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Road to All Things

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Mulder brought his hand down on the alarm clock. His neurons not yet firing on all cylinders, it took a minute to realize Scully wasn’t there. Squinting, he couldn’t quite make out the time, but knew it was early when there was no light struggling to get past the dust and cobwebs on his blinds. He pushed the comforter off, immediately feeling the warmth of sleep begin to slip away. He swung his feet over the side of the bed and sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. His bare feet pressing softly against the cold wood, he stood and walked towards the window. A steady patter of rain fell, the droplets that remained on the glass scattered the nascent rays of the rising sun through the heavy clouds. He heard thunder rumbling from far away, and a stream of water pouring from the gutters towards the soaked grass below. It would definitely be a take my umbrella to work day. 

What he didn’t see was Scully’s car, or any little notes letting him know a good time was had by all. Given all that had transpired during the night, Mulder shouldn’t have had such a heaviness hanging in his chest, yet now he just felt like the rain. Scully had told him she loved him last night, that she was in love with him. That she chose him. Mulder’s stomach dropped. She had a way of complicating his life in the most frustratingly delightful ways. There was no point in scrutinizing her actions this morning without more facts, so Mulder headed to the bathroom to get ready for work where hopefully he would find her. 

The scent of rain hung in the air as he walked into the coffee shop. The sky had darkened once more and the colors faded away. As the mist thickened, the unmistakable roll of thunder growled threateningly. Mulder ordered two coffees to go and a sausage, egg, and cheese bagel for himself. He smirked. The workout last night had him craving to replenish his spent energy. The memories creating a slideshow that made his cock and his heart throb hard for one woman. It hadn’t been that long since he felt this way because he had never felt this way about anyone. Last night Scully seeped into every space and gap between his atoms and fused them to her. 

“Sir, are you paying with cash or credit?” the woman behind the counter asked with a tone that indicated she wasn’t fond of his daydreaming and needed to move the line along. 

Mulder whipped out a fresh $20 bill from his wallet and gave a sheepish apology. To even things out he left a dollar in the tip jar.

Outside, the sidewalk that would bustle in a few short hours was quiet. If he strained he might almost hear the heartbeat of the city, his footsteps like the ticking of a grandfather clock in an old deserted house. 

He smirked at the sight of the flower planter to the right, the city had put in new blooms that would give flashes of sunny yellows and hot pinks through the springtime. Mulder decided to stop by the florist on the way into work. Maybe they would make Scully smile. 

Stepping into the street to the driver’s side, other cars passed with a hiss, lights and wipers on. The road lay black with rain under the still shining streetlamps, a feeble sun hiding behind grey clouds. A pain shot into Mulder’s chest. What if he had said or done something unknowingly? What if it affected their friendship? He’d never forgive himself. 

When Mulder arrived at the office, he was crestfallen to see that Scully wasn’t there. He left her coffee on the edge of the desk with the flowers as if the smell alone might bewitch her down to his lair. It must have worked because she appeared moments later, avoiding his eye contact and heading towards the back of the room. 

He felt his heart ripping apart searching her eyes, waiting for them to lift as she took each heeled step back to his desk. She lifted the flowers and inhaled. “Thank you.” Her eyes met with his briefly, but he was unable to read them. 

“Just don’t walk them by the deli, I stole them from the flower pot.”

“Do we have any possible cases pending? Anything you’ve been researching?” Scully asked, taking a sip of her coffee, Mulder barely able to keep his composure, wanting to scream out, lock her in an interrogation room and question her every motive and feeling.  

Instead his voice dropped low and steady. “Nothing on the horizon. I’m afraid today will be fraught with piles of paperwork.”

Scully sighed heavily. “Might as well get started.”

Mulder picked up the latest folder for her. As he handed it over, his fingers caressed hers, then hooked one. “You okay?”

“Yes,” Scully said, even softer than the way he asked his question, her finger tightening around his. She met his eyes and he let the tension hang in the air until finally she said, “Mulder.”

“You- you just left,” he monotoned, feeling like a grenade had caught in his throat, “before I got a chance to say good morning.”

“I didn’t bring my overnight bag. I had to go back to change and it was easier to shower at home.”

The vice around Mulder's heart squeezed. “You don’t have to make something up..”

“Mulder.. After everything I said to you last night..”

Scully’s eyes showed a flash of vulnerability, her small frame appearing to almost curl up under his. Mulder nodded in affirmation. “I’d hope you would come talk to me if you were having second thoughts.”

“I’m not.”

Mulder held her gaze. He read them like a novel. They were telling him to give her a little time, a little space, she’d come around. They were telling him to let her go where she needed to go, to build back up her immunity to being emotionally exposed, and he would, as long as she wasn’t gone too long. The phone rang and Scully released from his grip, taking the folder. Mulder picked up the receiver, keeping their eyes locked. “Mulder.”

“Mulder, I need you and Scully to come to my office. I’m being pulled away on an assignment,” Skinner said gruffly. 




The clock on the wall read ten minutes to five when Scully told him that she’d be heading home. Mulder didn’t want her to go. He didn’t care if there was no conversation. Just to feel her presence in the office was enough for him. He also knew if she left, he wouldn’t see her until the office the following day. That meant an entire night of no sleep and wondering how she felt. Mulder started shutting down his computer. “If you’re hungry, we could stop by Kelsey’s, my treat?”

“I’m sorry, Mulder, not tonight,” Scully said. Mulder felt his nerves creeping up, but when he looked into her eyes her electric blue glare turned heavy and intense. “I’d rather bring something back for us to my place.”




Back at her place, Mulder stared intently as Scully took another bite out of her pizza. He wondered how she was able to fit a slice in her mouth with that many toppings on it. He didn’t think it was a good idea to bring up the discussion of last night at the moment. She looked tired. Bags hung under her eyes from the little sleep they had gotten and he felt a little guilty for even being there and not letting her rest. With not much to talk about, they chomped away in silence. Something neither of them were used to.

After a few more tense, slightly awkward, minutes, they finished eating and Mulder offered to do the dishes. Or, in this case, throw away their paper plates.  When he returned to the living room Scully was sitting on the couch reading a book as if trying to give him the hint it was time to leave. Why couldn’t he just speak candidly? Scully, I know that we came at this relationship sideways, but I’d like to start over, take you out on a date, do something, more respectable, more of what you deserve. 

Simple as that. Unfortunately, he wasn’t certain she would say yes and he couldn’t handle the rejection. He’d rather just ride the status quo. Mulder sat down next to Scully and ran his hands down his thighs. “While I’m here we could catch up on any work we have for tomorrow.”

“We could,” she said, placing her book down on her lap.. “I’ll go get my laptop.”

They fell into their comfortable groove, nestled together, joking as they completed their case reports, firearm discharging forms, and other such forms like they were mad libs. As the night wore on, their cadence slowed and a quick laugh held longer, a mere glance became more intriguing meditations for the optics. Scully stared long and hard at Mulder’s lips, pouting her own in a move Mulder had witnessed several times throughout the years, half smirk, half temptress. Enough to make you leave your family and sell your soul. She set her laptop on the coffee table, removed her glasses and placed them to the side, turning slowly back at him.

For the second time that day Scully’s frame seemed so fragile, but her presence filled the entire room. Mulder inhaled trying to steady his breathing, to stifle his nerves and catch a whiff of her natural perfume. Scully’s eyes ventured his way again, drowning in emotions that had no voice. She turned like she was getting up from the couch, possibly to show him to the door, but then glanced back at him.

The next few seconds passed like small eternities. Mulder’s heart beat painfully in his chest. Scully leaned toward him. Barely a centimeter, but that small move he knew was a plea and he didn’t hesitate. He slid one hand into her hair and brought her towards him. 

Maybe it was wrong. Short sighted. He needed to let her go. Give her the time she requested in unspoken words. 


His name, a prayer, a leap of faith. Their lips met ever so gently, allowing time for Mulder to brace for a shove to his chest or the jerk of her head as he got offered her cheek, but instead she sighed against his mouth. His head tilted to the side and their lips fit the way they were meant to. Her mouth opened and her hand glided up and around his neck, as she strung her fingers through his hair and moaned. His stomach tightened. They were kissing and Scully was trying to speak, but that meant thought, that meant ruining this moment. Distracting her, he kissed her deeper, dragging the pads of his finger across the sensitive skin just at the nape of her neck. Scully shivered. He felt his cock strain against his slacks. It was going to be another unforgettable night, and he knew she knew that too as she pulled back and caught her breath.

Their eyes joined again, caring and love flowing like lava lamps. Mulder didn’t want to leave them. Fresh hope bloomed inside. She made his blood flow and his cock ache. Slowly, he unbuttoned her shirt, keeping their gaze as he did, then slid his hand down her smooth shoulder, her collarbone, lower until he felt the small curve of her breast. Scully’s cheeks flushed with color and as Mulder glanced downward he saw her nipples matched them. The rest porcelain and perfect and a lightning bolt of pleasure shot from his groin to his spine while he buried his face in her neck.

“Mulder,” she moaned and gripped at his back, and at the same moment, the house phone rang. 

That’s all it took to bring the world crashing back down around them.  Mulder groaned, met with Scully’s soprano accompaniment. She was disappointed too and that little piece of news meant all was not lost. As Scully got up to answer the incessant ring, Mulder untucked his shirt to try to cover up his ungodly erection and called out, “You know it’s Skinner.”

And he was right. Skinner was requesting their assistance in Winston-Salem. He didn’t want to get into the details over the phone, just that he needed their expertise. Procuring plane tickets, they would have a couple hours to rest before they needed to head to the airport.

Scully half-heartedly offered him the guest bedroom. “It will be quicker if we take a nap and then head to your place, then drive to the airport together,” she explained, as if that would make up for the pressure that had built in his scrotum. Begrudgingly, he agreed and headed there, flipping the television on and laying on top of the comforter, not even bothering to turn down the bed. It wasn’t like he could have taken her hand and drawn her back into another kiss, whatever magic percolating on the couch had vanished quicker than a tiger in a magician’s magic box. Instead, he concentrated on the flashing pixels on the tv screen, Scully’s apartment bringing him the peace and quiet-calm his brain didn’t get without her. It allowed his eyes to flutter closed on their own accord.  

Scully’s alarm from the other room woke Mulder a few hours later and he met her in her bedroom to find her hurriedly trying to shower, pack and look presentable. 

“You can use my shower if you want, Mulder,” Scully offered as she pushed an earring through her lobe. 

“Guess I missed the group discount,” he returned smugly and was met with peeled eyes.  

With a quick shower, he was forced to dress back into his previous day’s clothes. He helped her with her carry-on, hopped in the car, and headed for his place. 

It only took him minutes to pack, Scully standing at the foot of the bed with her arms crossed waiting. Mulder couldn’t help but notice she chose to wear a skirt, a pretty periwinkle blue, although not nearly as stunning as her eyes. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it to the side. His cock stirred as he imagined how easy it could be to access the parts of her body reserved for him. Only him. That very thought made him swell at the very same time he chose to remove his slacks and reach for a new pair from the closet, putting him right besides Scully. Her eyes traced his muscled torso and dipped down around his boxers. 

“I’m sorry Scully, but your outfit, that skirt, you look….” He let his voice trail off.

“I look what, Mulder?” She asked softly.

He swallowed hard. “Beautiful.”

Mulder made a move to step away, but at that exact same moment Scully lifted herself on her toes and captured his mouth in a soul stealing kiss. Her hands pulling down on the back of his head kept him there, pressing against her. He felt drugged, groggy from lack of sleep and from their sensual dance. It took all his wits just to stay standing, let alone concentrate on returning her kiss. His thumb curved around her ribs, and brushed the very edge of her breasts through her blouse. Her mouth slanted over his and he shuddered. It was seduction, pure and complicated. He was helpless and frozen, using all his wits just to keep standing, her delicate healing hands over his heart making him forget to execute the simple act of breathing. 

Scully pulled back to trace his chiseled jaw. Her features were masked in desperate need. It was nearly enough to break his heart when her lips pressed against his temple, cheek, the delicate groove below his ear. His eyes pinched closed as tingles ricocheted down his spine.

“Our flight,” Mulder half-heartedly reminded her.

“Mulder, we have time.”

Her parted lips found his again and this time his body came alive. He moaned, unable to contain the shot of pleasure she injected into his body, tangling one hand in her thick fiery locks as his mouth opened to tease her tongue. He felt her kiss him with all the desire he knew she had repressed in the past. The part of her he longed for, that sacred place inside he had only seen in shadows, over the last few weeks even the cracks had shown their light. 

She dropped her hand between them and stroked his cock over his shorts. He responded with a deep hungry groan, balancing her on top of boxes of files, they kissed with no holds barred. His hand wrapped around her thighs and Scully lifted her legs, her skirt slid higher up her waist, his hand following, and now her center was against his. His groin tightened. Desire sizzled inside and flooded his system.

Everywhere she touched it felt like she was dragging a flame across his skin. It seared, ignited. It turned him on to the point of tearing her nylons, groping at her breasts. Her, dragging her nails down his back and ripping off his boxers. He pushed her hard up against the wall and drove into her, losing control, rocking his hips against hers; she was biting at his collar bone and her hands were grabbing at his abs, his ass, she was so wet and so tight and this was.. This was… DEAR LORD.  

He pressed his mouth to the shell of her ear, inhaling a lungful of her lavender and vanilla, wanting to spill his heart the way she had, but instead rasped out, “I love how much I want you. And I love how good you feel.”

The need to be inside her possessed his body and his pumping was anything but gentle. Mulder cinched her skirt above her waist and using the pad of his thumb swirled her clit until her eyes pinched closed. He could feel himself start to crest, the first tingles of the end, but staved them off by pure will. His thumb returned, “I want to do so much more to you, but there’s just no time.”

She watched him with hooded eyes as his fingers continued, as his cock worked her from the inside, in and out, her lips swelling around him, their pulsing strengthening over the base of his shaft, her insides clenching tighter…  Their chests rose and fell together in quick succession, their eyes connected conveying the same message, “I’m going to come.” 

Her nails dug deep into his ass and pushed him in, balls deep, at the precise moment the peak of pleasure crashed into him. Scully was writhing, sending lasers of sensations that racked his body from head to toe. He cried out, burying his face in her shoulder, feeling her fingers thread through the back of his hair, soothing him back to earth. 

Slowly he pulled his hips away from hers, taking stock of her body, her flushed cheeks, her rapid breaths, her hair damp along the hairline, the gleam in her eyes. 

Scully adjusted her skirt and straightened her blouse as best she could. He might have an iron somewhere she could use.

He wanted to tell her he loved her. How incredibly special it was for him to be with her. Wanted to tell her so many things...


Winston-Salem, N.C. 8:32 a.m.

They pulled up at the victim's house in a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, a little more zip than the usual Ford, but Scully surmised the car went along with the little pep in Mulder’s step. His fingers had intertwined with hers some time after getting in the car and hadn’t loosened since. The warm intense radiance of his gaze burned as green as kryptonite and had the same effect, stripping her of any powers she had of keeping her profound feelings for him at bay. “Mulder, I know he probably already has some suspicion, but if we don’t want to hold up a megaphone announcing to Skinner, if we want to be discreet, you’re going to have to let go of my hand, and you definitely have to stop looking at me like that.”

That curled the edges of Mulder’s lips. “Like what?”

“Like I just gave you the keys to your very own ARV and told you E.T. was riding shotgun.”