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dandelion breeze

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He traced his finger along her shoulder, along the slight curve of her collarbone, against the nape of her neck, where her hair fell lazily out of her buns like a trickle of water. She smelled like shampoo and perfume, and every time she turned her head or bounced where she sat her hair would jingle against her shoulder like bells on string.

They sat in the back of the league car together, resting on the squeaky old leather seats in the warm dusk air of a night in June. The sunlight burst through the windowpanes in streaks, splintering into fragments through the glass and shining in their eyes. The light would sometimes hit Toga's eyes at a certain angle, intensifying the yellow in her gaze and turning it almost feline-like, while she smiled at him.

She wore her usual too-short too-small uniform, the sleeves rolled up and showing off the healing cuts and lightening scars on her arms. Dabi was in his usual getup, black pants, black shirt and black jacket, a black void in the car absorbing heat from the sun. He was casually blowing smoke out the window, watching the other out of the corner of his eyes while he stroked her lazily.

They could hear crows cawing in the background, sparrows and other birds calling to eachother while sailing in the hot evening breeze while the low buzz of the city hummed in the background, creating a sluggish yet happy atmosphere.

Shuffling her knees together, Toga looked to one side, the colour pink tinging her freckled face as she looked out the other window, fidgeting while she waited for Dabi to pass the joint. She was thinking, Dabi could only imagine about god knows what, while he gently rested his hand on the back of her neck and shoulders.

"Here," he says, lowly, to the other when he passes the blunt.

She perks up at the tone, swiveling quickly, and she grabs it out of his hands quickly. He thinks to himself that she looks just like a raccoon.

She holds it in her hand like a cigarette, blowing smoke on her side of the car, watching it curl up to the ceiling of the vehicle and disperse into the air.

They borrowed the car under pretense of "information collecting". Said they were going to be productive. Said they'd come back with something. What a load of shit. Shigaraki didn't know any better, so Dabi didn't mind, and neither did Toga. They could always take the scolding by Kurogiri later.


Just as quickly as she was blowing out smoke in her hand, she crawled into his lap in one swift movement. Plop. The folds of her skirt wrinkled at the hem while she moved closer, showing off more of her leg. Intentional or not, he'd wonder, while she switched to bouncing in his lap as means of getting his attention. Smoke curled around the lit joint in her hand while she eyed him from below like a cat watching its prey. The blonde grinned, showing off her teeth. He smiled back.

Kiss! It was so quick he didn't have time to blink. Before he knew it, she had already laid one on him. But it got worse. She started licking his cheek, then nibbling on it. It was like being used as a chew toy, he thought sarcastically, to himself.

"Stop that." he grumbled, fidgeting his head away from her tongue, until he got around to gently pushing her off.

She slipped off his legs easily and bounced back against the seats, giggling at a pitch, he noted, maybe dogs could hear, as she held her stomach with one hand and raised the joint to her lips again with the other, while sitting back up against the door frame. Showing more skin of her legs, he noticed- again.

The car was slowly filling up with smoke, even with the (admittedly, one) window rolled down.

She simply grinned at him with an impish leer, put her feet up on the backseats, idly slipping her dress shoes off with two little thunks against the car floor, and crawled back towards him while staring him down. Was she trying to scare him? Seduce him? He didn't think he cared. He was just living in the moment, enjoying the time they had together, fingers idly itching to hold a cigarette, as she clambers back up on his thighs and rests herself onto him like a cat perched on a pillow.

"Mwah?" She says. Out loud. Dabi blinks. He's never heard anyone say that before.

"Mwah!" She says again. Puffing her cheeks up like an angry child. Getting closer. He wants to squish them in response.

"Okay," he mutters instead, leaning forward and cupping her face in his scarred hands. Mwah.

"So needy" He jabs at her in between breathes, fingers still curled around her now red, red, cheeks.

"Maybe so" she spits out in return with an almost shy grin, baring her fangs at him before closing her eyes again for yet *another* kiss. This time he takes his time and leans into it, enjoy it, before she starts nibbling on his bottom lip. He places his hands on her hips in response, enjoying the heat coming off of her while she shimmies enthusiastically in his lap.

A breeze comes in through the window, her pigtails bobbing like dandelions in the wind. If he concentrates, he can feel the weight of the knife against her hip on the right side. Feel the soft fabric of her skirt through the patchwork skin of his palms.

The distant sound of the city roars through the air on the hill top. The cicadas scream into the hazy blue horizon, and for a moment, for this moment, everything is okay. For a moment, he and Toga are safe, they're happy, he knows where they'll be sleeping for the next 24 hours. Things are good. The cicadas scream.