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Pied Piper

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She sits up in bed, half conscious, numbly obeying the commands of the music that reach her through the open window. Eyes half-lidded in a trance, she moves out of bed, bare feet soundlessly gliding over the carpeted floors of the Black Army headquarters and down the hall.

The slow lilt of a violin is like like a siren’s call to her mind, pulling her from the depths of sleep to lead her outside. Sharp rocks slice through the flesh of her feet, blood staining the grass she walks on in seconds, but her daze is too strong for her to care about her sustained injuries.

Once she reaches the cemetery she sees him, a dark figure against the moon glittering on the ocean, the cliffs dropping sharply behind him, plunging down into the dark void of a sea that is the same color as his hair. He turns and sets down his violin on the ground once he sees her, liquid gold eyes glowing with the light of the moon that’s reflected into them.

Alice…” He breathes out, taking her body into his arms; she melts compliantly against him. His mouth cracks open into a smile, rows of sharp white teeth glinting, far too many for a human.

By morning, all the soldiers have been roused from their beds, search parties forming, alarms ringing in triple klaxons over the entirety of the grounds. Sirius orders Luka to stay back and watch the headquarters in case Alice returns.

The Jack complies wordlessly, and, once they have left, takes a necklace out of his pocket, chain rusted and pendant bloody. He clicks it open and the portrait of a young woman looks at him from the cracked oval face, mouth twisted open in a scream and eyes pleading for mercy. Pressing a kiss against it, Luka smiles, a slow, secretive thing that curls his lips up into something innocent and doll-like.

You’re mine, Alice. Mine, forever and ever and ever.