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Two demons and their Nightingale

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Tessa sighed as she leant against the wooden railing of the porch. She didn’t want to be stuck on the side lines and that’s exactly where she is. Left behind with Bobby while the Winchesters battled the forces of evil. She was especially miffed since they’d given her a run down of the supernatural beings, including their weaknesses. And yet they still made her stay behind, stating it wasn’t safe for her in her current condition.

She had argued with them but it was no good. Their minds were made up. Tessa fiddled with the crystal around her neck, eyes flickering over to a couple of weeds sticking out between the wooden boards. She moved her hand toward it and smiled at they stretched upwards, reaching for her finger tips. As she made it shrink back to its normal size, she wondered what she could really do. After all, the most she had done with her gift was to help flowers and plants grow or to create really nice floral arrangements.

Tessa walked down the steps and headed over to edge of the Singer Salvage Yard where lots of trees were growing. She wrung out her hands and squared her shoulders. “Ok, lets do this”, she said both to herself and the child growing within her. The blonde closed her eyes and raised her hands.

The bark of the trees groaned as they were moved. Leaves grew and blades of grass stretched towards the sky. Tessa opened her eyes and laughed happily at the sight. She had never done anything like that before! The young woman made the grass shift quickly, throwing leaves up into the air. She grinned as they danced around her. In fact, she was so caught up in what she was doing that she didn’t even hear the Impala pull up.

“Are you seeing this?” Dean asked as he openly gaped at what Tessa was doing.

“Yeah I am”, Sam replied “I can see what the books were saying about her being powerful. Maybe we should take her along. At least on a straight forward hunt”.

“I dunno Sam. She IS pregnant”, Dean reminded him.

“And she will be for the next 8 months or so”, Sam argued “can you really expect her to stay at Bobby’s all that time? Especially as she’s supposed to have the power to stop the devil from rising”.

Dean sighed “Fine. I guess we could take her along”, he conceded. Castiel had been less than pleased when he popped up again to see that the woman wasn’t with him or Sam. So at the very least, her presence with him and his brother will stop the angel complaining. “But if she starts having weird ass cravings, you’re dealing with it”.

“Fine”, Sam agreed.


“The radio around here sucks”, Dean complained as he drove past as sign saying WELCOME TO PENNSYLVANIA. It sounded like something that should be in an old monster movie. He turned it off. “How’s she doing?” he asked.

Sam glanced back at their passenger who was fast asleep. “She’s still sleeping”, he replied. He turned back to the file he was reading.

“You know, jobs don't get much sweeter than this”, Dean remarked “Dead vic with a gnawed-on neck, body drained of blood, and a witness who swears up and down that it was a vampire”.

“No, I -- I agree. It's a hell of a case”, Sam said, rather distractedly.

“A little more gusto, please”, Dean said.

Sam closed the file “It's just... the world is coming to an end. Things are a little complicated, you know?” he commented.

“Yeah, well, we can't save the world, not today anyway”, Dean stated “But what we can do is chop off some vamps' heads. Come on, man, it's like the good old days, an honest-to-goodness monster hunt. It's about time the Winchesters got back to tackling a straightforward, black and white case. Plus it’ll be a nice easy one for Tessa”.


Tessa stretched after stepping out of the impala. “Looking good you two”, she remarked, eyeing the two brothers. “Oh, here”, she said adjusting Sam’s tie a bit “much better”.

“Thanks”, Sam said.

“You’re welcome”, Tessa said giving him a small smile. They started to walk into the square.

“We still got to see the new Raiders movie”, Dean reminded his brother.

“Saw it”, Sam said.

Dean shot him an incredulous look “Without me?”

“You were in Hell”, Sam replied.

“That's no excuse”, Dean said, put out. He then glanced over at a pretzel vendor. “Big pretzel!” he happily cried.

Tessa giggled “is he like this often?” she asked, curios as she’d only seen the brothers being serious. Well, they were battling ghosts.

“Oh, you have no idea”, Sam answered. Dean took three pretzels from the vendor, thanking the man before giving Sam and Tessa one each. The blonde pulled a piece off and ate it. She made a face and discretely spat it out.

“One of you can have this”, she said holding the offending pastry out. Dean took it from her.

“Where are you going?” Sam called when she began to walk off.

“To get a drink! Need to get this taste out of my mouth”, Tessa called back. As she wandered toward a little café that she had spotted, she felt her gaze being drawn across the square. It was to a man in a suit who had his back to her. As if her feet had a mind of their own, they started to move her toward him… “oh, I’m so sorry!” Tessa said when she bumped into a young woman, blonde like herself.

“It’s ok”, she said waving off her apology “are you alright? You don’t look well”.

“I ate something that didn’t agree with me”, Tessa explained, actually starting to feel a bit queasy.

“Well, lets get you something for it then”, the young woman said, looping her arm around Tessa’s “I’m Jamie”.

“Tessa”, Tessa said. Jamie escorted her away and as she did so, the man she had been walking toward, turned around with a look of surprise on his face. He scanned the crowd, his face falling when he couldn’t see the person he was after. He could’ve sworn he heard her voice. It was like music to his ears after so long.


“Thanks for getting me the water”, Tessa said as she and Jamie left the café “feel a lot better now”.

“No problem”, Jamie said “now I gotta get to work or I’ll be late”.

“How about I walk with you?” Tessa suggested “it’s the least I can do”.

Sure”, Jamie said. Together they walked to the bar where she worked. “So what brings you here?” Jamie questioned “Doubt it’s for Oktoberfest, no offense but you don’t look like a tourist”.

“None taken. I’m actually here because of the alleged vampire attack”, Tessa explained “the weird and supernatural are fascinating to me so when I heard about it, I had to find out more. Do you know anything about it?”

“No, not really”, Jamie admitted “but there is someone who does know a lot: Ed Brewer. Claims he was a witness to the whole thing”.

“Where can I find him?” Tessa asked.

“Where can you find most people at Oktoberfest? At a bar”, Jamie answered “the one I work at to be exact”.

“Small world”, Tessa remarked “good thing I’m coming with you then”.

 “Definitely”, Jamie agreed. When they got to the bar, Jamie pointed to the table were Ed was sitting at, nursing a beer stein.

“Ed Brewer?” Tessa asked, approaching the table, sitting down opposite the man.

“Who wants to know?” he questioned.

“Someone who believes in the impossible and unexplained”, Tessa replied “and I heard you had a pretty interesting tale about a vampire” she rested her head on her hand “I’d love to hear it”.

Ed took a swig of beer “It was just after midnight. I just left here, and like I do every night, I cut through the park on the way home. At first, I thought it was a couple kissing. But she was... struggling too much. And this man, he was -- well, he was biting her neck”, he explained, recounting his tale.

“What did this man…this vampire look like?” Tessa questioned.

“He had fangs, slicked back hair, a fancy cape and the little medallion thingy on the ribbon”, Ed answered.

“That sounds like Dracula”, Tessa remarked.

“He WAS Dracula”, Ed corrected “Right down to the accent”.

“Did he say anything to you?” Tessa asked, interested.

Ed raised his arm over his face as if he has a cape on “Stay away, mortal! The night is mine!” he said, in a very bad Dracula style accent.

“Wow…”, Tessa commented, feigning fascination. While her newfound knowledge, opened her mind up to the larger world of the supernatural, she found it highly unlikely that Dracula would be in Pennsylvania. If he even existed, that is.

“Hey, Tessa”, Sam greeted, showing up at the table with Dean “feel better?”

“Much, better thanks”, the blonde said “this is Ed Brewer”, she added nodding to the man “He witnessed the murder. Says it was Dracula”.

Dean raised his brows “Dracula, really?” he said, sceptical.

Tessa opened her mouth to say something when her stomach lurched “Excuse me”, she said and hurried to the ladies room where she threw up. “Can’t wait for this phase to pass”, she muttered as she flushed the loo. Tessa opened the door of the stall and almost walked into one of the waitresses. “Sorry”, she said apologetically.

“That’s alright”, the waitress, Lucy, said “are you feeling ok though? I couldn’t help but overhear…”

“Yeah I’m fine”, Tessa replied “just a little morning sickness”.

“Oh? How far along are you?” Lucy questioned, interested.

“About 3 nearly 4 weeks”, Tessa answered.

“Quite early then”, Lucy commented “Is one of those dashing men who asked about you, the father?”

Tessa shook her head “No, he’s…not around”, she quietly replied. Lucy gave her a sympathetic look.

“I’m sorry to hear that”, she said.

“Thanks”, Tessa said “I better get back to my friends, now. They’re probably wondering whats taking so long”. She started towards the bathroom when Lucy stopped her.

“I know we’ve just met but do you want to hang out with me and Jamie, later?” she asked “we’re having a girls night”.

“That sounds nice but I think I’m just gonna stay in tonight”, Tessa said, politely declining.

“Well, if you change your mind, just stop on by the bar”, Lucy said.

“Will do”, Tessa said and left the bathroom. 


The next day, they were back at the bar chatting away about the latest murder. This time it seemed that a werewolf had done it. Though according to the brothers, who’d spoken the witness while Tessa had been sleeping, the werewolf was very much like one from a movie.

“I don't know, guys. Looks like we've stumbled onto a midnight showing of Dracula meets Wolf Man”, Dean remarked as they are “Is that it?”

Sam shrugged “I don't know. I mean, Wolf Man seems real enough. Makes Dracula seem a little less impossible, I guess”, he said.

“So you think we’ve got a monster mash on our hands?” Tessa questioned around of mouthful of veg.

“Looks that way”, Sam said. Jamie came over, setting down a round of beer for both Sam and Dean. She also set down a water for Tessa.

“Looks like you guys are staying a while. I heard about Rick Deacon”, she said.

“Yeah, this case just got weird enough for our department”, Dean told her. Tessa kept her focus on her food so that she wouldn’t start laughing. She still couldn’t believe that they’d passed themselves off as FBI Agents. It was one way to get people to tell them stuff.

“Well, the drinks  are on me”, Jamie said “And, just so you know, I get off at midnight tonight”, she added to Tessa “Lucy and I are gonna have another girl’s night and we would like you to join us”.

“As long as I can keep my meals down, then I’d be happy to join you two”, Tessa said.

Jamie smiled “Great. I look forward to seeing you later”, she said and left the trio to it.

“Hey, you think this Dracula could turn into a bat? That would be cool”, Dean said.

“That would be really cool”, Tessa agreed “I wonder if they have any apples?” she mused aloud. She got up from the table to go ask Jamie. Dean shot Sam a look.

“Looks like its starting”, he remarked “and your dealing with it”.


Tessa smiled as she walked toward the bar, several hours later. She was pretty happy as she had managed to go a day without puking. The apples probably helped a little. She let out a little chuckle, thinking about her sudden craving for the fruit. Crowley had told her about how he’d tempted Eve with the apple in the Garden of Eden. If it really was a pregnancy craving, then it was a very apt one.

Her smile turned sad as she thought about her lover. She took out her phone and brought up a picture of the two of them together. Tessa’s bottom lip wobbled as she gazed at the photograph. She missed him so much!

“Why so sad?” a heavily accented voice asked from behind her. Tessa slowly turned around to see Dracula standing there. “I hate to see you so sad”. The blonde spun on her heel and ran. “You are the reincarnation of my beloved, and I must have you!” Dracula declared as he chased after her. A root that was partially sticking out of the ground, moved upward causing the supposed Prince of Darkness to catch his foot on it and faceplanted. “What kind of devilry is this!” he exclaimed as the root then pinned his ankle to the floor.

“Not devilry. Magic”, Tessa said, stepping out of the shadows “Now I want you to listen closely. I belong to one person and one person alone. So get any thoughts about me being Mina out of your head or the ground will swallow you whole, got it?”

“Yes. Yes, I understand! Now set me free!” Dracula pleaded.

“No”, Tessa said “I’ve got a couple of friends who want to meet you first”. She dialled Sam and raised the phone to her ear, listening to the ringing. “Sam, you and Dean need to drop whatever you’re doing. I’ve got something you two will want to see. A mummy, huh? Guess it really is a monster mash. Dean is going to come? Alright, I’ll be waiting”. Tessa hung up and popped her phone into her pocket. She looked at Dracula who was struggling against the root. “Don’t bother, there’s no way you can get out of it”, she told him.  

By the time Dean arrived, Dracula was free as Tessa had got a sudden wave of dizziness which made of her focus falter on the root. “Son of a bitch”, Dean cursed seeing the vampire.

“You should not use such language in the presence of my bride”, Dracula said turning from Tessa to Dean.

“Okay”, Dean said and punched him. Tessa watched the two of them fight.

“This is really weird”, she muttered, leaning against the wall waiting for the dizzy spell to subside.

“Mina is mine, Mr Harker”, Dracula stated. He tried to bite Dean but the man ripped off his ear! Tessa’s stomach lurched and she turned away to throw up. Dean chased after Dracula as he ran away, watching in astonishment as the vampire leapt over a gate and drove away on a moped.

“What the hell is going on?” he asked himself. This case was really bizarre. He looked on at the ear in his hand, cringing at the texture. It felt rather familiar… “Son of a bitch”, he said again. He knew exactly what they were hunting. A Shapeshifter.


As they were pretty close to the bar, Dean took Tessa there to wait for Sam. In front of the blonde was a glass of water and some slices of apple which Jamie had given her. Tessa sat there, nibbling the fruit as Sam approached the table. “Hey. You guys all right?” he asked.

“I’m fine aside from the fact that Dean ripped off Dracula’s ear”, Tessa replied.

“He’s not actually Dracula”, Dean said “he’s a Shapeshifter”.

“You told me about them during my crash course but it seems strange for he or she to disguise them selves as Dracula”, Tessa remarked.

“Not just Dracula. It was all tree monsters - the Dracula, Wolf Man, and the mummy”, Dean told her “which means we need to catch this freak before he Creature From the Black Lagoons somebody”.

“So, what you guys hunt the supernatural? And  the X-Files are real?” Jamie questioned, confused.

Dean shook his head “No, the X-Files is a TV show. This is real”, he said.

Jamie’s eyes widened “Oh…” she breathed.

“Okay, so, the stagecraft, the costuming… it's like he's trying to re-enact his favorite monster movie moments, right down to the bloody murders”, Sam stated.

“Lucky for me, faux Dracula seems to get it into his head that I’m Mina”, Tessa griped.

“He also called me, Mr Harker. What the hell is that all about?” Dean asked.

“They're characters from the movies and the novels -- Mina, Dracula's intended bride, Harker the fiancé that stands in the way”, Sam explained “but for the Shifter to think of you that way, it had to have been someone who has taken specific notice of you”.

“There’s no one like that”, Tessa said, sipping her water.

“I dunno, there is Ed”, Jamie spoke up “he did seem pretty interested while you guys were talking”.

“That was probably because I was pretending to be interested in his story about the ‘vampire’”, Tessa said.

“I’m not taking any chances”, Dean said. While he wasn’t too keen about having the mother-to-be with them, considering there was going to be plenty of mood swings and of course the cravings which had just started, Castiel had specifically told him to protect her. So if there was even the remote chance that Ed Brewer was the Shifter… he was considered a threat to the blonde and her unborn child. One that needed to be stopped. “Where does Ed live?”

“I don't know”, Jamie replied “But he works at the old movie theater. I think he's the projectionist there”.

Sam stood up from the table “Take care of Mina?” he said to Dean who nodded.

“You know, there is no way that I’ll become that Shifter’s bride”, Tessa stated to the older Winchester.

“Didn’t doubt you for a second”, Dean said. Jamie slid out of the booth and started to pace.

“So, monsters are real”, she stated.

“Some of them, yeah”, Dean confirmed.

“And the shapeshifter, he can turn into different people”, Jamie continued.

“Yeah. Yeah, except this one's turning into the great monsters of screenland, which is a new one for me”, Dean remarked.  

“You're not really FBI, are you?” Jamie asked.

Dean gave her a sheepish look “Not so much”, he replied. The lights suddenly flickered on to reveal Lucy.

“Sorry I’m late”, she said “is girls night off?” the woman asked, eyeing Dean.

“I’m afraid so”, Jamie replied.

“Well, I’m gonna need a drink”, Lucy said and headed to the bar to grab a bottle. She also grabbed a few glasses. She came back and slid in beside Tessa, pouring everyone a drink. Lucy had even got a non-alcoholic one for the 23 year old.  

Pretty soon they were chattering away even laughing as the alcohol made both Jamie and Dean relax. Tessa was also having a good time until she felt rather queasy. “Excuse me”, she said. Lucy got up to allow her to get past. Tessa moved out of the booth and promptly fell onto the floor.

“Tessa!” Dean exclaimed. He tried to get out of the booth too only to do the same thing as she did, knocking the glass bottle over.  “What did you put in our drinks?!” he demanded grabbing the edge of the table, trying to haul himself up so he could attack Lucy or whatever she is.

“A little something to help you sleep”, Lucy said with a smirk and punched him in the face.


Tessa woke with a gasp and found herself in bedroom. “Oh…that was not fun”, she complained.

“You wake”, Dracula said, gaining her attention. He gestured to a white satin dress hanging by the bed. “The gown. It suits your beauty. Please, put it on”, the shifter requested.

“Not my kind of thing”, Tessa said, getting off the bed “where’s Dean and Jamie?”

“Harker is resting elsewhere”, Dracula replied “I left the other mortal behind. Please, put on the gown and you may dine. We are having pizza”.

“I’m not hungry”, Tessa said.

“But you are eating for two”, Dracula pointed out.

“I’m not hungry”, Tessa repeated. She took a step toward him “this is what you’re gonna do. You will take me to Dean and then he and I are going to be leaving”.

“I cannot do that Mina”, Dracula said moving forward “you are my love”. Tessa smacked his hand away when he went to touch her cheek.

“I am not, nor will I ever be your love”, she said angrily “MY love…the father of my child…is in another world and I will not allow your twisted fantasies to get in the way of my getting back to him!” Tessa turned and headed toward the door she had spotted. Dracula went after her, grabbing the young woman and throwing her across the room. Tessa groaned as she collided with the table, the force knocking her out.

When she came to once again, the Shifter was dead. Shot with silver by Dean. “I’m really starting to hate being knocked out”, the blonde grumbled, accepting the hand Sam offered.

“That happens to us more often than you think”, Sam admitted helping her to her feet “how’s the little one?”

Tessa touched her stomach “I think the baby is fine”, she replied “and…now I’m craving apple again”.

Sam laughed “lets get you some then”, he said. He then led her out of Dracula’s house, followed by Dean.