more distinct scents from female Omegas, so he knew his minty chocolate scent was easy to distinguish. 

“I dunno you like different from your usual scent. It’s a little sweet kinda like… burnt caramel you know? 


“If I didn’t know better, it smells like you were with an Alpha!”, Uraraka says with a small giggle, “a pretty strong Alpha too. It’s making my head feel a little dizzy.” 

‘Oh, I don’t know I think I might’ve met my soulmate and his scent latched onto me and now I don’t know how to remove it since I didn’t know it was there in the first place!’. This was what Izuku wanted to say. 

But instead he said: “Really? Geez Uraraka now you’re just making stuff up now!”, while avoiding her gaze as he felt his cheeks heating up. Damn his pale skin! 

The brunette let out a shocked gasp, “Izuku Midoriya you’re lying to me! Who is he? Does he come here? What department is he in? Is he handsome? Ahh, please tell me about him!” 

“Gahh, okay fine I’ll tell you later! But it’s not interesting at all and I doubt I’ll ever see him again so there’s that.” 

“This is exciting! I haven’t smelled someone’s else’s scent on you ever since…” and her words trailed off silently. He knew who she was referring to and although he felt a pang of remorse run through him he instead gave her a small smile. 

“I know.” 

He never did have the chance of telling Uraraka his story about last night since he was going to be late for his shift. He quickly packed his bag full of schoolwork to finish and took off. As he begins running outside his dorm, he hits something with his left foot which causes him to trip and fall, ungracefully if he might add. It was embarrassing needless to say. He groans for a second as the pain registers in his mind before he realizes he’s not alone. 

“Oh, I’m sorry Izuku. Guess I didn’t see where I was going.” A voice said coolly, though by the sound of it, they didn’t sound like they were sorry. 

Izuku forces himself to sit up and finds himself facing Shindo Yo, one of the prime Alphas at his college. He was known for going to Ketsubutsu Academy during high school for the insanely rich. But he was also one of the few people that annoyed Izuku to the core. It was no secret that the Alpha pinned after Izuku since their first semester of college, no matter the amount of times the green haired boy rejected him. 

“It’s fine Shindo.” Just as Izuku was about to get up he felt the Alpha harshly grab onto his hands and inspected them closely. The Omega couldn’t help but feel a small flash of fear and panic from being touched by an Alpha he wasn’t interested in, especially since he was holding onto Izuku with such a tight grip. 

“Looks like you have some pretty bad scratches on your hands. Let’s go back to my dorm and I’ll bandage you up.” Shindo said with a side smile that made Izuku feel sick. He quickly slid his hands from under the Alpha’s grip, ignoring the pain, and immediately got up. 

“Umm, I have to go sorry Shindo!” Izuku said in a panic. He turned to continue running when he felt a large hand grab his shoulder. 

“Maybe next time then. You won’t refuse me, right Izuku?” 

As Izuku began internally panicking, he heard Shindo’s friends calling him from afar and made his escape. Even while running, he felt the Alpha’s cold stare pricking into him from behind, almost predatory even. Though he didn’t have time to ponder around he needed to get to his job! 

He made it just minutes before his shift began and thus started his usual routine right away. Minutes turned into hours and before he knew it, it was dark outside. He instantly looked at the clock. 


“Just 40 more minutes Izuku.” He told himself. And so, he spent the next 20 minutes going around the store and cleaning up a bit since a ton of people visited today. He was done recording inventory for the night and decided to finish the little homework he had. He was so focused on his assignment on Quirk theories that he almost missed the sound of the entrance bell ringing. 


‘Oh, you can’t be serious! Who in their right mind decides to show up before closing-” Izuku never got to finish his thought as the strong smell of caramel apple spice invaded his senses. He quickly looked up to find familiar light blonde hair walking through the aisles. 

‘It’s him again! The Alpha from yesterday!’ 

Though his Omega preened with joy at getting to see the Alpha again, Izuku can’t help but feel a little worried. This is purely coincidence that’s all; there’s nothing he should be getting all worked up on. 

He watches carefully as the Alpha walks through the candy aisle with heavy steps. Izuku quickly focuses on the counter, pretending to clean it despite having cleaned it earlier. He suddenly felt shy and nervous when he heard the heavy steps walk closer to him. Much like their first encounter, he nearly jumped at the sound of something being harshly thrown onto the counter. He looked at the boxed candy on the counter, the same as the one from yesterday, then he suddenly looked up at the Alpha. 

“Hello.” Is all Izuku managed to say with a small voice. What else was he supposed to say? And as expected, he hears no response. 

Izuku felt his breath hitch as he stared into the deep scarlet colored eyes that looked back at him. He felt his knees nearly buckle from underneath him but steadiest himself on the counter. This was the first time Izuku got to truly see the Alpha’s face as he did not have a face mask on like last night. 

The Alpha looked like a model straight out of a magazine. He had smooth tanned skin and high cheekbones along with a sharp jaw line. Everything about this Alpha, his eyes, his scent, heck even his choice of clothing (the same as yesterday), had Izuku nearly whining on the spot. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t attracted to the mysterious man in front of him. 

Noticing that he has been staring for a bit too long, Izuku focuses on the boxed candy on the counter. He reaches to grab the candy when he suddenly feels like he’s hearing imaginary sounds cause the next thing he knows he’s hearing a small growl coming from the other. The growl has him feeling a bit weary and scared, it was a growl that signaled a hint of aggression, annoyance, and something else; it almost feels like a growl of protectiveness? When he looks up, Izuku finds the Alpha staring daggers at his injured hands and the various scuffs from his fall earlier. 

‘That’s not it.’ Izuku thinks to himself sadly. ‘He’s probably disgusted with my hands touching his candy huh?’ 

This causes Izuku to quickly pick up the candy and hide his hands with record time. He doesn’t dare look at the Alpha again. 

“That’ll be $1.29” 

He hears the Alpha move and retrieve money from his pocket. From the corner of his eye he sees the Alpha reach out to give the money, so he does the same and instantly feels sparks fly as he feels those rough hands touching his. What has Izuku nearly falling to his knees for this man is the fact that he definitely felt the Alphas thumb caressing his hand. Just slightly. Just for a quick moment. 

Izuku pulls away suddenly, feeling his face turn into a bright red tomato from how embarrassed he felt! It almost felt as if the Alpha was trying to.. soothe him? 

Putting the money away, Izuku slides the candy over to the Alpha. “Here you go.” 

He watches as the latter looks at his injured hands once again and move to turn away but not before doing a double take of the Omega. Izuku feels like he’s on the moon at this point despite the fact that this Alpha might not even be interested in someone like him. 

Just as the Alpha opens the door to leave, Izuku slightly shouts out, “Bye!” 

‘Way to go Izuku! Now he probably thinks you’re too desperate for him’.

His heart nearly stops when he sees the Alpha pause for a moment and looks directly at him one last time before taking off into the night. He doesn’t realize he’s shaking until he steadies himself on the cold counter again. 


“What’s happening to me?” Izuku says quietly to himself. What is this Alpha doing to him? He doesn’t even know his name or who he is and yet Izuku can’t help but feel this sharp tugging in his heart.

If only he knew the surprise he would be facing for tomorrows night shift. 



This is what Izuku's outfit of the day looked like! (btw, this is Park Jimin from BTS). 

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His heart nearly stops when he sees the Alpha pause for a moment and looks directly at him one last time before taking off into the night. He doesn’t realize he’s shaking until he steadies himself on the cold counter.

“What’s happening to me?” Izuku says quietly to himself.

What is this Alpha doing to him? He doesn’t even know his name or who he is and yet Izuku can’t help but feel this tugging in his heart.

Izuku finds himself walking back to his dorm after his late shift and tries to make sense of everything that’s happened. He feels his Omega wanting to know more about the blonde Alpha they’ve encountered for the past two nights but his human rationality always reigns superior in situations like this.

“This so stupid” he says to himself. How can he be enchanted by someone who hasn’t even given him the time to say a basic ‘hello’?

He hasn’t been this enamored by an Alpha in a long time, but then again, could he really call being manipulated the same thing as being enamored? Definitely not.

As he continues this inner struggle of his, he fails to notice a dark figure lurking in the shadows of a dark alley. Despite it being an empty street, he hears a soda can rustling close by and the faint sound of footsteps slowly approaching. It is then that Izuku reminds himself of his location and situation.

  1. Dark street. No passersby. No pro hero patrolling the area at this moment.
  2. Young 18-year-old unclaimed Omega.

He begins to panic and quickly rushes onto the other side of the street to reach his school. He thanks the heavens that his school isn’t too far from his job as he briskly walks onto the steps of his dorm. Before walking up to his room, he looks behind him one last time at the silent, lonely view and sees absolutely nothing.

“Okay now this is really getting stupid.”

He’s in the firm belief that his mind is playing tricks on him AGAIN. He’s been working at the store for a while now and nothing bad has happened so he shouldn’t find himself in any immediate danger. Shaking his head, Izuku sluggishly walks up to his dorm room. Looking at the time, he decides to shower now rather than wait until the morning.

Once finished, he flops onto his bed with a tired sigh. He tosses and turns, careful not to touch his hand injuries, before finding a comfortable spot and settles in. Despite his futile attempts at avoiding the subject, he allows his thoughts to revolve around alluring red-sapphire eyes and the spicy yet sweet, scent of cinnamon apple spice before being lulled to sleep.

Though his dreams consist of constant nightmares, this one felt different. It didn’t feel like a dream, but instead an abandoned memory. A memory that had been locked away and was never meant to see the light of day again.

In it, he felt so warm, so safe, so content.

A distant memory that was seemingly forgotten now resurfaced temporarily as the ghost of a name slipped past his lips.



“So let me get this straight,” Uraraka instituted as she played with Iida’s hands using her gravity quirk, “An Alpha, whom we don’t know the name of yet, comes before closing time, smells like cinnamon spice, buys Hot Heads, stares at you like some meal, then just leaves?”

It was lunch hour at UA so Izuku sat with his closest friends: Uraraka, Iida, and Jirio.

“Well I wouldn’t say meal” Izuku shyly smiles. “He just, I don’t know, it feels like he’s staring into my soul or something.”

Izuku looks up and instantly begins to wave his arms frantically in front of his face when he notices the discomfort on the brunette’s face.

“But not in a bad way though! It just makes me feel all warm inside I guess? I don’t know him all that well, but I can’t help but feel like I’ve known him forever already. There has to be something wrong with me.”

The green haired boy then feels a warm hand rest on his arm and looks up to find Jirio comforting him.

“Dude, there’s literally nothing wrong with you. Hate to admit to you Izuku, but I think you have a crush on this guy.” Jirio says with a smirk.

Izuku then feels his face instantly heat up, “But how can I have a crush on someone I’ve only seen for 10 minutes max! Not to mention he hasn’t even spoken to me at all.” Izuku says with a small pout as he begins to play with one of his curls, a nervous habit of his.

“Besides, I don’t think he’ll like…”

‘someone like you. Quirkless, useless Izuku.’  

“What was that Izuku?” Uraraka asks.

Before Izuku could even answer he feels a heavy arm wrap around his shoulders with a firm grip. Just by the strong bitter scent of chardonnay alone he knew who it was.

“How’s my favorite Omega doing?” Shindo said confidently as he looked “lovingly” at the green haired boy next to him.

Izuku felt himself cringe at the use of the word ‘my’.

‘He’s not our Alpha.’ his Omega whispered.

‘I don’t have an Alpha.’

‘Yes, we do.’

“Umm…” Izuku had begun to move as he felt increasingly uncomfortable.

“Go away Shindo!” Jirio yelled suddenly, “Nobody asked you to be here. And stop calling Izuku yours, you’re creeping him out. Heck you’re creeping us all out.”

With a deep scowl on his face, the Alpha involuntarily dropped his arm from holding Izuku, but not before tightening his grip and scooting the Omega closer to him.

“How ‘bout you back the hell off, Beta.” Shindo sneered.

Though Betas are in the middle of the societal chain, they are often looked down upon by Alphas. They have the ability to overpower Omegas as an Alpha could, but they definitely couldn’t stand their ground against an Alpha without proper training. They’re seen as a lesser version of the latter, so they’re often insulted and teased.

Jirio clenched her fists tightly as her earphone jacks stood up ready to stab the other.  

“That’s unsportsmanlike conduct Shindo! That’s no way to speak to a fellow classmate of yours! Also, I won’t be repeating myself so please refrain from touching Midoriya again.” Iida, an Alpha himself, spoke up with a growl. He couldn’t imagine someone touching Uraraka like that, so it upsets him when Alphas feel the need to assert their dominance over others, especially over Omegas.

“Hey Shindo,” Izuku spoke slowly, careful to choose his words, “would you please take it down a notch? You’re making this uncomfortable for all of us…”

Shindo stared at him with what looked like pure rage in his eyes but instantaneously smiled brightly to mask it.

“But I wasn’t doing anything wrong! I just wanted to say hello that’s all!” Shindo began uttering in a joking manner. “Besides, I got to get going anyways I’ll see you later okay?”

The Alpha stood up to leave but not before giving Izuku his signature cheeky smile. The Omega truly felt sick to his stomach at this point.

“Geez, the nerve of some guys.” Uraraka sighed.

The group felt like they needed to take a breather for a second. There’s never a quiet moment with Shindo, especially when it came to Izuku. The Alpha had his eyes set on him for sure so Izuku did his best to avoid him.

‘We have our eyes set on someone too.’

Izuku felt himself blush a little at his inner Omega’s blunt statement.

‘Shut up.’


Taking note of the dark clouds forming outside the store windows, Izuku prayed it didn’t rain. At least not until he got back to the dorm.

“I should probably call Mom when I get back to campus.” Izuku says to himself. He hasn’t called his mother in a while, but he doesn’t want to be a bother since he knows she works a lot. Despite that Izuku still loves her with all his heart because he knew she loved him unconditionally, unlike his father. He had abandoned them when he was 5 or so his mother told him. Though one day he did overhear his mother say his father was angry about Izuku’s quirk situation to which he only assumed his father hated the thought of having a quirkless son.

Before he could dwell on the subject even more he hears the faint tapping of droplets on the windows.

“Great.” Izuku murmurs as he turns to look at the clock.


He hoped it would stop raining by the time his shift ended so he began working right away. After reorganizing the store, he decides to watch a compilation video of the number 1 hero, All Might. Despite being quirkless, he still dreamed of becoming a hero himself even though he knew his dream was unattainable. He always said he was okay with being a quirk analyst but deep down he had envy for those who had metahuman powers. He longed to be a pro hero too.

That’s why he never really paid attention to the appearance of heroes and instead focused on their quirks. He was aware of some of the more popular heroes but other than that he chose to look away due to the sheer jealousy. He knew it was wrong to feel those emotions, but he couldn’t help it sometimes.

Focusing on finishing his homework he lost track of time. When he looked up again a significant amount of time had passed by.


At the realization of the time, he felt his heart begin to pound faster. Not that he would ever admit it, but he was excited about seeing the sweet cinnamon scented Alpha again; though he knew he shouldn’t give himself false hope. He felt himself smile a little before shaking his head in doubt and returned to fixing the store before his shift was over.

But the more time went by, the more he lost hope in seeing the Alpha. Though he was used to the Alpha arriving fashionably late, he had the feeling the latter wouldn’t show up. He felt his inner Omega wilt at this realization and began to feel dejected.

“Why do I feel so heartbroken over some random Alpha dammit?” Izuku whispered with a heavy heart. He should’ve known this was just a meeting between a customer and cashier, but he couldn’t help but feel like there was something else there. Something more meaningful. Maybe it was the way the quiet blonde looked at him with those sharp eyes or the way his rough hands felt over his own or hell even the way his sweet scent made him feel comfortable yet submissive.


The Alpha hadn’t come.

Feeling a bit miserable, Izuku began to pack his backpack and was nearly ready to place the inventory binder away when he heard a loud clash on the store doors.

‘He’s here!’

The Omega looked up with much anticipation before his face squinted in confusion. Upon further inspection, he saw a large body on the floor outside the store. He backed away from the doors in fear of the situation before him. A million possibilities ran across his mind as he thought of what to do.

He could either stay in the store and wait out the situation or help the person outside.

‘What if it’s him and he needs my help?’

Despite his human logic and his instincts telling him to back away from the body before him, he chooses the latter and opened the door. It was still lightly raining as he slowly walked to the person on the floor.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asks. Just as he bent down to touch the person he realized his mistake. The smell of ugly, sour chardonnay filled his nostrils. Before he could back pedal he yelped at the sudden tight grip on his wrist, almost crushing the bones within. Shindo looked up at him and Izuku could immediately tell he was drunk.

“Shindo, please let go.”

‘Danger. Danger. Danger.’ A mantra continued in his mind.

“B-but why-y? I came all this way to see my favorite Omega-a-a.” Shindo says sluggishly. Without letting go of his wrist, he watched as Shindo stood up and hovered over him. Fear immediately filled Izuku’s senses as he began to quiver in the wake of a drunk Alpha whose had a fixation on him for months. How did he even know he worked there in the first place? Had he been the one following him?

As he struggled to pull his arm away, Izuku felt pain sweep across his back as he was roughly pushed up against the store door. He gasped in terror as he felt both hands being pinned on either side of his head.

He looked up to see Shindo with a maniacal smile spread across his face. Izuku suddenly felt tears streaming down his face as he watched the other move closer to him, towards his scent glands.

“You smell so good, Omega. Bet you’d smell even better with my scent on you.” Shindo professed as he slowly brushed his nose across Izuku’s scent gland, trying to mark him.

“Please stop Shindo! You’re drunk you don’t know what your doing!” Izuku all but wailed. He was certain he was going to be forcibly mated right here right now. He could’ve sworn he saw a flash of green sparks ignite around him, but it disappears just as fast as it appears.

“Please stop…” Izuku cried out in a whisper.

‘This is the end isn’t it?’

“Hey dumbass, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

An attractively deep, husky voice growled from behind and was followed by the sound of mini… explosions? It was then that Izuku’s head shot up in surprise as the scent of apple cinnamon evaded his senses.

‘Alpha! It’s our Alpha!’

In the blink of an eye, Shindo was no longer on Izuku but rather slammed down on the wet concrete of the street ahead. He watched as the blonde said something to Shindo with an angry expression on his face. It appeared that Shindo’s response only further aggravated him as he slammed his foot on Shindo’s throat with dangerous force.

Izuku whimpered weakly, but it was loud enough to capture the blonde’s attention. He lifted his gaze from Shindo up to Izuku and his expression changed from fury to what appeared to be deep regret. The Alpha seemed injured but not likely from this fight. He bent down and said some words to Shindo, then lifted his arm above the others face and blasted what seemed like an explosion from his single hand.

Upon watching this, Izuku hid is face behind his arms as he began to experience a whole range of different emotions. Trying to make sense of everything that just happened he stills when he smells the scent of sweet cinnamon intensify and felt the warmth of another body in front of him. He then curled in on himself.

“It’s okay, I won’t hurt you. I promise.”

Izuku slowly looked up and nearly melted at the sight of kind red orbs looking back at him. He flinched at the sudden movement of the blonde but Izuku then realized the Alpha had extended his hand to help him up. He looked at the Alphas hand, then to his eyes, then back again to his hand as he carefully reached out to grab him. Izuku immediately felt sparks fly the moment they touched, causing him to falter a little. Upon seeing this, the Alpha quickly reached out and held his waist to steady him.

Izuku felt himself turn into mushy jello underneath the others’ touch but almost whined out loud at the sudden lose of contact.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to touch you without permission.” The Alpha said quickly while removing his hands from Izuku’s waist and looked downward to hide the blush on his face.

‘How is he so cute?’

“It’s o-okay” Izuku replied softly. He watched in curiosity as the Alpha walked away from him to collect an abandoned bag on the sidewalk, then walk back cautiously as to not scare him. The gesture was very endearing, and it made the Omegas heart swell.

He gasped in surprise when the bag was thrusted towards him.

“Take it.” the Alpha grumbled while looking away.

Beyond baffled at this point, Izuku grabs the bag with steady hands and looks expectedly at the Alpha, who looks like he’s about to bolt at any second. Izuku takes a quick look at the contents inside the bag and feels his heart stop, not in fear but in shock.

Inside were small medical supplies meant for scuffs and scratches. He thinks back to the day prior how the latter had growled at his injured hands.

‘Did he really bring these for me?’

The Alpha looked more injured than himself and yet he still brought medicine for him? A random, quirkless Omega? His mind is running a million miles per hour, trying to think of something to say but came up blank. Panic settled in when he realized the other was turning around to leave.

‘It’s now or never Izuku.’

“Wait!” he shouted. He watched the Alpha stop in place and look at him in surprise. “L-Let me help you. It looks like you need these more than me.” Izuku said with a sad smile.

He observed the way the blonde contemplated his offer before slowly nodding his head and followed Izuku back to the store.

Wait. Shindo. He looked back at the lifeless body of his aggressor.

“But what about-”

“He’s fine. I just knocked him out that’s all.” the Alpha stated nonchalantly.

Izuku was satisfied with that answer and walked into the employees’ room in the back. He silently asked the blonde to sit as he rummaged through the contents inside the bag again. He stood in front of the Alpha and began to clean his wounds. It appeared he’d gotten these wounds beforehand but didn’t want to ask.

He could feel the heat radiating off the other and it was somehow comforting to him. The Omega secretly relished in the sweet cinnamon scent and had to restrain himself from wanting to dive his nose into the scent gland before him. With the Alphas eyes closed, Izuku could truly see just how handsome he was up close. Without even thinking, Izuku pulled his face closer and closer to the blonde, just wanting to touch his lips. Before he could even attempt it, the Alpha suddenly cracked an eye open causing Izuku to quickly retreat out of embarrassment.

“All d-done!” he squeaked as he put some distance between them and began to collect his things from his employee locker.  


Hearing the Alpha say his name had Izuku feeling like he was on cloud 9. It sounded so heavenly, so serene. But wait…

“Wha- How did you know my name?” he asked quietly.

“It says it on your locker.”

“Oh, right!” Izuku exclaimed as he felt his face heat up. Sometimes he truly did question his intelligence.

They walked out of the store with Izuku turning around to lock the doors. He looked back and found the Alpha staring at him with intensity. He squirmed under the gaze.

“You know you shouldn’t be walking by yourself at night.”

“I could say the same to you.” Izuku responded softly.

The Alpha huffed in annoyance before looking back at him. “Let me walk you home.”

Izuku’s eyes widened in surprise at the bold statement.

‘He wants to walk me home?’ Of course, he felt his inner Omega leaping in joy at the attention and protection.

“Are you sure you’re okay with doing that?” Izuku asks shyly while tugging on one of his curls.

“Definitely.” The Alpha says with certainty as they walk down the empty street.

Despite the small droplets hitting their skin, the pair find themselves walking in a comfortable silence. Izuku sneaks glances at the spikey haired man next to him and can’t help but feel curious and somehow happy. They arrive at UA and it seems like the Alpha isn’t stopping until they reach his dorm. Finally arriving at Alliance, Izuku turns to the Alpha with a soft smile.

“Thank you so much. You don’t know just how grateful I am for everything you did.”

“It’s nothing really. I wouldn’t have wanted for something bad to happen to such a beautiful Omega.” The blonde responds with a bright red blush and quickly looks away.

Had he heard correctly? Beautiful? Omega?

Izuku feels like a deer in headlights and can’t seem to find the will to say anything. He then watches the Alpha look at him with a warm dashing smile.

“Goodnight.” The Alpha then turns to leave. “Oh, and by the way…”

Izuku instantly looks up to meet the Alphas kind eyes.

“My name is Katsuki.”