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"What Do You Say, At The End of It All?" (WIP)

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The only noise that cut through the silence was the sizzling, bubbling pops of the lava below. It soon followed by the sound of someone landing, and sword swinging.

The King of Hearts was dead, it's form scattered into white, disintegrating orbs. Kiwi was kneeled, hand just hovering over where they used to be.

A small chuckle came from behind them as they clinched their fist. “.. You promised, Audrey.” Was all they could sputter out, knuckles turning white as they began to shake.

Another chuckle sounded as the Hero began to slowly walk over.

They clenched their jaw at their.. lack of care for what she had just done.

“You know I can’t just promise away my responsibility.” They could hear the smirk on her face. They didn’t need to see her to know it was plastered on her face. Their fist clenched tighter, gritting their teeth as they slowly stood up.

This was followed by a weak attempt at a calming breathe, still shaking heavily.

“You promised, Audrey..” “.. As I said-“ “You promised..” They murmured, it coming out practically in a breathy whimper. The bard unclenched their white-knuckled fist, swapping to hugging themselves tightly with shaking arms.

Audrey, on the other hand, stiffened.

“So what if I promised.” She mumbled with a.. ever-growing hostile tone. “Why does it matter.” She’d hiss out through gritted teeth. Ever so slightly, her grip on her sword’s handle tightened as she spoke.

“It shouldn’t matter. You know it shouldn’t matter. I’m just doing my job.” She’d growl out, eyes narrowing as she began walking closer. Her sword swung ever so slightly in her grasp, it making soft slices in the air as it did so.

“You.. you..” The bard started, shaking more, “You weren’t supposed to kill him!” They cried out, squeezing their eyes shut, “We could’ve saved him, Audrey!” Their voice rung out in the.. sheer emptiness of their surroundings. “..We could’ve saved him..” They repeated though it was weaker, though it just a whimper.


Audrey stiffened again, before giving a harsh huff.

“They were already gone and you know it. Why do you even care.” She hissed, still getting closer. Sword still swinging. Eyes still narrowing.

The bard finally looked up to meet her gaze, only to be met with.. rage.

Absolute, sheer rage.

They paused, voice caught in their throat as they could only stumble back. They gave the slightest whimper after a moment.

“I- I don’-“ “Why do you CARE.” She repeated, voice cold and tone harsh. It was more of a snarl than anything. Kiwi could only give a weak, exasperated noise of fear, still stumbling back.

They watched in frozen fear as Audrey began to raise her sword, pointed up to the skies. The familiar crackle rippled through the blade, it starting its blue glow.

Their abdomen gave a dull, pulsing shock of pain at this.

The sound. The sound..

Audrey somehow seemed to get.. angrier. Thoughts swirling in her mind, whispering to her what she should do.

‘Teach them a lesson,’ It cooed.

‘They deserve it!’ Another chirped.

‘It’s their fault. They should know their place.’

Audrey gave a solemn nod to.. herself, raising the blade higher as it crackled and clicked.

They know best.

You know they do.

Eyala never knew anything.

You can only trust yourself, now.

There was a pause of silence, the familiar noise of zips running through the blade. A small moment of peace before what was to come.

The bard abruptly turned and tried to run, adrenaline abruptly bursting through them as they almost tripped over their own feet. They could sense what was coming.

They didn’t want to be shot by her again. Not again, please, not again.


But, alas, it didn’t seem to matter what they wanted.

Whatever was watching didn’t listen to their pleas.

She slammed her blade down, the controlled burst of lightning flying out and colliding right into the bard’s back with a sickening noise.

They gave a short-lived yelp as they fell to the ground, dirt and rocks flying up behind themselves. The familiar pain rippled through them, slicing through their skin like a frozen blade. It twisted and turned, ripping them apart. Their previous injuries from such an attack cried out in.. familiarity. Everything hurt.


Kiwi fell hard, hands scraping against the ground as they tried to soften their fall. But to no avail. They landed roughly on their side, back wailing in agony.

And yet, despite the pain, they tried their best to push themselves back up. Their injury crackling through them in rough waves of pain. It only growing worse at their pathetic attempts to stand.

Their attempts to run, to save their life.

It felt as though all their energy was taken out of them as they continued struggling. It stung so, so bad. Just like the first time.

They felt just like how they did at the Queen of Chaos’ castle. All they wanted was to disappear again.

It would be better than this, wouldn’t it?..

Audrey, meanwhile, was approaching quicker, blade raised to the skies once more. Their thoughts were frantic, swirling around her and any shred of common sense she had left.

‘Hurt them.’

‘They deserve it.’

‘You’re saving them.’

‘It’s their fault.’

Through ragged breathes, she echoed what they said.

They were right.

They always were.

“This is your fault.” She hissed, leather straining as her grip tightened, “You deserve this.”

Kiwi could only whimper, barely having the strength to look up at Audrey, who was now looming over them. The electric blue hue the sword had was sickening to look at. The crackles and pops it gave as it charged up were horrendous to listen to.

“I’m only trying to do my job.” Audrey blankly murmured, voice growing cold as their arm shook.

It was almost fully charged now.

“You keep getting in my way.”

Almost there.

She bared her teeth in a snarl, scrunching her nose as her brows furrowed.


It gave the familiar zap it did whenever it finished. It rang out, and she slowly lowered the blade.

Right to Kiwi’s head.

“I won’t let that happen anymore.” She cooed out with a sickeningly sweet tone, a smile spreading across her lips.

Kiwi whimpered again, trying to shake their head. The tears that had welled up in their eyes starting to spill.

“Goodbye, bard.”

The crackle of lightning shot out once more.

And all was silent again.